Month: September 2008

Playground For Sex

[ by The Warthog ([email protected]) ]

Over the years that I have been writing, I have received several letters from women who have had experiences similar to those depicted in my stories. As you can imagine reading about these experiences are as great a turn on for me as having them, were to the women. Many of these stories involved the women having sex with multiple partners but one in particular involved a woman named Sarah who has to be one of the most fantastic fuck dolls I’ve ever heard about. Here is her letter. Dear Mr. Warthog, After reading one of your stories, I thought I would tell you a story about myself and my girl friend that I think you will appreciate. My name is Sarah and my friend’s name is Jill. We are from Australia.

Although quite liberal now, I wasn’t always that way. I did learned, however, at an early age that I had the look that attracted men. At first I was embarrassed at the attention and really didn’t know what to do about it. Later, I learned that a lot of nice things happen to pretty girls. When I discovered all the wonderful things that men could do for me I learned to use my looks to get what I wanted. I still remained a virgin, however and was quite na├»ve about sex.

My first remembrances of this change in my life started when I hit puberty and my breasts begin to grow. I was fortunate that my breasts were very firm. I was an athletic girl so my body stayed well toned. I had heard that I should keep my breasts well supported as much as possible to retain the firm uplifted look. Later, I would occasionally go without a bra because after all I have to show what I’ve got sometimes.

When my body finally stopped growing I had developed a very curvaceous figure. It measured 5’5″ and 36C-24-35 and still does to this day. If my body isn’t noticed, then my long blond hair, blue eyes or pretty face turns the heads. I’m not usually the type of girl to compliment myself but facts are facts. I’m telling you so that you will know what kind a girl I am and what I look like.

I must admit that sometimes I get turned on just looking at myself in the mirror. A former boyfriend once told me that my body was tailor made to make men horny. Thinking about that makes me horny. When I get into these moods I try to imagine how a man would like to see me dress. I know they like my large firm tits, slender legs and tight ass so I put something on that shows off each of those parts of my body.

Wife Gets Revenge

Having been married for 10 years, I was somewhat discontent with my sex life. It wasn’t because my wife and I didn’t have sex. We had great sex and had it quite frequently. I just needed a change. I started to have an affair with a rather plain woman I had known for several years. I got out of work at about 8:30 each morning, swung by her house and knocked off a piece before going home to an empty house (my wife having left for work by 9 AM). This worked out great. I got laid, came home for a shower and got some sleep before the old ball and chain got out of work. Then I fucked up and didn’t even know it.

I was really beat one morning after work, but I stopped for a quickie anyway. When I got home, I crashed on the couch with out taking a shower and was out before I knew what happened. I woke up to a warm mouth on my cock which was as hard as steel. I moaned and moved. My wife lifted her head from my cock and said ” I just couldn’t resist that hard on when I saw it in those shorts. I hope you don’t mind”.

Mind? How could I mind? It felt great!

My wife sucked me until I came in her mouth, jumped up and said” gotta go back to work. See you later.”

Her Night Out

We had been married for 2 years. I was in the Navy and had been in and out to sea for most of the two years we had been married. We had both been faithful to each other, but we both had wanted something extra to add to our already full sex life. We had placed an add in a swingers magazine, and had gone and played with a couple we had met thru our ad. The experience left my wife wanting a bit more. The wife of the couple we had met, came over and had a fabulous 3-some with the 2 of us, and my wife was going to go over and play with both of them.

But for some reason, he couldn’t get it up for the 2 of them in his bed, so she decided to go out to our favorite “Country bar”, as she was all dressed up, (she had me bath her, and dress her, do her make up…before she left). About an hour and a half after she left she called me on the phone and told me that Kevin couldn’t get it up for some reason, and that she decided since she was all made up that she was going to go out. She told me where she was at, and that she had a question to ask me. I paused, “Ok, ask away!”. . She told me the minute she walked into the place a guy had walked right up to her, hit his knees and asked her to marry him. She told me told him she was already married. He asked, “then why are you out alone?” She said she told him that she just wanted to do some dancing. He asked her to join him, and she did. They danced several dances, nice slow ones and than she hit me with the bombshell. “Honey, can I Fuck him?”