My Wife at the Adult Club

It was Friday afternoon and Judy called me at work to tell me that she had made reservations for us at a comedy club in a nearby town. When I got home, she hadn’t started getting ready yet. It would be a couple of hours before we went out. The club didn’t get going until after 10pm. She asked me what I wanted her to wear and I said to wear something that would excite me. I was sitting watching the news when she came out in an off-white jersey dress that barely hid her ass. It was very low cut, short, and showed her curves very nicely. It was obvious that there was nothing under the dress. Her dark nipples and mound could be clearly seen through the material. I set some expectations that this was going to be a great night!

We arrived at the club a little after 10pm and we were lead to our table near the stage. When she sat in her chair she actually set her bare ass on the seat. The dress was too short to cover her backside as she sat. We had dinner and watched the show. Judy got up several times to go to the rest room and attracted lots of attention. After a bit she asked to leave. She said that she was getting bored and wanted to have some fun.

We knew of a gentleman’s club across town that had a nice couples club that played good music and was lots of fun. We got there a little after midnight and the place was already jumping. We went to the couples’ area with the dance floor. On the other side of the club was an area with several stages where the dancers performed. We found a seat in the couples area at the bar and ordered drinks. When Judy sat up on the bar stool she offered a clear view of her trimmed bush to everyone walking by. She knew that she was doing this and even spread her legs as the guys walked by. She liked to look them right in the eye and smile as they were caught looking; she got a charge out of embarrassing them.

A couple of guys that we knew came up to the bar and bought us drinks and remarked that Judy was creating a traffic jam. She turned toward them and spread wide and asked whatever did they mean and we all laughed. We joined them at their table and danced awhile. When Judy put her arms around my neck to dance her dress pull up far enough to expose a good portion of her ass to the crowd. I could easily rub her bare bottom as we danced. I whispered in her ear that she was putting on quite a show and she asked if I was enjoying it. She could tell by the hardness pressed against her. I pushed a little harder and she said “good”.

She danced several dances with our two friends; to both fast and slow songs. She couldn’t have acted any sexier! I could see during the slow dances that her bare ass was being caressed by both of them. After a bit one of them suggested that we join them on the other side and watch the dancers. Judy took one of the guys’ hands to slide off the chair and her dress slid up above her ass giving everybody in the place a shot of her from the waist down (front and back). She knew that she was creating a scene and loved it. I was getting turned on watching all the attention she was getting from our two friends. It was easy to tell by her nipples that she was enjoying it and the more she drank the bolder she got.

We found a table not too close to any of the stages and ordered some drinks. There were a number of totally naked dancers throughout the club. Most were giving table dances or sitting with the guests. We spent a while comparing girls and giving them scores from one to ten depending on the size of their breasts or shape of their asses. Shortly after 2am they announced an amateur contest; the winner would win $500 and all the girls dancing could continue to dance for tips as long as they wanted to stay on one of the stages or on the floor. Our two friends suggested that Judy enter but she would have none of it. Several girls went up one at a time and we did our own one to ten grading of each of the girls. Our friends kept bugging Judy and telling her that the girls were nothing compared to her. Well, I guess the drinks were getting to her and she told them she would go up only if I wanted her to. I was loving everything that was going on all evening. I had been fingering her while we sat at the table and she was showing off most everything already. I told her to go for it.

When the MC asked for the next contestant Judy raised her hand and our friends started to hoot and holler. They took her in the back and a few minutes later they announced her dance. She came out with a cowgirl outfit on and they started to play Tina Turner’s Private Dancer. The hat came off first and then she turned her back wiggled her ass and slipped her vest off exposing her bare back to the crowd. The guys on the other side of the stage could already see her naked breasts and were giving her cat calls. She turned and faced us and looked right at me as she took her hands away from her chest, exposing her bare breasts with her nipples standing out like small missiles. Most of the girls didn’t strip totally naked but kept their g-strings on. Judy was down to just her g-string and our friends were encouraging her to take it off. Again she looked right at me and although there were dozens of guys watching her I felt that she was dancing just for me. She hooked her thumbs in her g-string and turned away from us and started to pull them down. She stepped out of it and spun around to face us and again gave me her total attention as she danced totally naked on the stage. She was getting lots of cat calls and whistles from the crowd.

The song ended and she walked to the back of the stage. She came out a few minutes later still totally naked carrying her dress. She slid onto the bench next to me with the two guys on chairs across from our table. She said that all the girls were going to get up and dance again together after the contest so she saw no reason to dress. She was hot and we all could see it. One of our friends asked if she would give him a lap dance…kinda joking. She looked at him and asked how much – she said that the girls were getting paid to do it, why should she do it for free. I think she caught him off guard because it took him awhile to respond. He said $20. She looked at me for approval and I told her to go for it, I told her that I wanted to see how much whe can make. She told him money first and he handed her $20. She held it between her fingers like the other dances and started to dance for the guy.

