Month: July 2006

The Warden

“Come along with me, Baker” prison guard Burt Ives ordered, “the new warden wants to see you in her office, pronto, so let’s step on it!!!” Stu Baker put down the piece of sheet metal he was forming and asked as they began to walk down a long corridor, “Am I in some sort of trouble, I’ve never even met the new warden!?!” “Not that I know of, Baker,” the guard replied curtly, “now just shut your mouth and you’ll find out soon enough!!!” “Christ alive,” Stuart thought to himself, “what the fuck could she want with me, I’m on schedule to be paroled in less than a year, I hope this dumb fuckin’ cunt doesn’t screw it up for me!!!” A few minutes later they were standing in the outer office of Warden Caitlyn Waters, the first female warden of a men’s prison in the state!!! Burt Ives handed the secretary the necessary paper work and offered, “Inmate Baker to see the warden, ma’am, I just brought him up from the metal shop!!!” After scanning the work release from, the secretary hit a switch on her intercom and said, “Stuart Baker is here to see you, Warden, should I have him wait or come right in!?!” The secretary handed the paper work back to Ives and said, “Go right on in, the warden is expecting you!!!”

As the two men entered the large well appointed office, Stu was a little bit surprised at the attractiveness of Caitlyn Waters, and he hoped against all hope that her disposition would be as pleasant as she looked!!! The warden was sitting behind her large oak desk going over some reports, and it took several seconds for her to even acknowledge their presence, until she finally looking up over the top of her wire rimmed glasses she said, “That will be all Officer Ives, you can wait outside until my meeting with inmate Baker is over!!!” Burt Ives looked back and forth between the warden and Stu before saying doubtfully, “now wait a minute, Warden Waters, I don’t think that it’s a good idea to leave you alone with an inmate!!!” “What are you worried about,” the warden retorted, “you’ll be right outside the door and Mr. Baker certainly isn’t carrying a weapon is he!?!” “Uh, well no,” Ives replied slowly, “it’s just that I don’t like it, that’s all!!!” “Well you’re on the record if anything goes wrong,” she replied smoothly, “so if you’ll please excuse us, we can get started!!!” (more…)

Stranger on the Train

Missy Edwards stared out the window and marveled at the Nevada scenery! “Unbelievable,” she mumbled to herself, as the landscape of rock, desert, and mountains flew by while she relaxed in comfort on the Amtrak super liner. “It is beautiful, isn’t it,” commented her seat mate, a young man who appeared to be college age? “”It’s fantastic,” Missy replied, “the mixture of colors and landscape, well, it’s just incredible!!!” “I think so too,” he responded, while extending his hand and introducing himself, “my name’s Doug, Doug Granger!” “Taking his hand and looking him in the eye, Missy replied, “Nice to meet you Doug, I’m Missy Edwards.” They continued to watch the scenery fly by, occasionally commenting on something that caught their fantasy, but mostly just riding along in silence. As the sun began to set, Doug checked his watch and opined, “It’s about dinner time, care to join me in the dining car, Missy?” Missy gave him another quick once over, and replied, “Why not, let’s go!” (more…)

For the Money

Gwen Turner sat nervously while she waited for Miss Alden to read her resume’. “Hmmm,” she hummed while flipping the pages slowly, stopping now and then to take some notes that she scribbled on a yellow legal notepad on her desk. When she was finished she closed the resume’, removed her reading glasses, leaned back in her chair and asked, “Why do you want to work for Mr. Valentine, Miss Turner? Gwen had experienced enough job interviews to know when you could and couldn’t bs someone, and April Alden didn’t seem to be the kind that would fall for any half ass story, so she decided to tell the truth. “For the money ma’am,” she replied quickly, I need to make some money, and this pays far more than anything else I could find!” “A reasonable answer,” replied Miss Alden, “but are you aware of, how shall I say this, the extent of your duties!?!” Looking a little flustered, Gwen stammered, “Well, ma’am, I heard that if you work for Mr. Valentine, that you have to have sex with him!!!” There, it was out in the open, now Gwen just sat back and waited to see what Miss Alden had to say about that!!! “You are partially correct, but it goes much farther than that, I’m afraid,” Miss Alden continued, “you see, if you go to work for Mr. Valentine, while you are on duty, you will be expected to be naked every minute, and that you will be at the beck and call of not only Mr. Valentine, but anyone else he sees fit to also have you!!!” Gwen let that sink in for a minute, as that last part about “anyone else he sees fit” was a little bit of a surprise to her! As she gathered her thoughts, April Alden seemed to read her mind, because she interjected, “If you are worried that he will sic some pig on you for his entertainment, don’t, Mr. Valentine wants all of his employees to be happy and comfortable, and making you perform with someone that was unappealing or gross would not be in keeping with his modus operandi!!!” Gwen was grateful to hear that, and noticeably relaxed and let April Alden continue with her orientation. “Now, as you mentioned the pay is very good,” April went on, “and very good is not good enough description to describe it!!!” You will be paid one hundred dollars for every hour you are on duty and you will usually work at least eight hours a day, not bad for mostly just showing off your body, are you still interested in going on,” asked April?!? “Yes,” replied Gwen, “very interested, what’s the next step?!?” (more…)

