Anna Becomes A Hot Wife

For men who like to watch their wives having sex with other men, no explanation is necessary. For men who don’t understand this fantasy, no explanation is possible.

Although I enjoy wife sharing and some wife cheating stories I always felt confident that I would never want to act any of them out myself. I also felt that if my wife Anna ever cheated on me that would be it, no second chances. If I were ever so unfortunate to actually catch her cheating I believed id probably end up in prison on a murder charge. But it is funny how we go through life thinking we know what we want and know how we would feel if certain situations were to happen. Yet how many of us end up in places we never thought we would go?

This story is a true event that happened seven years ago. If you told me it was going to happen when I married Anna then I wouldn’t be sat here typing this. This story may not seem original but that’s because it happens to so many people and so many people wish, in fantasy at least, for it to happen to them.

I have changed some minor details to hopefully make the story more erotic but everything else is exactly how I remember it.

First off my name is Daniel and I am married to a beautiful woman named Anna. We are both 36 yrs old and have no children. At the time of this story we were 29 and had only been married 2 yrs.

We had been invited to a house party of some friends of Anna’s but I was working away that weekend. I planned to be back around 9pm and said I would quickly get showered and head over to the party and meet her there. The hosts Richard and Wendy weren’t close friends of mine but I got on well with them. I was quite happy not to go at all as I knew I wouldn’t know many people there. But like a good husband I agreed for Anna’s sake.

On the night of the party driving home I had hit some pretty bad traffic and text Anna to say id be too late and that I’d wait up for her. She text back saying I love you and not to worry. Once the traffic had cleared I actually made up some good time and could get to the party for about 11pm. I decided to go and surprise her.

I got to the party just after 11 and was surprised it was still in good flow. The door was open with a couple of people standing outside smoking and drinking while they chatted. Not knowing any of them I walked straight in and set about finding my wife. I bumped into Richard and shook his hand as I asked him where Anna was. He said he last seen her dancing and to grab myself a beer from the kitchen.

The house looked fairly big even with people everywhere. The lounge had double doors opening up to join the dining room which had been cleared to accommodate the revellers. I couldn’t see Anna anywhere so I headed into the kitchen to grab a beer. Just then I noticed my wife dancing with a guy in amongst the crowd. It looked innocent enough as they danced and laughed so I waited for her to finish before I went over.

She looked stunning as I watched her dancing. Anna is 5″5 and only weighs 118lbs. She has shoulder length curly blonde hair and very sexy green eyes. She has a slim healthy looking size 10 waist with a firm 32C bust which looks bigger due to her size. I could see why this guy had chosen to dance with her. She was wearing a short black dress with very thin shoulders straps. The dress stopped four inches above her knee revealing her smooth legs, which were standing inside a sexy pair of 4 inch black heels. The dress was quite revealing too so anybody taller than her could easily get a glimpse at her cleavage.

Suddenly R Kelly’s bump and grind started booming through the house. The guy dancing with my wife quickly moved in and placed his arms onto my wife’s waist. This didn’t really bother me as I trusted Anna and had seen a few men dance with her in the past. She always pushed them away if they went too far. But this time my stomach turned upside down as I watched my wife throw her head back laughing as she placed her arms around the guy’s neck.

Still I tried to remain calm as everybody else was pretty much dancing the same way. I put it down to the song and grabbed another beer. When I returned a few seconds later the guy was behind my wife grinding his groin into my wife’s arse as she just bent forward slightly encouraging him. His hands were still on her waist but they soon started moving up the sides of her body. As I watched expecting my wife to move away or slap his hands, my mouth went dry as he cupped both her breasts through the dress.

If you asked me how I would react if I found myself in this situation, like most men I’d say I’m going to knock him out. But I didn’t. Instead I stood watching as I found myself becoming aroused.

Anna loves having her breasts groped, by me only so I thought. They are her favourite feature and I know she gets turned on from all the male attention when she’s out in her low cut and revealing tops. But this was a step too far. The guy pulled my wife up straight using his hands on her breasts and she closed her eyes smiling as he started to kiss her neck. As he enjoyed the taste of my wife’s soft skin his hands slowly made their way back down her body until they rested on the tops of her thighs. I seemed to be the only one noticing as he very seductively began pulling the dress up her legs. As the song ended and another started playing, my wife snapped out of her daze and turned around pushing the guy’s hands away. They continued dancing to the next song before the guy pulled out a packet of cigarettes and signalled for Anna to join him outside.

Anna only smoked when she was drunk and although I could tell she had had a few, I knew it didn’t excuse her behaviour on the dance floor. As they both made their way outside closing the sliding doors behind them I waited a few moments before following.

When I entered the garden I couldn’t see anybody. I could just make out laughter and smell the faint scent of a cigarette. As I scanned the garden I could see a set of steps in between two bushes half way down the garden. As I approached the steps I noticed my wife sat on a wooden table with the guy standing between her legs. Being at the top of the steps I had a great view of the two of them. I stepped behind one of the bushes and found a gap that still gave me a good view.

