Cheating Anal Wives

“You didn’t!” Wendy gasped when Lynn told her about the encounter with Ken, how she had finally cheated on her husband with another guy. It was really outrageous. She, a wealthy suburban wife, meeting a surfer on the beach and then actually doing it with him in the back of his van!

“I did,” Lynn said with the satisfied smile of a cat who’s just consumed a big bowl of cream

She went into all the details, describing Ken’s cock to Wendy, who, of course, drooled hearing Lynn’s description. Lynn told her about everything they did in the back of his van. Wendy got so excited listening to all the scorching details that afterwards the two wives just had to pull down their jeans and panties and have a go at it themselves. 

Lynn saw Ken the surfer again, this time at his surprisingly swank beachside Santa Monica apartment. He was only twenty, but it turned out he was a championship surfer and made quite a bit of money from competitions and his endorsements. Upstairs, she found that he did indeed have a nice, big bed for her, not just the back of a surfer’s van. And boy did the two of them ever have fun on that bed that time, and several more times! Naturally Wendy heard all about these encounters as well

“Maybe you can join the two of us. You know, I’ve told him all about you, and about us, how you’re married too, how the two of us like to fool around. You know guys. He just loved hearing about that, about a couple of wives having sex with each other, cheating on their husbands that way,”” Lynn said to Wendy one day after she described her latest encounter with Ken, a description which again provoked some serious cunnilingus on the part of the two wives, as well as extensive play with Wendy’s vibrating dildo. 

“Join you two?” Wendy said, a little stunned. Wendy had yet to cheat on her husband, Lynn knew, apart from her liaisons with Lynn. But the more Lynn told Wendy about her own transgressions, the more tempted Wendy became, Lynn could clearly see. 

“Yeah, I even asked Ken what he’d think if I brought you over with me some day,” Lynn said. “You can imagine his answer.”

Wendy smiled. She knew men well enough to guess that this rugged, virile new lover of Lynn’s would not pass on Lynn’s suggestion to bring another hot babe to their love nest and make it a threesome.

“He loved the idea, right?” Lynn smirked.

“Right,” Lynn said. “What do you think? Could you get into something like that?”

There was a long moment of silence, then a big smile on Wendy’s face as she took a deep breath.

“What the fuck! You did it, Lynn. It’s time for me to stop talking about it and do it too!” Wendy said. “And this way I won’t have to go out and find someone and then be disappointed–“

“Yeah, you’ll be with me,” Lynn said, completing Wendy’s thought. “And I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by Ken. He’s a fantastic lover and I’m sure he can handle the two of us just as easily as he can handle one.”

“Oh shit, this is beginning to turn me on, what you’re suggesting, Lynn,” Wendy said, her eyes sparkling.

“I knew it would,” Lynn purred, leaning close, kissing Wendy, sliding a hand up her thigh, between her legs.

“Mmmmmmh,” Wendy sighed as they pressed their lips together and Wendy slid her own hand between Lynn’s legs. Seconds later their clothes were off and two erotically turbocharged wives were going at it again, tongues buried in their muffs.

“What’s you favorite number, Wendy?” Lynn teased.

“Sixty-nine!” Wendy enthused as two faces were pressed excitedly against two wet, steaming pussies.

A week later, when both their husbands were once again occupied with their usual Sunday afternoon golf game, Lynn and Wendy headed over to Ken’s apartment.

As they ascended the elevator Lynn could see how excited and nervous Wendy was. After all, not only was she finally going to cheat on her husband with another man, but she was going to do it in the unusual context of a threesome with another woman, Lynn.

As they got off the elevator and headed towards Ken’s door, Wendy took a deep breath.

Lynn rang the buzzer and Ken opened the door, looking quickly from Lynn to Wendy. Lynn glanced over to see her reaction. Wendy looked very pleased the second she laid eyes on him, as Lynn had expected she would. And Ken tried to suppress a frankly delighted, somewhat wolfish grin as he looked Wendy up and down. These two wives were at least ten years older than him, but Ken always had a thing for older women.

“This is Wendy,” Lynn said, making the introduction.

“Hi, I’m Ken,” he said, shaking her hand.

They sat down and small talked for a few minutes, knowing full well that this was just an ice-breaking prelude.

“Wendy was so excited about me bringing her here that all day she just couldn’t sit still,” Lynn said, bringing the conversation to the subject at hand. “So I decided to take her down to the mall and do some shopping until it was time to come over here.”

One thing Lynn quickly learned that Ken liked was for her to do a slow striptease for him when she was over at his place. He was one of those studs who really got off watching a woman take off her clothes slowly and sensually. And also trying on sexy clothes for him. When Lynn told her, Wendy got really excited hearing this about Ken, saying she wanted to do the same, to strip for him too, and see him get aroused as she disrobed. Both 30 year old wives loved the idea of stripping for, and turning on a young 20 year old stud. So they had decided, before coming here, to go do some shopping and to get some sexy garments specifically for Ken’s enjoyment, for the pleasure he’d get seeing Wendy put them on and then take them off. Plus, she didn’t want to be wearing or be trying on clothes here that she normally wore when she was with her husband. Somehow Wendy liked the idea of coming over with some fresh new clothes, bought specifically for this purpose.

“Wendy said she wanted to get something sexy to wear expressly for you, Ken,” Lynn continued.

Wendy blushed as she slapped Lynn playfully.

