My Hot Wife has Many Secrets

Before I married my beautiful and sexy wife, Julie, 10 years ago, we dated for over 5 years, though never exclusively.

I guess I should have known from her sexy dresses and outright promiscuous behavior from our dating days that she would stray outside of our marriage.

The difference is, back in the 1990s, when we dated, her behavior made me almost insanely jealous. When I learned not long ago that I was the husband of a truly hot wife, on the other hand, it turned me on immensely and the thought of her in action makes my cock twinge with excitement.

Julie’s looks are what can only be described as unique. At first sight, one might overlook her (unless she is dressed provocatively, which she often is). But upon closer examination, she never fails to turn heads. She has lustrous dark brown hair, eyes to match and a naturally tan complexion.

When we were dating, Julie’s trademark was short skirts. Her legs are incredible, not thin, but the nicely toned legs of a real athlete and, though she denies this, she has always loved to show them off in mini-skirts, including a micro-mini with fur trim she once wore on a date with another guy, along with ankle boots. On that particular night she showed up at a party that I was already at and every man in the place turned and gawked when she walked in. At the time, I was insanely jealous, but thinking back on it now absolutely makes my cock raging hard. I have no doubt that she fucked that lucky guy’s brains out that night. It drove me crazy at the time knowing that. Today, it drives me wild for a completely different reason.

There was another time when I got lucky with Julie that brings back sensationally sexy memories. I didn’t know what prompted this at the time, but one Saturday afternoon, Julie showed up at my apartment wearing very short cut-offs, cowboy boots and a leotard top. She also had her hair down and just the right touch of eye shadow, blush, eye liner and lip gloss. WOW.

One thing led to another and soon I was rubbing her wet pussy through those denim shorts and we fucked and sucked until Sunday morning, when she had to get ready for a date with another guy that night.

Looking back, my Julie simply had a voracious appetite for sex and she knew she could get it from me anytime she wanted. It drove me crazy that she had another date that next night. It drove me even crazier that she not only didn’t return home that Sunday night, but she didn’t resurface until Wednesday, meaning that she had latched on to someone whose cock she particularly enjoyed riding on, or whose tongue hit just the right spots in her beautiful pussy. Or whose cum she liked the taste of.

Speaking of tasting cum, there was another time when Julie stopped by my apartment on her way to a tennis date with another guy. She had on a short, tight tennis skirt that looked like a cheerleader outfit. (What a knockout!) She said she just stopped by to say hello, but one thing led to another again and I was soon rubbing her wet pussy through her bloomers. She got noticeably wet, but she would not let me take her skirt off. However, she did push me down on my desk, pull my shorts down and proceeded to suck, lick, rub and jerk my cock until I came in torrents down her throat. I warned her before I came that I was about to cum, but it didn’t seem to make any difference to her. She kept right on sucking, looking me right in the eye and she made unbelievably hot swallowing noises as I ejaculated into her mouth. Then she got up, gave me a big smile, planted a huge open mouth kiss and took a swig of a Heineken and literally walked out to go on her tennis date–from which she did not return until the next morning.

Julie seemed to give me just enough outrageously hot sex to placate my jealous tendencies.

After that first time swallowing my load, she swallowed my load whenever I came. Sometimes she would suck me to orgasm, usually with her sitting against the headboard of her bed, with me standing over her with my hard cock in her mouth. She would hold my cock or balls with one hand and wrap her other arm around my butt to pull me deeper into her mouth to signal that she wanted my load in her mouth and not to pull out.

Other times, she would jerk my cock to orgasm, placing her mouth over it when she saw me begin to cum, or jerking my cum onto my own stomach as I lay back, and then making a show of slurping it up and swallowing it.

One time, we were at a party together at which she was wearing one of her short skirts and she was flirting with a really good looking guy and he was clearly interested. I said something to her about it and she pulled up her skirt, put her own finger into her wet pussy, pulled it out and put it into my mouth and said, “Do you taste that? That’s YOU. Not him.”

That was all it took. I didn’t say another word, she kept flirting and went home with me that night. But, for all I know, she probably met up with that other guy later and sucked his cock. I now wish I had seen it happen, because Julie is in fabulous shape and she knows her way around the male anatomy. Furthermore, as she once said to me, “I like everything. I like it all.”

