Very Dirty Dancing

My wife was a normal, loving, if somewhat shy, twenty-three old. That was until our visit to a special club. The lads and I made a habit of going out on a ‘lads night’ at least once every month, and Gail had often pleaded with me to let her come along. I had managed to fob her off on many an occasion, but she finally insisted that if I didn’t take her she would not let me go either. I decided to confess why I did not want her to come, and poured out the confession that we visited a strip club at the end of our nights out, and this was why I did not want her to come along, besides, it would not be a ‘lads night’ if she did.

Although somewhat upset at first, within a few days, Gail was teasing me that she was coming along to ‘keep an eye’ on me. I had already told the others that I was having problems, and despite expecting them to moan, they all seemed keen for her to come along. It took my closest friend to find out why. Mark told me that all the guys fancied Gail, and the reason the others said that ladies were not welcome, was that they all thought their own wives were ‘mooses’, compared to Gail. Gail had always drawn looks from guys, and it was no wonder. Her hair was a dark auburn mane, flowing down to the middle of her back, and she had a nice pair of firm 36C’s, put this along with her shapely ass, you will understand the attraction.

It took me a while to come to terms with this information, that all my friends were jealous of me as I took Gail to bed every night. I found that I liked the idea of my friends being jealous, and decided to allow Gail to come along. Having told the lads, and then Gail, I waited the following days in a state of near permanent arousal, waiting to see what would unfold on the night.

Mark called me at work on the Friday morning to check that all was still okay for the night out, and he said that all ten of the guys had decided to make the night out, despite two or three always backing out, I took this as a compliment, and smiled all the way home.

As I waited for Gail to get ready, my heart was pounding, wondering how the night would pan out. I nearly spilt my drink as Gail entered the front room, she had on her smallest mini-dress, with high heels, and her lovely dark tresses were draped down over her shoulders. I hugged her, and while copping a feel of her ass, discovered that she was wearing one of her skimpy g-strings. I had the makings of an erection, and I was used to seeing her naked, just what my friends would make of her I could only imagine.

Mark picked us both up at 8 o’clock, and we met up with the others at a public house some 10 miles from our home. All my friends were keen to welcome Gail, each in turn receiving a peck on the cheek, to the whistles of the others in our group. Several drinks later, we moved onto another pub, then finally towards 11 o’clock, Gail asked when we were going to the strip club. A couple of the guys looked at me, saying they were going to give it a miss as Gail was there. She insisted we still go, as it was the strip club part she had been most looking forward to.

Having finished our drinks, we all moved over to the strip club, and on entering, Gail’s eyes were out on stalks, as she watched a room full of guys all virtually dribbling over naked girls of every size and colour. It would be easy to take the idea that Gail was shocked, or disgusted, by the club, but quite the opposite, she kept asking questions all night, whether one sort of girl was better than another, or whether it was the body or the closer dances that got my friends hotter. I am not sure who was more surprised at her demeanour, me or the other guys, but she seemed to be having a whale of a time.

The clubs’ emcee came onto the stage to announce an amateur hour was beginning, and some of the guys suggested Gail should enter, although to my relief, she said she had no intention of joining in herself, besides, she was worth more than the paltry £100 that the club was offering for the top prize. We all watched while several very inebriated girls doffed their duds, while several equally drunk guys in the front row tried to climb onto the stage to cop a feel. Eventually a short blonde girl with huge boobs won, and took her money, before dashing out of the club like her hair was on fire.

Gail invited the remaining guys back to our house, and so Gail, myself, Mark, and four others drove back to our cosy semi in the suburbs, arriving back around 1,30 am. The talk continued on the amateur hour, and the talk got more around to why Gail did not enter, comments like ‘better body’, and ‘sexier than that slapper’, seeming to make Gail laugh loudly as she relaxed in between Mark and I on the sofa. I noticed the atmosphere getting more and more relaxed as the drink flowed, until one of the guys, I cant remember who, asked just how much more than the £100 it would take for Gail to put on a strip like the girls in the strip club.

I was about to intervene, but Gail put her hand on my knee, and replied “Well, £100 might just but you a quick peek at one boob hon…!!.” I had to laugh as she started to shake with laughter herself, as sis everyone else, until Mark pulled out £200, laid it on the table in front of Gail, and said, “I’ll take a quick peek of both if your serious..???” I looked Gail straight in the eyes, and I could see her eyes pleading with me to let her have some fun. I smiled, and she turned to Mark. “Ok big man, come with me,” grabbing Mark, she led him out into the kitchen. The others moaned, but Gail called back that she would not be long.

The next few minutes seemed to be the longest in my life, as I waited for them to reappear. What seemed like an hour, but was actually only two or three minutes later, Gail stepped back into the room, followed by a beaming Mark.