“You don’t have to tell Ken all my secrets, Lynn,”

“We wives don’t keep any secrets from Ken,” Lynn said, emphasizing the word wives. The fact that they were two married women about to have a fiery little liaison with a handsome man made everything doubly exciting.

“So would you like to see the clothes I bought, Ken?” Wendy asked him. “Maybe I can try them on for you?”

“I’d love to see what you got for yourself, Wendy,” Ken said, stretching back on the couch like a leisurely young lion.

“Yeah, show him what you got,” Lynn said, urging Wendy to proceed.

She opened a shopping bag and pulled out a sexy little cotton tank top.

“I loved that. It looked so good on you,” Lynn said to Wendy. “I wonder what Ken will think?”

“Would you like me to try it on, Ken?” she asked, playing the game, letting the skimpy little ribbed tank top hang from her fingertips. “It would be nice to see what a man thought of it on me, and I don’t mean my husband either.”

Ken, Lynn had quickly learned, somehow was especially excited having an affair with a married woman. He just got off on the fact that the woman he was boning, who was taking his cock all the way down her throat, was cheating on her husband. When he heard that Lynn’s girlfriend was also married he couldn’t have been happier, as Lynn had told Wendy. So Wendy knew it was a good idea to keep emphasizing that she was married, that she had a husband.

“Please, by all means, try it on,” he said, smiling that wolfish smile of his, enjoying this scenario immensely.

“Okay, but turn around. I’m going to take my sweater off first,” Wendy said, starting the charade. Everyone knew this was just a tease, this false modesty.

Ken turned his torso so that he now faced away from the two wives as Wendy looked over at Lynn and took a deep breath. Wendy was so excited that Lynn thought she could actually hear her heart beating. She eyed those massive breasts of Wendy’s, exposed momentarily before she put on the halter top, and imagined how Ken would react seeing that top clinging to the huge, soft globes.

“Okay, turn around again now,” she told Ken.

The halter top clung spectacularly to her top-heavy figure. 

With her slim frame and twenty-one inch waist, but her extravagantly oversized breasts, the tank top looked almost obscenely arousing on Wendy. Ken’s eyes were riveted that those two monstrous swellings like a pair of hot rivets clinging to metal.

“What do you think?” Lynn asked her new lover.

“Yeah, what do you think?” Wendy quizzed.

“You look incredible in that,” Ken growled softly, his voice quivering with arousal.

“You really think so?” Wendy said, doing a little pirouette and showing off.

“Show him what else you got,” Lynn said.

“Oh I got this,” she said, taking another item from her shopping bag. “A little leather skirt. Would you like me to try that on for you too?” 

“Yes, please,” Ken told her.

Ken again turned around as Wendy took off her jeans to put on the skirt. It was a hot little number made of black leather, soft as a baby’s skin, and, like the tank top, it clung spectacularly to Wendy’s figure.

“Okay, you can turn around again,” Wendy told him.

His eyes were two wide saucers.

“Do you like the skirt too?” she asked, modeling the outfit for Ken.

“Yeah, doesn’t it look just fabulous on her,” Lynn added, “and it goes great with the top.”

“It sure does,” Ken said, his eyes caressing Wendy’s sexily draped body, no doubt thinking that soon he would see it undraped. He pointed to her shopping bag, still not empty he saw. “What else have you got in there?”

“Oh, would you like me to try these on for you too?” Wendy purred in mock-girlish way, as she took a pair of turquoise bikini panties and a matching half-bra from the bag. “I’ve always had a thing for sexy imported underwear.”

“Sure, why don’t you try them on for me,” Ken teased.

“How badly do you want to see me in them?” Wendy teased back, getting frankly seductive as Lynn looked on approvingly. Lynn knew this is what Wendy had been waiting for. She’d confessed to Lynn that it had been so long since she had seduced a man, and this, as much as anything, is what excited her about the prospect of their meeting up with Ken like this. After all those years of a dreary marriage, she’d once again have a chance to be a seductress.

“How badly?” he said. “Very, very badly.”

“Okay, turn around again then.”

Lynn now watched Wendy take off the leather skirt and tank top. Then she put on the new bra, she hadn’t been wearing one before. Next she pulled off her panties and put on the matching pair. She looked at Lynn, thrilled, as she changed into her new underwear.

“Okay, here I am,” Wendy said as Ken turned around to see Wendy standing there, her hands on her hips, dressed in a little bra that cut in just above the nipples of her awesome breasts, and a pair of panties which were barely more than a G-string. She looked sensationally sexy! She knew it, Lynn knew, and Ken knew it too.

But she thought she’d ask anyway.

“Do you think I look sexy in these?” she asked.

“Yes, you look very sexy,” Ken growled softly.

“How sexy did you say?” she asked, turning around, and swaying her trim little buns, which were almost completely exposed.

“Very, very sexy,” Ken said, as Wendy turned around and walked towards him. Looking down into his crotch, both Wendy and Lynn could see that Ken was all hard and swollen down there, a state of affairs easily visible since he was wearing a pair of worn and extremely tight jeans, a pair that Lynn liked seeing him wear, thinking they looked very flattering on him, showing off his big bulge to best effect.

“So, seeing my girlfriend in her underwear turns you on, huh Ken?” Lynn said to him, running a hand along his thigh

“Yeah, do I turn you on, Ken?” Wendy asked, standing right over him so her tits were almost in his face, and reaching down uninhibitedly to run a hand over the denim covering his swollen dick. Lynn approved, and so, obviously, did Ken. And it didn’t surprise Lynn that once Wendy got into the groove, she’d be as forward as this. After all, that’s the way she’d been with Lynn that first time, pointing out Lynn’s wet spot, and begging to pull down her jeans and then her panties so she could get to it.

