Wife Has A Young Black Lover

So what is it about us older white husbands who fantasies about other men sexually pleasing our wives.

Why was it that for years I imagining my beautiful big breasted wife having long and erotic sex with a young well-hung black buck?

Well, from my very recent and extraordinary experience, I now know a lot more about why us voyeuristic husbands always think along those thoughts: ….it’s because we have a ‘sixth’ sense that there is, in actual existence, a strong sexual magnetism of a married white women to sample a young inexperienced Negro male; especially those wives who are seasoned and confident in the ways of sex and sexuality: like my own wife. We also know, whether we admit it or not, that to the sexually charged married women: size does matter.

For the last seven months, my wife, who is 33, and stunningly beautiful, has had a young black male lover of only 19 years of age.

At our invitation, he visits’ us in our country home for the sole purpose of sexually fulfilling my wife’s unbridled sexual appetite for deep penetration sex. His youthfulness and rawness were what attracted my wife to him, not least his superb black musclebound physique.

My wife’s new young lover is an extremely good-looking black youth with an appealing smile which never seems to leave his attractive face. He is very striking in his appearance. Deep dark chocolate smooth skin, cropped hair, chiselled features and a very athletic and muscular body.

Sure, for me there is an incredibly erotic “something” about this young black lover of 19 who is muscular and strongly built—and my wife’s young Negro lad is very athletic, strong and supple, wide-shouldered, broad-chested, flat-bellied, narrow-waisted, slim-hipped and long- legged, and of the medium to slimmer build with beautifully defined muscles everywhere. One look at him and you would see he is certainly built as an athlete. Not just for the gym, but as the lover of a beautiful woman.

That woman being my wife, at present, who understands perfectly how beautiful her lover must appear to others. We first invited him to our home one weekend last summer and I spent most of the time observing from a discreet place, this young black boy having incredible intercourse with my stunning blonde wife. The fact that my wife is a very beautiful woman with a body to match was what drew this young black male to our home; like a magnet. He was equally admiring of her bronzed physique as she was of his.

During his visits he accepted that I’d be watching them from time to time. For this is what I love to do: watch. I love to observe my wife interacting sexually with other men. With this young man the sexual vibes that came off them was incredible even when just sitting talking but what a moment to observe that first instant I saw them sexually together.

I had slipped into the bedroom after my wife had led him there just 20 minutes’ previous. The impact of what I saw was just incredible.

Both were naked, except that my wife still wore the black stockings and high heels she’d worn especially for his visit.

The sex was undoubtedly graphic with the young boy being high up in her in the missionary position with his long strong black thighs well open so I could see that full and deep intercourse was taking place. My wife was being taken bareback, and probably had been throughout, as there was a very obvious ring of mixed juices circling the root of his unsheathed black cock shaft which was so astonishingly girthy it was wide-stretching my wife’s vaginal lips.

Little wonder when this supposedly boyish cock, which is uncut and very thickly veined for such a young man, is an amazing 10 inches in length and an unbelievable 7 inches in circumference in full erection. It also has such a savage rigidness to it, so that, even when he’s crouching preparing to penetrate my wife, his cock is straight and true before him and needs little guiding. Not to mention the enormous plum shaped cock head which mushrooms to extraordinary proportions.

I was staggered but also entranced by the spectacle and beauty of their sex. Unnoticed by them, I watched them quietly from a nearby chair for almost twenty minutes while my wife moaned, squealed and convulsed in the most amazing set of multiple and powerful orgasms I have ever heard from her as his huge cock slid smoothly in and out of her.

And nothing will ever erase my visual memory of her lover’s first orgasm which I witnessed barely two paces from the end of the wildy rocking and loudly creaking bed that evening.

His magnificent young body was reared high above my wife whose bent silk stockinged legs were suddenly thrown wide from being clasped so powerfully high up round his black shiny torso. Cries of sheer ecstasy and squeals were forced from my wife as his cock, which had been piston like in its movement, shuddered and was stilled at a full hilt. The intense orgasmic muscularity of the boy was simply stunning. His magnificent young body was so rigid, almost frozen with sexual passion as he loudly moaned and discharged the flooding semen in his body-wrenching orgasm.

