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Cum Hiking With My Hot Wife

Last summer, Julissa and I took a weekend trip to the Bear Flats area to campout, hike, and have some outdoor sex. It was a chance also to expose my wife topless or nude to other hikers. It was a good three-mile hike from the campground, but the views, quietness, and beauty was well worth it; especially the area around the waterfalls. There was a good chance that we would be the only two there; however, Julissa and I were hoping to run into other hikers. Julissa decided to wear her sports bra to start, and a short-short pair of shorts with her socks and hiking boots. I wore my hiking boots, cutoffs a t-shirt and ball cap. The hike was relatively easy; the land was relatively smooth, and the climb was not that steep through the little canyon. We came up to a large pond and could hear a waterfall. The waterfall was spectacular. There were hundreds of pine and oak trees, plants, and colorful flowers everywhere you looked. We had not seen anyone on the trail coming up to the waterfall, and no one had been coming down. We had the place completely to ourselves. Close to the bottom of the waterfall, near the water, was a great spot to sit, relax, and enjoy the sites.

I helped Julissa down the slippery rocks to the great spot. She had packed a few goodies to eat and drink when we had arrived. The water was cool and refreshing to the taste. Julissa suggested that after we enjoyed the snack, we could take a dip in the cool crisp water. I smiled at her, having something else on my mind. I didn’t wait for the snacks to come out of the pack; I slipped off my shirt, socks, and boots and jumped into the water in my cutoffs. Julissa threw her head back in laughter. When I came to the surface, I held out my arms and told Julissa to come in the water. The drop wasn’t far, and I promised I would catch her if she slipped. She took a few steps back from the edge, closed her eyes, held her breath, and jumped. She opened her eyes just in time to enter the water below. The water seemed to lift her up as if she were floating on air. The water was just warm enough to keep us in, and cool enough to keep the hot day at bay. The time seemed to fly by. We swam, ate, swam, and walked around the hidden paradise until our hearts were content. We thought for sure that more people would know about this spot and want to come see it as much as we did.

After drying off and getting dressed, we walked upstream and came across a meadow surrounded by trees. Julissa wanted to get a closer look at it. Wild flowers scented the air. Julissa walked further into the meadow, and held out her hand for me to follow her. She kissed my lips, and ran ahead. I chased behind her, finally catching her and pulled her close and kissed her softly with more passion than before. Julissa slid to her knees and smiled devilishly up at me. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. She pulled my underwear down and started to stroke my cock with her hands. The smile on my face showed my obvious delight with her actions. Julissa was going to make this last a while. She slowly licked up one side and down the other, taking only the head into her mouth for a second and then repeating it all over again. I let out a moan, and put my hands in her long hair. I wanted her to take me all in her mouth, but Julissa was in control this time. She wrapped her lips around my hardness, and sucked me almost to her tonsils, letting me out slowly, and pulling it back in again. I let Julissa control the speed, but kept my hands firmly in her hair. Finally not being able to take anymore, I escaped her grasp and fell to the ground with her.


Wife and the Poolboys

It is a hot summer morning; Lisa’s husband Larry has left for work. Her kids are spending some quality summer time with other relatives on the other side of town. Lisa spends her day relaxing in the quiet house for some much needed personal time. At about noon Lisa go out to her luxurious pool and decide to take a dip. Noticing that the pool needs cleaning, Lisa goes back inside to call the pool cleaners. They let her know that it will take about 2 or 3 hours for them to arrive due to scheduling.

Lisa goes back to her bedroom, not thinking about the day or her pending visitors and put on the skimpiest bikini she owns, one that barely covers her luscious MILF nipples. After she put on her bikini, she glances at the mirror and notices her areolas are not covered very well. Lisa do not think to much about it as she know that no neighbors can see her for some distance away, and she want a tan with as little tan lines as possible. Lisa stops by the kitchen on her way to the pool and grabs a pitcher of iced tea in the refrigerator to take to the pool.