Wendy looked into Ken’s, her eyes smoldering with lust.

“Maybe seeing me with my underwear off will turn you on even more?” she said, turning her girlfriend. “Lynn?”

Lynn now got behind Wendy and unsnapped her newly purchased brassiere and, as it dropped to the floor, Wendy took hold of Lynn’s wrists and brought her hands around to take hold of her breasts.

Ken had quizzed Lynn all about Wendy and she’d told him of the little games the two of them liked to play together when their spouses were off on the golf course. Naturally, he loved hearing that the two of them made it with each other. Most men, Lynn knew, got very excited by the thought of women making it with other women.

As Lynn gently squeezed Wendy’s lusciously soft and massive breasts, running her fingers over the stiffened nipples, Wendy reached down to take hold of Ken’s zipper, pulling it down and working her hand into his fly, taking out his thick, rigid penis.

“Nice!,” she said. “Nice and hard! And so big and thick. Just the way Lynn described it to me.”

Then Lynn reached down to take hold of the elastic of Wendy’s panties, slowly pulling then down over her trim thighs.

Now she stood there, completely naked, Ken’s cock in her hand.

“Do you like seeing me all naked, Ken?” she purred.

“What do you think?” he said, glancing down to his cock.

“I think he likes you,” Lynn said as Wendy waved her enormous tits in his face as she fondled him. She looked so slender, especially without any clothes on, and her breasts were so huge, that, when she bent over, it sometimes looked like she could lose her balance.

“And now I think it’s time for you to undress, Lynn,” Wendy said, turning to look at me.

“Yes, it is that time, isn’t it?” Lynn said as she slowly unbuttoned the beige cashmere sweater she was wearing. Under that she had on a lacy plum-colored brassiere. Lynn had especially ‘dressed’ for the occasion so that later she could put on a little show undressing, just as Wendy had done.

Then Lynn reached to unzip her skirt and slowly pulled that off as Wendy and Ken watched avidly, Wendy holding on to Ken’s cock. Underneath, Lynn she wore a black satin slip. She never wore slips, or even bras. But today she decided she’d really ‘dress up.’ That way there’d be more of a show to put on when she finally undressed, as she was doing now. Next she sat down on the couch alongside Ken and took off her shoes, showing off her pretty feet, flashing toes freshly topped with glossy red polish. Then, standing up again she wiggled out of her slip. Under that she had on a pair of extremely brief plum-colored panties that matched her bra.

Now she reached back to unsnap her bra, sliding the straps off each shoulder and revealing, ever so provocatively, her breasts. Ken loved her round, firm breasts, but now she had to compete with Wendy’s prize-winning pair, and Ken was a big, big fan of women’s breasts, she’d learned. But no one knew how to flaunt it quite like Lynn did.

So now as Wendy and Ken both looked on, Lynn wet a finger in 

her mouth and ran it over both of her nipples, making them stand up crisp and erect. Wendy may have had larger breasts, but no one, Lynn felt sure, could match the etched perfection of her nipples.

Next Lynn grabbed hold of the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down over her ass. She was about to casually toss them aside when Wendy grabbed them from her hand, bringing them up to her nose to sniff, then up to Ken’s.

“Why, they’re damp, Lynn,” Wendy said in mock surprise, turning to Ken with a sexy, knowing grin. “She gets so wet, Lynn does.”

Ken’s eyes were closed as he sniffed, savoring the sweet aroma and the dampness. That first time in the van with Ken, after they were finished, she had given him her damp pair of panties as a memento. And a memento it became, Ken sniffing the panties for days until they finally dried out. And he’d been sniffing them since then. They still smelled good, Ken could testify from the sniff he’d taken of those panties just this morning.

Lynn moved closer to Wendy and Ken, reaching down for Ken’s cock. Wendy’s hand was already down there, but Ken’s stiff dick, nine inches of extra thick steel hard penis, was big and meaty, and there was plenty for both the wives to handle.

Lynn could see how eager Wendy was to get some of that cock inside her, but earlier they’d decided they would go about all this nice and slow today. On their way here they spoke how first they’d put on a girl-girl sex show for Ken; Lynn had in fact promised him that. They’d let him just watch the two of them get all hot and nasty with each other. That would set him to such a pitch of excitement that when the finally went at him, he’d be burning up with sheer, horny lust. And it was such lust they both sought from Ken this afternoon.

So now Lynn stood up, removing Wendy’s hand from Ken’s cock and making her up stand with Lynn.

“Come on up here,” Lynn said, pulling Wendy to her. Then they turned and wrapped their arms around each other, bodies pressing close, lips meeting in a soft, passionate kiss as Ken watched closely, tugging away at his rigid pole.

As they hugged and kissed, looking over at Ken, the wives’ hands reached down to caress and explore each other’s bodies, hands gliding over smooth skin, the roundness of breasts and buttocks, between sleek thighs to feel the feminine essence hidden there.

Lynn now bent her knees, bringing her face lower, her lips drifting down over Wendy’s neck and then further down to her breasts. She kissed and licked each huge breast, and then took Wendy’s nipples in her mouth one at a time as she held those heavy, full breasts in her hands, relishing their warmth, their soft fullness.

