Month: August 2006

The First Day

“It’s gonna be a great day,” Vance hummed to himself as he punched floor number twenty nine on the express elevator, “a new job in a new city, what could be finer!?!” Vance Hawkins was really looking forward to his new job as a systems analyst for an up and coming software firm, and although he had to leave his beloved Texas, it was the opportunity of a lifetime so he up and moved his wife and young son to Chicago to take up the new challenge!!! As he walked through the lobby of his new office, he marveled at what a break it had been meeting Mr. Davis at that convention in Las Vegas last January!!! He stopped at the receptionist’s desk outside the private offices, introduced himself to the stunning blonde sitting behind the big desk and said, “I’m Vance Hawkins and this is my first day on the job, could you please tell Mr. Davis that I’m here!?!” “Mr. Davis left a note for you, Mr. Hawkins,” the blonde replied with a big white toothed smile, “he’s expecting you in the conference room for the regular Monday morning meeting!!! After receiving directions to the conference room, Vance wandered back to the rear of the office complex, thanking his lucky stars for this new opportunity!!!

Vance stopped in front of the closed conference room door, straightened his tie, and with a slight bit of trepidation, opened the door and stepped inside!!! “Hello, Vance,” Miles Davis said while rising out of his chair at the head of the table, “listen up everyone,” he continued on, “this is the new systems guy we just hired and I want you all to make him feel at home!!!” Vance couldn’t even remember taking the hand of one of the men closest to him an shaking it, he was too far in a state of shock to remember much of anything, because as she stood there with his mouth hanging open, the ten men and three women sitting at the large conference room table were calmly masturbating as if it was the most casual thing in the world!!! (more…)

Take My Picture

“Jake, your two thirty is here,” Kiki informed her boss, photographer, Jake Klein. Without looking up from the proofs he was reviewing, he replied, “Set her up in studio three, and get the lighting set up!” “Sure thing, boss,” Kiki replied, “you’re gonna enjoy this one, she’s a stunner!” Hearing that, he put down his viewer and said, “Well in that case, get the video camera started, after all, she said she wants to be in pictures, so let’s not disappoint her!!!” Ten minutes later Jake breezed into studio and three and with an extension of his hand said, “Hi, I’m Jake, and you’ve already met my assistant Kiki, and you must be Angela!!!” From the way her small hand was shaking, Jake could sense that Angela was really nervous about posing, and he took great pains to ease her fears! “Say,” he said smoothly, “you are a very beautiful woman, and these pictures are a gift for your husband!?!” Angela shook her head and replied, “Our tenth wedding anniversary is coming up, and I decided to give Dave, he’s my husband, some intimate photos of me as a sorta surprise!” “Well,” Jake intoned brightly, “lots of women are doing just that very thing, and just between you and me, their husbands or boy friends just love it!!!” “Oh, I hope so,” Angela opined nervously, “I so much want to make him happy!!!” “Whatya say we start off with a few of you in the clothes you have on now, just to get you used to being in front of the camera,” Jake suggested! “Uh, okay,” Angela answered in a relieved voice, “that’s a good idea!!!” “Here,” Kiki said, “before we start have a drink of this, it will calm your nerves, it’s just white wine!” Angela took the glass, drained it, and asked, “What do I do first?!?” (more…)