Glory Hole Girl

I wanted to sit down and write you about this amazing thing that I did yesterday. I had told Jimmy (a close friend of mine) about the pictures that I found on the Internet some time ago. They were pictures of girls sucking men’s dicks through holes in the walls; they called them “glory holes.” I told Jimmy how much that they turned me on. He promised me that one day he would take me show me one in real life.

Well yesterday we went to see the movie “Titanic”, well after the movie I was feeling a little on the kinky side of life. I was dressed in a nice light ankle length dress. One thing I love about Jimmy is, he is always into public sex. Well after the movie he took me to this place in Pomona, I knew of this place because I have been in the adult bookstore before buying two different toys. When we went inside the store I pointed to a lovely big fat black one and told him I had to have that to add to my collection, so Jimmy bought it for me.

Now all the times I had been in there in the past, (maybe 3-4 times) I never went into the back room to see the video movies. (I just really never thought of it) I was surprised that they even had them in this store. (I have no idea why I was surprised, but I was.) Now when we had pulled into the parking lot, there where only three cars and a van. I was glad it was not going to be crowded, and the only person in the bookstore part was the guy working behind the counter. (If that makes any sense) after getting my new dildo, Jimmy exchanged five dollars for tokens and he told me he wanted to show me something exciting. Well I being a woman who loves exciting new things could not wait. We went inside the back part of the store behind a very heavy curtain where the peep shows where playing.

It was incredible; when we walked in there I could smell the men’s sperm in the air. It was dark but not pitch black. That place has all kinds of little booths but none with doors. Jimmy knew the place and he took me back to the next to the last booth. He showed me the both walls with three different big holes on each wall. He started a movie and I was holding his stiff dick as he and I watched. I stroked him through his pants and he pulled up the front of my long dress to gain access to my very wet vagina. As his fingers touched me, I looked down to the sides and could see eyes watching us. When I saw that, I really began to get wild and nasty. I told Jimmy loud enough for him and the person or people watching how much I needed his fingers in me, I told him how wet I was, I told him how bad I needed to have his cock in me. Jimmy moved me in front of him leaning me back against him.

He handed me my new dildo and whispered in my ear for me to use it. I took it and I worked it in and once I had it inside he took it over from me. We almost lost our balance and he had us sit on the bench in the booth. He kept working my pussy with that lovely black cock and I worked my breast and nipples. He whispered in my ear and asked me if I wanted to fuck him right there. I almost yelled out for the whole place to hear me. (Maybe I did) I told Jimmy that I needed his cock in my ass, I needed to feel his cock fucking me as he fucked my pussy. All this time he had to stop once and a while to feed the machine. I have to tell you, that was hard to do, who in the hell would want to stop something so wild as this just to feed a fucking video machine.

The trouble was, if he did not put more coins in it, the place got so dark we and no one else could see. (And I was there to put on a show.) Jimmy lifted me up and then the back of my dress as I held onto the big black dick in me. Jimmy told me to kneel down on the floor so he could fuck me. I nixed that real fast, I could feel the sticky floor, and I was not about to kneel on it. Jimmy pulled the bench from the back of the booth and had me lay down on my tummy so he could get in from behind me. All the time we moved around in there, I could see the eyes watching us both. Jimmy said to me something to the effect that since I love to suck cock so much, why don’t I suck the rubber cock we where using while he fucked me. Jimmy did not whisper that, he pulled it out and handed it to me as I laid there on the bench with my face just inches away from a nice big whole in the wall that had two pair of eyes glued to it. I put the cock in my mouth and made all kinds of lovely sounds as I sucked my rubber dick.

Jimmy moved in behind me and told me to look. (I had my eyes closed relishing in the nastiness of it all. I looked up and there was a stiff dick right even with my head, I was going to do what I had seen in those pictures from the Internet. I pulled the rubber cock out of my mouth and with Jimmy’s help, we scooted forward so I could grab the cock sticking through the wall, and I took it in my mouth and made love to it. I was crazy with desire and lust at the same time. The man did not have on a condom, and as much as I wanted his sperm, I knew I could not have it. I knew I had to not allow any of this stranger’s sperm to get in my mouth. I am thankful I know men and that I know when they are about to climax. I felt him ready to shoot his sperm and I just slid my mouth off and jerked his rock hard cock like crazy.

He climaxed and pulled back I had sperm all over my hand and my face. It did not take but a few seconds before another cock came back through the hole in the wall replacing the last man, this time, this man had on a condom. Oh I went to work and some time while I was working on this second man showing him how much I loved his cock, Jimmy climaxed in my ass I felt his sperm filling me and making me feel absolutely wonderful. Jimmy pulled his cock out of me but I never stopped working this wonderful cock in my mouth. I heard voices behind me and I stopped loving that cock just long enough to look behind me. There was a guy who wanted to fuck me after Jimmy pulled out. I cut them off and I asked the stranger if he had a condom, he said yes, so I told him he could as long as he put on the condom.

I was so thankful that there where only five or six guys there that night. I don’t care how lubricated those condoms say they are. They are not lubricated enough to take on man after man, (even with the sperm Jimmy put in there to start with it only helped a little.) I swear my butt hole was so fucking sore for days just from screwing two guys with out the old butt lube. The last man I had him in my pussy. I kept hearing Jimmy telling the guys to keep the machine going if they wanted to fuck me. Now I have done some very wild and nasty things in my life and that one has to rank right up there as one of the wildest. Ok boys and girls, now you know what a slut I am…….Oh shit, I forgot…… you already knew that didn’t you 🙂

God what a blast, I am all turned on just reliving this to write you, talk about lovely memories