Month: March 2009

After The Party

[ Story by DFran, address withheld]

The problem with working on the second shift is that you miss a lot of great parties and this night was going to be another one.  My girlfriend Karen was throwing a quaint, intimate party for her sister who was in town to make arrangements for her wedding in the coming spring. Her sister Susie had moved to Colorado to attend school and had decided to stay there after graduation. Now she was in town for the weekend and Karen had invited several of their old high school girl friends over for a “Long Island Ice Tea” party.

I had one drink with the two of them but had to leave for work before the party began. I knew it was going to be a wild night and I hoped that I could get home before it was over, but when I approached our apartment it was depressingly quiet.  When I walked through the front door my suspicions were confirmed. There were women passed out on every piece of available furniture. Two girls were sleeping on the fold out bed, there were one each in the three living room chairs, and upon entering the bedroom I discovered Karen and Susie side by side in our queen size bed.



Jack peeked out from underneath the covers at the digital clock on the night stand and moaned, “Six thirty already, what a day I have ahead of me!!!” He lay still for a couple of minutes before whipping back the covers and so he could hop out of bed! He was just making a move to leave when a soft warm hand grabbed his arm and the silky smooth southern accent came lilting from the other side of the bed, “Jack, honey, you’re not gonna run off with giving me some morning sugah are ya!?!” He looked over his shoulder the tousled blonde hair of his beautiful young wife and pleaded, “Not today, Cindy Lou, I’ve got to get to work, the boss wants to see me first thing!!!” With one smooth motion, she peeled back her side of the covers and exposed her nubile naked body, with the slim hips and large firm breasts!!! “Now, sugah,” she whispered, “can that mean old Mr. Owens offer you anything like this!?!” “Sweet jesus,” he said while sucking in is breath, “you know I can’t resist that, it’s just not fair!!!” “Honey,” she cooed, “everything’s fair in love and war, and this,” she said while running her hand up and down her perfect body, “is meant for love!!!” Slowly she spread her legs, and then after grabbing a hand full of his hair, pulled his mouth to her now bulging vagina and settled back while her husband orally satisfied her!!! As her orgasm washed over her, she wondered if the fire that burned in her pussy could ever be extinguished, she certainly hoped not!!!


The Nubile Nymph

Virna Reynolds was lonely and depressed! Her best friend Alicia was vacationing in Europe, and coupled with the fact that her husband of forty years had been gone for less that six months, and you had a woman who wasn’t used to being alone for such a long period of time!!! After wandering around her apartment for about a week, she dialed the number Alicia had given to her before she left! After two rings, a sultry feminine voice on the other end of the line answered, “Sensations Unlimited, how may I help you, this is Miranda speaking!?!” A pang of fear shot through her, but since she had already made the call she replied, “This is Mrs. Reynolds, I’m a friend of Alicia Donner, she recommended your establishment, and I was just wondering if you had any openings for today!?!” “Mmmmmm, Mrs. Reynolds,” Miranda said in a silky voice, “how is Mrs. Donner, we haven’t seen her in few weeks?!?” “Uh, she’s in Europe,” Virna replied, “she should be home in a couple of weeks, though!!!” “Well,” Miranda went on, “we have an opening at two this afternoon if that’s agreeable with you, should I put you down for it?!?” It was now or never, “Yes, two will be just fine,” she replied, “see you then, and thank you!!!”