Once there she adjusts her lounger to get the best angle of the son. Finally she lies down, and put her sunglasses on and begins to rub oil all over her body. After about an hour, two young men approach enter her back yard. She are not paying any attention as the music she are listening to in her MP3 has she enjoying her life to the fullest.

Lisa is startled by one of the young men who gently nudge her arm. Quickly she look up at them and notice that she do not recognize them. She grabs her towel to cover herself. “Ma’am we are here to clean the pool,” Timmy says with a bright smile. Timmy is 19 years old, about 6′ 1″ 185 lbs with light brown hair & clean shaven face. He is also muscular & has a little tiny patch of chest hair on his well defined chest. He introduces himself and his partner Johnny. Johnny is 18 and stands about 5′ 10″ 180 lbs with dark hair & a close shaven goatee. Lisa notices that Johnny has well defined abs & clean shaven chest. With a feeling slightly embarrassed by her choice of clothing, she welcomes them and directs them to the pool. She notices as they turn away from her toward the pool, she glance at their hard toned asses as the walk away.

After about a half hour, she notice the boys are getting hot and sweaty from the sun and the heat, Lisa go into the kitchen to get them some glasses with ice for some tea that she want to offer them. Lisa wrap the towel around her waist as she walk away, but before she get to the door, the towel falls off her body and Timmy spots her glorious ass that has nothing but a thong that is barely visible between her ass cheeks. Her desires begin to take over and she no longer cares what she is wearing as these boys see her.

Beach Blanket Party

My friend Rachel and I treated ourselves to a cruise to celebrate a promotion I had received at work. We were enjoying the stops in the different ports and the time we got to relax at the pool with some drinks.

At one of our ports, we decided to be adventurous and check out one of the nude beaches that we had heard some of the passengers talking about. Since it was our first time, we chose a spot that was a little out of the way, but where we could still see the scenery.

We decided to start out topless and survey the people around us to see just how far everyone went. We laid out our towels and got out the sunscreen. I had covered the front of my body and asked Rachel if she could spread the lotion on my back. Maybe it was the setting or being relaxed from our vacation, but my skin began to tingle as Rachel spread the lotion on my back. My nipples became hard almost as soon as she touched my skin. I hoped she couldn’t tell. As she spread the lotion down my arm, she grazed the side of my breast and my skin tingled even more and my nipples became tighter. I knew it was an accident and I wasn’t sure what I would do anyway. When she rubbed down my other arm and brushed the side of my other breast I let out a quick gasp before I realized what I had done. I was afraid Rachel would be offended and run away. Instead she asked me if I liked it. I didn’t know what to say, and I stammered, “Y-y-yes.”

Rachel continued to spread the lotion on my arms and brush the sides of my breasts. I knew what she was doing and felt powerless to stop her. I had fantasized about being with another woman but never thought I would. Rachel asked me if I wanted her to continue and I simply moaned in pleasure.

She took hold of my arms and turned me to face her. I was quivering with excitement, wondering what she was going to do. She leaned into me and gently touched her lips to mine. I felt the heat run straight down to my pussy. She deepened the kiss and brought her fingertips to my nipples. I groaned once again. Once again she asked me if I wanted her to continue. All I could do was nod. Rachel laid me down on the towel and then lay beside me. She continued to run her fingers over my lips, and across my nipples. The sensation was amazing.

Lisas Beach Encounter

Lisa had always been the shy type, the kind who would rather sit at home with a good book or video than go out on a Friday night. The kind that was never prone to being spontaneous of taking more chances than was absolutely necessary in life.

And so as she walked down the nude beach, towel in hand, minus all of her clothes, feeling very vulnerable, she wondered what on earth gave her such an idea in the first place. This was the most daring thing she had done since high school, and had only decided to visit this nude beach on her holiday after her best friend gave her a lecture on how she should do more to try an enjoy life, and take a few chances instead of sitting at home on her computer all day, or visiting her local library or sci-fi club.

