Month: September 2010

Large Cock Taxi Driver

I had a fantasy about having sex in a taxi with my wife, showing off her body and getting the driver so turned-on that he would jack off so she could watch it, and I’d get even more turned-on knowing she was so hot. I finally one day after many weeks of replaying that fantasy in my head I set it up with a cab driver I’d used earlier in the day to come home from the airport, it would be when we went out of town over that weekend.

It happened like this, there were some taxis parked outside of our hotel so I slipped outside and asked one driver, a large older black fellow, (The one we’d used to get to the hotel) how much it would cost to drive us around sight seeing for 45 minutes. He said $50.00.

I told him what I had in mind, and he said, “As long as I gets my money I didn’t care what you do to your wife.” I told him there would be an extra $50.00 in it for him if he would jack off in front of my wife. He said he had no problem with that.

I told my wife we were finally going to take that “special” taxi ride we’ve talked about. Of course she tried to back out, but finally after a lot of convincing she got dressed up in a short skirt and flimsy blouse. I knew she wanted this as badly as me; she just couldn’t make herself say it.

Honeymoon Poon

I couldn’t believe the day was here. Randy, my best friend, was getting married. Randy was my size physically. About 5’11” and 170 pounds of lean muscle. I know because we work out together. Despite our similar physiques he was the one landing all the hot women but this woman would be his last.

His wife to be was Tammy. Tammy was the star of everyman’s wet dream including mine. She is 5’2″ and had a pair of DD cups tits despite having a very small waist and the kind of tight stomach that men dreamed of eating caviar on. I had even caught her minister staring at Tammy’s sizeable assets. As a former model, Tammy was a huge cocktease but claimed she was still a virgin. Randy confessed that Tammy admitted to giving her past boyfriends blowjobs but that was as far as she would go. Being the daughter of a minister she claimed premarital sex was a sin. The only thing worse, she thought, was infidelity.

Drinks with Sarah

Trembling and trying to control my shallow breathing, I picked up the pay phone in the grocery store and proceeded to check the number held loosely in my right hand. “It’s easy,” I thought to myself, “just act cool.”. I had been flipping this business card around in my pocket all day, in fact, for the last seven days since I received it.

That night started horribly with a fight with my wife. In anger I went out to find somewhere to get drunk. I needed a drink badly and anywhere would do. I managed to find a pub in a strip mall about twenty minutes from home.

“Here alone?” I turned towards the voice. She stood next to me with a twenty dollar bill in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Curly brown hair framed her pale face, the most beautiful chestnut eyes I had ever seen, both complimenting her outstanding body. Her top giving a generous view of her breasts, her desiner jeans giving way to her firm stomach. The woman was built for business.

The Tease

I’m 24 and Ron’s 32. We’ve been married three years, and our sex life is fabulous. Ron really likes me to show off my body, especially my chest, to other men. A couple of weeks ago, we went to my best friend Marie’s house. She and her husband Alan were throwing a party Saturday night, and we decided to make it a weekend trip. Ron and I arrived after dinner on Friday night, and the two of us relaxed around the kitchen table, playing cards and drinking beer.

When playing cards got boring, Marie put some music on and we began to dance while our husbands looked on. During the second or third song, Ron motioned for me to unbutton some of the buttons on my blouse. I unbuttoned the top three buttons, giving the guys a nice view, since I wasn’t wearing a bra. Then a slow song came on and Ron danced with me and Alan with Marie. While Ron and I were dancing, he unbuttoned another two buttons, so now my blouse was unbuttoned to below my tits.