Girlfriends Amazing Daughter

I was dating a fine woman. She was in her 40’s working woman that had a freaky side. What I would soon find out is her 18 year old daughter had the same genes. Liz, my girlfriend, was gonna be working all day and because we had a little sleep over the night before I told her that I’d be here at her house when she got home from work.

After lunch I went out back to take a smoke and when I walked back in I saw smooth tanned legs and a small black skirt heading upstairs. I knew it was Angie, Liz’s sexy daughter. She was absolutely fine, in everyone’s book. About 5’1″ a nice firm 36 C that was just the right amount of perkiness, an ass that stuck out even in loose fitting skirts, which she wore frequently. The most beautiful capturing blue eyes and lips that you can’t decide whether to kiss or have suck on you.

I walked up after her, just to see how her day at school went. When I walked in her room she already had music playing and her homework out.

“Hey youngin how was school?”

“It was good. Boring as usual just school.” She leaned back in her chair pushing her already perky tits outward.

“That’s normal. Hey your mom is gonna be workin past dinner, want me to order some food for us.” Hoping we could do a little bonding. I’m sure her mom would like that.

“Sure can we get pizza? ” Staring up into my eyes as she asked and for that split second I imagined her looking up at me while she sucked my dick.

“Yea no problem.” I mean how could I say no.

“Awesome.” She squeaked. Then went back to working on her homework.

“So what are you working on?”

“Its math, but I’m not understanding any of it. Can you help me?” She gets up and offers me to sit in her chair at the desk.

“Well certainly.” And once again, how could I say no. “What seems to be the problem?” As I sit down she leans behind me with her boobs on the back of my head.

“It’s stupid trigonometry the teacher doesn’t explain anything!”

“This is pretty easy stuff.” Tilting my head up so that I can keep in contact with her gorgeous boobs. They feel so wonderful on my head.

“Yea cuz you’re outta school and older.” Looking down into my eyes again, smiling a cute not so innocent smile. Like she’s holding her boobs there purposefully.

“Do you know your identities?” Trying to keep some semblance of this homework helping.

“The whaa??” Totally clueless.

“Okay look….what if I did it for you and then you copy it into your notebook?” Hoping to get on her really good side.

“Hmm sounds like a good idea but what do I pay you for doing this for me?” Hinting she wants to repay me in a very special way

“I’m sure we can find something for you to do. But for now go order the pizza and I’ll start on this.”

Right when I’m almost finished the pizza comes. I pay for it and head up stairs. When I get back in her room Angie is on the bed laying down with her beautiful curves just begging to be fucked hard.

“Thought it’d be nice to eat up here.”

“That’s okay with me, here come sit next to me while we eat.” Patting the area of the bed next to her. I sit next to her and she scoots close to me grabbing a piece.

“Thank you so much for helping with my homework. You know ever since senior year started I just didn’t like doing all of this. Just a few more months, then I can go party and have all the fun I want with whoever I want.” And she looks up at me smiling and I swear she winked at me then looked away.

“Well I’m sure you can still have fun now, right?” looking down her body from her soft neck to her firm tits down her flat belly to her skirt covered pussy down her smooth legs then back up to her eyes.

“Oh I don’t know, if I’m with the right person,” smiling and looking back up at me.

I lean in and kiss her. I took a shot, and she kissed me right back pushing her tongue into my mouth and kissing me with passion. She then straddled me wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Angie you sure you wanna do this.” And without a word she pulled off her shirt with no bra underneath grabbed my hands and put it on her nice perky tits. I immediately went to licking and sucking her nipples making her moan out in pleasure.

“Mmmm yes just like that”

She started ripping off my shirt and me back so I was lying down completely. She got off of me and started pulling my pants and shorts off.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this” she let out

“As long as me I’m guessing” which has been for quite a bit.

“Mmmm look at that cock!”

And with that she dove right done engulfing my dick in her mouth. Sucking away at the head, and then putting more and more into her mouth until I was fully hard and completely inside her mouth and throat. I grabbed the back of her head and held her there making her gag a little.

“Mmm oh shit yes that feels so fucking good.” I let go of her head and she lingers just a second then comes up for air gasping

“Mmmm your cock taste so good and it fills up my mouth. Please tell me you’ll put it in my pussy. It’s nice and wet and tight just for you to slam inside me.”

That’s when I flip her over onto the bed and me over her. I go straight for her skirt lifting it up and sliding her panties off her body.

“I’m gonna take you! You want that huh?”

“Oh yes take me please!” I spread her legs wide and put the head of my cock in.

“Oh my god yes yes! yes give it to me! stick it in” I slowly slide every inch of my cock deep inside her. She starts moaning out “Oh fuck yes oh fuck yes!”

“Damn youre so tight.” And I start sliding in and out of her getting faster and faster.

“Yes yes yes yes pound my pussy with your cock I want that big dick deep inside me!”

I start fucking her faster as I lean down and bite her neck.

“Oh DAMN yes!”

I start giving her a hicky as I fuck her harder and faster. Then move down to her nipples licking and sucking on them.

“AHHHHH yes give it to me hard! As she squeezes her pussy around my dick, I bite her nipple making her scream out even louder. OH FUCK YES!”

With that I ask, “You wanna ride my cock with your tight pussy”

“Oh fuck mmmmm.” She climbs up on me and shoves her pussy right on me. “Oh yea that’s how I want it.” As she rides my dick up and down fast she squeezes her pussy when she moves up so it squeezes around my head.

“Mmmm damn girl you know how to ride good!”

“Mmmmmmm I’d love to show you more.” And with that she gets up turns around and slides back down on my cock. She starts shaking her hips as she moves up and down on my cock. Then she goes all the way down and grinds on me. I move my hands up to slap her ass.

“Mmmmmm yes ride my cock good.” Slapping her ass good a few more times. Then I slide my thumb towards her ass hole slowly putting it in her.

“Ooooooh god yes stick it in me.” So I stick my thumb all the way in and she starts riding my dick and thumb.

“Mmmmmm yes yes yes fuck yes oh god I love your cock inside me.”

I start to wiggle my thumb inside her and she screams out. “OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK! Im gonna cum soon.”

She reaches down to rub her clit and rides me faster. “Oh yes cum all over my cock!!” “OH YES YES YES YES FUCK YES FUCK YES! OH GOD IM CUMMING IM CUMMING MMMMMMMMMMMMMM YES YES YES!!!”

She gushed out all over my cock and her pussy grabbed tight around my cock and her sweet juices dripped down to my balls.

“Mmmm you like it rough and kinky huh?!”

“Oh yes I do” she turns around to look at me, biting her lip.

“Then get down so you can swallow my entire load”

“Mmmmm just for me” she says with overjoyment.

“Yes just for you” winking at her and getting up. I start stroking my cock right in her face with her tongue out licking my cock.

“Mmm yes cum for me mmmm yes oh yes oh yes cum for me!” And I came all in her open mouth and she slurped it all down looking up at me with those gorgeous eyes. “Mmm thank you for helping me with my homework.” Smiling up at me and licking her lips.

“Anytime Angie, anytime.”

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