Month: August 2011

First Black Cock for Jennie

About two months ago my girlfriend (Jennie) and I advertised in a swinger’s magazine for a well hung Black stud to have sex with.

You see Jennie and I have been in South Africa for several years now, having moved from London back in 1995. We’re somewhat gay, and general prefer girl sex to any other kind. But have we also have always had this fantasy about doing it with a well hung black man.

Well about two weeks ago we received an envelope with a picture of a young good looking, tall Black stud who had a 10 inch cock and wanted to join us in our fantasy.

We contacted him and arranged to meet at our place the following night. When he arrived I thought Jennie was going to cum write there on the spot. His name was Frank and he was better looking in person than in his photo. I wanted to jump his bone right then and there.

May Julie and the Pool

The hot summer days of Southern California are often best spent lounging around a pool, soaking up some sun before jumping into the water to cool off, only to repeat the cycle again.

My house has a high fence, and discreet neighbors, so it wasn’t uncommon for me to enjoy a day sunning in the nude. Normally, nobody would know, but one afternoon my girlfriend Julie dropped by unexpectedly. My car was out front, so she knew I was probably home. Not getting an answer by knocking at the door she let herself in the back gate, figuring correctly that I might be by the pool.

She called my name, so I turned and saw her. Momentarily nonplused by my own nudity, my thoughts of how I might convince her to shed her clothes were dashed when her sister May walked around the corner a few seconds later. Being caught out in the open, I rolled over on my stomach while looking for something to cover my nakedness. They both smiled, then told me that I didn’t have to cover up on their account, and to just go back to what I was doing.

They were both wearing shorts and tee shirts, and had towels draped over their shoulders. Dropping their towels on the grass, they proceeded to strip down to their bikinis. I watched appreciatively as their bodies came into view. Julie was the taller of the two, and had a fuller figure, but May’s tight figure had been enough to give me a few fantasies, especially as her nipples would often noticeably dent the fabric of her bikini top.

Watching My Wife

During her time in college my wife who was in her early 40s often met in study groups with several other students. The groups were both male and female and most were also much younger. Often she would arrive home later than expected saying that they had just ran late. Then she started talking about one guy in her group that was driving a beautiful vintage Jag. She talked about how soft the leather seats were and how well the car rode and drove. Finally one night she said how she thought the owner would be really rough but she couldn’t believe how gentle he was. Still I never suspected anything.

Then the phone calls started. Often about 8:30-9:00 on weekends the phone would ring and she would answer. She never really said much, but I noticed she would discretely begin to massage her tummy then gradually slide her hand down into her pants. Even her orgasms were really discrete. When questioned she said it was her sister. Then one night it happened. I was watching another TV went to get a drink and as I approached she was laid back in the recliner phone to her ear PJ top pulled up exposing her breasts, legs draped over both chair arms exposing her pussy. She was using her middle finger to work her clit and easily working three fingers in and out of her drenched cunt. I could tell by her moans she was close to cumming so I stood there quietly. After she came, all she said was yes and bye.


I glanced across at my wife in the passenger seat. If the seat belt hadn’t been holding her in position she would have been on the floor; she was well drunk when we left the restaurant and now she had passed out. So? What else is new?

Normally when we got home I would have carried her into the house and into the bedroom, undressed her, fucked her if I was feeling like it or put her nightie on and tucked her up in bed. Putting her nightie on didn’t necessarily mean she wasn’t going to get fucked, sometimes, when I eventually went to bed, I would fall into the temptation of lifting her nightie up and fucking her anyway.

What was different tonight was that our friend Gloria was in the back seat. Her husband was away and we had asked her out for a meal. The plan had been to take her straight home from the restaurant but since my wife was out of the game Gloria acquiesced in my plan to take my wife home first.

When we got home I gave Gloria the house keys and asked her to open the door for me. I lifted my wife out of the seat. Gloria closed the passenger door and went ahead to open up the house and put on the lights. I carried my wife past her and into the bedroom. Gloria came in and asked if there was anything she could do. Like I said I have undressed my wife many times and didn’t really need any help but I asked Gloria if she would give me a hand since she was being solicitous. With Gloria’s help it was more complicated than usual but we finally had my wife, naked, sprawled over the bed.

Across The Living Room

My name is Dan. I am a professional working at a large accounting firm in the Midwest. I had remained unmarried into my thirties partly because I didn’t want to give up the variety of different women that I bedded and partly because I couldn’t find a women that I was willing to wake up next to for the rest of my life.

I met Sharon at a party about two years ago, and was immediately captivated by her looks as well as her personality. We started dating and fell in love. Soon after, we got married. She was well worth the pains of being separated from my male friends and the bevy of beauties that we kept in tow.

Sharon is a living doll. She is petite at about 5′-2″ tall with full firm 36C breasts and a beautiful heart- shaped ass. Her face is beautiful with full lips and an impish smile framing perfect white teeth. She has large oval shaped green eyes that hypnotize me and most other straight men. She has long wavy black hair that shimmers in the light. At twenty-eight, she is six years younger than I am.

She had married right out of school to her high school sweetheart before she realized that he was a real idiot trying to screw everything with two legs and a skirt. She dumped him unceremoniously per her account. She is independent and very intelligent. She is a good and compassionate person and a great lover.

She becomes very aggressive in bed after a few drinks. Alcohol makes her loose all inhibition. It doesn’t take much considering her size. She likes to dance at the local nightspots. The drinks would flow and she usually attacked me when we got home. She isn’t into fellatio but she does it for me to keep me happy. She always spits my load in the sink and brushes her teeth afterwards.

She fucks like a mink, however, and rides me like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco until my balls are drained. She seems happy with my seven inches and lovemaking has been a nightly (and sometimes daily) event.

Gary and I had been friends for about the last ten years. We were inseparable before my marriage and kept a large group of ladies happy for many years. He worked in sales and transferred to Texas shortly before I met Sharon. Gary had always been a ladies man. He was good- looking and a little taller than I was. The women always chased him and he made it a point to not let any one of them get their hooks into him.