“These two are something else, don’t you think, Ken?” Lynn said, turning to him, remembering how mesmerized he had been by the first sight of Wendy’s mammoth globes, even when they were concealed by her tank top.

Now Lynn’s mouth moved down as she bent even lower, lips and tongue drifting downward over Wendy’s stomach. Lynn softly ran her tongue all over Wendy’s smooth belly, her slim waist as she reached up with her hands, kneading and squeezing those appealingly soft breasts. Lynn went about all this very slowly, torturing Wendy, feeling her body tremble as she desperately yearned for Lynn’s mouth to move even lower. Torturing Ken, too, with this profoundly erotic display of wife-wife arousal and affection.

Finally Lynn’s lips were pressed against Wendy’s dark luxuriant bush. Lynn loved that Wendy, like herself, and unlike so many younger chicks these days, didn’t shave down there. Lynn had grown very fond of Wendy’s thick pubic rug. And when she described it to Ken, after telling him how Wendy was both petite and slender while at the same time extravagantly stacked, that mix of physical features intrigued Ken. He had been dying to get a look at Wendy, Lynn knew. And now here he was doing just that, as Lynn pressed her face’s into Wendy’s crotch.

Then Lynn pulled away, kissed and licked Wendy’s smooth thighs, avoiding her pussy for the moment, though she could sense just how desperately Wendy sought to have Lynn’s tongue and lips down there finally. But that Lynn would save for a little later.

Wendy could hardly take it, grabbing Lynn’s face and trying to force her mouth lower, but Lynn still avoided that sweet spot of Wendy’s, sliding her tongue upwards again, over her taut stomach and her breasts, and back to her lips where they exchanged another breathless kiss.

Ken was breathing hard, the look of horny desperation written on his face almost painful. He was whacking that cock of his so fast it was nearly a blur in his fist.

“Look at Ken,” Lynn said, as Wendy turned her head his way. “I think he needs us now.”

They dropped down on the couch, on either side of Ken, pressing their warm bodies against him.

Lynn turned to Ken and kissed him as Wendy ran her hand down over his sleek, smooth, muscled chest and stomach to take hold of his burning cock. His whole body was alive, pulsing with pure, raw youthful lust. Something the two wives both sensed so clearly.

Reaching down, Lynn’s fingers wrapped themselves around Wendy’s, which held Ken’s cock in their grasp, then Lynn lowered her fingers to his balls, fondling them softy, just the way she knew Ken liked it. Men can be very sensitive about the way their balls are caressed and Lynn knew just how to caress Ken’s,

Meanwhile, his two hands were drifting over both of them, over their breasts and stomachs, down between their legs as they helped out, spreading their thighs wide so he could feel them both. Then Wendy turned his head to hers and began to kiss him passionately as Lynn darted her tongue into his ear, like a viper, licking him, whispering.

“We’re going to make you feel so good, the two of us!”

Now Wendy moved up a few inches, shoving one of her big tits in his face, feeding it to him. He sucked her like a baby as Lynn caressed her other breast, playing with the free nipple.

Wendy took hold of Ken’s cock and started to stroke it as Lynn watched the other wife enjoy what she herself had been enjoying for weeks now. There was a look of such intense longing, such desire in Wendy’s eyes as she stroked him. Lynn had become reacquainted with the pleasures of the male organ over the past couple of weeks, but for Wendy this was a new experience. A frustrated wife, she was finally getting the opportunity to be sexually intimate with another man.

“Isn’t it exciting?” Lynn whispered in Wendy’s ear, seeing her eyes sparkling with dreamy desire. “Just to hold it, just to hold a fresh hard cock finally after all this time?”

“Oh God yes, Lynn! It is!” she whispered back.

“He feels good, doesn’t he?” Lynn purred in her ear.

“Uh huh. He’s so hard. And so big and thick too,” she said. “He feels great.”

“And he tastes great too, Wendy, why don’t you go ahead and taste him?” Lynn said, gently pushing down on the back of Wendy’s head as the other wife lowered her face to his penis. Her lips opened and, instantly, he was in her mouth. She couldn’t wait, sucking him voraciously. Lynn was thrilled by the sight of her girlfriend getting to suck a man’s cock, happy to be sharing it with her like this.

“That’s it, Wendy, suck that cock!” she hissed as Wendy groaned with excitement, twisting the shaft in her hand as she slowly took inch after inch in her mouth.

To help out, Lynn lowered her face and began to lick Ken’s balls while Wendy fellated him. Then Lynn slowly dragged her tongue up his shaft while Wendy just sucked on the knob.

“Here, you take over now,” Wendy said, pulling her mouth away and handing him over to Lynn. Now Lynn sucked his cock while Wendy watched, playing with his balls as she brought her lips to Lynn’s ear.

“Isn’t this fun, sucking a guy’s cock together?” she whispered.

The look Lynn had in her eyes as she glanced over at Wendy, her mouth stuffed with Ken’s hardness, was all the answer she needed.

“Let’s turn him over,” Lynn said suddenly, helping to roll Ken’s body over so he’d be on his stomach, Wendy helping. Now they both found themselves staring at his butt. Both wives were big fans of a nicely sculpted male bottom. And Lynn had described Ken’s to Wendy, how smooth and hard this young surfer’s bottom was, just what you’d expect from an athlete in peak form. They looked at each other and smiled. They both knew what was up, and so did Ken. Lynn and Wendy loved to rim each other’s asses and Ken really appreciated it when Lynn slid her tongue between his buttocks and stimulated that sensitive sphincter of his.