Then I saw it. Way back behind his tight high up-drawn black balls the pump-bulge of his cock root suddenly expanded hugely to a muscly mass about the size of my own wrist. Then it contracted simply massively—and bulged again–and then re-contracted more powerfully—and then re-bulged—-and this repeatedly until there had been eight to ten propulsive semen-driving throbbings of the thick long underbelly of the young man’s cock in as many seconds.

In its huge pulsating forward actions the thick flesh tube of the underbelly of this astonishing young cock looked for all the world like the crop and neck-root of a full-grown gander bringing up its meal!

Each contraction of his fabulous black cock was fast followed by a deep-chested grunt of very obvious and thorough male satisfaction, telling me with agonising certainty that this fantastic lover of my wife was ejaculating deep and free in her, his muscular young black butt clenching furiously to hold his final thrust fully home while she writhed and moaned beneath him, doubtless feeling herself take each thumping warm spurt of semen deep inside her.

The detail of that vision of the boy’s ejaculating cock so deeply buried in my lovely willing wife will never fade for me. Nor will my memory of the very visible orgasmic clenching of her strong vaginal muscles extensively-stretched around the thick cock root of her incredible young lover in answer to each unrestrained cock convulsion of his lengthy and copious ejaculation into her.

I can still remember standing to get a better view watching that reared-up powerful young body, between wide stretched stocking clad legs, very decisively and deliberately executing its last balls-emptying few cock strokes into my beautifully responding wife. Her blonde head thrown back, glossy lipped mouth wide and her long fingered hands clasped tightly round the bars of the bed end as she felt his last half dozen very savage and deep spurts fill her.

He loosed his powerful hands from around her bronzed hips but did not straight away withdraw his cock from her, but lowered his head down onto my wife large tanned breasts and took each nipple gently in his mouth, licking around the large areolas that surround each erect button. She in turn stoked his head gently. Leaning there he murmured something to her and then gave her the most tender and for me the most breathlessly erotic kiss that I have ever seen.

Then, gently his muscular black body rose from my wife and I watched absorbedly as his still large but now slackening cock slid smoothly out of her. It glistened like polished ebony. My wife moaned softly as the colossal mushroom head extricated itself from her enlarged and gaping pussy lips, which was quickly followed by a ceaseless stream of his thick pale liquid oozing gently out and trickling slowly down the curve of my wife’s tanned buttocks and onto the bed.

This lover of hers, is an intelligent and truly handsome young man with a gentle nature, and for that reason my wife greatly prefers him to others we’ve met as her principal sexual partner. Although definitely not a virgin before his first sex with my wife, he now has a regular sex life with her.

On those weekends when he visits I am happy because my wife is very highly sexed and with him there at our home he satisfies the deep sexual needs of my wife very fully, which due to health problems. I am unable to do.

When staying with us he does have his own room where he will take my lovely wife and fuck her repeatedly, nearly always with me there too, but occasionally–when I realise they want to be alone, or I’ve seen enough, I will slip out.

I admit that early on I did a lot of eavesdropping on them while they were fucking without me there. From which I easily discovered he has an incredible erotic understanding with her which sends her orgasmically utterly ballistic –the likes of which she has never been with others, not even me.

I have come to appreciate just everything about him and my wife as sexual partners: especially as they offer such an incredibly graceful, powerful and erotic spectacle in their intercourse. And there are beautiful little developments that continuously increases my delight in them.

For example, he is so comfortable here especially when he’s with her. I reckon that comes from the confidence she gives him, not only through her responses to him in foreplay and intercourse, but through lots of open body worship of him with her eyes and hands that she indulges him with. I’m always catching them at it. One teasing the other.

For instance, one hot summers day, when he was with us, I was out doing some necessary gardening around the shrubbery. I heard the large patio doors open and when I looked up I saw my gorgeous wife coming out to sunbathe. She was wearing her usual sunbathing outfit, a white slingshot bikini, which was so minuscule it left absolutely nothing to the imagination, and a matching pair of high heels. Her blonde locks were tied loosely up and I noticed her lips were glossy and pink. She looked incredibly beautiful and sexy walking towards me. Her large tanned breasts bounced gently under the two thin white straps of her bikini as she came along the path to the secluded sun trap area. She smiled at me and lay down on one of the loungers. She looked wonderful lying there. I went back to my gardening.

Moments later he appeared from the house in the briefest of swimwear and as he walked along the path to where she was you could tell that his swimwear was ‘packing’ a lot. He said hi to us both and sat opposite my wife knowing full well that his large slack cock was very apparent through the thin material. I then realised he was actually ‘cock’ teasing my wife.

