Month: April 2010

Passion For Poker

My name is Bob and I’m a 23-year old Navy clerk, stationed in San Diego. I’ve been married for two years to a “native” San Diego girl, Donna, who is 21. Donna is the epitome of the “California girl.” At 5 foot 5, she weighs about 120 pounds, has light- brown hair, and a real nice figure that has been appreciated by many of my Navy buddies.

It all started very innocently about 18 months ago, after I returned from a cruise. We had only been married a few months prior to my leaving and I was horny as hell when Donna met me at the docks after the ship landed. Some buddies of mine were walking by and gave us a few “words of encouragement” Donna asked me if I would like to have the guys over some evening for drinks and dinner. I asked two of the guys if they would like to stop over the next night, and we set the time at 7:00 PM.

The next night while I made the salad, Donna showered and got dressed. When she came out of the bedroom, she was beautiful! She had on a white see-through blouse over a small black bra, tight red shorts, and strappy white heels. I whistled appreciatively and asked, “What’s the occasion?”

SHW4 Summer Weekend

What a glorious day. I was walking down the beach about twenty yards behind three gorgeous babes. Brian, Dave and I had been following these prime specimens of femininity for over an hour. We kept our distance. Soon we would catch up to them, but we were having too much fun watching their swaying butts set the hook. I know that sounds strange, but if you had seen all those necks snapping you would have been convinced that a hook was doing the job.

“The bait?” you ask. How about a blond, brunette and a redhead. Each one with a body that would arouse a dead man. The blond had on a red two piece suit. She had an ass that just screams, “Squeeze me.” Her shape measured 34C-21-34 and she was the tallest of the three.

The brunette had an awesome set of tits. The bikini top she was wearing struggled valiantly to keep them covered no thanks to her pronounced strut. The brunette’s white suit was easily the most provocative suit on the beach or maybe it was just the incredible 34D-22-33 body that it covered.

Finally the redhead, or more accurately the strawberry blond, strutted her fantastic 38D-24-36 assets in a shiny silvery blue two piece suit. I swear it looked like her headlights were chrome plated.

Party Time

Mike is somewhat shy and quiet. He is married to Betty, a vivacious outgoing girl who likes to flirt with other men. When they go to parties together, Mike usually winds up being something of a wallflower while Betty disappears into the crowd.

Mike was actually enjoying himself. He couldn’t believe it. Normally, he didn’t particularly like parties. He went because his pretty wife liked to go,and he usually wound up in a small group talking while his wife disappeared on the dance floor. But tonight Mike was enjoying himself. He was dancing with the hostess, June and He was enjoying every move they made together in the crowded den. He caught sight of his wife across the crowded room dancing with June’s husband. Even seeing the way she was molding her body to her partner’s didn’t upset him tonight. He had long ago concluded his very attractive wife was a cockteaser. It didn’t bother him because June’s body was glued to his.

Mike couldn’t believe how he and June were dancing. She had her face buried against his neck and he could feel her lips sort of nibbling at his throat. Her body was molded to his own and he could feel her ample tits against his chest through the pullover shirt which he wore. He was sure she wasn’t wearing a bra. He had been pretty sure before he danced with her, because he could see her nipples pressing against the soft thin blouse she wore. Now he knew she was braless because he could feel her tits pressing against his chest. He was amazed at the way she was rubbing up against him as they danced! He could feel her pelvis against his thigh. She was actually rubbing her pussy against his leg! And her hip was pressing against his crotch. He knew that his dick was getting hard in his pants as they danced and wondered if she could feel it.

SHW3 A Present For Paula

The oddest thing happened to me on my last business trip. My company had sent me and five of my coworkers to visit an important client. It seems that the client was having trouble with one of our products and they wanted it fixed yesterday. Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal if not for the timing. It was the day before New Year’s Eve and some of us had plans. Oh well, duty calls. We flew down to see the client and began work right away. I had hopes of getting things done quickly and then flying out the next morning. That wasn’t to be and I’m glad it turned out the way it did.

We didn’t finish up until 6pm New Year’s Eve. The boys and I headed back to the hotel, made reservations to fly out the next afternoon and cleaned up for dinner. We decided to grab something to eat at the hotel and made a reservation for 8:30. At least our stingy company put us up in style this time. The hotel was very nice and obviously expensive. While at dinner, we were asked by the waiter if we would be attending the new year’s eve celebration in the club adjacent to the restaurant. My crew talked it over and decided that we didn’t have anything else to do. It sounded great.

At about ten o’clock we headed next door. The club was terrific. There was a jazz trio playing and a small dance floor where a few couples swayed to the music. The place was decorated with streamers and balloons were hung waiting until midnight to fall. The host seated us in front of the band and we ordered drinks. As I was sipping my screwdriver and getting into the great tunes my eyes landed on absolutely gorgeous lady.

The Extra

Claudia Ryan gazed over the sound stage looking in vain for Aldo Marchetti. “Christ, Joan,” Claudia questioned her chief assistant, Joan Walker, “didn’t you tell Harry to make sure that Aldo would be an extra during this shoot!?!” Joan staring at the nearly empty sound stage herself replied quickly, “Of course I did, I practically made Harry sign a blood oath that he would have Aldo here for the entire shoot, I have no idea where he is!” “Goddam it,” spat Claudia, “get Harry on the fucking phone and find out for me, I’m not gonna do one scene until he’s here, got it!?!” Joan nodded her head and made a beeline for the phone back in Claudia Ryan’s trailer, and while it was only eight in the morning Claudia had already given her a splitting headache! “Do this, do that,” she thought grimly, “why can’t the old bat do something on her own for a change, you’d think her leg was broken by the way she acted!” Joan dialed Harry’s number, and in a few moments he was on the phone. “Well,” he greeted her warmly, “what can I do for you today, Joan, is the boss acting up again!?!” As executive producer, Harry Berson made just about every major decision connected with the movie, including the hiring of Aldo Marchetti as a personal favor to Claudia Ryan. “Jesus, Harry,” Joan said getting right to the point, “Marchetti’s nowhere to be seen, and Claudia’s throwing a hissy fit, says she won’t do a scene until he shows!!!” Calm down, babe,” Harry replied smoothly, “Marchetti isn’t needed until scene number four, so he won’t be showing up until later this afternoon, no problem, he just won’t be there this morning!” Joan knew that Claudia would be upset over this new bit of news, but thought that if she was assured Aldo would be there later that day she would hopefully do her opening scenes. “Okay, Harry,” Joan sighed, “I’ll try getting her to go ahead, but there are no guarantees!” “You tell Claudia that Marchetti won’t show until scene four is ready to shoot, so the longer she procrastinates, the longer it will be until he gets here,” Harry replied flatly, “so you tell the old bag she’d better get her ass on that stage and knock off those first three scenes, capiche???” “Yeah,” Joan answered tiredly, “capiche.”