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Wifey Sandwich

To set the scene I’ll describe us briefly, my wife Maddy is slim with an almost boy-like figure, small breasts, blond pubes and quite a tight little cunt, whereas Peter’s wife Anne is more of a girly rounded figure although I haven’t seen it in any less than a bikini yet. I’m average as is Peter in all areas – so nothing really amazing just your normal ‘meet down the road’ type people.

We’ve known each other for some long while and are on kissing and cuddling terms. In fact a couple of times when we’ve all been in their spa together after more than a few too many drinks, I’ve had my hand in Anne’s bathers playing with her cunt. As my fingers recall it feels looser than Maddy’s and definitely has more pronounced lips. I’m pretty sure the others have also engaged in a little of this, although we’ve never talked about it!

This one time Anne had to go north to look after her sick mother for a few days and Peter had walked round from their place for the evening for a bit of company. We had a barbecue going but moved inside later in the evening and were sprawling around listening to music and having the occasional wine. Three or four bottles of into the evening, Maddy managed to spill a glass of red all over her self so off she weaved to the bedroom to change, coming back in a light dressing gown and panties.

We’d all been sitting on the floor (not so far to fall) and she’d flopped down leaning back against Peter with her legs straight out in front, he’s given her a quick kiss and his hand has slipped into her dressing gown to fondle a breast (nothing that hasn’t been done before, but not quite so blatantly). At this point she would normally just slide away once he’d had a quick grope – this time however, she just lay back across him and kept on sipping another glass of wine.

“You’ve left your bra off.” From Peter as he gets a hand full of nice firm breast.

“I know.” Was Maddy’s answer followed by a little jiggle of her breasts and a bit of a grin.

I’m feeling a little jealous now seeing as it’s my wife being felt up in plain view, but at the same time I’m feeling horny with the combination of wine and watching Maddy being fondled and responding to the action.

Without really thinking, I just lean across and undo the sash on her dressing gown. This obviously falls open exposing her breasts (which by now have rather cute brown nipples all hard and perky), plus of course her panties – nothing sexy just plain little cotton things. Maddy doesn’t try to cover up or anything and she seems more than happy with what is happening so I start to peel her panties off half expecting some sort of resistance – but hell no – she just lifts her bottom to help get them off, then shrugs her arms out of the dressing gown stretching her legs and arching her back putting everything on display, we’re both rather enjoying the view at this stage.

“That’s cute.” from Peter, obviously talking about a slightly hairy little mound that he can see!

Next thing, I’m on my way down there and licking her into some sort of arousal, whilst he’s nibbling on her breasts, licking and just generally getting as much as he can up top. It’s not long before she starts bucking her hips a bit and spreads her legs wider to give me better access to her cunt; an occasional squeaky moan is also happening as I nibble and suck on her clit. In the background Peter’s mumbling “Don’t let her come don’t let her come!”

I ease off and stop to get out of my clothes, somewhat of a problem in my current aroused state. Whilst I’m doing this Maddy half heartedly helps Peter off with his gear (similar problem to me), only he’s having slightly more difficulty as he’s trying to see her cunt at the same time as get undressed. With all the wine I’ve drunk I need to pee and disappear down to the loo, when I get back Maddy’s spread-eagled on the floor showing Peter all she’s got, he’s lying there between her legs playing with her cunt, opening it up and finger fucking it, still mumbling about how cute and little it is.

With no room down there for me I start at the top just lying down cuddling up and kissing whilst she reaches down to massage my cock – it’s not long before she wiggles down and starts to lick and suck me, which coincidentally puts her cunt even further into Peter’s face. He does the obvious and is soon nibbling and licking her clit and generally playing with her cunt whilst I’m being well licked and sucked, everything getting more intense as she becomes more aroused although we’re not bringing her to orgasm and in fact she keeps asking us to slow down not wanting it to end yet.

We’ve an ongoing tangle of arms and legs as ends get swapped and people roll over each other to play with assorted bits and pieces – at one point she’s happily lying there with a cock in each hand whilst we are playing with her clit, I’m sitting on one side holding her lips open, whilst Peter is on the other tickling it with his fingers and our other hands are playing over her nipples. Her cunt is pretty slippery by now and both Peter and I have her fluid smeared over our faces where we’ve been down on her.

Up ’til now neither of us have got our cock up her but as the action increases she’s butt up in the air doing a nice lick and suck on Peter and I can’t resist the sight of her cunt sticking out between her legs, all pink and swollen from the attention it’s been getting. There’s only one thing to do when presented with a sight like that so I kneel behind her and penetrate her slippery wet cunt doggy fashion, moving slowly in and out as she bobs up and down on him. It’s pretty hard not to cum there and then, but somehow I manage not to which is a good thing as a few strokes later she wiggles off me.

“It’s Peter’s turn now.”

I think she’s hanging out to get him up her just to see how different it is.

Letting go of him she rolls onto her side on the carpet and starts kissing me and at the same time pushing her body back at Peter who is laying right behind her , I reach down between her legs as she puts one of hers on my thigh and putting a finger either side of her cunt spread it open with the idea of fingering her for a while, however Peter is already putting his cock up her cunt from behind, so there I am holding my wife’s cunt open and actually feeling some other guy’s cock sliding right up her.

