Month: March 2013


Sam and Pat had been having an enjoyable time on vacation. They had a campsite and had their camper all set up and homey. It was on a somewhat secluded site and through the week was a quiet place, which worked out nicely. Pat could walk with a long shirt and naked underneath. Sam felt the freedom and was comfortable with just a pair of boxers.

One day he had sat on the picnic table and Pat sitting in front of him had sucked him to completion letting his cum spray onto her chest and run down between her breasts. He loved the feel of her lips around his cock, but also got excited watching her masturbate him and making his cock unload while he watched. This was what their sex life was like. Both of them enjoyed fantasies and watching an X movie. If one or the other felt the ‘urge’ they thought nothing of ‘taking care of it’ and if the other partner wanted to join it was welcomed, but if it was solo there were no hard feelings.

They were both in their mid to late 40’s and hadn’t been married long, both of them coming from other marriages, but they had known one another since their late teens. Both liked to hear stories of things that had happened in the others past which usually led to one or both of them getting off. Sam was amazed how Pat’s breasts and pussy had not changed over the years and her body was still as enjoyable and exciting as when they were teenagers. The exception being over the years each had learned how to better enjoy their body and their lovers.

He had to leave to take care of some business one afternoon and wouldn’t be back until early evening. As he got ready to leave he gave Pat a kiss , “have a safe trip and think of me and your fantasy from last night. I think I’ll have to take care of something this afternoon.” she smiled.

Driving, he got to thinking about the previous night, and he could picture her laying on the bed watching a movie or reading a story and playing between her legs. Pat kept her pussy shaved and he loved to watch the lips swell and turn pink when he would open them for his tongue to enter her or when she would face him and spreading them press her vibrator against them. His fantasy from last night was really his favorite one. Pat had a girlfriend she had known from when she had finished college about 10 years earlier that he loved to include in his fantasies.


I knew we needed a small vacation after work had been so stressful lately. A nice, long weekend to get a way a bit so we could relax. The summer was the hottest it had been in a long time and I could tell you were dying for the water. As a surprise, I made arrangements to stay at the coast and visit the beach.

Thursday afternoon I picked you up from work. You smiled but I could tell you were wound up.

“Guess what?”

“Chicken butt?” you reply sarcastically.

I grin, “No, something better.”

“Hey, you missed our exit.”

“No, I didn’t. We’re going to someplace better.”

“This isn’t one of those ‘Heaven’s Gate’ things is it?”

I roll my eyes. “NO! I’ve booked a nice little weekend getaway for us.”

I nearly wreck the car as you lean over and hug me tightly.

We arrive at the hotel and find our suite. It’s very nice and we unpack and jump into the shower. One of our favorite things is to take a shower at a hotel *never ending supply of hot water* together and just relax. The rest of the evening is spent making love in the suite and showering. We stop once, however, to eat the pizza we had delivered by room service. I enjoy watching the delivery guy’s eyes bulge out of his head when you open the door wet and naked to accept the pizza.

Hot Amateur Stripper

I look over at the faces in the crowd. I see mostly men, although there are a few couples and single women in the audience. There are a lot of military uniforms, and a lot of tourists. My legs are shaking, and my heart beats at twice its normal speed. I feel very nervous, and begin to have second thoughts. Yet I have never been so pleasantly excited in my entire life. I am peeking through an opening from behind the curtains, standing on a wood stage, about to bare my entire body to over 200 people in the audience of a large strip club in Honolulu, Hawaii.

It is 9:00 on a warm steamy tropical evening. The place: Heavenly Bodies, one of the biggest Strip Clubs in the Hawaiian Islands. It is amateur night, and they offer a cash prize of $500 dollars to the lady who gets the most applause for her performance. The stage is surrounded on three sides by chairs and tables, and the place is almost packed. They are playing some erotic dance music that I’ve never heard before. The stage has two poles on it, and nothing else. There are spotlights on the ceiling aimed at the stage to better highlight the strippers when they dance. I am about to go on the stage alone, and take off all my clothing in as sexy a manner as possible, with all eyes on me. I feel one last flutter of fear before I get the nerve to strut onto the stage, were all eyes are going to be staring right at me, dancing on the stage, trying to get the men erect and the women wet. My boyfriend John knows I get turned on showing off my body, but I have never done anything this bold before. I never dreamed I’d have the nerve to expose my nude body to so many people…

The events leading up to this moment started on the first full day of our vacation to Hawaii. My boyfriend John and I were headed for the beach, and we stopped at a beach side swimwear store for new swimsuits and tanning lotion. We got a nice brown bottle of Hawaiian Tropics, naturally, the kind that smells like coconuts and pineapples. Then it was time to pick out new swimsuits. I thought it would be fun if John and I chose each other’s suits, so he looked through the ladies section, and picked out a really skimpy thong for me to try on. It was neon pink, and the bottom was just a tiny pink triangle in the front, which would barely cover my pussy. Fortunately I had shaved all of my pubic hair off; sometimes I like to keep my pussy completely bare. This looks really good when I have an all over nude tan. The back was just a piece of string, basically, and I knew my entire ass would be exposed. The top piece of the bikini looked about one size to small, and I knew that most of my tits would be exposed too.

College Sports Recruiting

This is a story of Jared, a small-town high school football hero, and his introduction to big-time college sports.

The recruiting letters had been coming for a year and I couldn’t believe that it was time for my first visit. I had been the starting quarterback at my school since I was a sophomore and when I became a junior, I grew to 6-3 and 210 pounds. I quickly became a hot recruit.

After flying for only the second time in my life, I was taken by a van to the university dorms where I checked in. I found out I’d be sharing the room and the weekend with a couple of brothers, one a running back and the other a receiver. I had heard of both and I figured if I was considered in the same class as them, it was a complement.

The brothers, Jamarr and Terrell, were inner-city players with a background a lot different than mine. They seemed a lot older than me but they were friendly and they said they had heard of me. “This could be the offense for the next four years, Vanilla,” Jamarr said. OK, it was a racial comment, but he was laughing when he said it. Still, I wasn’t quite comfortable enough to throw it back at him.

We toured the stadium and the weight-room and we got to join the team meal on Saturday before their night game. Then, we got sideline passes to watch the game. It was great, although I have to admit I was distracted by the cheerleaders and dance squad. The cheerleaders were cute and athletic, but the dance squad, dressed in skimpy NFL cheerleader type outfits was flat-out hot.

After the game, we were taken back to the dorms and, on Sunday, we were told we’d get a limo tour of the city and the area. The three of us showed up in the lobby Sunday morning and were led to the limo. That’s when I got the biggest surprise, at least so far.