Hot Wife Is Working Late Again

The phone rang on Clare’s desk. She picked up the receiver. It was her husband.

“Hello darling, how’s it going?” he asked.

“Tied up again Steve. This project is taking longer than I thought. I should be finished though in a couple of hours.”

“I’m on my way home. Do you want me to drop in with a bite to eat?”

Clare glanced down at her skirt rucked up around her waist. Her stillettos were perched on the edge of the desk, her thighs spread wide and her knickers hanging off one ankle. The office manager was licking slowly up and down the length of her pussy lips. The situation was making her very wet.

“Oh no darling, don’t bother. My work colleague is just having a snack right now.” She ran her hand through John’s hair and pulled his face harder between her legs. His hands ran up and down her nyloned legs, sending cold shivers through her body.

“I’ll grab something to eat when he’s done,” she continued, “anyway tell me about your day.” Clare suddenly had a wanton idea. Cupping John’s chin with her hand, she made him stand up in front of her. With her husband droning on she unzipped the young man’s trousers and pulled his cock out. It bobbed in front of her, long and hard. Grasping the shaft she fed the helmet past her glossy lips and into her hot mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock before sucking on his meat. She couldn’t help make faint slurping noises in her attempt to give John the best blowjob of his life.

“What are you eating?” her husband suddenly asked.

She withdrew from John’s cock but kept it within reach of her tongue.

“Just a sweet to keep me going. It’s one of those hard ones so I’m sucking on it.” She flicked her tongue over John’s helmet. She loved his taste and of course the fact that she was talking on the phone to her husband whilst sucking another cock. She pumped the cock with her fist.

“I’ll see you around 9 then,” Steve said and rang off. Clare put the phone down and looked up at John.

At the same moment her husband was watching her through the glass doors of her office. Concealed by the tall fern in the doorway he had a perfect view of what his wife was doing with the young man. He had stopped by her office to surprise her and ended up being the one surprised. There she was legs spread for another man, smearing her sexy lipstick up and down his cock while on the phone to him. The situation was too exciting to walk away from.

Clare lifted her legs up and parted her pussy lips with her painted nails.

“Get your tongue back up my pussy. You haven’t finished your snack,” she giggled. John knelt down and plunged his tongue back up Clare’s tunnel.

“Ooh yes,” she hissed, “fuck me with your tongue.” She ground her pussy against his face, pulling him in by the back of his head. Her gyrating motions smothered his face in her fuck juice. Wanting more she grabbed her ankles and pulled herself even wider open.

“You dirty slut,” breathed John, taking a break from licking, “look at you, legs spread in stockings and heels, exposing your holes.”

“Well don’t just look, lover, lick my slutty holes, both of them. Give me a good rimming before you stick that cock in my cunt.”

Aroused by her language, John licked her tight arsehole, prodding his tongue as far as he could. Clare’s fingers slid down to her clit and started to rub furiously.

“Ah yes,” she moaned, “lick my arse, I’ve been thinking about this all day. Give it to me, lick it loverboy.”

John’s tongued probed her back passage as his hands ran up and down her nyloned legs.

“Mmm, a stocking man. You know I put these on for you. It made me so wet this morning getting dressed, thinking of your reaction when you would see what I was wearing underneath my skirt.”

“And you’ve been teasing me all day, you sexy bitch, crossing your legs and bending over. You should hear some of the comments from the others,” he replied.

“Well I’ve got lots of sexy outfits,” Clare continued, “so I’ll just have to make it a habit to dress in stockings and suspenders. My husband loves me to dress up. You’ll have to come round one day and I’ll give you a little fashion show. But right now I want your cock in my pussy.”

John stood up and told Clare to take her skirt off. She turned round and unzipped the skirt. She slowly pulled it over her hips and bent forward to show John her arse framed in its suspender belt.

“You like?” she purred.

“Oh fuck yeah,” John moaned pulling on his cock.

“Look at my sexy arse, you can’t resist it can you? I want to feel your length up me. I’m so wet from fucking around like this.”

On the other side of the glass Steve also had his cock out, wanking over the spectacle of his wife about to fuck another man. She stepped out of the skirt and put one leg up on the desk, making her pussy open up.

” Come on then, fill me up, give me a good fucking baby, show me what you can do.”

John prodded at her pussy entrance with his helmet, teasing her by dipping it in, making it slick with her juices.

“Give it to me,” she said more urgently, “fuck me, fuck me now.” She pushed back and let out a long moan as John’s cock slid all the way in. Holding onto her hips John began to move in and out in a steady motion. It was driving Clare crazy.

“Harder,” she hissed, “pound my pussy. God I feel naughty doing this, but I can’t resist a stud like you. My husband would love to watch you fucking me, but I couldn’t wait. He loves it when other men pump my pussy. He gets off on watching my cunt being stretched. I shouldn’t really being doing this behind his back but I don’t think I could put up with any more flirting. I hope you’re going to come all over my pussy.”

“Why’s that then?” John panted.

“Because I’m going to sit on his face when I get home,” she giggled and stuck her arse out still further.

John reached forward and unbuttoned her blouse. He fondled her tits through her black lacy bra before pulling the cups down and rolling the nipples in his fingers.

“Pinch them you bastard,” Clare cried out, her hands firmly planted on the desk as John’s fucking became faster. He pulled on her nipples, twisting them as ordered. Steve watched his wife in slutmode letting this man do what he wanted. They stopped and John turned Clare round. She lay back, her stilettos pointing to the ceiling. Grabbing hold of her ankles, John slid back up Clare’s pussy and continued to pump her.

“So the other men in the office want some too, do they?” she panted.

“They think you’re very fuckable,” replied John, “especially the boss.”

“Really. Well in that case I’m going to enjoy working here. Come on fuck me, fuck my cunt. All those men wanting to stick their cocks up me, what a turn on. Shall we do it loverboy? Do you want to stick your cock in my mouth while the boss fucks me? Shall I tease him the way I’ve been teasing you? I’m going to wear stockings for him tomorrow with my split skirt.”

“You naughty girl, fucking behind hubby’s back.” Clare loved the effect her words were having on John.

“Ooh, honey does that turn you on? Fucking someone else’s wife. I think it does. You’re fucking another bloke’s wife you bastard, and you’re making my pussy clench around your cock. Ah yes I’m naughty, cheating on him, letting you fuck my dripping cunt. I just can’t get enough cock up me, the more I get the more I want to cheat. You can use me anytime you like baby, I’ll wear anything you want. Do you like what I’ve got on? Does your wife dress up for sex like this? Does she wear frilly underwear? Do you want me to be your kinky slut?”

In answer John leant forward and slipped his tongue into her mouth. Clare opened her mouth and licked all around his tongue. Locked in a deep kiss, the couple humped harder while Clare’s husband looked on, marvelling at the change in his wife. Clare moaned into John’s mouth as she started to come. She bucked against him and wrapped her legs tightly around him.

“Oh yes, fuck yes,” she wailed. With her head thrown back, her cunt clenched around John’s cock. John couldn’t take much more. With Clare’s stockings rubbing up and down his sides and her pussy on fire, he couldn’t hold back. He withdrew from her pussy and fisted his cock furiously over the sight of this woman open for him in her black lingerie and heels. His first shots hit her pussy, matting her trimmed pussy hair. He lifted his cock and sent the remaining streams up her body. Clare smiled and rubbed his spunk into her tits.

“Come round the desk and let me clean your cock.”

John moved round and fed his wilting cock into her mouth. She sucked the drips off his helmet before sliding the entire length down her throat. Outside her office her husband splattered the carpet with spunk. God his wife was insatiable! He was going to enjoy her working late!

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