Month: June 2006


Carolyn Chase moved easily through the crowd, stopping occasionally stopping to speak with one of the guests attending black tie gala in a downtown Washington, DC hotel! With her mane of long blonde hair, large voluptuous chest, huge fat bottom, and a pretty if not beautiful face, she caused more than one male head to turn that evening, and as usually the case at events like this one, several notes with phone numbers were surreptitiously slipped into her hand accompanied by a wink and a nod! Carolyn didn’t particularly care for these political fund raisers, but when you were a model scrounging for work you took what was available when it was available!!! Her agency had gotten a call that twenty pretty plump women between twenty five and thirty five were needed to dress up what could have been a rather drab affair, so Carolyn, along with a score of other young women were mingling with the DC big shots as the wheels of government were being greased with big money that was flowing in from all over the country!


The Male Stripper

The screaming, yelling, and clapping of two hundred crazed women, combined with the relentless beat of a hard rock CD, never failed to get Rolando whipped into a frenzy before he hit the stage! Dressed in leather chaps, a g-string, cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat, he looked anything like an all American cowboy, but with a body that appeared to be chiseled from granite, Rolando was one of twenty dancers in the all male revue at the Hotsy Totsy Club. Seven nights a week the place was jumping to the beat of driving dance music and young naked male flesh on display for the mostly 30ish female audience. With salary and tips, an aggressive dancer could clear three or four hundred dollars in one night! Standing backstage, ready to make his entrance, Rolando waited patiently for the MC to make his introduction. He knew it was time to hit the stage when the theme song from the 1960’s television show “Rawhide” began booming through the sound system. Bursting through the curtain to a hail of cheers from the audience, Rolando strutted around the stage, preening for the screaming women, while giving them show the show of a lifetime!


Special Delivery

Danielle set down her reading and got up to answer the front door. When she opened it, there was a special delivery courier with a small package in one hand and a clip board in the other. “Special delivery for a Miss D. Steele,” he intoned boredly. “I’m Danielle Steele, but I didn’t order anything,” she replied quizzically. “Well, it’s addressed to you, if you don’t want it I’ll just return it as undeliverable, it’s your choice,” he answered quickly. “Uh, no, that’s all right, I’ll take it,” she rejoined, “where do I sign?” After scribbling her initials in a box next to her name, the young courier handed her the package and was off her porch and making tracks to his delivery van. Dani closed the door and returned to he den, where upon she sat down and inspected the package. It was cube shaped, about five or six inches square she figured, and there was no return address of any kind on the outside wrapper. She tore off the brown paper and opened the box finding inside a very pretty matching panty-bra set. It was obvious that they were made of pure silk and very expensive, and as she ran her fingers over the white frilly lingerie, and for some unknown reason she shivered from the contact of the smooth material on her skin. She poked around inside the box looking for a note or letter, but found none. “It must some sort of give away,” she reasoned to herself, “a company sending out free samples or something,” so she placed the undies aside and returned to her reading, not giving any of it a second thought. (more…)

Desperate MILF

Donna Gilbert was desperate! Her husband of thirty eight years had suddenly passed away, leaving her not only lonely, but also extremely frustrated! Mike had not only been a fine provider, but he also made sure that his wife was taken care of sexually at least four times a week, and sometimes more!!! Donna was so used to having her husband’s cock in either her pussy or mouth, that well, she just had taken it for granted that it would always be there! Now, here she was, fifty nine years old, and climbing the walls out of frustration! For the first few weeks she resorted to masturbation, but all that did was whet her appetite for the real thing! She needed to feel her vagina being stretched by a thick pecker, but her only problem was that being from a small town she couldn’t up and start a relationship so soon after her husband’s death, that would really start the town talking! No, what she would do, was drive the hour to the city and buy a vibrator and dildo from one of the many sex shops that dotted the area.


Cindy’s Audition

“Wow, sweetheart! You look incredible!” David’s jaw had almost dropped to the floor once he saw his beautiful young wife emerge from the bedroom. David had never seen Cindy dressed in something so tight and skimpy before – except before or during their lovemaking sessions. But this time it was different, because David knew that his 25-year-old wife would soon go out into public in that very provocative and sexy outfit.


