My Wife Goes A Little Wild

We were away on holiday with friends and on the night in question my wife Chrissie and I had been out on the town sampling the cheap drinks.

We’d had had a little more than we should have had but what the hell, we were on holiday, it was warm and we were feeling frisky, or at least I was, my wife was a little more pissed than me.

I’d been talking dirty to her all night, telling her she had great tits and she should flash them more often, she’d gone out bra-less at my request and her nipples had been stiff all night in the cool sea air, our friends husband Gary also liked my wife’s tits and every chance he got of dancing with her he tried to have a sly grope, he thought I didn’t know this but the thought of Chrissie letting him touch her up was a bit of a turn on.

The sexy talk during the evening had got her hot and she said she was going to go topless in the morning and we could both rub suntan all over her ample boobs and more if we wanted too.

Meanwhile, while we were out, our friends had had an argument and she had gone to bed early leaving Gary drinking alone.

We arrived back at around mid-night and were surprised to find Gary still up, so we said we’d have one for the road.

Gary then got up and put on some soft music which relaxed us all and we sat around talking.

Chrissie went off to visit the rest room, so I told Gary I was going to get Chrissie to give us a bit of a floor show when she returned, well he was really up for that and when Chrissie got back she was still wearing her tight short black skirt, underneath her skirt she was wearing her crimson panties (I’d been rubbing at them all night and they were damp) a white lacy blouse with her ample breasts bare underneath.

As Chrissie came back from getting another drink I asked her to give u a flash of her lovely boobs, she put down her drink, looked around the room to make sure it was just the three of us slowly undid her blouse to expose her beautiful breasts.

She slowly got each breast in turn and licked each nipple in a very provocative manner before replacing them back under cover, she then returned and sat between us on the couch.

By now both our cocks were stiff and she certainly noticed this when she brushed her hand across my lump when returning her drink to the table.

She lay her head back on the large sofa and that’s when I started to un-button her blouse, a few seconds later we both had a breast each and were both sucking away at her hard nipples while she squirmed with delight.

I then noticed Gary’s right hand slide over Chrissie’s smooth skin and disappear underneath the hem line of her skirt, he was trying to get a handful of that juicy pussy which was hiding beneath.

She stopped him, turned to me and said bring me that empty champagne bottle now! So I got up and returned with the empty champagne bottle as requested.

She stood up, slowly removed her by now wet crimson panties in a slow provocative manner before sitting down again, she then started to work the neck of the bottle slowly in and out of her soaking wet pussy lips, she then got hold of Gary’s hand, put it on the end of the bottle and closed her eyes leaving him to it, his eyes were wide with lust.

He’d wanted a grope of Chrissies pussy alright but now here he was fucking her with a bottle and she was letting him help himself.

She slowly opened her legs wider and wider allowing more of the smooth neck of the bottle to disappear up her dripping wet pussy and I sat there with my mouth wide while Gary fucked away at my wife with a champagne bottle, I thought my cock was going to explode.

As Gary slowly pushed the bottle in and out of her juicy cunt it slurped on her juices I just sat back and watched getting hornier and hornier until I could hold back no more and unzipped my pants to release my throbbing cock.

After another few minutes of this lewd and sensuous act she slowly removed the bottle and put it to my mouth and told me to suck it clean, she then told Gary to get between her legs and lick her out.

Gary was between her legs in a flash, he wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity of a juicy pussy to eat, he slurped away while Chrissie laid back, legs wide apart with her eyes closed, just licking her lips in appreciation.

By now things were really getting really steamy and it was Chrissie who was calling the shots, she was in complete control or so she thought.

Then she started to come, slowly at first then more rapid became her breathing, she tried to close her legs to reduce the intensity of the impending orgasm, but Gary held them open and just went deeper and deeper with his tongue into her pulsating quim having a real feast of my wife’s cunt.

As she came she let out a low cry and started bucking and rolling all over the couch, Gary’s face was covered in her juices when he eventually surfaced, what a sight.

By now my cock was solid and I was wanking steadily, I stood up in front of Chrissie and pulled her head towards my stiff cock and watched her as she took it into her mouth and started to eat me.

She slurped away looking up at me from time to time with a wicked slutty look on her face that told it all SHE LOVED SUCKING COCK, she was an expert with mine and she knew it.

It was Gary’s turn now to do the watching and he certainly wasn’t missing a thing, then I gestured to him to stand up and get his cock out, he was up like a flash stood alongside me wanking away on his own solid cock.

Chrissie was unaware that Gary’s cock was just a few inches away from her as she was occupied with my cock slurping away at it with her eyes firmly closed, then when she opened her eyes, looked up and saw a second cock was available, she hesitated, looked around the room again to ensure “sleeping beauty” (Gary’s wife) hadn’t come back into the room, then she transferred her attentions to him and started to suck his cock.

First it was Gary’s stiff throbbing cock that got the treatment long licks up the shaft playing with the throbbing end of his cock then back down the shaft to his balls licking him all over all the while I was stood watching my slutty wife sucking my best friends cock, oh the bliss of it all, then she transferred back to me long slow mind numbing licks up and down my shaft, sucking me in and eating my cock until I thought I would explode, on and on she went from one throbbing cock to the other it was our own private blue movie come true, she was really loving this and I knew she wanted to finish us off so when she was sucking Gary again I really started to wank up a storm and as the juices started to build i pulled her face back to me, pushed my pulsating cock into her mouth and watched her feast herself on my gushing cock, she gulped and swallowed every last drop, then turned to Gary who was by now ready to explode, she took his cock and milked it of every last drop of his spunk, wiping her mouth when she finished.

She then got up smiled at us both and said I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night.