Month: April 2008

Two is Better than One

When I first got my own apartment I was stuck. The apartment that I was getting was going to be occupied for two weeks after my first day on the job. I was in a real bind so I asked my parents if they knew anyone in Atlanta that I could stay with. They told me that they knew a couple that had a daughter named Sharon that lived in Atlanta that would probably put me up for the two weeks that I needed. When I first got off of the bus Sharon was there to meet me with her roomate Dawn. I hadn’t seen Sharon in years. In fact the last time I saw her was when she was 13. When she was that old no one was really attracted to her, but now she was a knockout! She was a tall and slender red head and was wearing a bikini top and a spandex miniskirt. Her bare legs were perfect and I could see that she had very well formed breasts. I walked up to her and told her who I was and I saw her nipples harden as soon as she began to look over my thick chest and arms (I work out almost religiously). She told me that her roomate was waiting back at her apartment and we got in her small car.

It was a little cramped with my suitcase, but it we made it work. I was admiring her smooth legs work the pedals as we drove down the freeway. Damn she had a fine ass too! I wondered if I would be able to seduce her once or twice during my visit.