Month: September 2012

The Nudism Defense

One of my friends suggested that I put a sign next to my front door to repel unwanted visitors. You know the sort, religious people trying to give you their propaganda, siding/vacuum cleaner/insurance salespeople, research/poll people, and all of those “unwanted visitors”. His suggestion was to put up a sign that said:

“The occupants of this dwelling are nudists. Please do not proceed if you are ofended by the human body in it’s natural state”

Well, I thought that this was a great idea! No more religious freakos interrupting my Sunday morning sleep-ins, no more “pushy” sales people… Yeah. This was the way to go…..

So I put up the sign, and for months had a wonderfully peacefull existance, free from unwanted visitors. All of my friends knew about this little ploy, and would shout: “Put your gear on!” when visiting, and it became a bit of an “in” joke.

I would watch in amusement as the car pulled up the drive, and the occupant, usually dressed in a suit, would head for the front door. Suddenly they would retreat to their car and drive away….

One day however, the door bell kept ringing. I peeked out of the window and saw a very young lady persistantly pressing the button. I checked the drive and saw an old model car, rusty and with a broken headlight lens.

OK, I thought, if you are prepared to keep ringing my bell, then you get what you get.

I stripped off and opened the door.

My Wife Lisa

My wife Lisa is all that I could ever hope for and more. At 27 she is bright, full of energy and fun. I met Lisa three years ago. A friend of mine was doing some computer work for a real estate office and had become friendly with several of the agents ( Most of the agents where woman ).

As it turned out every Friday night these agents would go out for drinks after work, and one night David (my friend) invited me to meet them at a small club nearby. When I arrived there was David sitting with four girls from the real estate agency. David introduced me to girls and after a short time we where all drinking and having fun when Lisa arrived. I guess she had been working with a customer and so was a little late meeting everyone. Lisa was then 24 with long honey blond hair pulled back from one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen.

Lisa is about 5″7 with a small but firm chest, long legs and an ass from heaven. I was soon introduced and found Lisa also was Incredibly smart and funny. Looking back I realize that she basically owned me by the end of that first night. At the Time I was 34. Ten years older than Lisa. Lisa and I started going out after that first night and every time I saw her things just got better. On our third date Lisa and I went out for drinks and dancing. Lisa was a knockout dressed in a short, tight black skirt with a button down white silk blouse and shear white camisole underneath and with her Black high heels to accentuate her already great legs… wow.

About midnight Lisa suggested we go back to my place just to have a drink and relax. I was or course all for it. Once we were at my apartment Lisa asked me to get us some wine from the kitchen. When I returned Lisa was standing in just a white silk thong and camisole and still wearing her black high heels. She looked so incredible I was speechless till she called me to her. That night was incredible. We made love all night and most of the next day. Lisa and I became closer and closer and just as things looked like they could not get better they got worse. All of a sudden Lisa became with drawn and quiet around me. I had a hard time just getting her to smile. Then finally one night she just started crying. My heart was breaking watching this girl that I was so in love with in such pain. I begged her to yell me what was wrong. I would never have guessed what she would tell me next.

Wifey Sandwich

To set the scene I’ll describe us briefly, my wife Maddy is slim with an almost boy-like figure, small breasts, blond pubes and quite a tight little cunt, whereas Peter’s wife Anne is more of a girly rounded figure although I haven’t seen it in any less than a bikini yet. I’m average as is Peter in all areas – so nothing really amazing just your normal ‘meet down the road’ type people.

We’ve known each other for some long while and are on kissing and cuddling terms. In fact a couple of times when we’ve all been in their spa together after more than a few too many drinks, I’ve had my hand in Anne’s bathers playing with her cunt. As my fingers recall it feels looser than Maddy’s and definitely has more pronounced lips. I’m pretty sure the others have also engaged in a little of this, although we’ve never talked about it!

This one time Anne had to go north to look after her sick mother for a few days and Peter had walked round from their place for the evening for a bit of company. We had a barbecue going but moved inside later in the evening and were sprawling around listening to music and having the occasional wine. Three or four bottles of into the evening, Maddy managed to spill a glass of red all over her self so off she weaved to the bedroom to change, coming back in a light dressing gown and panties.

We’d all been sitting on the floor (not so far to fall) and she’d flopped down leaning back against Peter with her legs straight out in front, he’s given her a quick kiss and his hand has slipped into her dressing gown to fondle a breast (nothing that hasn’t been done before, but not quite so blatantly). At this point she would normally just slide away once he’d had a quick grope – this time however, she just lay back across him and kept on sipping another glass of wine.

Slut Mode

Deborah dug the way her husband Kenny didn’t dare stop after he came but went right on rodding and reaming her country crock until every ounce of the hot cream was beaten into butt-butter. She was rocking forward on her knees to his top-speed tempo, slobbering and smiling into the stiff white hotel room pillow. She loved the jerky splatter of his cum inside her cunt, loved the anxious snarl of the blond moustache on Kenny’s face as his dick went semi-soft and she took control away from him and got him started tending to her own business. Deborah was kicking and thrashing with urgency, her rump tipped high up and jolting juicily along his boner. Keeping a guy going when he thought he was coming. That was just one of the things she had learned in the ten years since high school. It was all part of getting into slut mode.

“Hurry up, Deb. You’re gonna be late,” Kenny gasped. He was squeezing her tight rear-end tight around his fat ten-incher, trying to put a fuck-lock on her furry fundaments. But Deborah fought back. She wouldn’t let him make her. He had no right. No right at all. Not when she was just finally getting her ass into slut mode.

The best part was, he actually could do it, if she could just keep his prick hard long enough. He was pounding her veal cutlets flat and hot and tender, tickling her titties, taking her right downstream no matter how hard she swam away. Deb knew there was more than one reason she had married this fucking stud–she just couldn’t remember what the other one was. “Oh GOD, yes. SCREW me!” He had her by the ankles now, running her chin crazily down the mattress like a wheelbarrow race.