Month: December 2009

Along The Path

The morning was cool and crisp as I began my hike up the trail to the top of Terry Peak, and although it was late October, the sun was just beginning to warm the South Dakota mountain side. I had been looking forward to the solitude of the mountains all week and relished the thought of two days away from the office. I adjusted my backpack, picked up my walking stick and set off at an easy gait. Being the youngest member of an old line Rapid City law firm was an honor to be sure, but it also meant that the usual and mundane cases were thrown my way, and for that reason this weekend of climbing would take my mind off the sometimes boring humdrum of the weekly grind.

While the Black Hills mountains are no Pikes Peak, they can quickly tucker you out if you’re not in climbing shape, and as such, after about one hour I was ready to take a break, pulling off the trail to look for a good spot to rest my legs. As I sat on a rock eating a banana, I heard a giggle coming from a thicket about thirty yards farther off the trail, it sounded like a female laugh, which was followed by another noise that sounded more like a groan. I got up and went to investigate, and as I peered through the bushes I got the surprise of my life, two women not more than 50 feet from me were on a large red blanket naked as jaybirds. It was quite obvious that they weren’t just sunbathing, as the blond had her mouth buried in the brunette’s pussy. The dark haired girl was moaning and twisting her nipples as her lover ate her for all it was worth, and I got an immediate hardon just watching the two go at it.

GBV10 Belindas Secrets

This story was written at the request of a woman named Belinda. She had been married to her husband Robert for some time. Robert was unaware that Belinda had a new secret life. She had wanted to tell Robert about that life but just couldn’t bring herself to do it. I first met Belinda at the photo studio that I work at. I’m a budding photographer and amateur writer. It was my writing that prompted Belinda to approach me about writing her story.

Lawrence, the photographer that I was apprenticed to, discovered Belinda walking down the street. He was looking for models and thought that she would do well. At first I wasn’t so sure but Lawrence (He doesn’t like to be called Larry) has a knack for picking hot women.

I had worked for Lawrence for about a year. He called me whenever he needed an assistant for a shoot and to do other things as he saw fit. It was valuable experience. Lawrence was what most women considered a ‘hunk’. Tall, broad shoulders, bulging arms and a trim waist. The guy had straight dark hair and he sported a pony tail that reached the middle of his back.

The first time I met Belinda was on her first shoot. Lawrence called me in to help him with a series of newcomer shoots. Belinda was the last shoot of the day. She arrived on time and we were introduced. “A very nice looking woman,” I thought. She had shoulder length blond hair. It was a little on the darker side of blond and was very pretty. Her face was a perfect match for her hair, very pretty. She had a cute sexy smile and blue eyes that you could get lost in. I couldn’t guess at her age, but she was definitely youthful looking.

Afternoon in the Booth

It all began innocently enough. My husband, Jack, and I were driving home from a party. We both had drunk enough that we were feeling relaxed. Though not exactly newlyweds, we still get frisky and I was feeling warm this night.

As we drove on the interstate home, I leaned against Jack and said that I couldn’t wait to get home. “What are you going to do first?” he asked. I allowed how I was looking forward to getting out of these clothes. “Why wait?’ he asked as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Though I had never done anything outside the house before, I decided to play his little game. I reached down and unbuttoned my blouse. Jack’s eye were having a hard time sticking to the road. I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and removed. I leaned against Jack and could tell from his bulge that he was having fun. The funny thing was that I was enjoying this little game too.

Jack asked, “You’re not done yet are you?” A challenge like that couldn’t go unanswered. I reached behind my back and unfastened my bra. I lowered it to my lap. Jack’s eye nearly bugged out when he looked over and saw my naked breasts in the passing cars headlight. I leaned against him and he put his hand around me and grab my right breast and started playing. By the time we arrived home, we were both so excited that we didn’t even make it out of the garage.

GBV9 Real Men Play With Dolls

Friday night had finally arrived and Michelle’s fantasy was about to begin. Well, I guess it was really my fantasy. My name is Jeff. Michelle and I have been dating for a few months and I can’t keep my hands off her. One look at Michelle and you would understand why I’m constantly horny.

Michelle stands about five feet eight inches in her five inch heels. Her long straight blond hair reaches her waist line. Her eyes are blue and she has a sexy smile. Michelle is very slender and although she hasn’t told me, I suspect she weighs about 100 pounds. Her smooth, shapely legs end at heaven’s definition of a perfect little ass.

Continuing up Michelle’s awesome figure one notices her tiny little waist. Ultimately, the eye is drawn to her perfect breasts. These mounds are of above average size, however they seem large on her petit frame. Michelle’s firm breasts are accented by very sensitive nipples that seem to be permanently hard.

I asked her many times what her measurements were, but her modesty would not allow her to reveal her statistics. After a few weeks of dating, my never ending compliments of her body and my constant questions, she shyly told me that she measured 34C-21-34.

Very Happy Thanksgiving

[ Story by Dogboy ([email protected]) ]

Thanksgiving. The true meaning…

Well it was that time of year again and thanksgiving seemed to be headed right into the old boring file. I was all set to go to my mother in-laws in Florida when my boss called and said he was going to need me over the Thanksgiving weekend.

He said, “Spend the holiday with the family but I need you here over the weekend.” I told my wife about this and she wasn’t too happy, but she understood.

I was prepared to spend the holiday at an airport hotel when at the last minute I got a call from my boss. “Bob, since your family is going south why don’t you come have Thanksgiving with us? Pia is home from school and it’ll be a real family Thanksgiving. We can take off the next morning for our meeting and it seems to me that would be the most convenient thing.”

I thought about it and agreed. I had, had a brief affair with the boss’s daughter two years ago, and I wanted to she her again. I hadn’t seen her since she went away to college and I remembered how much fun she’d been in bed the few times we’d done it.

I fantasized; I was picturing myself fucking Pia’s perfect body on the dinner table, right in front of her shocked family, and even in her own bedroom where she grew up as a little girl. My cock grew instantly hard just thinking about it.