Month: July 2013

Down Under Vacation

On a recent trip to Australia, my wife, Kristy and I spent some time sightseeing in Sydney.

One evening we were drinking in a bar, when a man got up on the stage and began dancing. He kept inviting women to come up and dance with him and finally one woman did. They did a very sexy dance and as they were dancing he began to undress her. First her blouse, then her bra and finally her skirt and panties – until she was totally nude except for her very high heels and stockings. She finally unzipped his pants and ended up on her knees giving him a blow job. It was very erotic.

On the way back to the hotel I teased Kristy saying she should have gotten up on stage and danced with him. I told her how I would have loved to see her with him. She looked at me like I was crazy, and replied that she didn’t think she would be able to do that.

“Sure you could,” I encouraged, “and I would love it.”

“Are you sure? Are you really sure you could handle that? I think you would be jealous.”

Was I sure? How would I react to her with another man? It had always been a secret fantasy but we’d never discussed it. Maybe now was a good time to discuss it with her in more detail. She seemed willing to talk so, during the cab ride I told her about my fantasy and she listened pensively. I was afraid she would be angry, but she just listened and smiled. Back in the room she was wild when we made love. She kept insisting on more and more and we made love several times during the night. Once, in the midst of her orgasm she whispered something about other cocks fucking her. We finally fell asleep with my cock still inside of her.

The first thing I knew the following morning was her mouth on my cock picking up where we had left off the night before. At breakfast we talked about it and she kept mentioning how sexy the show had been and asked me several times if I had really wanted her to go up on the stage and suck that guy. I assured her that it was a very strong fantasy for me to see her with another man. She just smiled and looked me in that cute little foxy way she has.

After breakfast we took a private tour of the city and our driver mentioned that a beach we were passing was a nude beach. We laughed about it, but he said it was a nice place and that it was perfectly safe to go there. Sometimes lovers went there but mostly it was people just wanting to be nude in the sunshine. Anyway, during the week it would be empty according to him. I suggested that we might go there and Kristy jumped at the idea. We had our driver stop while we purchased some large beach towels, oil and drinks and he dropped us off at the beach saying that we could call him from a nearby bar and he’d pick us up. He winked at us and said, “Have fun!”

As we walked down the beach toward the nude part I was feeling the excitement of the previous evening carried over, and I think Kristy was, too.

Wild Drunken Party Night

I woke with a dry mouth and throbbing head. Through bleary eyes I didn’t recognise the image of the surroundings which danced crazily around inside my head. I stopped to think for a minute. Hmmm…. It was clearly obvious that I was suffering the ill effects of drinking too much from the night before, but this didn’t shed any light on where I was, what time it was, how I got to be here, or indeed, what day it was. God, I really must have been very drunk.

I pulled myself from the horizontal position I was lying in on some stranger’s sofa to sit upright and almost instantly regretted doing so. The room spun round and round, nausea engulfed me. I lied back down again to keep myself from throwing up. It was then recollections of the previous night’s events started to spring in to my mind. Music… I remembered there had been music. Music and lights. That’s it! There was a disco we were at. We – not I? I paused. My wife Lin was there with me. Yes, okay, we were there together, but where was I now, and more to the point where was she? I continued my train of thought, trying to remember more. We had been invited to a wedding reception, some friends of Lin’s were getting married. When I say friends, they were more like acquaintances and when we got there we hardly knew anyone.

So far so good, my memory seemed to be restoring gradually as I traced the night’s events. I idly thought a little more about it. I picked up from where I left off. We hardly knew anyone there, but everyone was really friendly, laughing, joking and after a while we found ourselves sitting on a table with some close friends of the bride and groom. We talked like old friends, buying rounds of drinks for each other, dancing and generally having a good time. By now my memories were becoming a little more obscured – by this time I think that the alcohol was taking its toll. I remembered the disco stopping for what must have been the end of the night and getting into a car driven by one of the men we had befriended on the table. I sat in the front passenger seat, Lin had sat in the back in-between two other friends of the man driving the car. Mike and Steve, yes, that’s what there names were. John was driving. The journey to wherever we were going to lasted a fairly long time, but Lin seemed to be enjoying herself, whispering and giggling with the other two in the back. We eventually pulled up in a driveway in a house, got out and went inside. And that was it – that’s where I was – in John, Mike or Steve’s house. Ah, I thought, one piece of the puzzle solved.

