Month: February 2011

Landlady and the Fighter

It was hard keeping on top of the bills, when you’re a fighter, pay comes inconsistently and then you have training expenses and its hard to hold a regular job.

Mike was a well-muscled heavyweight, not a large heavyweight like most of the giants in the game. He was instead considered to be a small-heavy. At 186cm (6′ 2″) and 95 kg (209lbs) he was still a fair sized lad. He was quick to smile and stayed in shape even between fights. He did not have any grand aspirations as to being the world champ, but he did want to give his best in each of his fights.

He was still young at 20 and single. Mike’s other income came from working at a video store. Not much money, but it was at least consistent.

One night after coming home from training, his landlord stopped him in the hallway outside his apartment. A tall brunette in her mid-30s. She was attractive for her age, and you could tell from her face, and trim body that when she younger she was a definite head turner.

She smiled at him as he walked by, his gray singlet still soaked in sweat and his toned arms glistening in the hallway light. “Hey Mike, you know you’re behind on rent.” She was trying to be assertive yet friendly.

“Yes I know Ms. Phillips. I’ll be able to pay you tomorrow when I get paid.” He said smiling back at her. He was hoping that she had forgotten how late he was because he would need the money to pay his yearly gym membership.

Fabulous Friday Night

Amber stood under the shower head, washing her blonde hair as I watched the water roll off of her toned shoulders, down the small of her back and then over her perfect ass. Ever since we moved into our new house with its glass enclosed shower room, I have been treated to daily shower shows that have made the price of the house seem like a bargain. We’ve been married for three years, and while she was hot when we first met at 22, at 27 she is even hotter.

In our three years of marriage, we have had a great sex life and have begun dabbling in some light swinging over the past year. Amber has been very open to trying new things and I was lucky enough to watch her first experiences with another woman this past year. From watching her reaction to those experiences, I knew that she liked playing around with girls, but wasn’t sure if she would ever like it to the point that she would want to do it for her, not for me. Any doubt I had about her potential feelings for women would soon be erased.