However, walking down this beach filled with people wearing only their birthday suits, and noticing the glares of men who were finding it hard to keep their bodies under control after seeing her beautiful figure, she had stretched her nerves to the very limit, and she quickly made her way to the south end of the beach and past the rock cliffs, where she had been told by her friend Kelly that few people went, and that Lisa would be safe there is she was feeling too threatened.

She found a spot in the sand under the shade of a rock formation, and settled down on her beach towel with a good book after making sure every inch of her fair skin was well covered with sunscreen. The last thing she wanted was sunburn, especially on her breasts, which she thought would be quite unpleasant, and was not about to find out how it felt for herself.

She stretched out her legs and wiggled the sand out from between her toes, taking a final look around to make sure no one was near before she allowed herself to relax in her naked form.

Lisa hated to admit to herself that the sensation of wearing nothing in a public place was exciting her very much, and she couldn’t help the fact that her nipples were stiffening, and every now and again when a cool sea breeze swept over her skin she felt a tingle between her legs.

It had only been a few minutes before Lisa realized her choice of book for the day was not helping her overcome her excitement. Unfortunately she had only bought one, which was a romance whose descriptive sexual passages were causing a wetness to form between her legs.

Lisa had only ever been in one serious relationship in her life, which ended when she found out the bastard was cheating on her, and she rarely dated. She found comfort in romance novels, and the hope that one day she may find true love and be happy like the characters in her books.

She threw down the book in frustration as she felt a trickle of moisture start to run down her thigh, and resisted the temptation to touch herself, knowing that if she did so she would probably not be able to stop herself from going further, and would not allow herself under any circumstances to masturbate in public.

Instead she turned her attention to the sea, and watched the waves rolling in, hitting the shore and smashing into the sand before being pulled back into the ocean.

It was then the she heard a voice from her right, and jumped in fright, although pleased that she didn’t allow herself to scream, which would have been far more embarrassing.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you” the voice apologized, and Lisa looked up to see a tall, muscular man standing to her right, as naked as she was, with a bronzed body and a large penis, which was now semi erect at the sight of Lisa’s hot body.

“Well you did” she frowned, feeling very self-conscious, and not knowing at all how to deal with the situation.

“I’m sorry,” he said taking a seat on the sand close by her side, too close for her comfort, but what could she do? “I saw you come back here before. Don’t you like people?”

Boat Fun

Last month my wife and I had the most exhilarating sexual experience of our marriage. The couple next door and invited us and one of my co-workers to a day on their new pontoon boat on a large lake near our North Carolina home. The neighbors, Ted and Susan, had meet Craig my co-worker and his wife Lacie at one of our backyard barbeques and us three couple hit it off quite well.

Theresa and I, as well as Ted and Susan, are in our early forties, both with two kids each, while Craig and Lacie are about ten years younger and childless. Theresa and Susan are both about the same size, and though heavier than in their youth, both are still well proportioned and still quite attractive; the good looking MILF of legend. Theresa is 5’4″, about 135#, and wears a very full 34C bra. Both women wear the hair just off their shoulders in fashionable but practical hair cuts.

Lacie, having not bore any children, still had her youthful figure; about 5’5″ and maybe 110 #. Her breasts looked to be more of a perky 34B and it was all capped by the most angelic face to grace an adult woman. Craig had confided to me that is was all show; there was nothing angelic about Lacie.

We met at the lake and after bringing our supplies aboard off we went. The lake is very large man-made and because it is used as an area water supple there are no homes along the shoreline. It is especially irregular in shape with many coves and bays all surrounded by forest. The plan was to cruise for awhile and then find an unoccupied cove for swimming and a cookout on the party boat’s built in gas grill.

As we cruised in and out of the various inlets, we three guys hung to the back of the boat under the roof that covered the rear section of the boat and the ladies went to the front to catch the sun on the uncovered part. As we started off we stripped down to our swim suits. Ted and I in our boxer type and Craig, after some kidding by Lacie, took his shorts off to reveal the new suit she had bought him. It was a Speedo type showing off what appeared to be an especially large package. I am certainly not an expert, or even an amateur observer of what male equipment looks like in that type outfit, but even to me it was very apparent that Craig was quite well endowed. Besides the lower portion we could see that his gym time was well spent and I guess you’d have to call him buff; solid and well muscled. Ted and I, though no bald fatties, are showing our ages and all those after work beers. We both carried 10-20 pounds we didn’t need with small love handles.

