Wild Wife Tina

I first met Tina in 1980. She was a tiny little blonde with the wildest appetite for sex. We experimented with swinging and I was fascinated with watching her suck guys off and fuck the shit out of them. We were married two years later and had a child. We had calmed down in the extramarital sex part of our lives but we still liked to play with toys and watch porn movies.

The thing that got us back into swinging was the purchase of a surprise bag of sex toys. There was a black dildo in the bag and when I used it on Tina she went nuts, yelling, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I’ve got a black dick in me.” She writhed all over the place and ended up having one hell of an intense orgasm. Later, when I asked her about it she told me that she’d always wondered what it would be like to fuck a black guy. It was always a taboo thing where she grew up and was told only sluts who craved huge cocks screwed black guys.

This became the theme of our fantasies and Tina would cum time and again while watching interracial porno movies, especially where the girl was a tiny blonde like her. She agreed to let me watch while she had her first experience with a black dick. The first time occurred spontaneously though I was not there to witness.

Her friend Carol called one Saturday, in the late afternoon, to ask Tina if she wanted to go out and have a few drinks with her. I encouraged her to go out and have some fun. Tina called me about 11:30 that night and said that Carol had gotten ill from one drink too many and had left the bar. Tina said she;d stayed and had met this young black guy who wanted her to go to a hotel with him. She said she knew I wanted to watch the first time but that she really wanted to fuck this guy bad and asked if it’d be OK. I told her to go for it.

Tina got home around 5am and she was a mess. Her hair was crazy and her clothes were wrinkled. I asked her how it was and she replied, “He fucked the shit out of me.” I asked if he had a big dick and she said, “It was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen or felt. I thought I was getting a telephone pole shoved up in me.” She went on to tell me she had sucked him off and that he held her head down and forced her to swallow his cum. She looked at me and admitted that he didn’t have to do that because she wanted to swallow every drop of his hot, black cum and that she’d got off just from knowing a black cock was coming in her mouth and shooting gobs of cum down her throat. She told me he laid her on the bed and pinned her legs back by her ears and drove his cock into her. She said it hurt and she was screaming but he just kept slamming into her. She said her pussy soon adjusted and she was meeting his thrusts so his cock would be buried to the hilt every time. She said he came in her then and twice more after that -once while she was dog style and once with her sitting on him riding his cock. Tina admitted she had so many orgasms that she lost track.

Tina took me by the hand and lead me to our bedroom. She took off her clothes and lay, spread eagle on the bed so I could see her pussy. She said, “Can you still see his cum in me?” I could and it was such a turn on. My cock was stiff as a board and was already oozing from the excitement of her story. I plunged into her pussy and it had really been stretched out and knowing the slippery goo was a black guy’s cum made me erupt.

We used this episode as a backdrop to many fantasies over the next few months. I would have Tina describe how the fuck with the black cock went in detail until I could picture everything in my mind as if I were there. We would watch interracial videos and Tina would compare the size of their cocks to the one she had experienced. Tina would get excited to the point of orgasm every time she saw a blonde girl suck a black cock off. She said it was the wildest thing imaginable to have a black cock cum in her mouth because it made her feel like a total slut. Tina told me that was one of the things she really wanted me to see – a black cock emptying it’s load down her throat and knowing she was getting her belly pumped full of black cum. Just telling me this excited her to the point where she moaned and grabbed her pussy and began rubbing it furiously until she made herself cum.
It was about six months later that we made our fantasies come true. We went out to a local club and were drinking and dancing when we went outside to smoke a joint with some friends. One of the guys was an older black man, named James, who knew one of our friends. He came up to me in the club and began a casual conversation about work and other small talk. Tina got up to dance with one of her girlfriends and James commented about how attractive Tina was. I saw the chance to fulfill our fantasies and took the conversation to sex and how Tina had such an appetite for sex that it was unbelievable. I told James that if he was able to be discrete, that he might be allowed to find out just how hot Tina actually could be in bed. James was all for it.

I gave him our address and Tina and I left the club first with James to follow in about a half hour. When I told Tina why we were leaving she got excited and wanted to hurry home so she could dress up. She ran upstairs to our bedroom and when she came down she was stunning. She had on a pair of pink, crotchless pantyhose, a matching cutout bra and, a pair of fire engine red pumps with 4 inch heels. She had pulled her hair back on the sides and told me, “I fixed my hair like this so you’ll be able to see my mouth getting fucked by black cock.” My cock was ready to rip out of my pants.The doorbell rang and Tina said, “God, I just hope he’s got a really big dick – he’s pretty dark so I already know his dick will be coal black – that’s what will make it good, if it’s really big and really black.”

