Jesse and I had worked together at the ad agency for about a year. She was the account executive and I was the lead creative. Truthfully, we were a pretty good team. She had a good head for the media side of the business and I knew the strategy, creative and production. It was a good pairing of strengths and the client seemed quite pleased.
Jess was also going through a stressful time as her son was headed to college and was having trouble with that transition, her hot little 16 year-old daughter was coming of age as a cheerleader and her marriage to a real mook had come apart. Since we worked together every day I heard all that went on and commiserated. My own marriage was not the best and we were working through a separation.

We had spent the past two weeks working late getting material prepared for a client trade show and flew off to Atlanta to work the show. As we headed down the airport concourse I couldn’t help but watch her walk just ahead of me. She had a great sway and a terrific butt. For a 40-year-old woman she was very well put together. She had told me once that she’d had breast reduction surgery and from the tight shirts I’d seen her in, the doctor was more sculptor than surgeon. Her figure was perfect. Long legs, great curves, perfect C-cup breasts and a beautiful face, framed by dark red hair. Plus she was fun to be around and a pleasure to work with.

The trade show was a trade show. We’d done several of these and a couple for this particular client so everything was old hat, until the third night of the show. Typically, we always dined with the clients but they had a major prospect show up unexpectedly and we were dumped to our own devices. We decided we’d just grab something there at the hotel and head to our separate rooms, but once inside the restaurant everything sort of moved in it’s own direction.
First off there was a problem in the kitchen – a gas line had been cut somewhere, the ovens were out and they weren’t serving hot food. So we simply rerouted to the bar. We took a table and ordered drinks and began to munch on the trail mix that passed for bar food. The band was good and we sat and listened and shot the breeze and soon two and a half hours and several rounds of serious drinks had passed. Jesse, I noticed, was lit and I was working on a decent buzz myself.

I needed to get some food in me so I asked Jess what she wanted to have for dinner and she leaned across the corner of the table and put her hand on my thigh. She looked at me with an enormous pair of exotic brown eyes and in a very sultry voice said simply, “You.”

To say this blew my mind was an understatement. We’d worked together for a long time and nothing even suggestive had passed between us. Not that I hadn’t admired the woman she was and her dark red hair really did something to me, but she was still getting unmarried, I was still semi-married and had never ever cheated on my wife. Things weren’t good between us right now but that didn’t mean I was quite ready to jump ship.

“Right,” I said. “I should get you drunk more often.”

She smiled and said that she needed to swing by her room before we went anywhere and as I stood up the call of nature hit me too. We were alone when we stepped on the elevator and as the doors closed behind us for the trip up she grabbed me and planted one of the most amazing kisses I’ve ever had. Her lips were soft but firm and her tongue found mine in an instant. I recovered as quickly as I could and being the gentleman I am, returned the kiss, pulling her to me and feeling her incredible body against mine.

The elevator dinged announcing that we’d arrived at my floor and I started to get off. She looked at me with a little pout and said, “Surely you were going to come to my room…”

This was new territory for me. I’m an okay looking guy but nobody’s beating down the door with male modeling assignments. I could lose a few pounds, well maybe a few dozen and my hairs gone gray. But I’ve got a sense of humor that women like and I listen. Maybe that’s it. But women do not throw themselves at me.

This was a moment of truth. A defining moment in my life. Would I be able to control raging hormones, way too much alcohol and an intense case of the hornies or could I take this incredible vision to bed? What am I? Stupid? Jesse solved the dilemma by pulling me back in the car with much less difficulty that I thought I should put up. She punched the button for her floor and kissed me again. I was toast.

She opened the door to the room and stepped through then twirled and wrapped her arms around my neck.
“I’ve wanted this for a very long time.” she said with a very husky voice I’d never heard in a client presentation, and began to unbutton my shirt as she kissed me again.

I really wanted to resist. Really. But this woman was beautiful and she was undressing me.