Sharing a Sleeper Berth

“I’m sorry, Miss Ross,” the conductor explained, “I know you have a reservation for a private berth, but due to over booking all we have left is a compartment for two. Your berth mate is a very attractive young woman , so we hope you can see your way clear to accept these alternate accommodations at no cost to you of course!” The train was about to leave the station and Melanie Ross was just finding out that her reservation on the Overland Chief from Chicago to Seattle was not being honored because of some stupid bureaucratic bungling! She had hoped to spend her travel time alone in her room reading and sleeping, but now that would be quite impossible, so with an obvious look of disgust on her face, Melanie grudgingly accepted the conductor’s offer and stowed her luggage in her berth and headed off to the observation car for a drink. After several high balls, Melanie began to relax and tried to put the incident with the conductor behind her. It wouldn’t do any good to mope about it, and she was saving a bundle of cash on the deal, so why not make the best of a bad situation!!! The drinks had not only calmed her down, but they also had made her quite drowsy, so after rising to her feet on slightly unsteady legs, Melanie made her way back to her berth for an afternoon nap. Sliding open the compartment door, Melanie was surprised to find her traveling partner in their room unpacking her suitcase. The conductor had been right, she was a very attractive young woman, whom Melanie guessed to be about twenty four or five years old. After stepping into the room, she extended her hand and said, “I’m Melanie Ross, I guess we’ll be sharing a compartment together!” The younger woman accepted Melanie’s hand and replied, “My name is Nancy Perkins, but everyone calls me Nan, I took the upper berth if that’s okay with you, I had the upper bunk back home as a little girl, and I’m used to sleeping up in the air!” “No problem,” replied Melanie, “since I have about twenty years on you, I just as soon not have to climb all the way up there!!!” (more…)

The First Lady

“I’ll kill that fucking bastard,” screamed Jennifer Boyle, the wife of the President of the United States, “every fucking time I go out of town on his fucking business I have to hear stories about his incessant fucking around!!!” This wasn’t the first time that Jim Knox had heard this little tirade, and as the lead Secret Service body guard for the First Lady, he had seen and heard more than his fair share of intra family squabbling, but when ever she went off like this, it was better just to try and blend into the back ground and hope her tantrum would blow over quickly. Tonight, however, he had a feeling that the President had crossed over some imaginary line of demarcation, and maybe, just maybe Mrs. Boyle was going to cause Kennsington Holton Boyle more than a little trouble! She poured herself a scotch and water, and uncharacteristically offered him one. “Come on Jimmy, have a drink with me, I’m staying in the rest of the night and you go off duty in a couple of hours, so what’s the harm,” she asked in almost a pleading voice??? “No thanks ma’am, I really have to stay sharp, if it ever got out that agents were drinking on the job, well, I’m afraid it would be all over,” replied Jim gently. “Sweet Jesus Christ,” she muttered, “I can’t even get the help to have a drink with me,” while draining her glass and immediately pouring another! Normally Jim would have kept his mouth shut and let Mrs. Boyle work it out for herself, but tonight was different, she was really hurting inside. Her husband’s philandering was taking a vicious toll on his wife and Jim couldn’t understand how a man married to such a beautiful and devoted wife could even think about cheating on her! Through three campaigns for governor as well as hundreds of other fund raisers and political meetings, Jennifer Boyle had let her whole career as a lawyer stand on hold as she pushed her husband towards the prize of the presidency, and usually after meeting them both, most people wondered if the wrong Boyle got elected! “Mrs. Boyle,” Jim said softly, “I just want you to know that it has been a privilege protecting you, and that in my eyes you are a true patriot!” Jennifer Boyle cocked her head to one side, took a long drink, and then slid to the floor with glass in hand and began to sob!!! (more…)

Her Mother

“Hi, Mrs. Sherman,” Steve said nervously, “Pam said you wanted to talk to me!” “That is correct young man,” she replied sternly, “sit down, please!!!” After taking his seat, Steve fidgeted a bit and after looking out the window offered, “Nice weather we’ve been having, isn’t it!?!” In almost a harsh tone, Mrs. Sherman retorted, “I didn’t ask you here to talk about the weather, so let me get right to the point!!!” “Uh, sure,” Steve replied, “what ever you say, Mrs. Sherman!? Although he didn’t know why on earth Mrs. Sherman would want to speak to him personally, he gathered from the tone of her voice that this was definitely not going to be a pleasant conversation!!! “Steven,” she snapped, “look at me when I’m talking, it’s only good manners to look the person in the eye who’s conversing with you!!!” “Yes, ma’am” he said softly! “Now, from what my daughter tells me,” she went on, “you and she have been have been partaking in all sorts of sexual activity, including fellatio to completion, that is, Pamela has been performing oral sex on you, and unbelievably letting you ejaculate into her mouth, is this true!?!” “Uh,” he stammered, stunned at the direction of her questioning, “I’m not sure I understand what you……” “What’s not to understand,” she spat, “either my daughter is having sex with you or she isn’t, or are you so dense you’re not sure!?!” “No, that’s not it,” he replied, “it’s just that, well, I wasn’t ready for…….” “That’s exactly the point,” she interrupted, “you weren’t ready to get caught were you!?!” (more…)