Now she spread those buttocks apart so both wives could stare at the exposed sphincter.

“Here’s another yummy spot,” Lynn said, licking her lips, as Wendy chuckled lewdly. “Care to dig in?”

“Sure,” Wendy said, working her tongue between his cheeks as Lynn held him open and watched the other wife hungrily go down on Ken’s ass, really slurping away at the rubbery ridge of his asshole.

“That feel good, Ken?” Lynn asked. “Does Wendy do that as good as I do?”

“You two could be twins,” he said diplomatically, looking back over his shoulder at the two of them, smiling. He caught Lynn’s eye but Wendy’s face wasn’t visible, buried as it was between his cheeks, lapping away.

“Now you,” Wendy said, pulling away so Lynn could have her turn. Already wet from Wendy’s saliva, Lynn slickened his asshole even more with her warm, viperish tongue. But she didn’t just lick him. No, she also showed off one of her specialties as she rolled up her tongue and dug it into his ass. Wendy smiled as she watched Lynn do this to him. She herself loved it whenever Lynn fucked her ass with her tongue like that.

“My turn,” Wendy said, rolling up her tongue and ‘stabbing’ Ken’s asshole as Wendy had just done. Lynn had turned Wendy on to this kind of anal tongue probing, and Wendy took to it like a pro. Now they went back and forth, seeing who could get her tongue in deeper. Ken meanwhile was in his own kind of heaven, enjoying the eager oral attention of two horny wives rimming his rear. Then they kissed, flickering tongues, thrusting them into each others’ mouths knowing that had both just been wedged up the same hot, male asshole.

“How about we go into the bedroom now?” Lynn said, standing up and leading Ken and Wendy to the bedroom, the room where she’d already spent a couple of really sizzling afternoons.

Lynn tore off the bedspread and pulled away the blanket as Ken and Wendy tumbled down onto the bed, with Lynn following. Wendy lowered her face to his cock again and started sucking it some more. Wendy had told Lynn how for the past year or more she hated sucking her husband’s dick, but she had this real yearning to give a guy head again, a guy who really made her feel like going down on him. And now it sure seemed like Ken was making her feel that way.

Lynn, meanwhile, slid down on the bed and spread apart Wendy’s legs, bringing her face between them. Her pussy was nice and creamy, maybe not quite as drenched as Lynn’s own, but pretty slick and wet. And so Lynn pressed her face between Wendy’s slender thighs, pushed her tongue through the thick tangle of black pubic hair, and licked that sweet, lovely cunt of hers.

“Oh God, yes!” Wendy moaned as she felt the new sensation.

“Come down here now and help me out, Ken,” Lynn said as he eagerly joined her between Wendy’s legs. Lynn wanted Ken to come and join her because one thing Lynn had discovered about Ken was that he gave beautiful head. He really knew how to go down on a woman, and loved doing it. So Lynn wanted Wendy to enjoy some of that, a male tongue joining Lynn’s. And though Lynn had been going down on Lynn plenty in the last month, she knew it had been a long time since a man had given Wendy any decent oral attention.

“Oh God, yes!” Wendy groaned now, running a hand through Ken’s luxuriant hair as he went down on her.

Lynn just watched for a moment, watched the sexy surfer give her girlfriend some first-rate cunnilingus, then she got up and sat right over Wendy’s face, lowering her pussy to Wendy’s lips, as her tongue reached out to savor it. As Lynn straddled her face like this, she grabbed hold of Wendy’s ankles and pulled her legs back, spreading them even further as Ken continued to feast on her. Meanwhile, Wendy’s agile, familiar tongue sliding over the tender surface of Lynn’s vulva gave her goosebumps.

Then Lynn got up off her face and kissed Wendy. She had licked Wendy and Wendy had licked her, and their lips were sticky from each other’s cunts. That’s one thing Lynn and Wendy had come to love to do, to kiss after they’d gone down on each other.

“Are you ready to take him inside?” Lynn finally asked Wendy. “Are you ready to get fucked!” 

This was it, this was the moment. Since the day she had married her husband, Wendy had never fucked another man. Literally from that day, because Wendy once confessed to Lynn that the night before her wedding she couldn’t help seeing an old boyfriend she had especially liked and fucking him just one more time, knowing that would be it for her.

“Am I ever!” Wendy groaned.

Ken now lifted his face from between her legs and brought his body further up as Lynn took hold of his cock and helped guide it to her girlfriend’s cunt. 

“Time to fuck!” Lynn hissed at her.

“Yeah, it’s finally time to get screwed!” Wendy hissed back as Ken just watched the two wives in amazement, his stiff, aching cock an inch from Wendy’s inflamed membranes.

Lynn, holding on to his cock just rubbed the tip against Wendy’s pussy, teasing her, looking down to see the big, smooth knob pressing against Wendy’s delicately etched vulva, surrounded by a thick forest of dark curls. It was a beautiful sight.

“Do it!” Lynn growled at Ken, letting go of his cock as, slowly, he slid it inside Wendy, nice and smoothly.

Ahhhhhhh!” Wendy sighed ecstatically as she felt the exquisite sensation of his rigid penis entering her body, her eyes rolling in their sockets as she wrapped her arms around him, pressing Ken firmly against her. Lynn, satisfied with what she had helped bring about here, just pulled back with a smile and watched them fuck. What a beautiful sight it was! Her horny girlfriend, who for so long had desperately sought to have the hardness of another man fill her, a man more useful than her husband, was bucking her hips up wildly to meet Ken’s thrusts, eager to have all of him, to have him deep! As two women who had become intimate with each other, the wives were curious how each responded to a man, just how they behaved when they were fucked. Now Lynn was seeing something of Wendy’s style, as soon Wendy would get to observe her girlfriend in action with Ken.

