Month: May 2012

Have You Seen My Virginity

This is a true story — I’m posting it in the hope that someone else in net-land has run into these people…

It was about five years ago, late summer. My friend Mark and I had been working at jobs that we hated all summer in our boring small town, but soon we would be heading back to our respective colleges. We decided to go camping, get away from it all and unwind.

We went to my favorite park in southern Illinois, which has a real small camping area — about twelve campsites. We had been there about a week or so, drinking whisky while sitting on the sandstone cliffs watching the sun going down, making daily excursions to nearby parks, etc. But we didn’t see any women worth looking at for the whole time.

Until the second to last day that we were there, that is. We were basking in the afternoon sun after a lot of running around that morning, hanging out near the main scenic trail in the park. We saw this couple go wandering along — a guy with his blonde, skinny but shapely girlfriend. She was wearing tight cutoffs and an open shirt tied at the waist. This got us pretty horny, and we were getting to feel like we needed to get back to the civilized world.

We went back to our campsite, and noticed that there was only one other group of campers still there, at the other end of the camping area. So we cranked up the B-52’s on my boom-box and danced around on the picnic table and made dinner. We were sitting and having a couple of beers, when we saw this truck drive through the camping area real slow. It drove all the way through, and about five minutes later it came cruising past again and pulled into the spot next to us. Mark and I raised our eyebrows at this, since the place was so empty, but went about our business.

Then we noticed it was the same couple we’d seen earlier. They set up their camp, and, when it was dark, came over and asked us if we’d like to join them for a few beers. We grabbed our cooler and the boom box and followed them back to their campsite. We were having a lot of fun talking with them, when the conversation started getting sort of weird. The guy would drop suggestive remarks, the woman would get sort of embarrassed, and Mark and I would wonder what was going on. Then the guy (I’ve forgotten their names, I was slightly distracted) said to his girlfriend, “Hey, why don’t you show these guys your tattooes?”

Overtime With Jenny

I had always liked Jenny, though I didn’t know her well personally. We worked together on the night shift. Us night-timers have a slightly different perspective on the world that most other people on ‘normal’ shifts. We’re often driving on streets devoid of life at 3AM, and spend a lot of time at home because nothing’s open. And then we sleep through the morning, when everybody else is alive and awake. It’s a very lonely life most of the time.

Jenny suffered from this as much as I. She had come to town almost a year ago, and because of her hours, she hadn’t had so much as one date in all that time. Often she would grumble about the lack of a social/sex life. There were plenty of guys on the night shift, but for some reason she didn’t seem interested. More than a few of them were interested, though. She stood about 5 foot seven and was rather busty. She was a bit overweight, but not seriously and I found it quite a turn-on. It made her seem more real, somehow. More than once I had half-jokingly offered my services, only to be turned down with an appreciative smile. I could never seem to work up the nerve to come out and ask her for a date. Mostly it was because I was certain she’d turn me down and rejection was something I didn’t really care for.

I don’t know what got into me one night. It was a Saturday and we both had gotten roped into putting in a ‘little overtime’. If you consider 10 hours ‘little’. Anyway, it was about 9PM and we both sat down to lunch. Since there was no one else there we actually talked to each other. Somehow the conversation got around to dates, and I asked her just what it was she looked for in a guy.

“Well,” she said musingly, “looks aren’t all that important, I guess. A good personality is more important.” She was silent for a moment, thinking. “Right now what I would like to find most is somebody who’s good in bed. After a year of nothing I’m getting kind of, well, itchy.”

Bananas For Sex

My line of work involves delivering and hooking up TV’s to our customers who aren’t able to do so. Most frequently it’s older or informed people who require my services, which was the case – at least that’s what I thought – when I went into the showroom to cover for the manager. An older couple came in, purchased a cable-ready television and requested that it be delivered to their home. I informed them I was the one who took care of these installations and added that I’d be over the following day to hook up their system.

As they left the store, it appeared that their daughter or niece – a very attractive young lady or about 20 or 21. had come to the store to meet them. After a quick chat with the older couple, the girl came in and told me that she would be home the following day to accept the television deliver. I watched her exit the store, and as the light hit her sundress, I could see that she wore no panties underneath. Her perfect ass and crack were completely visible from my vantage point.

Upon reaching her home the next day, I was suddenly snapped into an advanced sexual state. The front door totheir home was open as was the screen door – and my hands were full of equipment, I let myself in. Instantly, the heady aroma of sex was in the air. I called out to Laura but received no reply. Then I saw her; totally naked, sprawled out on the floor with her back against the couch and a banana buried in her twat. “Close the door,” she said quickly! Now, this was a strange scene. Here was this gorgeous, young brunette, whom I’d only met a day earlier, laid out in the living room floor with Chiquita bananas all around her. (more…)

Sister Strips

Jerry was spending a few days with his old high school buddy, Bill, and his sister, Barbara. Jerry hadn’t seen Bill in years, and when he found that he would be in his town on business, he had called to say hello. Bill had insisted that he stay with them, instead of at a motel. That evening, after a good dinner, the three of them were sitting in the den sipping wine and talking.

“By the way, Barbara, how did your class go today?” Bill asked his sister.

“Great,” she grinned. “Wait until you see what we learned today.”

“I can hardly wait,” Bill grinned.

“What kind of class are you taking?” Jerry asked.

Barbara grinned wickedly. “Strip tease dancing!”