In The Beginning

My name is Robert and my wife’s name is Julissa. This is the second marriage for both of us. Julissa was a teenage bride in an abusive marriage and has a twenty year old son. I lost my first wife ten years ago to a traffic accident. Julissa dated numerous men since her divorce. She raised her son, went to school, and began a business career. I dated a few women in those ten years; however, I read and watched a lot of porn and became engrossed with stories of hot wives and men who enjoyed watching their wives with other men. I met Julissa a few years ago at a seminar in Las Vegas. She was one of a handful of women at the resort/casino that spent any time around the pool’s topless area. I invited her to dinner that week and we started dating. I was engrossed by this petite Latina goddess with the all-over tan and large tits. After a year we got married and opened a business together. Julissa’s beauty was not only good for sales, but she also offered eye candy for clients and business associates.

I bought her clothes that showed off her body, half bras that pushed her tits up but left the top of her breasts naked, blouses that were sheer enough to see through or were very low cut to show off her tits. I chose short skirts either tight around her ass or pleated like a cheerleaders, and very high heels (4″-5″). The clothes helped her slip into the role, I think. She liked the attention that she got when she wore them, and I encouraged it. Men often gawked at her or whistled or just followed her around a room with their eyes. She got into teasing on her own. The clothes made it easy, and I never objected. I liked it, seeing her getting so much attention. The men practically drooled over her. She keeps her tight pussy shaved now and wears very sheer panties or thongs or nothing at all. She liked the guys to have something “nice to see” when she crossed her legs or bent over. She buys the sexy clothes for herself now and she doesn’t always wear a bra when we go out in the evening now.

She has stopped wearing panties as well. She likes to “flash the men once in while” she says. She likes to point out men who have erections to me after she has given them a “quick look.” She giggles, and I enjoy being the man by her side. Julissa stands just a fraction over five-feet, which is why her legs appear longer with her 4 or 5 inch high heels. She manages her weight around 109-110 pounds and has beautiful long jet black waist length hair. She gets a manicure and pedicure every few weeks and a bikini wax for her smooth pubes. Soon those stories of hotwives and open marriages began arousing me again and I yearned to watch my wife being fucked by other men. My attention was nurtured because she always dressed sexy and she had always liked the attention that it brought her. But to my surprise and delight, she began taking it further. She would find reasons to stand on tip-toes in the room to get something off of the top shelf or bend over for a long time as she read the titles on the books on the bottom shelf of the bookcase, finally selecting one and walking out of the room with it.

If she was wearing shorts, either one of these actions pulled her tight shorts sharply into her butt-crack and accentuated her nice-round, Latina rump. If she was bending over, you could even see the seam pressing into her labia. Her pussy slit looked great like that. Everyone in the room would gasp and she would act as though she didn’t even notice. If she was wearing a miniskirt, either action would display the bottom edge of her ass cheeks; and if she was bending over far enough, you could see her pouty vulva. On one occasion, she was wearing sheer, translucent panties and did this. The nearly clear panties pressed into her crotch and spread her fat pussy lips for all to see. She began going topless or nude in the backyard and around the pool and spa. Finally I set a plan to expose her more to others. In bed one night after some love-making, I told her I wanted to take her to our local hangout and have her flash other men and see what happened.

“You really are a pig, but what the heck. Okay!”

The rest of the week I just couldn’t think of anything else and I eagerly awaited the upcoming Friday. When it finally came, Julissa wanted to be on her own while she got dressed and I waited impatiently in the living room. I almost lost my breath when she came in to me. She looked wonderful! Sexy! Her long black hair was brushed out straight to her waist, and her dark brown eyes, which seemed to be bigger than they actually were thanks to the make-up, gleamed with her smile. Black-strapped 5″ high heels, black stockings and a knee-long black skirt and a blouse in bright red completed the picture. She swirled in front of me, revealing a tiny black thong.

“Like?” she asked.


The night went well. Julissa danced most of the time, parading around in front of the other patrons. The men in the bar seemed to flock around our table, even though they couldn’t know that she was almost naked under her clothes. Finally the evening ended and we walked the long walk home. A couple of blocks from our house there’s a little park, and when we passed it, I dragged in Julissa in the shade of the trees. I unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall on the ground. She shivered but I didn’t think it was from the cold because the night was warm in Arizona. My instincts were right. When my hand got in contact with her pussy, I could feel that it was very wet and slightly open. A finger slipped in without any hindrance, as did the second and with a little coaxing so did the third. I began to finger-fuck my hot wife in the park, slowly, slowly, until with a moan, she sank down on the ground out of control. I followed her while her pussy squeezed my fingers as she had an orgasm.