“Isn’t it just so wonderful to feel it like that again, Wendy?” Lynn said to the other wife, as Wendy turned to look at Lynn, her eyes glazed with the thrill of forbidden sex, Lynn’s beaming with empathy at what she knew her girlfriend was feeling.

Now Lynn moved down to the foot of the bed and stared at Ken’s muscular buttocks as he pumped it into her. Wendy lifted her legs high and spread them as wide as possible, positioning herself to enjoy every last inch, every sensation of his hard thrusting into her welcoming and immensely aroused body.

Lynn ran her hand over the smooth skin of his buttocks as he thrust forward, letting her fingers glide into the crack. They had both licked him down there so she knew he’d still be a little moist. Now she worked a finger into his crack, found the slickened anus and slid a finger inside. She had done this to Ken before and knew he enjoyed it.

They went on like this for minutes until Ken suddenly pulled out of Wendy and turned to Lynn.

“Lay down and spread your legs,” he told Lynn.

Was it going to be her turn now? She didn’t think Wendy had had nearly enough. After her drought she needed a lot of fucking to make up for lost time, Lynn knew, just as Lynn herself had.

But she did what Ken asked, laying flat and spreading her legs.

Now he pushed Wendy between Lynn’s open legs.

“Lick her, lick your girlfriend again,” he told her.

Wendy started to lick Lynn’s pussy as Ken lifted Wendy’s hips so she was resting now on her elbows and knees, with her bottom raised high. Then he got behind her and quickly pushed forward. From Wendy’s muffled gasp Lynn knew that he had filled her cunt again, coming at her from the rear this time. He held on to her hips and fucked the shit out of her as she lapped away wildly at Lynn’s pussy, her tongue really eating Lynn up. Finally she just had to pull away from Lynn’s cunt, flailing her head, panting, nearly shrieking with excitement.

I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!!!” she suddenly announced to them both.

And then her body trembled and shook and Lynn knew that at that moment Ken’s hard cock and rugged technique had taken her to blissville

Yesssssss!!!!” she howled at the top of her lungs, her body quivering like a rag doll’s. 

Finally Ken pulled out of her, his cock as hard as ever, as Wendy collapsed on the bed, spent and exhausted and out of breath. But Lynn wasn’t exhausted, far from it. She was staring at that cock of Ken’s, all slick from Wendy’s cunt, and knew that now she wanted it.

So she pushed him down on his back and straddled him, reaching back to take hold of his slick shaft and work it into her cunt.

“Aw shit,” Lynn yelped as she rocked him now. “Does that ever feel good! Especially since it’s nice and warm from your cunt, Wendy.”

Watching Lynn ride Ken like this, fucking him with a smooth, knowing figure-eight movement of her pelvis, quickly revived Wendy. Her eyes went wide as she stared at the two of them doing it now.

“This is so wild, Lynn. He just fucked me, and now he’s fuckin’ you,” Wendy said, needing to put it in words.

“He sure as shit is!” Lynn cackled, bearing down hard.

Now Wendy got behind them so she could take in the view.

“That looks so hot!” Wendy sighed, staring at the sight, taking in the heated coupling of Ken’s cock and Lynn’s cunt, staring at Wendy’s ass. Wendy just loved that perfect butt of Lynn’s.

Since that first time when they had watched those tapes Wendy had rented, which is what got them started on this course, every time Lynn and Wendy got together they’d start things off by watching another porn tape. And they both admitted, commenting on which acts, scenes and angles were the hottest and the most arousing to them, that one thing they especially liked was seeing a woman on top of a guy, facing him. That way, you had a perfect view of the babe’s ass, her pussy getting filled, and her asshole peeking out at you too. Also, this way the guy’s cock and balls were nice and visible. The only things that turned them on even more than this view was a nice sandwich, or when a woman impaled her ass over a guys’ cock, on top of him, and they could watch her asshole stretched around his thickness, her slick, waiting pussy right above. 

“I think I’ll help out with my tongue,” Wendy proposed.

Now, as Ken fucked her, Lynn could hear Wendy back there, slurping away at his balls. Then, after she lavished his nut sack with her extravagant oral caresses, she dragged her tongue up his shaft until Lynn could feel it on her pussy, stretched around his thickness.

“How about a little bit higher?” Lynn urged.

Now Lynn could feel the wet, velvety sensation of Wendy’s tongue on her ass, a sensation she had come to savor.

Lynn looked down into Ken’s eyes as Wendy licked her ass like this. He knew Wendy had her tongue in Lynn’s crack, he could feel it, and it really excited him. Lynn could see the excitement in his eyes.

“I want her to get it ready for you now,” she whispered in his ear. That first time, in the back of his van, he’d only fucked her cunt. But the next time, when she was over at his place, she had him fuck her up the ass too. She still remembered vividly how she trembled with uncontrollable excitement as he fucked her ass, something she had not had done to her in years. 

“I know how much you like sticking that big thing of yours all the way up my butt!” she hissed into his ear.

