Month: March 2011

Paying The Rent

I had stuck it out to my junior year in college, financially, but things had gotten tougher. On campus housing was not available, and so I had to find another place to live.

Despite having a half scholarship, student loans (I was so broke I qualified for everything!) and two part time jobs (I was a waitress at a college hang out and cashiered at a shoe store), I could not afford an apartment. I found a family that was renting out a room near campus. They live in a slightly run down area and were apparently just making ends meet themselves. But the price was right, $100.00 a month. I had to share a bathroom and eat on campus but it was livable. I figured I would be at school or work most of the time anyway so I would only be using it to sleep. The couple, Joe and Beth, were in there late thirties. They had two children, Joe Jr who was 16 and Gillian who was 14. Joe worked as a beer deliveryman and looked like he sampled his wares often (big gut). He was big (6′ 4″} all over and quite loud and cocky. Beth was in sharp contrast to her husband, small and frail looking almost anemic. She was quiet and meek always deferring to Joe. The kids fit much the same pattern with Joe Jr being a smaller replica of his father (loud and boisterous) and Gillian being slight and quiet. I must admit that Joe scared me little bit and it disturbed me the way Joe Jr. looked at me and seemed to hang around me a lot. The fall semester past and I did not have any troubles at the house. As I expected, I spent little time during the day there, usually leaving by eight in the morning and rarely returning before ten at night. I only seemed to see the family during the weekends between working my jobs. My troubles started in late December. With final exams, I had to cut back on my work. Because I was under so much stress with exams, I caught a flu bug that kept me in bed for two weeks after exams were finished. Then, one of my student loan grants was late so I had to pay the bill myself until the grant would arrive (it turned out it arrived the second week in February!). My meager resources had been stretched beyond the breaking point. I did not have enough money to buy books for my classes or to pay the rent. I talked with the Financial Aid office but they could not help me as I already had every loan and grant that I qualified for. I thought I might be able to get enough to pay for my books by getting an advance from my jobs. I would just have to get an extension on paying my rent. Joe was up that evening when I got home from the shoe store at 10:00 pm(He usually went to bed early as he had to start work at 5:00 AM but Thursday night was his bowling night).

Sweet Sally

It all started a few years ago on my wedding day. I had met my future wife eight months earlier at a charity fundraiser for a local homeless shelter, and we hit it off immediately. Within days, she had me over for dinner to meet her family, and within two months, we were engaged to be married.

It was during that dinner with her family that I was introduced to her younger sister, Sally. Sally was a shy, but beautiful girl, with long, silky smooth legs that never seemed to end, and a pair of breasts so perfect you’d swear they were fake, but these were very real.

Not that my fiance wasn’t keeping me happy in bed, but from the first time I saw Sally, I immediately began to fantasize about what it would be like to explore the depths of her taut, shapely body.

Of course, I knew I would never get the chance to act on my desires, but nevertheless, I thought of Sally often. What made matters even worse was the fact that Sally had just recently returned home from college. She had no boyfriend, and apparently no prospects for finding one anytime soon, so she would occasionally accompany my wife and me when we would go out on dates.

My wife didn’t seem to mind this intrusion by her sister, and I certainly appreciated the chance to get some glimpses of Sally’s hot body in some of the more revealing outfits she usually wore on these “dates.” Occasionally, we would all joke about how lucky I was to be dating two pretty women at once. We all seemed to get a good laugh out of that one.

My Friend Comes To Visit Us

My friend Tom called to say that he had some military business to take care of in a town south of us and wanted to know if he could stop in on the way and spend the night with us before heading to his meeting.

I had always known that my wife thought Tom to be great looking and I thought, ‘Here’s my chance to take our sex-life a step further.’ I asked Tom when he was coming in and he said Wednesday about suppertime.

I got home on Wednesday to find my wife already home from work and waiting on me. Boy did she look great. She had fixed up her long brown hair, her make-up was perfect, and the sundress that she wore was short and showing off her deep dark tan. She had chosen not to wear a bra and her nipples where pressing though the fabric and with the top buttons undone a lot of cleavage was shown.

Tom arrived at the time that he said he would. My wife greeted him at the door and you could tell by his look that he liked what he saw. She gave him a big hug, welcome kiss and told him to go put his bags up, get cleaned up and we would head out to the river bar for some drinks and then supper. Tom did as instructed and we headed out to get into the car.

Tom opened the door for my wife to get into the car, and as she swung her legs Tom and I got a glimpse of her white g-string. Although he said nothing, I was sure from his smile that he saw the same thing that I did.