My wife obviously noticed the large cock shaped bulge as he sat opposite her and she also knew he was looking for her reaction as he ran his finger teasingly along it’s length smiling all the time as he looked at her.

What did she do? In return she simply teased him back by applying oil to herself. She slowly ran her oily fingers all over her stomach, and her thighs and paid particular attention to the bulges of her huge breasts on either side of the slingshots straps until they glistened.

It was killing him I could tell and the bulge was getting noticeably larger in his briefs and all this did was create even more electric sexual tension between them.

Moments later my wife rose and with the ‘click’ ‘click’ ‘click’ of her high heels, walked towards the house saying she would get drinks for us all.

She looked sensational as she walked away from us. From behind she looked almost naked except for the single thin strap of the slingshot that disappeared between her tanned buttocks which wiggled gently as she walked. Her legs looked fantastic in those heels and topping them was her lovely rounded tanned bottom.

Both he and I watched as she walked away from us, breasts bouncing gently, round buttocks wiggling sexily from side to side as she moved. She knew he was watching her; as I was.

I looked at him and noticed him adjusting his growing cock.

It didn’t take him long to move on instinct and he also walked to the house just as she disappeared inside.

After a few minutes I knew something was going to happen so went over and peeked through the kitchen window. It was amazing. He was standing behind my wife who had been pouring drinks on the breakfast table. My wife’s slingshot straps had been peeled back over each large oily breast and this had caused them to squeeze together forming an amazing deep and bulging cleavage. His black hands were gently cupping and squeezing each heavy breasts as he kissed and nibbled her neck.

I also noticed to the side of her that his tiny swimming briefs were tucked under his large black balls and that my wife’s oily hand was stroking up and down the long black veiny shaft making it glisten as she pulled the foreskin back to reveal the huge shiny mushroom head. I continued to watch in amazement as she turned and knelt down taking hold of the thick black shaft in her fingers, and cradled the huge cock head on her now outstretched tongue. He shuddered and moaned as he felt her warm wet tongue touch the tender underside of the large head.

My wife then began to trace her tongue around the heavy contoured ridge of that magnificent head, all the time looking up at him cheekily before it disappeared between her glossy pink lipstick lips. Her blonde head then bobbed back and forth as her glossy pink lips slid over the veiny surface of his cock shaft leaving lipstick rings around it.

Slipping his cock from her mouth she stood again and turning her, he motioned for her to sit on the tables edge. As she sat, instinctively, her legs opened and with his back to me knelt between them and began nibbling her pussy on top of the slingshot material. My wife gasped and then lay back across the table panting, her large tits jutting upwards as he continued to lick and nibble her. Things were really hotting up and I knew that soon this handsome young black would be sliding that monster cock into my willing wife.

Sure enough this 19 year old stopped licking her and with two fingers pulled aside the thong strap to reveal her wet and enlarged pussy lips. He stood up, his muscular black buttocks tight and shining between my wife outstretched legs and guided the large head of his cock into her. My wife gasped, a bit too loudly, then bit on her pink glossy lip to stop her from crying out as his buttocks moved back and forth fucking her deep. I knew she would be worried I came in………..so

…….I shouted to them from outside to hurry up with the drinks. Moments later when only my wife appeared, face flushed and nipples erect under the thin material of her bikini, I chuckled to myself knowing why he was unable to come out with her. After a few minutes I went back to my gardening and he eventually did come back out. Even from the distance I was from him it was clear that even in a semi slack state his briefs were unable to contain his large cock as the head was ‘peeping’ over the waist band. I pretended not to notice and leave them to their mutual teasing.

This is the kind of thing that goes on between them when he’s here and my wife has admitted that when she thinks about him when he’s not with us, that it sometimes sets off delicious tingling in her breasts and the clenching of her deep vaginal muscles and longs to feel him deep within her.

Another time I’ll write in all the lovely detail about my experience of my wife’s lover’s body from the point of view of 69-ing her from a standing position and having the whole amazing spectacle only inches from my eyes as he mouths and tongues her while she, upside down licks as sucks his huge black cock. Also I may tell you about the time her lover penetrates her from behind in a standing position, shafting her beautifully for simply ages, and finishing by ejaculating way deep within her pussy.