My wife was leaning back eyes closed smiling as this guy held her face in his left hand and softly kissed at her neck. Anna had her arms back fully stretched on the table to support her which thrust her breasts out slightly. As the guy continued kissing her neck and shoulders he brought his hands up to the straps of her dress and slowly slid them off her shoulders and down her arms. My wife just moaned with pleasure as she sat up bending her elbows allowing the guy to completely pull the straps from her arms. Anna wrapped her arms around the guy’s neck as they kissed passionately. The guy pulled her dress down over her bra covered breasts and quickly reached around her back to unhook the bra. She leant back on the table again smiling with satisfaction as she enjoyed the guy’s reaction to her breasts. He gave out a loud sigh as he cupped both breasts in his hands and leaned in to kiss my wife again. He soon broke the kiss and made his way back to her neck and over her shoulders then onto the top off her chest, continuing with soft seductive kisses.

I can’t explain how erotic this looked. I know it sounds crazy but watching him seduce my wife had seduced me into watching as I just stood there rubbing my cock through my trousers.

As he cupped her left breast he kissed and sucked on her right breast and nipple whilst using his free hand to pull down one side of her panties. All I could see was his hand up her dress but it was pretty obvious what he was doing. Then he began to suck on her left breast as he put both of his hands up her dress and took down her panties dropping them on the floor.

After another passionate kiss he pushed her back onto the table but she leant on her elbows propping herself up. All the time I remember the wicked smile she had on her face.

With her panties gone the guy pushed the dress up to her waist revealing her pussy. Anna has always shaved her pussy which makes her look so much sexier when naked. To look at her pussy you would get the impression she has never been fucked, as her lips look nice and tight. Her pussy was also a tight fit as you fucked her to her first orgasm. After that she would be soaking and orgasms would come thick and fast.

After the way he seduced her with all his kisses I was surprised when instead of going down on her, he took out his cock and started rubbing it up and down her pussy lips. Anna just simply collapsed flat onto the table and started moaning and moving her hips slowly as she cupped her breasts.

From the angle I was watching I couldn’t see him penetrating her body but he was moving his hips back and for slightly with short thrusts. By my wife’s reaction and movements he was obviously fucking her. He then began to thrust deeper but keeping at the same speed as my wife began to arch her back upwards with every forward thrust.

I became overwhelmed with my own lust as he grabbed her heels and spread her legs up high and wide. This was the perfect position to assault her body and very soon he was ploughing into her pussy with speed and force. She must have been soaking as I could hear the sloppy sounds of his cock fucking her pussy every time their groins met. Anna reached her first orgasm very quickly as her lover fucked her harder and deeper with every thrust. She gave out a loud moan as she panted for breath and I knew she was cumming hard. The guy continued with his pace showing no mercy as he used her body and she came again within seconds of her first orgasm. He then put her legs onto his shoulders and pulled her closer to him. Her arse was slightly over the edge of the table and he reached forward for her breasts. Once he got her into position he began to fuck her hard once more. After a few minutes I heard him tell my wife he was going to cum and they both bucked wildly as she reached her third orgasm and he pumped my wife full of cum.

After pulling out he pulled up his trousers as Anna just lay there panting. He lit two cigarettes and passed one to Anna as she sat up giggling like a teenager. She quickly began getting dressed as the guy sat down on a nearby chair and I made my way back to the house. The whole episode must have lasted no more than twenty minutes and I was glad I didn’t bump into anyone I knew as I made my way through the house and into my car.

Driving home I felt no real emotion. I was so horny and I planned to text my wife once I got in as I desperately wanted to fuck her. The thought that I just witnessed my wife cheating didn’t even register; I just wanted to fuck her. That night I didn’t get to fuck my wife. She came home about an hour after me and fell straight to sleep. I did however wake her in the morning and we had great sex.

For a few days the sex was awesome and constant. I just kept imaging that night as I fucked her like a slut. But very soon it wore off and the reality sunk in. We began to argue over anything little but I knew I was causing arguments as a way around that night. She also seemed different and I felt it was her guilt coming out. But a couple of times during the week Id get images again and fuck her like a slut. Then after I shot my load reality would come back.

To get over this I went to see a counsellor alone and confessed everything. He couldn’t explain why this turned me on but offered some weak explanations. The truth was I had to confront my wife and discuss what she had done and how it made me blow hot and cold. I didn’t want to lose my wife but on one hand I wanted her to be a slut then on the other my loving wife. After nearly six months of counsellor and talking together we discovered that wife sharing together would be a part of our lives.

As I said this is a true event that happened seven years ago. We have gone onto bigger and better things with our way of life sexually and make no apologies to anyone. We are now happier than ever.

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