What I did not know, was what had happened while they were in the other room. It was not until later that I found out from Gail. Apparently, she had only intended to give Mark a quick flash, but he insisted that for £200 he should get a complete topless display of Gail’s boobs. The alcohol having taken some effect, she was easily persuaded to pull down the front of her dress, giving Mark an unobstructed look at her firm boobs. Gail could see the lust in his eyes, and although she knew she should stop him, when he reached forward to squeeze her boobs, she didn’t stop him. Letting Mark continue caressing her boobs until he slowly bent forward, taking her right nipple into his salivating mouth. Gail let him lick and suck on both nipples for a couple of minutes, before coming to her senses, and after pulling up her dress, returned to the room where the rest of us were still talking and drinking.

Had I have been more sober, and had known what had transpired between Mark and Gail, I might not have allowed the drinks to keep flowing, but hindsight is a wonderful thing, isnt it? It shouldn’t have surprised me that the other guys, seeing Mark’s face, wanted in on the action too, and money was flying through the air, landing in a pile until there was a large amount of cash on our coffee table. Again, I could see the excitement in Gail’s eyes, almost pleading with me to let her take the money, and even I was keen, knowing how much it would go towards the deposit on our much needed new car. The alcohol obviously obscured both of our minds, and those of my pals, and within minutes of agreeing, the middle of the room was cleared of chairs and the coffee table, leaving a space for Gail to dance in the centre.

Gail chose some suitable music from our c.d. collection, then turned up the volume, before moving to the centre of the room. She began swaying to the beat, and running her hands over her tight body, letting the guys imagine what lay beneath. As the tempo of the music got faster, Gail pushed her hands under the top of her dress, rubbing her boobs, without revealing them. Whether by accident, or by design, her dress dropped down to her waist while she ran her hands over her nipples, leaving just her fingers covering her firm boobs. She had to either attempt to cover both boobs with one hand to pull her dress back up, or as she finally decided, to remove her hands slowly, letting all of us see her erect nipples, poking out an inch from her dark areolas. As her large, firm boobs were revealed in all their glory, a ‘whoop’ ran around the small room, and Gail seemed to revel in the attention.

Moving around the room, Gail went close to each and every guy, letting them see her boobs up close, but moving away as they tried to touch her. She could not believe how wet her pussy was getting as she teased the room of guys. As she danced around the room, she felt her dress slipping down her body, and she was soon dancing in only her little red panties and high heels.

Still dancing close to each of the guys in turn, she allowed the odd roaming hand to touch her ass and legs, only moving away as hands neared her boobs or pussy. Until she reached me, then she bent right over, draping her boobs into my face, allowing me to suck on her erect nipples, and lick around her areolas, before turning and asking me to pull off her red panties. Obviously this act would mean I was okay with her continuing, and I could not stop myself from slowly pulling them down her slim thighs, before she stepped out of the pool of fabric at her feet.

Now as she bent over to kiss me on the lips, I was aware that both of the guys directly behind her could see right up between her legs, and her trimmed bush. I could feel my hard on getting even more uncomfortable as I visualised their view. Gail gave it a squeeze, before smiling broadly, and moving on to the next chair to mine.

Mark again, was the lucky recipient of her attentions, and he smiled broadly, as Gail bent over to mouth a blow job to his trouser covered dick. “Bet you wouldn’t do that if I got it out!” he laughed, “Try me!,” she retorted. It took a matter of seconds for Mark to drop his trousers far enough for him to prise out his stiffening member, and Gail took it in her hand, before bending further and licking the head quickly, then rubbing her hand up its length, bought him to his full erect state. The atmosphere in the room increased hundred fold, as Gail again bent over and flicked her tongue across Mark’s dick, and then slowly took half of it into her mouth, sucking gently, and then withdrawing it to lick around his helmet again.

Leaving Mark with an wet dick, Gail moved on to Frank, and he already had his zipper halfway down, as Gail took his rapidly growing erection between her lips, and began to slurp down its length. Frank was smaller than Mark, and she had her nose buried in his pubic hair as she slipped her lips around its shaft.

Gail took each and every dick in the room in her mouth, and then came back around to me. I had already got a stonking hard on, and Gail sat astride my knees, pulled my dick upright, and settled down, enveloping my dick with her wet pussy. It only took me a few minutes to fill her with my spunk, and Gail wasted no time in moving onto Mark’s lap, and taking his dick in much the same way. I watched them both groan, as when Gail had her first orgasm, Mark filled her with his own emission.

Within half an hour, Gail had had two more orgasms, and taken the loads of all six guys present in the room. Laying on the floor, I could see spunk dripping from her red pussy, and I could not help but feel proud of her for managing to fuck five guys to sleep, as well as me, as I drifted off to sleep.