Month: September 2011

A Routine Sunday

That fateful Sunday started off with the same old routine. We’d been married for just under three years, Michelle and I, but that was enough for us to settle into that comfortable routine. Work was routine, play was routine, life was routine. Worst of all our sex life was routine.

So, following the old Sunday morning routine, I pecked my wife’s cheek and drove off to the golf course. This Sunday, however, did not live up to its namesake. That worthy was hiding behind a mass of low lying clouds. Nothing to stop an afternoon of golfing fun, however. But after an hour of whacking a ball around the fairways those clouds had turned ominous and soon the heavens opened up. The more sensible among us broke for the shelter of the clubhouse while a few diehards squinted into the storm, steadfastly refusing to acknowledge its presence.

The rain wouldn’t go away. It didn’t look like it was ever going away. It just, continued to fall hard, determined no doubt to drown the world and all its creatures. So I cursed Nature and the rotten luck she had dumped on me and decided to go home. Not too long after that momentous decision I found myself pulling into our driveway. A lot earlier than I had planned to. All I had to look forward to was the rest of the day, spent with my loving but routine wife. Cursing the weather one more time I let myself in the front door.

And I heard voices.

My Backdoor Lover

As much as I love to get my pussy fucked, I adore getting screwed in the ass by my lover. The feeling of a stiff ten inches up my chute makes me perk, my asshole twitches and my mouth waters. My husband wouldn’t ever do that to me, so I had to find someone who would. I found David, the older brother of a friend of mine. I live with my husband and daughters in Northern Georgia; David lives in North Carolina and loves camping in the mountains.

Actually, it started quite by accident. David had stopped by to visit and my husband and I invited him to stay for dinner. Afterwards, my husband started drinking too much and by ten o’clock he was so wasted I put him to bed. David and I sat up, talking about the old neighborhood and our respective careers until after midnight.

He got up finally, saying he was tired. His pickup truck was in the driveway and he was going to sleep in the camper on the back of it. I got up and kissed him, probably with a little more feeling than just friendship. He was smiling and looked a bit surprised.

Accidental Voyeurs

Our company sent us to New York on business and we were both booked into the same hotel, but in separate rooms. Julie, my co-worker and I were going to give a presentation the next afternoon, then catch a red-eye flight back to the coast.

We checked in, finding our adjoining rooms on the 23rd floor of a large luxury hotel. We’d both been surprised when we were booked into this hotel, expecting more modest quarters.

The rooms weren’t lavish, quite the contrary, they were simple, efficient hotel rooms. In a word, dull. But the interconnecting door gave me some thoughts, and I hoped Julie was thinking the same thoughts.

We settled into our rooms and I’d just washed up a bit when there was a light knock on the door between our rooms. I opened it and Julie standing there. She suggested that we have an early dinner somewhere nearby and perhaps a drink, as this would be our only night in the big apple.

We dined at a small Italian place, with high prices and equally good food. Afterwards, we visited a small night spot and danced a bit, then decided to return to the hotel. It was still early, only about 8 o’clock when we walked down the hall towards our rooms.

Julie had overdone her drinking a bit and I was helping her down the hall. She wasn’t sloppy drunk, but she was just a little tipsy, laughing and giggling as we entered her room. She used the bathroom, while I entered my room through the connecting door and called the front desk to check for any messages (just in case the boss checked up on us).

Having no messages, I kicked off my shoes to get comfortable, and returned to Julie’s room. She was looking out the window and as I came into the room, she waved me over excitedly.

“Take a look over there!”