As soon as Julissa had regained her strength, we continued our walk home. I had her skirt and thong in my hands, and I dropped a little behind her and watched her swinging ass-cheeks as she walked. She kept looking around afraid that any of our neighbors should see her half naked, but she didn’t object, and walked boldly on with her pussy and ass on display on our own street. I now realized she was a true exhibitionist and would probably go even further if coaxed. As soon as we had entered our house, she tore off her blouse, kicked her shoes away and grabbed a grip on my shirt. She swung me around and almost pushed me into the bedroom and down on the bed. She hastily undressed me while I passively lay on the bed. Never before had I seen her as hot as she was at that moment! She didn’t bother with any foreplay, but climbed over me, straddled me, gripped my cock and steered it with one sweeping movement into her waiting pussy.

She was even wetter now than when I fingered her in the park. She rode me with long, deep strokes, and I could feel her pussy clamp around my cock the entire time. I myself was as hot as she wa, and I couldn’t hold back for as long as I had wanted. I wanted this incredible fuck to last all night. It was a fuck. It wasn’t a love making. When she felt my semen shoot up her cervix she screamed out her lust, something I’d never heard her do. She was a moaner, not a screamer. Or so I thought!

“YES! Give it to me!

A few weeks had passed when we were out drinking with my friend Dave. It was getting late so we left the bar and headed home to carry on partying. Time had passed and Julissa got up and went to the bathroom, Dave turned to me and said, “You are lucky, Julissa is pretty hot and those tits are hard to take your eyes off of them.”

I nodded then without thinking I replied, “Do you want to see them?”

He responded as soon as I finished, “Fucking right I would!”

When Julissa came back, I took a deep breath and said, “Tonight is the night you have to do what we discussed a month ago about flashing!”

She shook her head as she said, “Alright what do you want me to do?”

I looked at Dave, winked then spoke, “Dave and I are going to pick out a outfit for you to wear and I want you to change into it right here.” I pointed to the middle of the floor. She spat back at me, “I am not doing that in front of Dave!”

I sighed, “Then you really did not mean what you said when you agreed it would be fun.”

She stuttered back, “I meant it. Go on then.”

Dave and I went in her closet, after a few minutes we pulled out a black mini-skirt and a silver silk top that tied in the middle. I handed it to her and she moved to the middle of the room. Before she got started I stopped her, “Let’s make this more interesting, I want Dave to undress you.”

She thought for a few seconds then reacted, “Okay, I will do everything you want. If that is what you want then that’s what I’ll do.”

She stood still as Dave moved toward her. She was wearing a button up blouse and a thigh-long skirt. Dave got behind her and slowly pulled the skirt down. She stepped out of it. As it hit the floor, he raised his hands up and started unbuttoning her blouse. As the last button came loose, the white blouse fell open showing her low-cut bra. I could not help notice that her nipples were pushing through the fabric and she was enjoying Dave’s stares. This was turning her on. Seeing she was aroused, I decided to take it as far as it would go. I got up and stood in front of her and slid my hand in her panties and ran my fingers across her lips. She was dripping wet and she rolled her eyes as I passed over her clit. Meanwhile, Dave had stopped and backed away to watch me. I gestured with my head for him to get back to what he was doing. He nervously slid his hands around her chest, brushing over her tits and found the clasp to her bra.

He unclipped the fastener and pulled the cups off of her breasts. He was pulling his hands away when I grabbed both his wrists and pulled them back on to Julissa’s chest. She opened her eyes and gave me a glare that could kill, but I looked back as if to say, “This is what I want”, and she nodded. I let Dave play with her tits for a few minutes then said, “Okay, that’s enough of that, let’s do something else.

Julissa thought for a second then smiled, “I don’t think it is fair that I am the only one naked. I want you two to strip off as well? If I’m going to have to do this, I may as well see how you are reacting.”

I looked at Dave and asked, “How about it? I’m game.” He agreed so we both got naked, of course we both had erections, which made Julissa giggle.

She said, “What now?”

The tone in her voice had changed, she sounded almost excited. I thought for a moment then said, “I tell you what, from this point on I want you to do what you want and I mean ANYTHING you want.” I was taking a chance she would put her clothes on and kick Dave out.

Instead she responded, “Anything? Okay!”

Then she walked over and sat between us on the couch. She rest one hand on my knee and the other on Dave’s; gently and very slowly she began sliding them up our legs. It seemed a lifetime before she reached the top and wrapped her hand around my cock. I looked over and saw her fingers close around Dave’s shaft. She jacked us off for a little bit then she leaned back and closed her eyes. Dave and I did not react at first, but it was not long until we did. We both ran our hands up her skirt and began fingering her pussy and clit. Dave pulled his hand out and untied her top, and with one hand, he groped her tit and he sucked on the other one. I got in between her legs and ran my cock inside her. She was letting out some quiet moans as I slid in and out of her. We stayed like that for a few minutes. Then we went to change positions.

