Month: July 2011

Neighbors Horny Wife

If I didn’t know how good it was going to be I’d never be able to keep my dick hard for so long. Waiting in my neighbor’s bathroom for over an hour at a time is stressful, even if I wasn’t worried about the Bradley’s teenage daughter walking in on me.

You see I sneak over to the Bradley’s master bathroom every few mornings and strip naked to wait for Sue, Bob’s wife to come to me. It all started one 4th of July when my wife and I attended one of their barbeques. Sue was slightly drunk, just enough to let her habitations down but not so drunk that she didn’t know what she was doing.

Anyway, that was one hell of a barbeque. Before the hamburgers were done I’d fucked Sue so hard and fast that we’d both cum together. And yes it was in their master bathroom. It was the most exciting thing I’d ever done, sexually. To that point.

I still don’t know why Sue is the way she is, but I like it. She’s such a fucking slut, at least with me she is. And ever since that day she’ll call me in the mornings when she’s horny and good old Bob hasn’t been up to the task. I sneak over and through the poolside door that leads right into their master bathroom. It’s almost too easy.

So there I was sitting on the toilet seat, slowing massaging my dick in anticipation of what was to come, when the door handle begins to turn. Now this is always exciting because I never know if it’s going to be the moment that I’m caught naked in my neighbor’s house by one of the family members, other than Sue.

The Glass Toy

My wife likes sex OK, but often she can take it of leave it. Sometimes, though, she goes nuts and is as horny as a cat in heat.

I remember one time like that, must’ve been about ten years ago now (gee … how time flies) that was great for me. She was talkative all night, sort of flowing over with goodwill (always a good sign). She asked if I’d like to make love and since our daughter was sleeping over at a friend’s house, the coast was clear for something special.

We stripped down and started out the usual way… a little hugging and kissing, stroking her all over (I like to spread her legs apart and run my hands back and forth from thigh to thigh making sure that I rub that hairy cunt every time I pass it by).

I started nibbling on her breasts and began to suck them gently, one after the other, while with my right hand I spread her open and played with her generous labia sticking my finger in her cunt to feel the goo that was coming out of her and spreading it all around to lubricate her better. As she got more excited I stuck two, then three, then four and finally all five fingers insider her and gently fucked her with my hand.

First Black For White Wife

Being newly weds and short of money, my hubby encouraged me to take a job at a local department store to help with the living expenses. We had been married about 6 months at this time and it was the Christmas season. One Saturday the store had their Christmas party after closing. There was food and plenty of spiked punch.

Everyone was having a good time it seemed and it appeared that I had gotten the attention of my supervisor Zak. He was a middle-aged very handsome black man who seemed to be more attentive this evening than usual. I had carefully chosen my dress for the day to look like Christmas and to present a nice neat look. I wore black lacy undies (as if anyone would see them, but it made me feel good) and a red knit dress that clung to my 5′-9″ nicely shaped body.

I knew that Zak appreciated it as I could see it in his eyes as they would move up and down my body and stop at my 34-c white lobes. I could almost read his mind I thought. Periodically he would move near me and whisper things like, “You look very striking today, Molly,” or “That is a nice dress you have. I really love red.”

I don’t know if it was the drink or the attention that was getting to me, but I went to the ladies room and wiped the sweat off my forehead, took a deep breath and watched in the mirror as my breast rose and fell. I pushed on them, as they felt full and swollen, as if I were lactating which I knew was not the case. I realized that Zak’s attention was sending them a subtle message. I noticed that my black lacy bra was peeking out along the neckline of my dress. I decided to let it show and give Zak something to look at.