Lynn and Wendy had talked about this. Wendy knew that Lynn had finally gotten her ass fucked, by Ken. Of course Wendy had screwed it herself, with her trusty vibrator. But when Lynn told Wendy that she had finally been fucked by a man, and not just the regular way, but up the ass too, the look in Wendy’s eyes was something to behold. Would all this happen to Wendy herself someday, she wondered? Would she get to cheat, like Lynn had? And would she finally get the opportunity to take it up the butt, something she’d never done with a man?

They talked about this driving over to Ken’s, Wendy asking Lynn whether she was planning on taking it up the ass too that afternoon. Lynn said she expected she would, and then teased Wendy, telling her that maybe this would be her opportunity to try doing it like that herself. For anally speaking, Wendy was still a virgin. But that could all change today.

Those were the thoughts that swirled through Wendy’s heated brain as Lynn reached into a drawer at Ken’s bedside and got out a tube of lubricating jelly which she handed back to Wendy.

“Get me ready, okay?” she said, looking back over her shoulder at Wendy.

“I can’t believe this!” Wendy gasped excitedly, as she pondered what she was about to do, to prep her girlfriend for an ass-fuck, to grease up her hole and get it ready for a thick, hard cock.

Wendy worked the lubricant over Lynn’s anus, working a couple of stiff fingers inside as smooth as silk. She was accustomed doing this to Lynn.

“Can you feel her fingers?” Lynn asked Ken, sure he could feel them through that thin membrane of muscle which separated her rectum from her vagina. 

“This is so fucking hot!” Wendy panted.

“Now let’s get really hot,” Lynn said to Wendy over her shoulder. “Take Ken’s cock out of my cunt and stick it up my ass!”

Lynn could feel Wendy pulling Ken’s cock out of her cunt, sucking it a few moments so she could taste Lynn on it, then positioning the tip of it right up against her freshly greased asshole. Lynn turned back to look at Wendy who now watched in amazement, as Lynn pushed down, impaling herself on it, forcing Ken’s cock right through the barrier of her sphincter and up into her ass.

Lynn smiled to herself as she looked down at Ken now. His eyes were closed, a look of pure ecstasy on his face, as he felt his hardness enveloped by the hot, dark depths of Lynn’s rectum, a rectum that was on fire now as she began to rock up and down on him, fucking Ken with her ass, squeezing him with her sphincter on the upstroke.

She turned back to look at Wendy, whose eyes were transfixed by the sight of their anal coupling.

“I can’t tell you how good it feels to have a nice, hard cock buried deep inside your bottom,” Lynn told her.

“And I can’t tell you how beautiful it looks!” Wendy said, staring up at Lynn, their eyes locking.

“Maybe you’d like to try it yourself?” Lynn asked her.

“Me?” Wendy said, still entranced.

“Yes, isn’t it time finally for you to see what it’s like to take it back there, to find out just how great it feels, a real one? One made of flesh and blood, nice and big and thick and hard?”

A few days ago, when they made final arrangement for this meeting, Lynn had explained to Ken that her girlfriend had never been fucked up the ass by a man, hinting that if everything worked out right, maybe Ken could be the first. He sure seemed to like that idea!

Wendy was spellbound as she took in what the other wife was suggesting she should finally try.

“Yeah, maybe it is time,” she said, a sexy smile lighting up her pretty face as she pondered the prospect.

“Come up here,” Lynn said, tapping the bed right next to where she was straddling Ken.

Wendy came up there.

“Okay, on your knees and turn around,” Lynn told her.

She turned around and lifted her trim buns so they were staring both Lynn and Ken in the face, only inches away.

“Reach back and hold yourself open,” Lynn told her.

Then, while Ken kept skewering her asshole, Lynn dug her tongue into Wendy’s crack and licked her puckered anal rosette

“Now you,” she said to Ken.

Lynn pushed Wendy’s butt down a little lower so Ken could have access to her hole, then watched as Ken worked his slippery tongue all over her virgin sphincter.

“Oh God! You’re both licking my ass! That freaks me out!” Wendy hissed excitedly.

Meanwhile Lynn’s eye caught the tube of lubricant. She picked it up and, after pulling Ken’s face away from Wendy’s crack, squeezed a big dab over her asshole and spread it around with her fingers. Then she forced a finger inside while Ken watched avidly, his eyes glued to the sight, inches away, of his married lover’s finger digging into Wendy’s greased bottom. 

“Why don’t you slide one in along with mine?” Lynn said to Ken, and Ken did. It was so nasty, to have their fingers jammed in together like this, probing Wendy’s ass, reaming her out and getting her ready for the main act. Wendy pushed back wildly on their probing fingers, fired up now with unquenchable passion. She knew there was no turning back. Finally she was about to get fucked in the ass.

“Open me up! Get me ready!” she pleaded.

“I think you’re ready now,” Lynn said, lifting herself off of Ken, feeling his cock slip away from the grip of her slick but tight asshole.

“You are one lucky lady, Wendy. You’re about to have a big cock buried deep in your tight ass for the very first time!!”

Lynn had Ken come around to Wendy’s face so she could stare at the cock he had just pulled out of her ass and was about to bury up Wendy’s. It was all slick and hard and alive, and Wendy gasped as her eyes locked on it.

“Can you believe it,” Lynn said, making a big show of stroking Ken’s penis right in front of Wendy’s eyes. “You’re going to take this up the ass, every last inch. And I know you can do it. Now raise that nice bottom of yours up high and hold those cheeks wide open!”

