Month: December 2011

Wanna Bet

Brian loves his wife, Teresa. He loves the way she looks. He loves the way she loves him. He loves the way she turns the heads of other men. He loves everything about her.

At 39, she was still as beautiful as the day he met her. At the time, he was sharing a house with a female friend – purely platonic – and she brought a new girl from work home for supper. It was Teresa. For Brian it was love at first sight. He was struck by her petite 5′ 3″ frame – a tiny waist which emptied into curvy hips and well-toned muscular legs. Most striking were her large-for-her-size breast which measured 38DD. They seemed to be busting at the buttons of the revealing top she wore. Brian was definitely interested!

It wasn’t long before Brian asked Teresa out and within a year, they were married. They had three kids over the years but Teresa took care of herself and remained as stunning as ever. Now in their late thirties, Brian was looking for ways to spice up their sex life. They had great sex, but it had become a bit routine. So Brian decided to risk sharing a fantasy of his with Teresa.

Teresa didn’t understand how a man’s mind works. She thought of herself as “middle-aged” and no longer someone who turned men’s heads. Brian knew better, and the mere thought of other men checking his wife out caused his male member to awaken. To put spice back into their lives, Brian wanted to get Teresa to turn more than a few heads by wearing some sexy and slightly slutty clothes in public. He knew this would turn him on and felt it would do wonders for Teresa as well.

Brian decided to do some online shopping for his wife. He found just what he was looking for. He found some “club” type dresses and skirts. He found a skirt made of a sheer material that rode low on the hips and would just cover her shapely ass. He found a top that would allow her to wear a “shelf” type bra to support her ample breasts but allow her cleavage and nipples to be prominently displayed through the satiny material. He made his purchases … including new lace thong underwear, and made his plans.

Some Unexpected Fun

Good sexual things don’t normally happen to me. I mean, I got my fair share of sex, but you know, nothing wonderful. Never does anything sexual just fall into my lap (no pun intended). Never, that was, until a couple months ago.

One night I was working late in the management building back at school. I was just done finishing one of my papers and I ventured down into the basement for a snack from one of the machines. It was almost midnight and I thought the only people in the building were me and the old security guard at the front of the building who only ever left his seat to take a leak and make some coffee. As I walked down the pseudo-gloomy hallway of the basement, past the unused classrooms and the broom closets, I could hear this strange sound. In a way, it sounded like heavy breathing (which should have tipped me off), but it also sounded like some air vent or another has sprung a small leak. It was coming from down the end of the hallway where it took a turn and ended at a series of utility rooms. Naturally, I was curious as to the source of the sound because if it was something in one of those rooms, I felt obligated to check it out and go tell the guard, lest the building do something like explode and take my education with it. I strolled down the hallway, listening intently to the sound as it grew louder. As I neared the end of the hallway, there was also the undertone of a different sound…something that sounded wet. This second sound ceased when I was but a few feet away. I strode the final few steps and turned the corner. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement, but in retrospect, I really shouldn’t have been. If I had half a brain I should have expected what I saw.