As Dave moved in front of her, she sat up and said, “Not his.”

I whispered in her ear, “Go ahead, pleaseeeeee.!”

She laid back and closed her eyes. Dave has a pretty big cock I would guess it to be about 81/2 inches long and as round as a flashlight with D cells. I saw Julissa’s eyes widen when she saw it. He shuffled closer aiming his cock towards her pussy. He ran it through her labia a couple of times then slowly pushed his hips forward. I watched his cock disappear inside my wife, inch by inch. I must say it was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. I backed off as Dave thrust in and out of her, she did not even realize I was not sitting next to her. She was panting in pleasure. After fifteen minutes, I got a pain in my stomach as I watched Dave’s balls twitch, realizing he was unloading his semen in my wife’s pussy. “Jesus, had we gone too far?”

Dave pulled out and moved away. I pulled Julissa on top of me and slid back inside her. I pointed behind her, and Dave saw this and moved around. When Dave was in place, I pulled her forward some more. I nearly came when I felt Dave’s cock slide in her along with mine; both stretching Julissa’s petite pussy. Julissa began moving faster and faster and was nearly screaming. Dave pulled out because he was about to ejaculate, but Julissa quickly said, “Don’t stop!”

I replied, “We are just switching places.”

Dave got under her and I got behind her, then we resumed. It was not long until I could control it no longer. I pulled out and forced my cock in her mouth and shot my load. I rolled back panting. A few seconds later, Dave raised Julissa off of him. As soon as he fell out of her, she reached down and moved over him. Just as she lowered down, the next load of his cum shot out. Before anymore had the chance to spurt out, she had him back inside her. This nearly made me cum a second time? I was watching another guy cumming inside my wife. We took a break then fucked some more. The following week we did it again, and we still do it every now and then.

Just a few weeks ago, I was driving home from a corner store and there was Julissa watering some plants in our front yard, while in a very short black and white sundress. She bent over several times revealing her bare pussy to any passersby who happened to look her way from the street. Sometimes I mention seeing her flashing the world just to find out if she’s even aware of what she’s doing. Most of the time, however, I get my own little personal thrill by it and keep quiet. I guess as the years have passed, I have also seen enough men notice Julissa. It usually makes me feel good to know that so many men find her attractive and want to possess her. But I also know that most men would jump on any halfway decent looking woman in a second if allowed, so it was no wonder that many heads turned when Julissa walked by with her tanned, athletic body. Anyway, with each and every gawking came a feeling of wanting to see how far she would take it this time.

Wherever we were in public, I’d let her know; not that she usually needed me to tell her who was watching and when. We purposely set out on some days to tease the hell out of some guy or guys. She’d dress in something that prominently displayed her best assets; a tight, small butt and firm large breasts. It was quite a thrill for me and an enormous ego boost for her. She’d get pretty daring at times. One of our favorite tricks is to go shopping for shoes. She’d wear the shortest of skirts in her wardrobe and usually light-colored thongs; that were often wet with anticipation by the time she sat down for a fitting. The last time we went, she didn’t wear any underwear. When the salesman went to slip on her shoe, she extended and lifted her leg so that her cleanly-shaven pussy was in the direct line of sight of this young guy who nearly missed her foot when he went to put the shoe on her. It was both funny and exciting to see his expressions. Julissa just gave him a sexy smile while I pretended to be looking at some merchandise across the room.

It was that last incident that got me thinking about what it would be like to see Julissa actually seduce and have sex with another man. But I also knew that that was crossing a very dangerous line and that if our marriage were to survive, it would have to be handled in a very delicate manner. We had already sampled area with our friend Dave, but what about a complete stranger? I wasn’t even sure I should mention it to Julissa directly. So for months, I dropped hints to her of my fantasy, hoping that she would pick up on it and just make it happen somehow. Then one day, she called me at work and asked me to come home an hour early because she had a surprise for me. She said she was nervous about it and hoped it was what I wanted. She said to be very quiet and to come through the back door of our house and to slowly walk towards the living room without saying anything. I followed her instructions in hopes the surprise was what I had hinted for. It was!

There on the couch was a guy we both knew and liked, Mark, from a business we deal with often. Mark is about 30 years old, and very well-spoken and well-dressed. He’s educated, physically fit and has always had a little twinkle in his eye for my wife. Julissa was parading around the living room preparing some finger food and mixed drinks. She was dressed very casually, however, in jeans and a T-shirt and seemed to be pretending that this was a half-social, half-business meeting. When she finally saw me staring from behind a doorway, she winked at me as to say “Is this Okay?” I winked back that it was what I wanted. I later learned that she didn’t want to dress too suggestively, just in case I nixed the whole thing. Their conversation was a little tedious as I was anxious for Julissa to change the tone and make a move. But after about a half an hour, Julissa inched her way closer to Mark on the sofa and the conversation got more personal.