I answered the door and invited James in. He barely got in the door and Tina was on him. She knelt before him and immediately started unbuckling his pants. James had a surprised look on his face and said, “Damn, she really is hot, isn’t she?” I told him he hadn’t seen anything yet. Tina had his pants down and this huge fucking cock sprang out, Tina looked at me and said, Watch this baby, you’re gonna see me suck a big black cock just like you wanted.” She stuffed as much as James cock in her mouth as she could fit. It was wild seeing her mouth stretched out around it and James got harder Tina’s mouth could barely get around it. She kept her eyes on me and made the head of his cock fill her cheek until it was bulging from his cockhead. Tina pulled her mouth from Jame’s cock and asked me, “Do you see me baby? I know you’ve been waiting for this, how do I look with my mouth full of black cock?” I told her she looked sexy and as kinky as hell. Tina stuffed the monster back into her mouth as far as she could and James moaned and told her, “You’re one little hot slut, aren’t you?” At this, Tina squirmed and her eyes rolled back and her pussy starting squirting. I couldn’t believe it but she was getting off from being called a slut while sucking a black dick in front of me.

Tina got up so fast I thought something was wrong at first but she said, “I’ve got to have it in me now, put that big cock in me, I want you to fuck me good.” Tina knelt on the couch and asked me, “Will you be able to see?” I assured her I would but I was so excited I could hardly speak. James got behind her and I stood where I could see as he put the head of that giant cock against Tina’s pussy. The head was so big I thought he’d never get it in and Tina was already moaning and groaning. I watched that big black cock as it stretched my wife’s little pussy until I thought it would rip. James kept pushing and I got off as I saw Tina’s pussy stretch to accept the biggest, blackest cock I could ever have imagined.

Tina was wild, she asked me, “Can you see it baby, can you see my pussy fucking a black dick? God damn baby, it feels like he’s shoving a telephone pole up inside me. Oh god, what does it look like?” I told her it was wicked, that she was getting fucked and fucked good. I asked how it felt and she said, “It hurts baby, he’s tearing me up – oh god, it’s so fucking big!” James wasn’t being easy and he kept thrusting into her, forcing her pussy to take his cock as he continued to push it in. When James got about 6 inches of cock in, he slowly started to pull out. Tina was yelling and moaning as I watched her pussy get turned inside out. His cock was so big that Tina’s pussy lips were being pulled back with his cock. James pulled all but the head of his shaft out and told Tina, “Now, beg for this dick you little white bitch, tell me to slam it in, that you want all this black dick in you.”

Tina had another enormous orgasm that left her speechless and James must have took that for his answer as he bucked into Tina with all his might. Tina screamed as James buried all but a couple of inches of his cock into her and began pounding at her pussy until he was in to the hilt with each thrust. Tina was thrashing around yelling, Oh god, oh god, it’s so big, oh god, he’s way up in me baby!” Another orgasm overtook her as James continued to pound into her. He talked dirty to her as he fucked her, telling her, “You love this black dick, don’t you bitch – you ain’t never had no dick this good have you?” Tina was unable to reply, she went from a thrashing, yelling maniac to being semi-comatose. Her face was beet red and there was drool oozing out of her mouth.

She looked up at me and said, “Feel it baby, feel how deep up in me he is.” Tina took my hand and guided it to her stomach. I could feel Jame’s cock going up inside her every time he thrust. It was more than I could take as I got off again.James began pounding harder and Tina’s mouth twisted in a grimace and her eyes rolled back in her head. James yelled, “I’m gonna come in you bitch.” I thought Tina was in pain as she broke loose of James but, she suddenly was facing his cock and telling him. “Cum in my mouth, I want to feel that black cum shooting down my throat as you pump my belly full.” Tina turned to look at me briefly and said, “Watch me baby, watch me drink this load.” James cock was swelled to the max and Tina’s mouth stretched further than I could have imagined as she stuffed it into her mouth.

James was excited as hell and was yelling at Tina, “Suck my cock bitch, swallow every bit of my hot nigger cum.” Tina was trying to get all of that cock into her mouth that she could but a couple of inches was all her mouth could accommodate. James let out a roar and I watched, fascinated as Tina gagged and swallowed his load. Her pussy was squirting and farting as she had another orgasm, more powerful than all the rest. It was so wicked watching my wife as a black man shot load after load of his cum down her throat. I could see every time she swallowed and knew she was truly getting her belly pumped full of hot, blackman’s cum. Tina drained James and it was his turn to yell as she continue sucking on his cock like a wild woman. He was so sensitive that he pulled away and left Tina with a string of cum attached from her mouth to his cock head. I was stroking myself and seeing that was what brought me to my third orgasm.