“Jess…” I started to object and she placed a finger over my lips. Then reached down and slowly pulled her tight red sweater up and over her head, shaking her dark hair slowly as it fell back into place.

Her bra was a lacey black number that presented it’s own reasoning for me to shut up. She reached up and slipped her fingers inside my collar as she kissed me again and somewhere in mid-kiss my shirt came off and I remembered how to unlatch a brassiere. As I held her soft breasts against my chest I became aware that I’d developed a Category 5 hard-on that was about to bust through my pants. Jesse discovered that as well.

Slowly she slipped from my arms and kissed her way down my chest to my belt. I looked to the ceiling and corners for the Candid Camera installation. This was not happening. And yet a moment later it did.

As I stood there with my Dockers and tighty-whiteys around my ankles, Jesse began to slowly caress the shaft of my dick with her fingers and gently roll those fabulous lips around the head. Her tongue found the extremely sensitive spot on the underside of the head right at the circumcision and my eyes rolled back in my head. Her left hand slid up my leg and began to stroke my tightening balls. She was incredible and in no time had my entire cock in her mouth rhythmically sucking me like no blowjob I’d ever had. Every muscle in my body was tight. You couldn’t have driven a 10 penny nail up my ass when I gasped, “Jess – I’m gonna cum…” She slowed. And then stopped and I slipped from her mouth with her hand clamped tightly around me.

“Not yet.” She promised and then stood and walked slowly away toward the bedroom of the suite. When she reached the doorway she turned and gave me a seductive look I’ll remember to my grave and asked innocently, “Coming…?”
Did you ever try to run or even walk fast with your pants around your ankles? This cannot be done in a suave fashion. James Bond never goes hopping across the hotel room after the nearly naked babe. Jesse headed for the bed and I shuffled across the carpet shedding shoes, one sock, pants and skivvies on the way.

She had her back to me when I entered the darkened bedroom. She had kicked off her shoes and naked from the waist up, was still wearing her slacks. I don’t know who decided that women’s pants needed to zip in the back but at that moment I said a small silent thank you. I leaned over her shoulder and kissed her neck as one hand found a breast and the other worked to remove the snug slacks. She giggled, wiggled slightly, the pants hit the floor and her butt snuggled against my erection. I held her for a moment feeling the softness of her body and smoothness of her skin. She was every boyhood dream rolled into one woman at that instant.

She turned to face me and somehow I lowered her to the edge of the bed and went to my knees. I found the string that was her thong and she raised her hips to let me slide it from her. She smelled terrific. Subtle, not overpowering and I moved my face between her legs. I kissed and licked and sucked and moved my tongue in ways I’d only read about. Seemed to work. She panted and gasped and called my name and thrashed and bucked and thrust herself against me. I kept at it. Finally she arched her back and released a low moan that built into a quiet howl. I was impressed. I’d never brought a woman off at a level like that.
I lay down beside her and looked into her half open eyes. She had one arm draped across her forehead and her parted lips invited a kiss. It was a delicious kiss.

Jess turned to me and rolled me onto my back. As she did this, her leg crossed me and she spread her now soaked pussy wide and I was inside her. Just like that. She raised herself over me and I felt her settle around and onto my cock. I could feel her all the way up and she began to rock slowly. I reached up and cupped a breast, softly rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She purred. As she slowly fucked me I began to feel the orgasm build. This was going to be huge. I grabbed her hips and drove myself into her, I squeezed her magnificent butt and felt the eruption coming. I looked into her face and her eyes were far away glazed, her head back and her focus intense. Her moan began again and I felt her pussy tighten around me pulling me deeper into her. I came from my toes. It thundered past my knees and felt like it spilt my cock in two as it blew deep into her. Her eyes went wide and she bit her lower lip in one of the sexiest expressions I ever witnessed.

Jess collapsed onto my chest and we lay there for a good while, breathing hard, then deeply, then I realized she had dozed off. Then I realized I had too.

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