At one point, Mark joked about something and momentarily placed his hand on Julissa’s thigh as people will do at times. When he went to remove it, Julissa grabbed his wrist and placed it back on her upper leg and said something about people should touch each other more often. This was it, the beginning, and all of a sudden my heart jumped. Less than a minute later, they embraced and began kissing. Mark reached under the back of her white shirt, exposing her back to me. He stopped for a second to say he was concerned about me showing up, but Julissa reassured him it was okay and reached into his crotch through his pants then climbed onto his lap while still kissing. It was happening so fast. My blood raced and thoughts of interrupting came to mind more than once. Mark now slipped his hands down the back of her jeans. Then he broke from the kiss and unbuttoned her pants while Julissa removed her T-shirt.

She wasn’t wearing a bra and Mark began immediately nibbling on her tits. A few minutes later, she dropped to the floor and pulled off Mark’s pants and underwear to expose a massive cock that I am sure she wasn’t expecting. There was my wife, bare-chested, with her jeans dangling around her ankles and thong pulled up her crack by Mark who tugged on the material as she swallowed him whole. All of this occurring within a few minutes of Mark touching her thigh, and it was astonishing to watch Julissa perform. Mark lay back, continuing to tug on Julissa’s thong as she rocked back and forth with his cock plunging into her mouth. The panties looked like a thong now. My wife then began reaching back and frantically played with her swollen pussy. She occasionally gagged on Mark’s cock, but worked it hard. She really looked like she was enjoying the challenge and exhibition of it all. Eventually she stood up and removed her thong.

Mark guided her back down to get on all fours on the floor so that he could begin eating her pussy from behind. She was facing me and I could see her every expression as this man worked his mouth into her from the rear. She kept throwing her head back, and sometimes gritted her teeth. A few times we made direct eye contact, but I had to be careful not to be spotted by Mark. Julissa dropped to her elbows and perched her ass up high. Mark was still rock hard and asked if she was ready

Julissa yelled,”Go ahead give it to me, just give it to me hard and fast!”

Mark positioned his cock to enter my wife from the same rear position, which was great, since I could see that initial expression of pleasure on Julissa’s face. As he worked his way inside, Julissa gasped and pounded the floor with her fist. Mark got hold of her hips and pulled her farther onto him. When he plunged all the way into her, Julissa let out a scream then began getting into the rhythm of the act. They screwed in that position for a few minutes, then Mark leaned back and Julissa kind of went back with him as she now almost sat straight up on him, still facing me. His hands were all over her tits, and I could see how erect her nipples were as he pinched them. I could also see his cock sliding in and out of her from this position as she rubbed her clit. She continued to moan, perhaps more than she has with me, and rode him for a few more minutes. Julissa asked if she could finish him orally. She spun around and kind of moved him a little so that I could see them in profile during the finale.

It didn’t take much for him to come, and when he did, Julissa evidently didn’t pull him out of her mouth fast enough and ended up taking a portion of his load in her mouth and the other portion on the side of her face and neck which I could see easily. I could tell it was plentiful, because Julissa strained to keep the jizz from overflowing from her mouth onto the floor. I was further surprised to see her swallow a lot of it. Although she claimed to love the taste of me, I thought that was a fairly intimate act, if not a whorishly dangerous thing to do. But she gobbled it up! Afterwards, Mark left and I was able to come out of hiding. I had this need to physically and emotionally inspect my wife. She had put her thong and shirt back on. But I was so horny that I almost immediately removed them while asking her questions about how it felt. At first she was reluctant, but there was no denying that she really liked it.

She said she got off on the performance aspect as much as the physical pleasure. I saw her pussy still damp and raw, and traces of cum in her hair. As I fingered her, I could tell that she had just had something massive inserted into her. I fucked her on the couch to see how she’d feel on my cock then finished, like her lover, by coming in her mouth as I rammed my cock down her throat while she threw her head back over the arm of the sofa. She swallowed all of my cum and sucked out the last drops. I had mixed emotions the rest of the night. Julissa showered away most of the external evidence. As the weeks passed, however, the urge struck a few more times. Julissa seduced Mark again. But then she decided to expand on her fantasies and went after a variety of other men, including our 22-year-old pool boy and a wealthy, but older real estate executive. In all, over the space of a couple months, Julissa fucked, sucked or seriously fondled to orgasm six near-strangers.

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