As I said Theresa and Susan where built about the same. Their hips and butts had broadened but still kept their nice shapes. Their waists, though thicker than before child birth, still looked good in the two piece swim suits they both wore. They both wore tops that displayed lots of cleavage that had the effect of drawing any attention to them. Lacie was just a knockout and wore a swimsuit to display her attributes. The top was two small triangles and the front as about the same with a two inch stripe on material just covering the crack of her ass.

As we cruised around the lake us guys enjoyed watched the ladies stretched out sunning themselves even more than the shore side scenery. As guys will sometimes do after a couple of quick beers, we started to compare the physical beauty of our spouses. Craig liked the larger tits Theresa and Susan showed and Ted and I were intent of seeing if those two inches of material covering the ass crack of Lacie would continue to slip between those lovely cheeks as it appeared to be doing. Craig admitted that Lacie had no modesty and loved to know guys were ogling her. Then he told us that if she knew us better she’d have worn her sheer thong bikini. I don’t know about Ted but the thoughts of that made my cock twitch.

Parking Lot Whore

“This is so dirty,” my wife whispered to me as the large breasted blonde ground herself into my lap, “aren’t I the best wife ever?”

I was unable to answer lost in the moment. It was dirty and so out of character for my wife. The evening had started with a nice dinner out, followed by a few drinks at one of our favorite neighborhood watering holes. After a few cocktails, Linda suggested we hit a strip club, something she had never done before. I, of course, had and suggested my favorite titty bar, located just a few blocks from downtown.

Linda watched as the stripper gyrated on my lap. Seeing the nude female form was not unusual for her, being art director for an advertising firm she was exposed to photos of and actual scantily clad women every day. Having started her career as a photographer, she had done a few nude shoots before we had met, proudly showing me the photos, displaying some of them on the walls of our home. She had always looked at nudes in a detached artist’s manner. Tonight, for the first time, she seemed to be enjoying the titillating nature of the nude female form.

“Her tits are so big,” she said leaning into my ear, “do you think they’re real?”

“No way.” I answered. They were stiff, not having the bounce of a natural pair. I’d explain this all to Linda later.

The song ended and the stripper extracted herself from my lap. Linda handed a twenty to her, but the stripper held her g-string out just as she would for a male customer. Linda placed the bill in the stripper’s underwear hesitantly, not making eye contact with the girl.

It was then that she noticed the effect the stripper had had on me. “Someone looks like they’ve enjoyed themselves!”

I grabbed her leg, just above the knee and below the hem of her dress. “Thanks for the lap dance, baby.”

“Seeing that makes it all worth while.”

“I want you so bad.” I reached for my wallet to leave a tip on the table. “Let’s get out of here, quick!”

We walked through the parking lot, arm in arm. My free hand caressing her beautiful ass, hers rubbing my hard cock through my pants. She’d do that for the entire ride home, I knew, keeping me so ready, that the second we got home I’d bend her over the dining room table, pull up her dress, pull down her panties and take her. That’s how Linda liked it, car rides being excellent foreplay to an evening of hot sex.

I opened her car door and helped her in, then circled around to the driver’s side door. As I sat down, I noticed that Linda had unbuttoned the top 3 buttons on her dress, her black lace bra clearly evident.

“These are real,” she said pointing to her comparatively modest breasts, “and they’re all yours.”

We kissed, acting more like high school students, than a married couple. I cupped a breast while Linda stroked the whole length of my stiff cock through my pants. Soon her fingers were pulling at my zipper, freeing my cock.

“I’ve wanted to suck you all night. I wanted to suck you while you watched those dirty sluts dance on stage.”

