Wife Goes Commando

Cyn and I have always enjoyed a good sex life over our almost 30 years of marriage. This is one episode which helped keep things interesting and fun in our earlier years…

We were in our mid twenties, having been married a few years. We had two young children and were thrilled with getting invited to a wedding as it would give us a night out without the kids. Cyn is definitely a MILF… a petite girl at five foot 2 and less than 120 pounds, cute with short blonde hair, 36d breasts, a nice shape and shapely legs that make a perfect ass of themselves.

It was a nice summer evening and we were both excited to get out and have some fun. We talked about having a little naughty fun and Cyn obliged by wearing a sexy black wrap dress made out of a thin and clingy t-shirt material. It was about knee length and low cut in front, showing off her cleavage and the fabric followed her shapely waist and butt. As the wrap opened as she moved, her tan and shapely legs were visible high up her thighs whenever she moved. When it clung to her it looked like a second skin and it made me hard just seeing her in it.

The reception was at a parish hall, adjoining a parochial school and playground. We had several drinks and danced and Cyn caught many an eye as she looked so attractive and sexy. She was having a lot of fun and also had plenty to drink, which seemed to make her a little more flirtatious than usual. Fortunately drink can also make her pretty horny.

Not too late in the evening we stepped outside for some fresh air. We wandered over to the playground, which was near the hall and yet fairly dark. Although we were within 40 or 50 feet of the hall entrance and could hear the music playing and people talking outside the hall, we began to kiss and make out passionately.

Our hands began to roam over each other and when I reached down to fondle her ass through the thin material of her dress; I could feel what I suspected in the reception… she had either no panties on, or thongs. Either way her ass cheeks were open to the night breezes! A little naughty for my fairly conservative wife, I thought. But I liked it!

As we made out she leaned me back against a big cement tile that was there for kids to run through and play on. Still kissing me she eagerly unzipped my fly and pulled my hard cock out as I kneaded her ass.

“Keep an eye out and let me know if anyone comes.” she said as she smiled and went down on me.

I was more than a little surprised at her doing this where there was some chance of being seen or caught. Something had obviously made her very horny. I could see the hall entrance and people milling about, but we seemed to be unnoticed in our dark little playground as she began one of her excellent blow jobs.

“Oh, God!” I moaned quietly as she eagerly licked my balls and sucked my cock. She was so good and she knew it.

After a few minutes, she knew she had me good and hard and she stood up and lifted her dress, showing off her little white ass in the moonlight. She smiled devilishly as she backed against me and rubbed it against my rigid member.

“Want some of that?” she teased as she stroked my dick with the crack of her ass.

“You know it!” I exclaimed as I pulled the shoulders of her dress apart, allowing her tits to be exposed to the night air. Christ, no bra either? Hot damn! I thought. I grabbed her braless tits and held her tight. She turned around and lay forward against the cool surface of the tile, holding her ass tight against me. She put her arms over her head on the big tile, leaving me to do what I wanted.

I wasted no time. She was so wet I aligned my cockhead against her and gently pushed as she spread her legs slightly. She braced herself in order to take my cock meat as I began to penetrate her warmth. She left her arms over her, letting her naked chest ride against the cool painted cement as I repeatedly drove into her. We could both see the people milling about the hall and it was such a turn on knowing I was inside her – this close to everyone!

Cyn moaned as she met my every thrust. As we fucked, I had to wonder what caused her to be in such a slutty mood tonight. Whatever it was, I hoped it would happen more often!

“Mmmmm… yes… fuck me baby… that’s it… you know how I love cock…” she encourage in a low voice. “I’m so hot… fuck me right here… with those guys right over there. I’ll bet they’d like to do what you’re doing right now!”

“I bet they would!” I replied, thrusting harder and faster. “I know they would!”

With that I began to pump my load deep inside her. She was so sexy and hot and her talking about those guys was such a turn on, I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to.

Cyn kept squirming her pussy over my softening dick, milking every last drop into her. When I was empty, she turned around and licked me clean.

When she stood, I kissed her as I felt her breasts with my hands. Their skin was cool from the cement and the night air. We hugged and kissed for a long time, saying how we loved each other.

“That was nice. Did you enjoy it?” she asked. As I closed my pants and Cyn straightened up her dress.

“It was great!” I replied.

“It was so exciting doing it so near to those guys over there, oooooh… what if they saw us!” she exclaimed before I could finish. “They would have been jealous!”

“They would have wanted some too.” I assured her. I liked that idea… a lot!

“Too bad.” She continued, her voice a little wistful sounding. “We would just have to tell them ‘Sorry, I’m married’ wouldn’t we?”.

“Or…” I hesitated, not wanting to freak her out, “you could have told them to get in line and had some fun with them too!” I said half jokingly. I thought she might get really pissed. But she didn’t respond or deny that as a possibility.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter since they didn’t see us anyway” she said finally. “Shall we go back inside and have a drink?”

We went back in and one of the guys jokingly asked what we two had been up to over there in that dark playground. It caught Cyn off guard and she blushed, giving herself away as she hurried inside. I just smiled and winked at the guy as he gave me a thumbs up on the way by.

We didn’t stay too long after that. I thought maybe Cyn was worried or self conscious about what we’d done, but I was wrong. When we got in the car she told me she wanted to make love to me again.

When we got home that night, we went straight to bed and made love again – and it was great. We talked about our little playground fun as we held each other. Cyn told me that the drinks and nice night made her a little extra horny, but when I asked her why she wasn’t wearing anything under her dress to begin with, she told me that she knew it would turn me on, so she decided at the last minute to go ‘commando’.

She added that once we got there, just knowing that she was naked under the thin fabric of her dress while we were at the reception with all those guys around really turned her on and made her feel like getting really naughty. When she asked what I thought about it, I told her I loved the thought of her turning other guys on and that I and would love to see that side of her more often. She just smiled an evil smile and said we’ll see.

I soon learned this wouldn’t be the last time we would be naughty on our evenings out!