Month: April 2011

Linda and the Builders

After a hard days work, Linda decided to pop into a local pub for a quick drink. She was in no hurry to get home, as her live-in lover Ian was away on business as usual. “Large G & T,” she said to the young barman, “plenty of rocks.”

“How’s business?”

“Business is fine,” she said, “home life is a bit boring though whilst hubby is away.”

“Ah, but think of all the money he’s earning, and I’m sure you can find something to occupy yourself with at home.” Linda had not failed to notice the two men halfway down the bar, they looked like builders, she had deliberately mentioned about her hubby being away, just to give them a hint if they were vaguely interested in her.

“Yes, Luke, I can always find something to occupy myself with.” She sat down at a table, and crossed her legs in such a way that the inner thigh of one leg was clearly visible if you were in the right place.

The builders, if that’s what they were, happened to be in the right place. Occasionally she would take a sip from her G&T, as she did so, she would glance across at the two men, admiring their ruggedness, their tattered jeans and their bottoms. God she loved firm tight buttocks. One of her many fantasies was to lick a mans bottom and play with his cock at the same time.


My wife and I have a great relationship, both in and out of the bedroom, so a threesome never really entered my mind. Carley, my wife, and I were both virgins when we met. We both enjoyed sex, so after dating for two years and then seven years of marriage, there was little we hadn’t at least tried in the bedroom.

Carley is a beautiful woman. She is 5-3 and weighs in at about 110 pounds. She does not spend hours at the gym, but has a naturally slim body with beautiful C-cup breasts.

Having two children has only caused her to fill out a little more in the right places. Her breasts have only the slightest bit of sag after breast-feeding our two children, and her nipples are large and dark. It is still a powerful turn on for me just to watch her and think about the luscious body she has hidden under her clothes.

That is exactly what I was doing. We had gone to a nightclub on the beach that had a large deck outside. I was sitting on the deck, enjoying my drink, while I watched my wife make her way across the sand. Carley was wearing a pair of short shorts and a tight knit top that showed off a bit of cleavage. She had more on than most of the women on the beach; there were many bikinis and even a few thongs to look at, but my wife looked incredibly sexy as she strolled across the beach with her friend.

The guy sitting next to me, who I later learned was named Bob, struck up a conversation by saying, “Man, I would sure like to spend some quality time with that one.” I asked him which lady he was referring to and he pointed to my wife. I felt a flush of anger and then excitement when I realized he wanted to have sex with my wife. For some strange reason I decided to play along rather than tell him I was her husband.

Girlfriends 18 Year Old Sister

It has been awhile since I have had a really great sexual experience.

I do have a steady girlfriend but she is the type of girl who will have sex but does not like it that much. It is not my fault, she just has some motional problems and is not a very sexual person. Don’t get me wrong, she is an extremely beautiful girl with golden blonde hair and an amazingly fit body. She is also great to be with but sexually, she is very frustrating.

I have been with her for almost two years and have got to know her mother and 18 year old sister very well. In fact her sister, Jaime, says she is totally comfortable with me, like a brother. I know this is true because of the way she walks around the house in her swimsuit without caring that I am there. (Most girls are very self conscious of their body

at that age.) It is hard for me to be just as comfortable when she does this because her thong bikini is very revealing. This wouldn’t matter much if she didn’t have a gorgeous body. But she does. She is about 5’8″ and 115 pounds. She has the most perfect long blonde hair and amazing tanned legs. They are so long that I can imagine the way the would wrap around me. Of course she doesn’t help my sexual frustration when she wears the tiniest shorts that just barely show her lower butt cheeks. This girl has got to be perfect.