She lowered her head to my lap and took me in her mouth. I made a quick scan around the parking lot. It was dark, and someone would have to be looking right into our car to see what was going on. I relaxed, slumped in my seat and took a handful of my wife’s hair.

Linda was a well-practiced cocksucker. Even after ten years of marriage, she gave me frequent and excellent head. We had done things like this when we were dating, but it had been years since she’d taken me in a car. I had always liked the excitement, the thrill of possibly getting caught. After a few minutes, Linda had me close, the muscles in my neck became unable to support the weight of my head and I felt myself looking at the ceiling of the car.

The loud rap on the passenger side window startled us both. Linda sat bolt upright, a breast coming free from her bra. She pulled the front of her dress closed, and for the first time I noticed how the dress that had looked so conservative during dinner now looked quite slutty.


I knew we needed a small vacation after work had been so stressful lately. A nice, long weekend to get a way a bit so we could relax. The summer was the hottest it had been in a long time and I could tell you were dying for the water. As a surprise, I made arrangements to stay at the coast and visit the beach.

Thursday afternoon I picked you up from work. You smiled but I could tell you were wound up.

“Guess what?”

“Chicken butt?” you reply sarcastically.

I grin, “No, something better.”

“Hey, you missed our exit.”

“No, I didn’t. We’re going to someplace better.”

“This isn’t one of those ‘Heaven’s Gate’ things is it?”

I roll my eyes. “NO! I’ve booked a nice little weekend getaway for us.”

I nearly wreck the car as you lean over and hug me tightly.

We arrive at the hotel and find our suite. It’s very nice and we unpack and jump into the shower. One of our favorite things is to take a shower at a hotel *never ending supply of hot water* together and just relax. The rest of the evening is spent making love in the suite and showering. We stop once, however, to eat the pizza we had delivered by room service. I enjoy watching the delivery guy’s eyes bulge out of his head when you open the door wet and naked to accept the pizza.

Friends at the Beach

I was going to this new beach with a friend. I had no idea that it was a nude beach until we got there. I looked at Cindy when we drove up to the entrance to the parking lot. She just smiled.

I said, “You’re really sneaky.”

“Would you have come along?”

“Probably after a while.”

Cindy said, “I just didn’t want to waste the time trying to get you to go with me, and it is such a beautiful day.”

“Yeah, I guess your right.”

“Besides,” she said, “you don’t have to remove your swim trunks if you don’t want to. But if you do and you get embarrassed just roll over and lay on your stomach. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself, so just relax.”

Greeked on the Greek Ferry

The ferry was due to sail just before midnight. While we were waiting to drive our hire car onto the ship, my wife and I had sat in a taverna knocking back Metaxa Greek brandy. By the time that we had stowed the car and found the lounge I was shattered. Susan, my beautiful but wanton wife, had consumed enough Greek brandy to feel horny, so she told me to get another round of drinks and then find somewhere quiet for us to fuck.

I had been driving all day and badly needed a few hours sleep, so I told her to get her own drink as I was going to lay down on the long seat and have a nap. I remember her ordering another brandy at the bar and then seeing her talking to five young Greek guys, who were playing cards.

I must have dozed off for about twenty minutes and awoke to find my wife and three of the card players missing, leaving the other two guys still playing cards. They told me that their friends were showing my wife round the ship, and explained that they were members of a five a side soccer team who were going to the mainland to play in a competition. I was by now, deeply concerned, because I knew what my wife was like when she had had a drink, especially when in the company of three good looking, young soccer players.

Discovery Park Voyeur

[ Story by Tom ]

There is this park in Sacramento called Discovery Park that has all kinds of trails and paths that one can walk on and explore. For me, being one who loves to masturbate outdoors and in the open, it was a wonderful place. I had explored many different trails and paths and found all kinds of spots to get naked and masturbate hoping that one day I would get caught and be made to do all kinds of perverted things. But this particular day, it was not meant to be, and I was meant to be merely a voyeur.

