Month: February 2009

Gang Bang At The Adult Movie Theater

[ Story by Lonelyhusband ([email protected]) ]

Last summer my wife and I went back to my hometown for my 25th year HS reunion. We got to the hotel on Friday night and my wife was horny and we had a quick fuck before heading out to meet my old friends. There were 6 couples and my wife was the hottest and didn’t mind dressing to show a little cleavage. On the way back to the hotel we went by the old theater on the edge of town and it had turned in to an x-rated movie theater. I joked with my wife about stopping in and she said sure but I kept driving.

The next day we played golf with my old friends and then went to the reunion. We figured we had enough time with my old friends and it was getting lame so we headed out. As we were leaving my wife said lets go to the x-rated movie theater and we headed out.

Online Help

[Story by Keith Evans ]

Everyone sees those online internet adds for dating but i never really looked into it because I never had a reason. But one day I decided to hunt down a “girl seeking girl” in my local town to see if I could possibly ask her a favor. It didn’t take long before I found a very hot mid 30’s woman who’s profile said “Enjoys showing woman what they’re missing” so I introduced myself and hoped she reply to my request.

Just one day later I had a call on my cell phone from “Laya” and her first question was “why would a man be asking to befriend somebody looking for a good time with only woman ? “. I proceeded to tell her that I have the hottest wife on the planet and I’ve always wanted to put her through a test to see if she could be seduced by another hot woman. Something told me that under the right conditions she just might. So, I sent Laya a few pics of my wife and it didn’t take long for her to text me “wow .. she’s hot .. I need to “meat” her” (more…)

A Hot Night in the Middle of Winter

[ Story by John Cockenfurs [email protected] ]

I typically dress rather conservative in public when it comes to my leather. I will wear my boots, coat and gloves, but that is usually it. I have on occasion worn my black leather jeans that I had made to fit like my Levi 527’s, but only if we are going to a bar or a concert – it has to be dark and after-hours as these things fit me very tight, leaving nothing to the imagination. I usually settle for tight fitting jeans – but denim pales in comparison to the leather jeans. Either way, I have to be careful as my cock is on full display at all times. Now, I am not endowed with a huge donkey cock, but my 8” is nothing to snicker at either. I never fail to attract female attention when I wear them, usually having 8 to 10 sets of hands grab my ass or cock in any given bar. For this reason, my wife would rather accompany me whenever I wear them out of the bedroom.

My wife is also a leather lover, though she too wears only conservative items out in public usually. She has a pair of low rise, boot cut black leather jeans and a black leather pencil skirt that goes just below the knees that she will wear out – which is fine by me because they both hug her ass so tightly that I usually walk around with a raging hard-on all night, trying to get her home to fuck her. (more…)

I Restisted But Not Enough

[ Submitted by [email protected] ]

I was shocked! My husband,, asked me to make love to another man right in front of him…….. and I didn’t know what to say. He told me that he had always been a voyeur and that was what got him excited the most. The whole thought of making love to another man (especially in front of him) really had me thinking that he was a bit strange, or a bit queer. No matter how you looked at it, it certainly wasn’t an accepted act! Not sure exactly how to react to this request and we talked about it quite a bit. I admitted that there were times when I would fantasize about other men, or men without faces. But fantasies are one thing, and actually doing it quite another.

A little about us… We’ve been married about a year, I’m 27, and he’s 35. I’m about 5’6″, 132lbs with “C” breasts and a flat stomach. He’s about 6’0″, 190 lbs, muscular and with some sexy hair on his chest and very strong arms.    While on the one hand it did excite me a little to think about the possibilities…. Although I wouldn’t tell him that I did “play” with the thought from time to time. Anyway… one day we were out drinking and dancing and I had danced a few dances with another guy who had asked me. When I went back to the table my husband leaned over and whispered…. “Would you like to make it with that guy?” I got a little red-faced and I’m sure I was blushing enough to light up the room… but I answered, “No! I don’t want to go to bed with anyone but you!” He replied “I saw you up there!” (speaking of me dancing with the stranger) “and you certainly seemed to be enjoying yourself!” “AND if you had pushed up against him any harder you’d have done it right there on the dance floor!”