Month: May 2013

Real Trophy Virgin

I grew up in a small town in Kansas. When I was in the 6th grade, my breasts developed very fast. I was a full C cup and the end of the summer. Entering the 7th grade, I was busting out of my bra, and graduated to a D cup. All the boys looked at me constantly. I was always trying to hide my breasts. They were really hard to hide. My nipples would get hard and stuff, and the boys would just gawk at me.

I never had any sexual experience though, just masturbating at home. I really liked to masturbate a lot of the time. I would go into the girls room at school, sit in the stall and rub my clit until I came. I would stretch my legs out far, and one time, I kicked the door open by mistake! Luckily, no one was there! I think I became obsessed with masturbation, and would “do it” about 10-15 times a day. I was really afraid of being caught.

When I graduated high school, I was still a virgin. I was horny all of the time, but just never wanted to be with a guy. Thinking about a huge throbbing cock inside of me, scared me! I leaned to come using many crazy objects. I did not use vibrators. I used ashtrays, brush handles, hair clips, books and just about anything that was around at the time to rub my pussy. My underpants were always soaked, so I stopped wearing them completely. I would wear tight pants, so my lips would constantly be separated, leaving my clit totally stimulated all of the time. I could just come sitting on a bus, or in a restaurant by just squeezing my legs tight.

Kick Ass Bachelor Party

Amazingly enough, I was getting married. My friends were not so amazed. They had heard me bitch and moan for years about getting out of the singles scene. My best friend Karl had laughed when I told him. “Tim, we’ve known that since you first started dating Calli.”

Calli was my fiancée. She was also probably the last woman I’d ever thought I’d fall in love with. She was straight-laced and, though laid back, was not the experimenting type. She always told me she had done all that wild stuff back in high school and college. Whenever I asked her what that wild stuff was, she’d say that she was entitled to some secrets. It would piss me off, but I wasn’t going to fuck up our relationship over past shit. She was 24 now, but definitely ready for the quiet married life.

And I couldn’t really complain. Calli was the hottest woman I had ever laid eyes on. Only 5-foot-1 and 105 pounds, she packed more sex-appeal and raw femininity into her small frame than Pam Anderson, Cameron Diaz, and Mariah Carey combined. Long, wavy brown hair fell down to the small of her back, matched by her dark brown eyes in her sculpted, high-cheekboned face. She had small, pouty lips that could turn kissing from an art form to a lusty tongue-fest in a second. Blessed with perfectly shaped 34-C breasts that were made for fondling, she also had dark pink nipples that grew to the size of the ends of my pinkies when erect. I always loved it when we’d go to the mall and she went bra-less, because I’d whisper what I wanted to do to her in her ears and watch those nips pop through her shirt or top for everyone to admire. Calli was in great physical shape. She had definition to her muscles, but not too much. Her legs were strong and curvy like a dancer’s, and her ass was the absolute best I’d ever had the honor of seeing naked or in a thong.

Unfortunately, for all that, Calli was not very creative in bed: missionary position, or her on top, though she had let me do her doggy-style a few times (and god what good times they were!). She did give me head occasionally, and of course, she loved it when I ate her out. I’d ask her to try some more exotic positions, but she’d always say that she was past that kind of stuff.

My Friends Pregnant Wife

Rachael struggled to get up off the couch.

“Let me get that for you,” Jason said as he jumped up quickly.

“Don’t be silly,” Rachael laughed. “Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m an invalid.”

“I know,” Jason offered. “It’s just that… well, I want some too and I know where the cups are. I can get both of us some.”

“Your so nice Jason,” she smiled as she sat back down. “Your so different from Dave. He thinks I should do TWICE as much since I got pregnant.”

Jason winced visibly. He hated the way Dave treated his wife sometimes. He could see it clearly: Dave would expect her to carry the laundry downstairs and cook dinner, wash dishes, etc. He was a true pig even if they were best friends.

After pouring the two waters, Jason entered the living- room. Rachael sat in the chair, legs parted, her swol- len belly extended and she was beautiful. Jason handed her the glass.

“What?” Rachael asked.

“What do you mean what?” Jason snapped out of it.

“You were staring at me,” Rachael told him. “You’re thinking of how fat I am.”

“No!” Jason snapped quickly as he sat on the couch. “Not at all! Actually I was noticing how beautiful you are.”

“Oh ya, right,” Rachael smiled. “I bet.”

“Honestly,” Jason stammered as he took a sip of water. “You look great.”

“Sure,” she frowned. “That’s not what Dave thinks. He says I’m fat.”

“Oh don’t listen to Dave,” he said. “I’m sure he doesn’t mean it.”

A True Story

All right, so this is my first time ever writing something like this so you may have to bear with me. I never actually thought I would be in a situation like this but here I am anyway. I guess a little background would be good just so you can understand where this is all coming from.

So my wife LeeAnn and I have been married for a little more than 10 years and over that time our sex life has been pretty much standard stuff. We have three kids so its not always the easiest to be spontaneous or have a lot of fun with our sex life as there was always kids around to interrupt. Now I guess that I should tell you a little but about LeeAnn. She is 30 years old and has had three kids but she still looks great. She has shoulder length dirty blonde hair, she is about 5’8” and 120 pounds. She has a great ass and nice sized tits. So awhile ago I had to go away to work for a couple of weeks and I invited her to come along. We have been having some marriage problems for awhile so I thought this would be a good way to kind of smooth things over and hopefully get things back on the right track. I found out after we had been there for awhile that things were a long way from being smoothed over. We had been there for less than 3 days and we were fighting about all sorts of stupid shit. So after the first week we decided that we were going to go to a bar that was about an hour away from where we were staying and see if we couldn’t get good and drunk and enjoy ourselves. There were three other guys with us one of which, was my best friend and the other 2 guys I work with, so we thought that this would be fun. We had been there for about an hour and I lost her in the crowd for a bit. When I finally found her she was draped all over a few guys that she had managed to hook up with in the bar. I was a little pissed off about this but I thought that maybe she was just getting back at me for being kind of a prick for that last while. I gave her shit about this and told her that I didn’t want her hanging all over any guys that she could find and she should smarten up. She sort of agreed to this and I went to get a couple of drinks and the evening wore on. It was getting late in the evening and I thought that I would tour around and try to find LeeAnn and the other people that I had come there with. Well I managed to track them down on a cell phone and they had gone and left me at the bar with no way of getting home. So after all this she went home with the other three guys that we had come there with. I went and got a hotel room and proceeded to get some sleep and wait for them to come pick me up.