Ken got in position behind Wendy, his perfect cock erect, greased and poised. Lynn grabbed hold of the shaft and placed its tip against Wendy’s asshole. Lynn was so excited that her hand trembled as she held Ken. And Wendy was so overcome with anticipation she seemed like she almost had trouble breathing.

“Do it!” Lynn urged Ken as he began to push it in.

“Oh shit!” Wendy howled as she felt it. “Go slow, please go slow!”

And so he did as Wendy accustomed herself to the intrusion. By now he had worked all of his fat cockhead inside her. Wendy’s sphincter had never been stretched open quite like this and she did her best to relax her muscles, taking a few deep breaths and concentrating on the awesome new pleasure, relishing the fact that only moments ago she was still an anal virgin, and now she was one no longer.

“Okay, you can keep going,” Wendy panted, turning back to look at Lynn and Ken, to give Ken the go ahead.

And so now, slowly, inch by thick inch, he slid his cock up Wendy’s bottom, stopping and letting Wendy get accustomed to it and then pushing forward some more, until his full length, to everyone’s astonishment, was buried deep inside Wendy’s rectum. 

Lynn now watched, utterly spellbound, as Ken fucked Wendy’s ass with strong, smooth strokes. She held Wendy’s buttocks open so she could savor the sight of her anal sphincter wrapped tightly around Ken’s steely shaft. Did it ever look good wedged in there like that!

“It makes me so horny, Wendy, to see Ken’s cock up your ass,” Lynn said as she gazed at the scorching sight.

Gone was Wendy’s anal virginity. She was so thrilled, so enthused by what was being done to her, her libido so charged, that pretty soon she had not only gotten used to the big cock plowing her ass, but was now eagerly pushing back on it, trying to get the full length of it inside her with each thrust.

Lynn got in front of Wendy now so she could look her straight in the eye, her face was contorted with an expression of savage, untamed pleasure. 

“You like being on your knees, don’t you, Wendy? Sticking out your tight little bottom like a horny slut so Ken can bury his big cock deep inside it, huh?”

They had come to enjoy talking nasty to each other like this when they had sex, calling each other ‘slut’ and things like that.

“Uh huh, I fuckin’ love it!”

“How does it feel to have a dick up your ass?”

“It feels amazing– it feels incredible!” she howled, then she turned back to look at Ken.

“Does it feel good having it in my ass?” she asked. “Does it feel as good as Lynn’s?”

“Yours probably feel even better,” Lynn told her.

But now Lynn needed to become part of the mix, she couldn’t just watch. So she wriggled her way under Wendy’s body until the two of them were in a ’69’ position. Instantly, she felt Wendy’s tongue on her pussy. And locked into this embrace with the two of them, Lynn looked up at the most sublime landscape. Right above her face was Wendy’s pussy, red, wet and swollen, nesting in its thick dark bush. An inch behind that, the ring of her asshole was wrapped tightly around the thickness of Ken’s intruding cock, plunging inside her. Lynn’s eyes followed that cock as it pumped in and out Wendy’s butt, following it down to his balls, tight and full of spunk. And behind those balls, to his own asshole. This, then, was the spectacular panorama before her eyes.

First Lynn licked his ass and his balls, then paused to stare at his cock plunging inside her. Next she zeroed in on Wendy’s pussy with her mouth. Wendy’s clit was as big and swollen as a marble. Wendy was already nibbling on Lynn’s clit and now Lynn reciprocated, while Ken never let up on the forceful sodomizing of Wendy’s trim bottom.

The excitement was too much for Lynn. Seconds later she shook all over, bucking upwards, forcing her cunt against Wendy’s probing tongue and lips as Wendy brought her to climax. 

“Oh God! Oh! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!!!” Wendy now groaned.

And then it was as though a volcano had erupted in Ken’s bedroom, the bed shaking in the wake of Wendy’s explosive orgasm.

Now Ken began to hyperventilate, as men sometimes do just as they’re about to cum. Lynn looked up and knew what she wanted. She grabbed hold of Ken’s cock and tore it out of Wendy’s ass. 

“Come down here!” she said urgently as Wendy scampered down to join her. “Let’s suck him off,” Lynn said

“Suck him off?” Wendy repeated, stunned.

“Yeah, let’s eat him up,” Lynn said as she took his ass-glazed cock, dipped in moth the wives’ asses, in her mouth. The shock over, Wendy now joined in and the two wives took turns sucking the thick, rigid cock until, suddenly, Lynn pulled back and, with a few last strokes, jerked him off over both their faces as he lavished them with his bountiful spunk.

Wendy and Lynn gazed at each other as Lynn held Ken’s still big, but no longer quite so stiff cock in her hand. Spunk was splattered over both their faces. They were a mess, they knew, a beautiful, carnal, satisfied, and utterly satiated mess. Gazing into her eyes, Lynn drew Wendy towards her as they kissed tenderly, the musky taste of Ken’s semen on their lips.

Later, in the elevator, after they had left Ken’s place, Wendy pressed herself against the taller Lynn, a smile of pure contentment lighting up her face.

“My asshole feels sore,” she confessed.

“It’s the best kind of soreness there is,” Lynn said. “It’s a reminder of what you just had buried up there.”

“Yeah, a big, hard, thick cock!”

“And you loved every inch, didn’t you?” Lynn said, kissing Wendy on the lips.

“I sure did, in my mouth, in my cunt, in my ass! Everywhere!”

“I guess you just became a cheating wife, Wendy, big time. And not just a cheating wife, but a cheating anal wife!”

“I guess I did, and I fuckin’ love it!”

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