I had found a perfect place to get naked and do my nasty perverted masturbation – I had my lotion and anal vibrator and I was ready to do myself. There was a concrete table that had not been used in years and I thought it would be perfect for me and what I wanted to do. Just as I was ready to take off my clothes, I heard voices. I retreated into the lush bushes that were surrounding the table and stayed very quiet.

From Girlfriend To Slut

My girlfriend Melanie and me went from rainy Hannover, Germany to Spain last year for holidays. We had booked a small house in a town near Barcelona, from where we could start our trips through the country site. Melanie currently is a student but also works as a part time model for fashion and lingerie. She is very attractive. Let me describe Melanie to you: She’s 28 now, has long blonde hair, 5′ 6″ tall, 115 lbs, and beautiful 36 inch breasts with a slender well developed build that accented her bust.
On her set card is written:

Height : 5.6″  Korpergroesse : 170 cm. Size : 6 Konfektionsgroesse : 36 Bust/Waist/Hips : 36-23-34 Masse : 90-61-87 Hair : Blond Haarfarbe : Blond Eyes : Blue-Grey Augenfarbe : Blau-Gruen Shoes : 4 1/2 Schuhgroesse: 36/37 Gewicht: 50 kg weight: 110

Boy, she looks quite fuckable…;-) Until that day, my Baby was very open-minded for photographers but has never had any sort of harder shots. Well, but out of her comments to some hardcore videos we used to watch from time to time, I thought she was really curious to give it a try. Man, she finally gets fulfilled all her wildest dreams and today, she’s fully useable for any kind of sex. The perfect, horny and innocent looking slut. Let me tell you the whole story…

Virgin 18 Year Old Red Head

[ Submitted by an anonymous reader ]

Spending a few days going in and out of the house to get moved into our new house we got to meet most of our neighbors. We are in early 30 and most of the neighbors are much older than us.
Over the years we would sit and watch this red head girl spend hours in her yard practicing softball, running or other sports. She was not skinny at all more muscle and thick, not fat, on no not fat at all just very athletic. My wife and I would sit and wonder how this girl would be able to run with her breasts as big as they were, she was very attractive and always had on small tops and tight shorts.

One night my wife was going out of town. I figured I would be able to relax catch up on some work and relax in the pool or hot tub. Close to midnight I got in the pool and started to swim some laps when I looked up and there she was standing over me. I was stunned that she was there and tried to stay in the shadows not to let her see that I was swimming naked. She asked if she could go swimming and I thought this could really get me into trouble with my wife and more importantly her father. She said she was just coming back from my belated 18th birthday party and wanted to relax some, before I could say anything she had her cloths off and was standing in the night naked in front of me. My cock grew large with out notice. I knew she was in good shape but I could not believe how tone she was and how young and perfect he soft skin looked not being covered in sweat like I usually see her when she is outside.

How I Lost My Virginity


When I was a College Sophomore I was one of those very rare things for my age: A virgin. I was a little ashamed of it – I mean, I wasn’t a prude or anything. I told myself I just hadn’t stumbled onto the right opportunity. Boy, did that change….

One of my best friends was dating a senior boy. As a result, the gang that I hung out with was mostly seniors. One summer night, agroup of about 20 of us were just hanging out and cruising. I had on short denim skirt and a tight tank-top and was being a big tease. We decided that we would go from the mall to a club across town. Steve grabbed my hand and said we should ride over in Tom’s car. Eric said he would also ride with us. So I climbed into the back seat between Steve and Eric and off we went. We didn’t get very far before Steve was kissing me. He had a muscular build and dreamy blue eyes. Having him notice me was a dream come true, let alone to start necking with him. As we got going, Eric started kissing my shoulder and neck. This was great. Two senior boys interested in me. Steve started to feel my tit. It wasn’t the first time a boy felt me up and even if we weren’t alone, I wasn’t going to stop this hunk.