We went inside and I was poured another drink. Someone put some music on. Music….

Lin was dancing with John in the sitting room, some slow songs were playing and they were fairly close to each other. At first I didn’t notice it, although it must have happened practically the moment they started dancing, John’s hands were resting on Lin’s arse. This progressed from a gentle caress to a full-on grope. And yet I sat there saying nothing. This, now, being sober, made me feel sick to the bone, my wife had been touched up in front of me and I had quite plainly accepted it. Maybe it was the drink, maybe I was being naive, but this was for sure – Lin was being quite clearly being groped by this man and obviously knew it, and yet she said nothing neither, there again, I thought to myself, if I were enjoying a little fun and my husband didn’t object, neither would I.

No Show

We had planned a long weekend with some friends of ours, and were looking forward to the peace and quiet of the cabin on the lake. Don and Debra were going to meet us there Thursday evening, Kris, my wife, and I drove up Thursday morning. Shortly after we arrived, Kris and I were taking advantage of the “strange bed” and enjoyed each other for several hours.

Kris was taking a nap about three that afternoon when I heard a car coming up the road. I went outside and saw Don driving up to the house. “I thought you were not coming until later” I said as he got out of his car. “I got off early so I left Debra a message at work and told her to meet me up here.” He said, “I hope you don’t mind.”. I told him to come in and that we were glad to see him. Don and Debra had been our friends for several years and had moved about eight hours away, so we didn’t get to see them enough.

I took Don into the kitchen and made some coffee. We went out onto the back porch which overlooked the lake, to drink our coffee and talk. We had been out there only about ten minutes when I heard the screen door open and Kris walked out of the door. She had obviously just woke up and hadn’t realized that Don was ther, because she was still nude. “Oh, shit!” she said as she saw Don and turned and went back into the house. Don and I laughed, neither of us bothered too much by the sight. “I have to say that I always wanted to see Kris naked and she is really more beautiful than I imagined.” Don said “No offense.”. “She is quite beautiful with or without clothes.” I said. A short time later, Kris came out in her jeans and a shirt, but clearly without a bra. “Sorry about that” she said, “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”. She went over and gave Don a warm hug and a quick kiss on the lips. “I wasn’t embarrassed and enjoyed the view” he said jokingly.

Don’s cell phone rang in his pocket and he took it out and answered it. It was clear from his conversation that it was Debra and that she was going to be later than we thought. “Debra has been held up at the office” he said after hanging up the phone, “she will not be here until very late”. It was getting to be about supper time so Don and I fired up the grill while Kris fixed the salad and drinks. She brought everyone a glass of wine and we talked while the steaks cooked. We finished a couple of glasses of wine before it was time to eat and we were all feeling very relaxed and hungry. The meal was great.

After supper, we decided to go for a walk down to the lake for an evening swim. Don declined the invitation and said he would listen to some music and relax. We showed him where the wine was, grabbed a bottle for us and went down the path towards the lake.

At the lake, Kris pulled off her shirt and jeans and walked out into the lake. “Where is you swimsuit?” I asked. “DI didn’t bring one.” She replied. I followed her after taking my clothes off as well. I swam over to her and kissed her slowly at first and then more firmly, my body starting to get excited by the cool water and her warm body next to mine. “What would you have done if Don had wanted to come swimming?” I asked. “Well”, she said, “I thought about that and then realized that he had already seen me completely naked”. “You are right, and he enjoyed it very much.” I said. “What do you mean? She asked. I told her what Don had said and that I had noticed a small bulge in his jeans right after her entrance. “Did it bother you that he saw you and enjoyed it:?” I asked her. “Actually, I really enjoyed it and it kind of turned me on. Are you upset with me for saying that?” she asked, looking directly at me. “Not at all.” I responded.