Anna Goes Dogging

It had been a long time fantasy for my hot wife, Anna and I. I love watching her getting fucked, and she loves having some stranger use her for his personal gratification, especially outdoors. So dogging was something we were bound to experience.

For months we had read dogging stories and watched several internet movies of dirty wives and girlfriends turning up at local car parks to get fucked and covered in hot cum. We knew of several alleged dogging sites within a five mile radius of own home, but naturally we were both concerned about meeting somebody we knew or could possible bump into in the street.

After about six months of fantasising, Anna and I decided on a weekend away near some dogging locations. We booked a smart hotel in the countryside which was supposed to be three miles from two different dogging sites. One of the locations claimed to be frequently busy with regular doggers, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. The other location admitted to being quieter with the possibility of nobody turning up at all.

We arrived at the hotel around 3pm on a cold November afternoon and quickly got ourselves settled in. The summer would have been an ideal time but Anna had decided that it was now or never. We had our dinner early and then went back to the room to get ready.

Around 9pm we were ready to go. Due to the cold weather Anna had chosen to wear a tight fitting pair of jeans, which emphasised her amazing behind. But as we were going dogging, she opted to brave some of the cold and wore a go-go wrap over top. The bow in the middle of her fantastic 32C bust was extremely inviting, and I knew some lucky dogger was going to enjoy pulling on it tonight.

As it was our first time we agreed to visit the quieter site first. After a quick look at the map we were off, the nervous tension was obvious as we rode the short trip in silence. My cock was raging as the many dogging images, previously viewed, flooded my mind. I was finally going to see my beautiful wife carry out the very same filthy acts. I looked across at Anna as she nervously smoked a cigarette, looking down I noticed her nipples, hard as bullets, poking through her thin top.

As we pulled into the car park I noticed one other car parked at the other end without its lights on. I quickly killed my own lights and parked about ten metres away.

“Did you see anybody in that car?” I asked my wife, suddenly feeling the rush of excitement.

“I can see one person, looks like a man.” Anna replied, trying to get a better look through the darkness. “Yes … Yes it’s a man and he looks to be on his own.”

My heart started thumping and I suddenly felt weak as the adrenaline pumped through my body. I watched as Anna quickly sprayed some fresh perfume and applied a fresh coat of lipstick. I could feel my cock twitching in my pants, knowing that very shortly those sweet lips would be wrapped tightly around some strangers throbbing cock.

As Anna put her things away the lonely car flashed its head lights at us, a signal that he was ready for some action.

“Are you ready for this Anna?” I asked.

“I have never felt so scared in my life,” she smiled, “but I’ve also never felt so fucking horny either.”

Anna opened the door a put one foot outside; the cold air shocked me into reality.

“Wait a minute …” I paused, “what are you doing?”

“I’m going to suck his cock, and let him cum all over these.” She replied, turning to face me as she pulled down her top. Her nipples were harder than ever, that guy was about to get the present of a lifetime.

I quickly got of the car and followed behind Anna. “Come on, hurry up!” she shouted at me. “I’m just going to follow your fine tight arse.” I said.

Anna approached the passenger’s side of the car and immediately opened the door.

“Hey darling, are you ok?” she asked, bold as you like.

“Yeah, I’m fine sweetheart.” The stranger replied, moving in his seat.

“I don’t want to know your name,” she told him, before jumping into the passenger seat, “I just want to suck your cock.”

I stood back flabbergasted, and so did the lucky stranger as we both watched Anna, my wife, reach for his pants and start unbuckling him.

I walked round to the driver’s side in time to see the guy pull down his pants and reveal his rock solid cock. Anna wasted no time in taking him in her hand and gently stroking him as he slid a hand inside her top.

“See these babies.” she said, releasing his cock to pull down her top. “I want you to shoot your hot, sticky load all over them, so I can rub it in.”

I could no longer feel the cold as I unzipped my own pants and took out my cock. I watched as the stranger then squeezed my wife’s tits and pinched her nipples.

“Mmmmm, I like it.” She said, in response to his assault on her tits.

“Stop talking bitch and get to work.” He demanded, pushing her head into his lap.

All three of us giggled like school kids before my wife took his cock into her mouth and groaned her satisfaction. I was gripped by my own lust as I watched her head bobbing up and down on his tool; her hand working the base of his cock as he gently thrust his hips upwards, forcing his cock deeper down her throat.

“Fuck … your wife knows how to suck a cock mate.” The stranger moaned, running his hand across her arse.

Anna pulled her head up and off his cock and stroked it a few times before sinking her head back down his length.

“Oh god, you’re a filthy bitch.” He hissed.

As his dirty talk encouraged Anna, I stood stroking my own cock, trying to hold off from coming until it was my turn.

Anna pulled off his cock again, but this time she kissed him. “Hold my hair back while I suck your fucking cock.” She said, before sliding her mouth back down his pole.

I nearly came on the spot as I watched him grab her long curly blonde hair with one hand and push her head down harder onto his cock.

“That’s it you filthy fucking whore, suck my cock good, then Ill empty my balls all over your fucking big tits.” He growled.

I knew the guy was close to blowing his load, and who could blame him, Anna was giving the performance of a lifetime.

Then suddenly she stopped and knelt up. “I want you to finger fuck my pussy.” She hissed, before quickly unzipping her jeans and pulling them down.

A few minutes later and she was back on all fours, swallowing his cock deep as he slid two fingers into her soaking wet hole.

“I’m going to cum, baby!” the guy cried out, a few minutes later.

“No, don’t you fucking dare.” Anna demanded, releasing his cock from her slippery mouth. Get out of the car so I can lie down, and then you can cum all over my juicy tits.” She said.

I couldn’t believe what my wife was saying; she really was playing the slut. The guy then got out of his car and started to stroke his cock, waiting for Anna to get in place. She led with her back flat on the driver’s seat while she placed her feet on the ground for support.

“Oh man, what a filthy fucking slut.” the guy grunted, increasing the speed of his strokes.

“Are you ready for my hot cum, slut?”

Anna pulled her top apart baring her gorgeous tits, and then reached between her legs and started to rub her pussy. It quickly became too much for me as I watched my beautiful wife, legs spread in some strangers car rubbing herself off as the stranger stroked his cock inches from her swollen tits.

“Come on you fucking dirty bastard … come on, cum for me, cover me in your juicy spunk … yeah … that’s it baby, stroke your fucking fat cock until it covers me in …”

Her words were too much for him. As I finished shooting my own load and tucked my cock back into my pants, the stranger erupted all over my wife’s tits.

When the first jet of cum landed across each of her mounds, Anna arched her back as her own orgasm took over her body. It was an amazing sight to see her threshing about as some random stranger covered her tits with his cum.

A few moments later Anna opened her eyes as she stopped rubbing her clit. She looked down at the sticky mess and smiled to herself before looking up at us and licking her lips. We both watched my naked wife in silence as she cupped both breasts in her hands and gently started to massage the fresh spunk into her soft skin.

Back at the hotel that night I fucked Anna all over the room as she told me how much she had enjoyed her first dogging experience. She begged me to take her out again, explaining how she wanted to get fucked and then have several guys cover her in cum.

Considering the fact that we were booked into the hotel for another night, and that we had another dogging site nearby, perhaps I could take her out again.