Month: January 2011

Turned On

We had just been married a few weeks and one night after some hot and heavy fucking we began to talk about what really turned us on. I could not believe what my wife told me and I could instantly feel my cock rising with anticipation of what was to come.

My wife Lisa is 25 years old, 5 foot 8 inches tall with wavy blonde hair falling below her shoulders. She has a fantastic body. Her legs are long and thin, her ass is firm and tight and a great set of tits. She turns heads at the mall. I enjoy watching guys looking at her as we walk by. Look all you want guys, but I’m getting it regular! She enjoys it also. Lisa is a little of an exhibitionist. She likes to wear tight shorts and tee shirts with no bra. When her nipples get hard and stick out under the flimsy cotton guys start to trip over their tongues.

Sex with Lisa is great. She can be slow and sensuous or wild as a beast. Her specialty is blow jobs. She can suck a cock like no one else. Her throat is endless. My seven inches slides down her throat until she licks my balls with her tongue. My cock feels so good when she takes it all in her mouth and sucks on it. I love to cum deep in her mouth. She sucks all the cum from my rod and swallows it or sometimes she holds it and lets it drip from her lips onto her tits. It is wild to see cum dripping from her mouth. (more…)

GH Saves Us

Our marriage has had its ups and downs over the years, but recently thing kept creeping further down. No excitement in the bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter. We had tried counseling, light porn, talking with friends, but nothing was really working to spark Wendy’s sexual appetite. I thought it might just be me, but she was kind of withdrawing from friends as well. We are in our mid 4o’s and have been married for almost 20 years. Both are in fairly good shape, average weight and I think good looking for our age…

I heard of an adult book store in Seattle that had Arcade video booths with Glory Holes. Although the holes were described on the website for men to please each other through, I was hoping for maybe an audience and maybe some guidance from on lookers. The city is about a hour from our home, so I told her that we were going to dinner and a time on the town. I arranged a motel room in the city, so we would not have to drive back, if we had too much to drink.

Friday came and my plan was starting to play out. It was June, so the air was moist, but the temperature was very mild. I started dressing and put on some nicer clothes then we would typically go to dinner in. She asked why I was dressing up so nicely and I told her that I just wanted to make it ‘special’. She walked back into her closet and pulled out a couple of different outfits. She finally decided on an ‘above the knee’ type if loose Red skirt and a beautifully somewhat shear Black blouse. She had already had on a Black thong and she quickly changed from her typical ‘nude’ color bra to a nice Black push up type. She slid the blouse on, pulled the skirt up and headed for the bathroom to finish ‘putting her face on’.

Watching Her Boss Fuck Her Silly

[ Story by Forbes ]
If there was one thing my wife, Jill, liked it was a good fucking. She was a wonderful shag as well. However our sex life was pretty ordinary and not always happening. Once I was going there was no stopping my rampant cock from performing. Unfortunately my business life was pretty stressful and my cock did not always co-operate. Jill was slim, very attractive, with small tits but an arse to salivate over. She was size 8 and in great shape, even after 2 kids. Guys were always looking at her with their licking lips giving the thought away.

We had been married for 14 years and started to talk about juicing up our sex life. Sex was always good but needed to be stirred a bit. I thought about and suggested wife swapping. Jill, my wife was hesitant at first although keen to enliven our sex together. We had just moved to live outside Plymouth. I had been appointed to a prestigious job in Plymouth. Jill quickly found a job as secretary to a director of a shop fitting company. Eric, who was 15 years older, had the gift of the gab good at the grab as well. Our spicy sex began from here.