Carolyn Chase moved easily through the crowd, stopping occasionally stopping to speak with one of the guests attending black tie gala in a downtown Washington, DC hotel! With her mane of long blonde hair, large voluptuous chest, huge fat bottom, and a pretty if not beautiful face, she caused more than one male head to turn that evening, and as usually the case at events like this one, several notes with phone numbers were surreptitiously slipped into her hand accompanied by a wink and a nod! Carolyn didn’t particularly care for these political fund raisers, but when you were a model scrounging for work you took what was available when it was available!!! Her agency had gotten a call that twenty pretty plump women between twenty five and thirty five were needed to dress up what could have been a rather drab affair, so Carolyn, along with a score of other young women were mingling with the DC big shots as the wheels of government were being greased with big money that was flowing in from all over the country!


A Friend In Need

“What’s the matter, Jan,” Alana asked while maneuvering her new SUV through suburban traffic, “you haven’t said three words since we left home, and if I didn’t know better I’d say that you look a little flushed!?!” Lost in though, Jan didn’t even acknowledge Alana’s question until she felt her friend give her a poke in the ribs and repeat her question!!! “Uh, oh sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” Jan replied, “I was just thinking!!!” “Thinking,” she shot back, “about what, for god’s sakes, we’re two women of age and we’re going shopping using our husband’s money, now tell me, what in the heck could be better than that!?!” Jan threw her head back and gave a short laugh but then replied staidly, “Well, I guess I am a little bit in the dumps, Hank had to leave the house early today and I just miss him that’s all!!!” They drove in silence for a minute or so until Alana offered, “So you missed out on your morning sugar, huh!?!” Jan looked over at her friend and just rolled her eyes before saying, “You’re incorrigible, do you know that!?!” Alana made a show of acting hurt and answered, “Me, what ever are you talking about, all I did was make a perfectly reasonable observation, nothing more or nothing less, that’s all!!!”

Jan was about to make another retort but quickly thought better of it while realizing that arguing with Alana was at best losing proposition and at worst hopeless, so for the next ten minutes the only sounds in the care were those of the radio! Finally when she couldn’t stand it another second, Alana asked softly, “Are you really in pain, babe?!?” Since Hank had skipped out on their morning session of love making, Alana’s pussy was absolutely on fire, and in a display of overt sexuality, she silently pulled up her skirt and exposed the bulging lips of her vagina to Alana and then whispered, “I-I’m in really bad shape, honey, do you think you could help me out?!?” With her eyes practically popping out of her head, Alana returned her attention back to the road and replied, “Hold on, babe, we’re almost to the mall, just wait until I can get us parked, okay!?!” With little beads of sweat now breaking out on her forehead, Jan said softly, “Please hurry, just look at me, I can’t hold back much longer!!!” (more…)

Glenda’s Vacation

Glenda Jefferies was in a funk that had lasted over two years. It had been just about that long ago that her husband of thirty five years passed away suddenly do to a massive heart attack, and wow at a still young fifty six, Glenda had lost all her zest for life, and was just going through the motions. Her sex life was nil, and since she hadn’t had a date of any kind, there was little chance of any male attention. Her only sexual release was from the middle finger on her left hand, so every week or so the tension in her vagina would become so urgent, that she would frig her clitoris to a massive if not totally fulfilling orgasm. There were a lot of eligible men that would be proud to be seen with Glenda on his arm, but she had just about shut out the entire world, and as the days passed her restlessness grew. One morning while sharing a cup of coffee with her neighbor Sharon, the subject of travel and vacations came up. “Well, I think you should go,” said an exasperated Sharon, “you’ve hardly left this house in two years, Glenda, and that isn’t healthy, and you know it!!!” What Sharon was griping about, was a chance for Glenda to take a drive from her home in Detroit to her 40th high school reunion in New Orleans. As Glenda cleaned up the dishes, she promised Sharon that she would think about going, but that she wasn’t going to commit to anything just yet. As she was opening the back door to leave, Sharon looked back over her shoulder and in a serious voice said, “It’s time you got over losing Donny, hon, it’s been two years now, you’ve gotta move on!!!”


