Month: March 2012

Theater Experience

Doug and I were regulars at a swingers club in Dallas. During the three years we dated we went to the club almost every Saturday night and always had a great time. I wasn’t really into the swing scene but loved going to the club to dance. Though I had no interest in “swinging”, we were quite popular with other couples at the club.

One Saturday evening we arrived around 10:00. The parking lot was already packed and we had difficulty finding a parking spot. He finally found a spot in the lot across the street. We parked and made the trek across the street to the club. It was in a warehouse district, and being such, the streets themselves were deserted except for those going to the club.

As we walked through the doors into the club, all eyes turned toward us. I was about 29 or 30 at the time and Doug was around 34. I was a slim 130 lbs. at a height of 5’8″ with long shapely legs and a great tan. Doug was 5″11 and 190 lbs. and black. We were quite a contrast to the mostly white clientele of this club and for some reason people liked to watch us.

We worked our away around to the back of the club, speaking to those we knew along the way. The bar and pool table were at the back and I always played a game or two of pool before we danced.

Boyfriend Makes Me a Lesbian

I hung up the phone, totally numb. I had just called Jeff to tell him I couldn’t come home this weekend because I had a big exam to study for, and we wound getting into an argument, which culminated with him breaking up with me on the phone. I started crying hysterically, and couldn’t seem to catch my breath. I thought Jeff and I would be together forever, but he just told me not to bother coming home for him, because he didn’t want to see me anymore.

I grabbed the phone to call him back, and got a busy signal. I slammed the phone down, and then called my friend Rebecca. I had just met her since I had come to college, but we had quickly become close friends, telling each other things we didn’t tell anyone else. For instance, she told me she was a lesbian, and didn’t want anyone in her sorority to know. She was afraid of the gossip, and of maybe even being kicked out.

Becca answered, and through the sobs, I told her what happened. She said she would be right over, and to just try to relax and calm down. I sat there numb, but it didn’t seem like two minutes later, when Becca knocked on my dorm room door. I let her in, and she gave me a big hug, and let me cry on her shoulder. She guided me back to my bed, where she just stroked my hair, and rocked me slowly while I cried my heart out.

I Went Too Far On The Train

After the children had left the kitchen, I started to clean up the dinner dishes as my husband began to tell me about the story he heard during lunch. One of his office buddies had quite an adventure on the subway the other day. My husband works in Washington, DC and takes the train daily from Baltimore to Union Station and then the subway downtown. He’s told me in the past how crowded the subway cars are, and that he has seen several men positioning themselves around women so they could press up against them. He even saw one guy actually grope a woman’s ass. All she did was give him a dirty look and move away. I guess you guys do this all the time and the women just get used to it.

This new story however, was so outrageous they apparently talked about it all day. My husband couldn’t believe this guy was actually telling the truth. His buddy told them he was sitting in the corner of the subway car when this woman in a short dress with nothing on underneath started to give this guy a hand job and then let him screw her right there in front of everyone.

Now being a 32-year-old housewife, I don’t get the chance to dress sexy like I did in my single days, but I do whenever the opportunity arises. When I go to the mall I like to wear a short skirt, 4” heels and a tight sweaters. As I walk about the men stare at my legs and I love the attention. It really turns me on when I feel a man’s eyes on my legs and body. I’ve heard men talking to each other admiring my 36-25-38, 5’8” frame. I even give them a little flash now and then by bending over to pick something up, or sit at a bench then slowly re-cross my legs as men walk by.

Gang a Bang

[Story contributed by Paula]

My husband always go to this little hole in the wall bar when we travel out of state, we were cleaning up at the hotel when my husband told me I could dress as slutty as I wanted. I love to wear short skirt no panties and tight fitting shirts no bras when we go out of town. I could never do this in our home town, so I smiled and begin to get dressed, I pulled on the tightest shortest skirt I had, the I slipped on the lowest cut blouse I had.

“I’m ready”, I said, and we were off for some fun. The car seat was cool to my naked ass, my blouse was so thin you could see my nipples with out trying.

Ee pulled into the little bar around 11 I think, we went inside, I noticed right away that there was only one other woman in the bar and around 15 men. It didn’t bother me much I love men, we have done some swinging with another couple and done some mfm.

We found a table in the back, my husband went to get some drinks, he returned and asked if I wanted to play pool. I reminded him how short my skirt was, he smiled and said give them something to look at, so I removed a pool stick from the corner and said rack em. We started playing pool when 4 guys came over and begin speaking with my husband, I made sure I showed them all I had, I bent over the table my skirt raised over my ass.