Month: May 2010

Freshman Orientation

I’m currently a freshman at a large southern university. I’d like to tell you about an experience that happened to me the first week I was on campus. It was my first Friday night on my own and I had been invited to a fraternity party. Before I go on, let me describe myself a bit. I’m 18, about six-foot tall, and weigh 180 pounds. Many women have called me good-looking, but I’d say my best feature is my average length but extremely thick cock.

I arrived at the party at about ten o’clock. I immediately filled my beer mug and went in search of females. I’m used to parties where guys outnumber girls by a ratio of two to one, and you have to fight for a piece of ass. This party was totally different–there were plenty of females, and they were all hot. After checking out the scene, I decided to concentrate on Sara, a voluptuous blonde about five and a half feet tall, 110 pounds, with about 36-inch tits. She was dressed in a denim micro skirt that left almost nothing to the imagination. On top of that she wore a very clingy white blouse. After the usual eye contact, flirting, and small talk, we knew that we both wanted each other. I suggested that we go back to my dorm room to continue our conversation.

SHW6 Compensation For Damages

“Thank goodness its Friday,” said Mary.

“You got that right,” added Kevin.

Mary and Kevin were on their way to dinner and then to a movie. They both had had a grueling week and looked forward to a relaxing evening out. It was July, it was hot and Kevin had begun to perspire. As Kevin fiddled with the truck’s air conditioner Mary went down a mental list of restaurants that the couple liked.

Kevin couldn’t help noticing Mary’s sexy legs as he adjusted the air. They were covered by a pair of black thigh high stockings. Kevin also noticed that Mary was wearing a new pair of black high heel shoes with the new flair styled heel. He had noticed earlier when they left the house that her five foot three inch frame seemed to be three or four inches taller than usual. Very sexy he thought. The rest of her outfit wasn’t bad either. A mid thigh length black wrap around skirt just barely hid Mary’s stocking tops. Her red silk blouse fit her figure nicely and he liked the way her lovely breasts pushed against the shiny material. Mary had obviously spent some extra time on her shoulder length brown hair and her makeup added a touch of sensuality to her pretty face. Kevin was very proud of Mary. He loved to go out and show off his beautiful wife.

“KEVIN, WATCH OUT,” yelled Mary.

Kevin looked up in time to see a car stopped in the road signaling for a left turn. He slammed on the brakes but it was too late.


“SONOFABITCH,” bellowed Kevin. Kevin looked over the hood of his truck at the back of an old Caddy. He realized that he had lingered on Mary’s exquisite body too long and hadn’t been paying attention to the road. The collision had been hard but it didn’t appear to be too serious. Thankfully, they were wearing their seat belts. Kevin looked at Mary and said, “Are you OK, Mary?”

Room For Rent

Hi. My name is Mona – I’m 28, single, and I own a house. Just got it 2 weeks ago, moved in 2 days ago, and really confronted what it would take to make the payments.

When I first found out I was responsible for the payments, I asked friends to move in. Then my sister and brothers, but all declined. I broke down the other day and put an ad in the paper for roommates. I’m not concerned if they are male or female, just as long as they pay the rent and don’t destroy the house.

The ad had run two days when I got my first call, Dean. He said he is 23, in his last year of college and wants out of the dorms. I asked if an hour was okay and he said sure.
Let me tell you about the house while we wait for him: it’s a 2-story, 6 bedroom, 3 bath. It has a huge downstairs living room and kitchen area, plus a den and a family room. What I love about the house is the back yard. Its got a pool & tons of grass in great shape, you can lay down or walk barefoot on it without fear of bugs and dirt.

Ok, now I guess I should tell you how I came to own the house. About two years ago I was desperate for money and I did some escorting for about six months. One “client” was a newly divorced man who had a thing for fast sex: he loved to see how fast he could make me come. It was truly a game for him (he even had a stop watch). Well, three months ago I get a call from some lawyer telling me that he died and I had been willed his house and to come in for the reading. I went down the next week, heard the reading, signed a lot of papers and received the key. He died in a car accident on his way home from the local nudie bar. Driving too fast for the slick roads and slid into a tree. Since he was divorced already, I have no fear of his ex-wife claiming it as community property like wives can in California.

SHW5 Vickis Encounter

Mike was late and Vicki was beginning to get angry. Vicki’s husband had told her not to be late and now he was thirty minutes past due. Vicki tried to think of where Mike might be. He had gone over to a friend’s house that afternoon and was supposed to meet Vicki at the club at eight. She had called home and there was no answer. Vicki decided to sit at the bar for another ten minutes. If Mike didn’t show she would head home.

Just as Vicki was about to ease off the bar stool and leave, she heard a man say, “Hi, can I buy you a drink?” She looked and found his eyes looking straight at her.

Vicki blushed as he took in her long silky legs and curvy figure. She smiled and said, “Thank you, but… I was just about to leave.”

The handsome man said, “Please don’t leave. I was hoping to find a beautiful woman to talk to and if you go I’ll miss my chance.” His smile was magnetic.

Vicki wanted to leave but she hesitated. She said, “Now come on. This place is full of beautiful women.”

The man didn’t take his eyes off Vicki as he said, “What other women?” He was certainly charming but Vicki had been waiting for her husband and now that he had stood her up she just wanted to go home.