I nearly cummed there and then but just kept holding her lips open whilst he strokes in and out! Maddy’s pushing back on him and generally getting off as fast as she can – she’s starting to moan and work on him by rocking her hips but he’s holding her as still as he can and telling me he wants me to fuck her first (why I’ll never know). By now all Maddy’s attention is on her rising orgasm.

“I don’t care!! Someone just FUCK ME!”

Peter’s making a quick withdrawal and I’m sliding straight up her from the front actually feeling his cock slip out as mine goes in, I’m not sure what his hands are doing by now but over she rolls spreads wide with me on top and hard up her, then locks her legs around me.

“Oh… Oh… Oh… Now… Now… NOOOWW!”

Just a few strokes later and I’ve cum in her so hard I feel like I’ve blown the top off her head. Maddy’s body is quivering like a jelly and is stuck to me with perspiration as I feel the cum leaking out the sides of her cunt.

As I roll off there’s the obvious trail of cum but as her panties haven’t quite been kicked out of the way they come in handy to mop up some of the mess. Poor old Peter is sitting beside us looking like exploding any minute and is soon stroking his fingers down Maddy’s tummy and over her clit, she’s so sensitive that this is almost painful but he takes his time and she seems to come down to a lower level of arousal. About all I can do is roll out of the way grab another drink and look on with a rather limp and sticky cock flopping around.

Pretty quickly she’s ready for more and this time she’s taking control –tossing off another glass of wine Maddy pushes Peter down on his back then straddles him flashing her sticky cunt at him. Grasping his cock in one hand she spreads her little lips so the last of my cum starts leaking out then lowers herself on to his cock. As this action starts I move around so that I can see it all, watching her slide down until his cock is buried up to the hilt in her has me aroused again in no time, but watching is all I want to do at the moment. Once she’s impaled herself on him Maddy just sits there.

“That’s soooo good.”

She rolls her hips around, softly moaning as she moves, whilst Peter is massaging her breasts his legs bent up to support her back. Still keeping control she starts one of her favourite moves – slowly lifting herself until his cock all but pops out of her cunt then sliding down it again. I’ve had this done to me more times than I can remember and as she slides down she tightens her muscles round your cock, it’s like fucking a virgin she’s so tight. Just to vary it a bit she also pops Peter’s cock right out and holding her cunt lips open rubs her clit up and down the back of his cock.

It’s not long before he’s near erupting and grabbing her waist he pulls her down on him. From where I’m sitting I can see him tense up then his balls start to pulse as he shoots a load right up into her as she sits down on him. The action just slows to a very gentle motion for a while but he must have got a second wind because over onto her back he swings her, she locks legs around him and then all I see is him pounding his cock right up into her cunt repeatedly.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuckkk!”

Maddy repeats faster and faster with her voice getting higher as she hits a massive orgasm.

I watch pretty well spellbound as Peter’s cock pulses for ages filling her with his cum again – all I hear is a continuous squishy sound until he jerks to a stand still plus panting noises from them both. Maddy is too exhausted to do more than just lie on the floor by now, although with nothing else to catch Peter’s load she slips on her already sticky panties to keep any leaking cum off the carpet.

Given the amount of wine drunk and the orgasms Maddy’s just had she pretty well falls asleep there and then so Peter and I (once we’re up to it) help her off to bed rather than leave her. We’re both pretty shattered still so he wanders off home himself with drunken requests not to tell Anne about this or she’ll kill him!

Once he’s safely away I get back to a quick tidy up, another drink whilst I’m at it then down to bed still feeling horny as hell after what I’ve seen and done.

Back in our bedroom Maddy has obviously kicked off her wet panties which are screwed up on the floor and she’s dead to the world sprawled out on the bed. I get my pants off ( I’d put them back on when seeing Peter off) and move her over so I can get in, still feeling horny and having had a chance to recover a little, the sight of her cunt is enough for me to think that we could have another round. Only problem being Maddy isn’t receptive, in fact she doesn’t even know I’m groping her – all she does is roll onto her side and curl up.

This really left me only one option – which I took.

Snuggling up behind her I can finger her cunt from behind quite easily and it only takes a moment to get my cock and place its tip up against her. She is so slippery from our previous contributions that I slide straight in without any resistance at all, Maddy must be so out to it that she doesn’t react in any way, which I take to be an invite to help myself, so away I go stroking in and out slowly and enjoying the way my cock is really sliding with all the cum that has soaked her hole.

It isn’t long before my balls started to tighten and I press hard up into her as cum pulses out of my cock head. Rolling off I watch it ooze out of her lips and across her thigh but by now it doesn’t really matter and I leave it trickling down to make a damp patch on the sheets as I switch off the light and rolled over to sleep.

Some time the next morning as we crawl out of bed Maddy asks.

“Did I really do Peter last night?”

Having been told.

“Yes – about the only thing you didn’t do was sit on his face.”

Her only response is.

“Oops – I suppose you’re going to want to screw Anne now!”

That little bit more fun comes later!

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