Month: May 2011

The Buddy System

I pulled into Benny’s driveway after planning a long weekend visit for several months. Hotrods being what they are, I wasn’t surprised to find him putting a new clutch in his car. Jumping out of my 32 Ford three window, he crawled out from under his Nomad. We shook hands while shouting hellos and talking too fast. Benny got married about a month ago.

His new wife Patty came out saying, “Hi there, Dick, Benny told me a lot about you.”

I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He made a good choice, Patty was cute.

Benny asked me, “Dick, would you mind driving Patty to work?”

I said, “No problem, happy to, when ya need to go?”

She answered, “About fifteen minutes should work fine. I like to get there early.”

I said, “Okay, but I need to use your bathroom.”

I went inside to pee and when I returned their conversation abruptly stopped. I figured that’s cool, they’re newlyweds. Probably screwing each other silly all the time. I was worried about staying and being a third wheel.

Patty said, “Gonna gab my bag, let’s go,” as she gave Benny a long, wet kiss goodbye.

I opened my car’s door and she climbed in. Working in a hospital, she had a nurse uniform. It was a white dress. Kinda hot I thought. I got a nice peek at her legs as she piled into my car. Patty is a pretty woman with great hips, a thin waist, but not really big up top. Not too small, just about right I guess. She looked up and caught me staring at her legs, but she just smiled. I closed the door, got in and started the car. We headed to her work.

Patty said, “Dick, you like my legs?”

Military Wives Go Black

This was one of those times my Air Force husband was deployed for several months leaving me, his wife, to deal with my sexual frustrations. At the time my husband was a sergeant and assigned to a cargo aircraft crew deployed in some distant land.

A few days after my husband had deployed, by chance I saw his bosses wife (Major’s wife) in the Base Exchange and we chatted a few minutes. His wife Lori, asked if I would have lunch with her the next day and I accepted.

At lunch, Lori and I were chatting and she casually moved the discussion to sex. She was very blunt about it and wanted to know if I ever cheated on my husband. I sort of said, “Uuhhm, welllll, yes I guess I have.” I was thinking, wow, this woman gets right to the point and was wondering where this was going to lead.

Lori continued, “Me too. Isn’t it great to have some fun now and then? I bet you get lots of offers, as great looking as you are and all. Believe me I get my share. Are you with someone yet? Are you thinking about it? Tell me. I can keep a secret.”

Pool Party Time

“How does this one look?” Kathy inquired as she posed in a yellow and blue bikini. It was the fourth bathing suit she’d tried on and she was becoming frustrated.

“It looks good, Honey,” I responded. “I like that one just as much as the others.”

“Oh, damn,” she sighed. “You’re missing the point! Everyone is going to be at that pool party—I have to look spectacular, not just good.”

It’s easy for Kathy to look good; at the time she was 23, but looked even younger with her long blonde hair, smoky blue-gray eyes and a firm 34C-23-33 figure that attracts stares everywhere she goes. At 5’2 103, she’s the kind of petite woman that men just seem to adore.

“Hmm, I wonder?” she pondered as she reached into the back of her drawer for yet another bikini. Walking into the dressing area of our bedroom, she slid off the blue and yellow bikini and started to put on the white one she’d just drawn from the drawer.

The new bikini bottom was a tiny thong that barely covered her shaved pussy and perfectly framed her taunt, tanned ass. The top piece struggled to contain her firm, plump tits and it looked like only a piece of string connected the two cups. It was the most reveling bikini I had ever seen and I was surprised she even owned it, let alone was contemplating wearing it to a pool party with our friends and co-workers

“Oh, yes!” She squealed excitedly, “This is the one! I had forgotten I had it, I only wore it a few times when I was in Mexico!”

Wicked Wendy

I’m not sure where to begin with this one, my heads still spinning from the events of the last few days. Fact is, my new wife is becoming a slut and I’m encouraging her.

Wendy is just your ordinary plain looking girl next door. She’s pretty but not beautiful with a nice body and bubbly personality. Although a little plump, I call it puppy fat; she has great legs and really big firm tits topped with very sensitive nipples. She works as a play group assistant at a local school and I met her there shortly after my wife walked out leaving me and four year Paul to fend for ourselves. At 23, Wendy was ten years my junior but we hit it off straight away. Within two weeks we were dating and nine months later we were married. When it came to sex she was totally naïve. Her one and only experience was with a fumbling teenager who according to her, popped her cherry and then lasted two to three minutes before pulling out and coming all over her tits. It hurt so much she didn’t do it again.

Although she tried hard she wasn’t the brightest kid on the block but with gentle persistence I slowly taught her everything I knew about sex including toys, oral and anal. Within a year She was really enjoying herself. Not only did she now enjoy sex, but, she discovered she was multi orgasmic and when excited her clit was nearly as big as her nipples, a clear sign that she was ready to fuck. And that brings me to the events of last weekend.