James remarked, “Damn, you are the wildest woman I’ve ever seen.” Tina just smiled at James and came to me and asked, Was it what you expected, did you like what I did?” I told her it was great, that she had gone past every expectation my fantasies had ever conjured up. She reached up to kiss me and it was strange, thinking I was kissing lips that had just sucked off a black cock.

I suggested we all have a drink and Tina and James agreed and was sat at the kitchen table as I got a bottle of Jim Beam from the liquor cabinet. We all did a couple of shots and chased them down with Coke. Tina was looking at James and asked him, “Are you up for it again?” James reply was to stand up and let Tina see that his cock was already hard again. Tina looked at me and said, “Let’s go upstairs this time, I want to get fucked on our bed.” I thought I was done for the night but my cock sprung up again at Tina’s comment.
We had barely entered our bedroom when Tina was down on her knees again, sucking on Jame’s cock like crazy. I moves over to the bed and stripped all the covers off, throwing them in a corner and leaving the bed with just the bottom sheet and pillows.James bent down and urged Tina up saying, “Lay down and let me get at that pussy.” Tina was up and on her back in a flash. She asked to to hold her legs back and I got behind her on the bed, grabbed both her legs and spread them wide as I pulled them back. It was an incredible view Tina and I both watched as that black dick entered her. She still wasn’t all that loose and James had to force every inch of his cock into her. Tina was flopping her head all around saying, Can you see it baby, can you see all that black meat getting shoved into me?” I told her I could and how fucking hot it looked. I let go of her legs because I wanted to see the sight from behind. It was the biggest turn on. There was my tiny little with this big black cock being forced into her. I’m not kidding, James was hitting home with every stroke and Tina’s pussy was stretched around it so tight I didn’t know how she kept from tearing apart. The sounds coming from Tina were like none I’d ever heard before. I told them to let me see what it looked like with Tina sitting on top. They pulled apart and James lay back with that monster sticking straight up. I told Tina to do it facing me and she suddenly got the idea for me to get the tilting mirror so she could see her impaled on that black pole.

I pulled the mirror and watched Tina’s face as she lowered herself on Jame’s cock and heard her talk about it, ” Oh god baby, look at that, that’s me taking all that cock. Can you believe I take black cock now?” That threw her over the edge and as she squirmed and thrashed on Jame’s cock her pussy gushed and sputtered as she had yet another orgasm. I couldn’t help it, as I saw her writhing around her clit was so swelled that I jumped on the bed between both of their legs and licked Tina’s clit as she orgasmed. Needless to say, this really sent her into another zone all together.

Tina was delirious, there was drool running down her chin and her eyes were so far back in head that all I could see were the whites of her eyes. Tina collapsed and lay there moaning while James kept grinding up into her. I suggested Tina now face the other direction because I wanted to see her ride that cock with her ass bouncing up and down. She was so weak I had to help her turn around. She said, “Oh baby, thank you for this, it’s good, isn’t it, so damn good. Oh baby, his cock is so big, I never thought I’d get to fuck a cock this big.” I told her it was great and I was the one who needed to thank her – she just smiled at me as James grabbed her ass cheeks and slammed up into her, causing her to let out a whimper that turned into a roar as he continued to thrust into her. It was a wild sight, seeing Tina’s cunt so full her pussy lips shaped into an O big the huge black cock.

I saw it was even stretching her asshole and I suddenly had to have it. I got up behind her and told them to let me have that ass. James stopped thrusting but Tina wasn’t too sure it, “Oh shit, I don’t think I can take that, I already feel torn in two.” I assured her I would be gentle and was surprised at how easy my 6 inch cock slid into her in one, easy thrust. Tina moaned and started talking gibberish as James and I alternated thrusts as we both fucked Tina. I was over the edge after just a couple strokes and was yelling out of control as I emptied a load into her ass. This got her going again and she began bucking wildly on that black rod while screaming and twisting her head. James was making sounds of his own and he let out a yell that was so high pitched that I couldn’t believe it came from such a big man. Tina joined his orgasm and I watched as his thrusting cock became covered in white goo as he pumped load after load of his jism into Tina’s throbbing pussy.

Tina was drained and I believe that last orgasm caused her to pass out. I thanked James for making our fantasy come true and he told me, “Shit, it was definitely my pleasure. You two are the biggest freaks I’ve ever met and if you want a replay, just give me a call. If my wife answers don’t act like anything’s going on. She suspects I mess around but if she knew I did anything like this it would end me up in divorce court. I assured him of our need for mutual discretion and we shook hands as he walked out the door. This was not the end to our fantasies about interracial sex but, only the beginning. But, that’s for future stories.