She won’t shy away from a 69, fucking outdoors, sucking cock in a car on the highway, or sticking her middle finger straight up a man’s ass as she blows him.

Once she even asked me to pull over when we were driving so that she could have a look inside a house that was under construction. The house didn’t have a roof yet and was still mostly frame with some drywall here and there. When we went inside, we found ourselves behind a section of drywall and she promptly began to strip naked. She then looked at me and said, “Fuck me,” and she bent over a saw horse with her legs spread and her pussy already wet.

Over the years, Julie has actually gotten more attractive. First of all, shortly after we were married, we bought her a $12,000 pair of breast implants, increasing her cup size from a small B to a large D, nearly a DD. And she carried those breasts very well. They look like the boobs she should have had to begin with.

The bigger breasts made her dress even sexier. Now, in addition to the short skirts and shorts, she wears tight blouses, tank tops, low cut shirts, jog bras and anything else to emphasize her sexy chest.

Julie could easily be a professional fitness model, and no wonder: she does 3 spin classes per week, lift weights twice per week with a personal trainer (a guy of course), does pilates and yoga, swims laps a few times per week and runs every Saturday and Sunday morning.

Julie has the kind of body that looks like you could strike a match off of any part. Her prefect, firm, round breasts are offset by a flat tummy, with just a hint of muscular definition from all the exercise. Her gorgeous legs end with a hard, tight ass that fills a pair of jeans to make any cock hard. Even her arms are sexy, with just the right amount of muscle, without detracting from her femininity. 

But the real purpose of this story are the other activities of which I have learned which keep Julie looking so hot:

1. She apparently consumes a steady diet of low-fat, high protein semen from several lovers.

2. She fucks those same several lovers like a rabbit, for hours on end.

She doesn’t know that I am aware of her extracurricular sex life and I am happy for it to remain that way now, though eventually I am going to want to hear her tell me about her sexual conquests and exploits, perhaps even allowing me to watch her in action.

How do I know what she’s up to? One day, my car’s “check engine” light came on, so I took it to the dealer to have it worked on. The only loaner vehicle they had for me was a pick up truck. On my way home, I decided to pass by Julie’s office to say hi, but when I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a strange car–a Porsche convertible–parked next to hers. For some reason, my curiosity (not suspicion–curiosity) prompted me to park across the street and down the block to see who the owner of the Porsche was and if he or she was in my wife’s office.

I didn’t have long to wait. After a few minutes, my bride came out with a man I recognized from the gym. The two of them got into the Porsche together, put the top up and drove off. I followed in the truck. I noticed as they were driving that my wife was leaning over to his side and, when they stopped at a stoplight, her head disappeared into his lap–in broad daylight! Instead of getting mad, I felt my cock twinge and grow almost instantly hard.

Soon, the Porsche pulled into a very swanky, gated community where I could not follow. I drove around for some time between that front gate and back to her office for a while and, as time dragged on, I decided to just park across the street from her office and wait. After about two hours, the Porsche arrived and I saw Julie lean over and give the guy a long, deep kiss, once again giving me an instant hard-on. Julie looked around before she got out of the car to walk into her office building. From the looks of her hair, there was no doubt that she had just been fucked.

I drove straight home, dropped my trousers, jerked off and shot a huge load while thinking about what had just occurred.

I them began to do some additional snooping over the next few weeks and discovered that my wife is truly insatiable. The person she swims with 3 times a week turned out to be yet another guy and, judging from their body language and her obvious playful glances at his crotch in his racing swim trunks out by the pool at the gym, there is no doubt in my mind that she is fucking and sucking him too.

But that’s not all. Not by a long shot.

She meets her personal trainer every morning at 5am. I assumed she was doing him too and, I woke up one night while she was sound asleep and checked her cell phone and found text messages between them which seemed very, very familiar.

There is even a fourth guy that she now meets to go on runs with on the weekends. If she isn’t fucking and sucking him, no doubt she soon will be.

The whole idea of my wife being a real cumslut now turns me on totally, possibly because we still make love a few times per week ourselves, she still wears sexy lingerie to bed, still grabs my ass and crotch playfully and, after all, she looks just like a fitness model.

If she wants to satisfy her animal urges by sucking and fucking younger studs, that’s fine by me. I hope to hear all about it one day.

Updated: August 5, 2019 — 7:59 pm