Month: January 2008

Trans Secretary

“Monica Barnes smoothed her skirt before entering the office of her boss, Cord Drake, the CEO of the company his father had founded thirty eight years ago! Like every other morning for the past two years, she brought along his coffee, her memo pad, and of course his copy of the morning paper! “Good morning, Mr. Drake,” she said in an upbeat voice, “anything special on the agenda for today!?!” Cord Drake took the coffee from her out stretched hand and replied, “Nothing on the horizon, Monica, but I am expecting a call from our man in Tokyo, so put it straight through when it comes in, okay!?!” “Certainly, Mr. Drake,” she replied, “and if there isn’t anything else, I have those letters from last evening to get out, so if you’ll excuse me!!!” Cord watched as the cute little ass of his secretary disappeared behind the closing door while he picked up his paper and started to read!!!

While maybe there hadn’t been anything special going on that day, there was still a lot to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all finished! Buy four o’clock Drake was just plain beat from the hours he spent on the phone talking with clients and the countless requests from his own staff to make a myriad of decisions that directly affected the direction of the company!!! After his last call, the intercom on Monica’s desk lit up and the familiar voice from the inner office ordered, “Come on in, Miss Barnes, and bring your pad!!!” She picked up her dictation pad and went directly to his office and knocked softly and waited for him to let her enter!!! “Come on in,” a voice from inside yelled, “it’s open!!!” Monica slipped inside and while still standing by the door asked softly, “Do you want me to lock it, Mr. Drake?!?” He gazed at her with almost glazed eyes and simply replied, “Lock it!!!”


Coat Room For Two

(contributed by Softhands)

Through the pulsating crowd of attractive young bodies on the dance floor, Doug caught a flash of silver out of the corner of his eye. Despite the flashing strobe lights, he could make out the wearer of the brilliant silver collar. She stood out against her group of friends. She was the only raven-haired beauty in a pack of bottle-blonds. Her loose curls spilled over her bare shoulders and grazed the top of her tiny red dress. That glorious dress than showed off even more glorious curves. Lush, thought Doug. This lady is luscious. He paused, caught in a trance by the sight of her freely running her hands up and down her curves, undulating in time with the music. She looked up, and caught him watching her. Their gazes locked, and her deep black eyes were full of fire. With a slow, sultry smile, she maintained eye contact with him and continued to dance.

Doug watched, mesmerized, as this beautiful woman rocked and swayed her near-perfect body in time with the beat. She seemed oblivious to everyone and everything around her. Everything but him. This enchanting woman slid one hand down her leg and back up again, briefly hiking up her skirt in the process. Doug caught only the briefest glimpse of pale creamy skin, but it was enough for him to know that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Doug could feel the faint stirrings of interest in his groin.


The Marriage Therapist

“So tell me, Janelle,” asked Dr. Scott, “in your own words, what do you think the problem is!?!” Janelle, with her head down, looked furtively over at her husband, Kurt who was sitting silently in the chair next to hers! “Don’t look at Kurt,” the doctor admonished her, “he doesn’t have the answer, we want to hear your side of the story, so come on now, speak up, that’s what we’re all here for!!!” “Uh, well,” Janelle began slowly, “it’s just that he doesn’t ever listen to me, or take me seriously, I’m just there to make sure everything goes his way and make sure I don’t rock the boat!!!” Up until now Kurt had been sitting quietly, but that was too much, so he interjected, “Now wait a minute, Jan, you know that’s not true, I respect your opinion, and you know it!!!” “Hold it Mr. Dobson,” the doctor rejoined, “you’ll get your chance to give your side of it, but right now Janelle gets to speak without interruption!!!” “Well, okay,” he growled, “but she’s not telling you the whole truth!!!” “Is that true, Janelle,” Dr. Scott asked gently, “is there more to it than that?!?” For a few moments the room was dead quiet as no one said a word, that is, until Janelle all at once broke down in tears and began sobbing uncontrollably, leaving both Kurt and Dr. Scott dumbfounded while they stared at the crying woman!!!


A Spike and A Pussy

“What a day,” Pamela Watkins sighed while filling her brief case with paper work. It had been a long day, court appearances, lunch with a client, and an afternoon of dictating letters to her secretary, Kari. It was well after six o’clock and all she could think about was having a tall cocktail and not thinking at all about the law for at least an hour! She exited her office building and hailed a cab and gave the cabby an address on the near north side. Ten minutes later she was standing in the lobby of her favorite after work hangout waiting to check her coat. She stopped in the restroom to freshen up before making her way towards the long bar at the far end of the room. The soft music playing in the background was already having a soothing effect on her psyche. When she neared the bar the regular hostess, Fran, smiled broadly and offered, “Good evening, Mz. Watkins, and what may we do for you this evening?” She hadn’t realized how really tense she was, so after a moment’s thought she replied softly, “I think I’ll have a spike and a pussy!” “Very good, Ma’am,” Fran replied smoothly, “please follow me!” Down at the far end of the bar were several empty stools. Fran nodded to a tiny waitress who quickly outfitted one of the stools with a massive nine inch dildo. After it was firmly attached and sticking up from the middle of the seat, two young women appeared out of nowhere and lifted Pamela’s skirt above her trim waist. Then Fran, after giving Pam a knowing smile, dropped to her knees and removed the lawyer’s panties leaving her totally nude from the waist down! The cool air quickly caressed Pam’s smoothly shaven lips causing her to gasp slightly while she stared at the monster latex cock that would soon be buried in her pussy! Fran stood up and took a deep whiff of the damp panties and nodded to the women to get on with it. Even though they were quite petite, they had no trouble at all hoisting Pamela up in the air before letting her now gaping cunt down on the thick invader!