Pool Party

“Hey, everybody,” Gene shouted, “watch this,” just before in did a wild somersault off the diving board into his back yard pool!!! The rest of the crowd gave him a mock standing ovation and Tom called out, “I’d give that one a three and a half,” and everyone roared with laughter and then went back to making conversation and nursing their drinks! It was the usual crowd, the four couples who had been fast friends since they moved into the subdivision twenty odd years ago. In the summer it was swimming and golf, while during the colder weather, it was bowling or cards, take your pick!!! So comfortable were these couples together, that from about the second year of their friendship, they started skinny dipping together in Gene and Katie’s pool, and of course today was no exception as they splashed about and enjoyed each other’s company!!! Cal was over at the grill doing the burgers and dogs thing, while Marie and Winnie sat on the edge of the pool with their legs dangling over the edge while talking and sipping on some iced tea. Winnie was right in the middle of telling Marie about her last appointment with the dentist, when like a stealth submarine, her husband Troy emerged from the water between her legs and went straight for her hairy pussy!!! (more…)

On Edge

“What,” Valerie said to her husband, Jack, as she put on the final touches of her makeup!?! “Whataya mean, what,” he ask while drying off his just washed hair!?!” “You know what I mean,” she said while looking at him in the mirror!!!” “No I don’t,” he protested, “I have no idea what you’re talking about!!!” After rolling her eyes, she turned half way around to face him and asked, “How many years have we been married!?!” “Uh, six,” he replied, “why!?!” “You’d think after six years you’d get used to seeing your wife without her clothes on,” she said while shaking her head!!!” “I am used to it,” he replied, “I didn’t say a word!!!” “Well just look at you,” she said in exasperation while pointing at his now hard cock, “I can’t remember the last time I saw when it was soft!!!” “He laughed a devilish little laugh as he advanced towards her and said softly, “Well, baby, after you’ve taken care of it, maybe you’ll see it then!!!” “Now Jack,” she replied quickly, “we don’t have time for this nonsense, we’re late as it is!!!” “Mmmm, since when is making love to your wife nonsense,” he asked just before crushing her lips with his!?!” When they finally broke away she said with a little gasp, “Y-you know that’s not what I meant, I just meant that since we’re late, we don’t have time to, ohhhhhhhhhh, Jack, stop that, I-I can’t help myself, oh, damn you, fuck me, just take me!!!” (more…)

The Game

This happened only a week ago, and it was as much a surprise to my girlfriend as it was to me. My girlfriend, Claudia, is a modern dancer and a very beautiful woman, with an athletic build, soft pale skin, and lovely round breasts that are just the right size.

We were having a few glasses of wine together one evening after watching the sun drop behind the horizen, when the silence was broken by a group of four men playing with a football about a twenty meters down the beach. Every now and again they would stop, drink some bears, then play on. They were all big guys, and we could tell by their accents they were American College boys. Claudia was very cynical of them, not her type of people, she said. (more…)

The Game

This happened only a week ago, and it was as much a surprise to my girlfriend as it was to me. My girlfriend, Claudia, is a modern dancer and a very beautiful woman, with an athletic build, soft pale skin, and lovely round breasts that are just the right size.

We were having a few glasses of wine together one evening after watching the sun drop behind the horizen, when the silence was broken by a group of four men playing with a football about a twenty meters down the beach. Every now and again they would stop, drink some bears, then play on. They were all big guys, and we could tell by their accents they were American College boys. Claudia was very cynical of them, not her type of people, she said. (more…)

St Tropez

Amber strolled down the beach, marveling at the sheer beauty of the strip of sand know around the world as St. Tropez. Made famous in the sixties by Brigitte Bardot, it now was the play ground for the idle rich of Europe. This was Amber’s second visit to the continent, but her first to the South of France, and it was all that it was cracked up to be and more!!! It was seven in the morning and she had the entire beach to herself, that is, except for the huge yachts that were moored not more than one hundred yards off shore. Picking up a shells as she went along, Amber could all ready feel the heat from the sun warming her bare back, even at this early hour! When she was far enough away from the main swimming area, she slipped behind some rocks and remove her shorts and halter top, and then lay down on her blanket for some serious sunning! (more…)