Month: April 2012

First Time For Faith

Bill walked over to Faith’s table. “OK to sit down, Faith?”, he asked. Faith, startled out of her daydreaming, said quickly, “Sure, Bill.” Bill sat down and looked warmly across at her. She was eighteen, a little slim, but quite good looking. Shoulder length blonde hair, big blue eyes, and legs that wouldn’t quit! ‘I bet her boobs are virgin ripe’, he thought, ‘Faith is really a dynamite chick.’

“How’s it going, sweetheart,” he asked?

“OK, I guess. Oh, not really. I can’t seem to get any guy to ask me out. What’s wrong with me, Bill? Sue and Linda seem to have boys coming out their ears,” she said. “You’ve been out with both of them, what do they have that I don’t?”

Bill just smiled. “They just have a little more knowledge and experience of what guys want in their girls, Faith. They know how to make their dates have a good time when they go out. You know, get them all excited and then take care of them.”

Faith frowned. Bill leaned forward and quietly said, “Faith, they just have more experience and skill than most other girls. And they have real good figures, and boys like that. And what a girl doesn’t have physically, she makes up in talent, know what I mean? They’re good at making out. I should know, I taught them.”

Faith looked at Bill eagerly. “Could you maybe, you know, show me what boys like to do? How to, uh, make out? I’ll do anything to be popular with the boys,” she said.

“Yeah, Faith, if that’s what you want. How about Friday night? There’s a dance over in Middletown,” he said quickly, his mind racing at fast forward. “We’ll go there, OK?” She brightened up. “Oh, wow, that’s great. What should I wear,” she asked.

Neighbor and Friend

Let me start by saying this, I never thought in my wildest dreams I would consider fucking a black man, all I can say is it just happened.

Since turning 40, I sure can appreciate myself more so, then when I was in my 20’s. I’m 5’4, 120lbs, blonde, and petite and portioned (34, 24, 34). Not gorgeous by any means, but attractive. I’m married, have a 13 year old son, and have the best lover I could ever ask for. When I told him about this story he wanted me to write it and publish it so here it is.

When we moved into the neighborhood we currently live in, I noticed there was a black family that lived next door to us. They took so much pride in their yard, as we all had done on our block. We had a pool , and often entertained there. One day during one of our block parties, the black neighbor decided to join the fun. Everyone on the block had shown up and all of us were enjoying eating, drinking and swimming in the pool. I sat there in my bikini, talking to one of the female guests, and I over heard some of the men there.

“Man, Theo, you are so lucky to be living next door to Janna, have you ever seen her mowing in her bikini?” said Paul who was a neighbors a few houses down the block.

Theo began to make a comment and I couldn’t hear what he had said.

The Backseat Gangbang

I was living in Japan for a few months for an international exchange program and had met a number of Americans that were stationed there with the military. It was nice to be able to socialize with one’s countrymen and I regularly got invited to various events on different bases. Getting real food was an added plus, though I loved Japanese cuisine too.

On my second visit there I bought a motorcycle to get around with and was allowed to join one of the military’s motorcycle clubs as an honorary member.

We would tour almost every weekend, sometimes for two or three days. In August the club hosted a booth at a big carnival held on base [called Bon Odori, kind of like All Soul’s Day] and the Japanese were invited to the usually closed base. It was a huge event with bands, dancers and all sorts of cross-cultural events.

I only had a few drinks [I rarely drink] and was trying to show a very nice young Japanese man, Hidenao, whom I had been spending much of the afternoon with how to foxtrot. It’s an easy step to learn and can be used, with modification, to a lot of music including rock and roll.

I think he was a bit overwhelmed by my thin dress and minimal underwear– panties but no bra [I’m not very busty, a 34B] as it gets very muggy in August– and he had an obvious erection that he pressed against me as we danced.

Afterwards I took him for a little tour of the area and when we were behind the library I gave him some relief. We had very fast sex standing up, just pulling my panties out of the way.

When he was done I said to him, “Now you can concentrate on learning to dance without so many distractions.” I’ve never had anyone bow to me after sex before. It was cute.