A Friend In Need

“What’s the matter, Jan,” Alana asked while maneuvering her new SUV through suburban traffic, “you haven’t said three words since we left home, and if I didn’t know better I’d say that you look a little flushed!?!” Lost in though, Jan didn’t even acknowledge Alana’s question until she felt her friend give her a poke in the ribs and repeat her question!!! “Uh, oh sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” Jan replied, “I was just thinking!!!” “Thinking,” she shot back, “about what, for god’s sakes, we’re two women of age and we’re going shopping using our husband’s money, now tell me, what in the heck could be better than that!?!” Jan threw her head back and gave a short laugh but then replied staidly, “Well, I guess I am a little bit in the dumps, Hank had to leave the house early today and I just miss him that’s all!!!” They drove in silence for a minute or so until Alana offered, “So you missed out on your morning sugar, huh!?!” Jan looked over at her friend and just rolled her eyes before saying, “You’re incorrigible, do you know that!?!” Alana made a show of acting hurt and answered, “Me, what ever are you talking about, all I did was make a perfectly reasonable observation, nothing more or nothing less, that’s all!!!”

Jan was about to make another retort but quickly thought better of it while realizing that arguing with Alana was at best losing proposition and at worst hopeless, so for the next ten minutes the only sounds in the care were those of the radio! Finally when she couldn’t stand it another second, Alana asked softly, “Are you really in pain, babe?!?” Since Hank had skipped out on their morning session of love making, Alana’s pussy was absolutely on fire, and in a display of overt sexuality, she silently pulled up her skirt and exposed the bulging lips of her vagina to Alana and then whispered, “I-I’m in really bad shape, honey, do you think you could help me out?!?” With her eyes practically popping out of her head, Alana returned her attention back to the road and replied, “Hold on, babe, we’re almost to the mall, just wait until I can get us parked, okay!?!” With little beads of sweat now breaking out on her forehead, Jan said softly, “Please hurry, just look at me, I can’t hold back much longer!!!” (more…)

The Blind Date Trio

Tyler couldn’t believe this girl!!! She was beautiful, smart, exotic, and witty, but talk about dominant, he could hardly get in a word edgewise!!! Even her name sounded exotic, Geneva Berk, now who had ever heard of anyone with a name like that, except maybe for someone in central casting!!! He had been on quite a few blind dates in his day, but nothing had prepared him for someone like Geneva Berk!!! (more…)

Glenda’s Vacation

Glenda Jefferies was in a funk that had lasted over two years. It had been just about that long ago that her husband of thirty five years passed away suddenly do to a massive heart attack, and wow at a still young fifty six, Glenda had lost all her zest for life, and was just going through the motions. Her sex life was nil, and since she hadn’t had a date of any kind, there was little chance of any male attention. Her only sexual release was from the middle finger on her left hand, so every week or so the tension in her vagina would become so urgent, that she would frig her clitoris to a massive if not totally fulfilling orgasm. There were a lot of eligible men that would be proud to be seen with Glenda on his arm, but she had just about shut out the entire world, and as the days passed her restlessness grew. One morning while sharing a cup of coffee with her neighbor Sharon, the subject of travel and vacations came up. “Well, I think you should go,” said an exasperated Sharon, “you’ve hardly left this house in two years, Glenda, and that isn’t healthy, and you know it!!!” What Sharon was griping about, was a chance for Glenda to take a drive from her home in Detroit to her 40th high school reunion in New Orleans. As Glenda cleaned up the dishes, she promised Sharon that she would think about going, but that she wasn’t going to commit to anything just yet. As she was opening the back door to leave, Sharon looked back over her shoulder and in a serious voice said, “It’s time you got over losing Donny, hon, it’s been two years now, you’ve gotta move on!!!”


The Room Mate

It was two weeks into her freshman year and Marcie was finally getting the hang of college life. The difference between college and high school was stunning, and it took a little getting used to! There was no one there to tell you what to do, when to get up, what to eat, when to go to class, or whom you could associate with! Almost immediately, however, she discovered that if she let things slide for even a day, she would fall hopelessly behind in her studies and it seemed as if she spent most of her life in the library!!! Her room mate, was another matter! Her name was Jolie, and although she seemed nice enough, when ever Marcie was around, all she would be doing was listening to the stereo or watching the soaps on television! She had another habit that Marcie found if not annoying, at least disconcerting! Even though the girl had a closet full of expensive clothing, she always lolled around the dorm room either naked, or with just a pair of bikini panties making it difficult to have a conversation with her when she standing there in her birthday suit!!! It wasn’t that she had an ugly body, far from it, although she was a little on the thin side, Jolie had cute perky boobs with up turned pink nipples that always seemed to be hard, a flat tummy, tight little bottom, and slender legs!!! She was only about five feet tall and Marcie guessed about one hundred pounds, but all in all a very sexy looking girl!!! (more…)