She was good! She spread his legs and grinded her ass into his crotch and turned, pushed his legs together and sat on him with her legs spread. She was swinging her breasts inches from his face and ended up smothering him with her bare tits. While this was going on other contestants were dancing on stage. After the song ended she was still sitting on his lap and she gave him a long intense french kiss and got off his lap; exposing a bulge the size of a football. Our other friend said that he was next and had his twenty already out. And she gave him pretty much the same treatment.

Rules were that the guys were not allowed to touch the girls…but, the girls did their share of touching. After that song they announced the winner (it wasn’t Judy). It was a redhead with tits the size of melons. Judy didn’t seem very disappointed and said that she had to go because the girls were going to do a dance together. She went back stage and they announced the dance and the girls came out one at a time either totally naked or in their g-strings. There were a total of seven of them plus three of the regular girls. The ten of them danced together to the sexiest dance I think that I have ever seen.

When the dance was over Judy came from the back and returned to our table. She said that she was asked to do a table dance at another table. I told her to go for it; she asked if I was sure and I told her that I was really enjoying this night. So, off she went a couple of tables away. Another $20 between her fingers and she was on top of this older man and giving him a hard on I was sure. She did two or three more dances before she got back to the table with her pile of $20s. It was nearly 4am and the place was still rocking. I felt between Judy’s legs and she was soaking wet. She told me that the older man had his finger inside of her and nearly made her cum. The kid across said that he’d pay another $20 to be able to do that. Judy whispered in my ear that she’d like us to go across the street to this seedy motel and really have some fun with the guys. I said that I was all for it and I asked the kid what would he pay for the full show if he was willing to pay $20 to finger fuck her. Judy said that we could go across the street and the show would be on her…literally!

She slipped on her dress and we headed out of the club; whe was arm and arm between her new best friends. We left the car where is was and crossed the highway to the motel. I went in and got a room and we walked down toward our room. Judy actually slipped out of her dress as we were walking and was totally naked by the time we entered the room. She turned to the first guy she gave the lap dance to and pull off his shirt and pushed him toward the bed and they started right in. He was sucking her tits as she was undoing his jeans. She pushed them down with her feet and practically ripped off his shorts. She was telling me to get a condom out of her purse and to hurry because she needed to be fucked. As soon as the kid had it on she pulled him inside of her. There was no foreplay, it was straight animal passion. She came the first time way before he did and continued to ride him. She was totally in charge.

She seemed to be oblivious of the fact that I was there. She was satisfying her passion; her need to be satisfied. I don’t remember ever seeing her with this much intensity. The second kid was already naked and had his condom on before the first kid was finished. When the first kid rolled off of her she looked at me and smiled and turned to the second kid and told him to come on and fuck her hard. Again, no preamble; it was straight pure sex and she was hot. I was so turned on watching these two kids fuck her. I was awed by her animal passion. I was watching this kid slide in and out as she grabbed his ass to make him thrust into her. She was using brute strength to get him to fuck her harder and deeper.

When she was done with him she said that she wanted me to fuck her and let them watch. I stripped naked and climbed on the bed to enter her. She said no. She wanted them to see me make love to her. I wanted her so badly I could hardly wait to enter her; but, we started kissing and fondling each other. I sucked her rock-hard nipples and slid down to eat her sweet pussy. She pushed my face into her as she came. I rolled her over and ran my tongue up her ass. It drives her crazy when I do that and she was grinding herself into the bed as I used my tongue to fuck her ass. I slid up her back and slid my dick into her wet cunt from behind. She squeezed her legs together and that was all it took. I exploded inside of her as I kissed her neck and shoulders. I kept pumping and pumping. I didn’t get really soft, but, wasn’t rock-hard as before. I rolled her over on top of me and kept pumping while I played with her clit. She stiffened and came again. She pushed herself against me and grabbed me on both sides. She was still laying on top of me with my semi-hard dick in her when one of the guys started to lick her clit and the other started sucking her nipples. I was totally turned on with the scene and could tell that Judy was in her glory.

We had no more condoms so the guys could not fuck her any more, but they continued to suck and play with her like this until I came again. I don’t know how many times she came that night. I’m sure that it was a record for her. The sun was nearly up when we walked across to our car and said goodbye to our friends with all sorts of promises to meet again and have some fun.

We got home after the sun was up; we showered and crashed in bed. All thoughts of more sex was gone from our minds. Judy was exhausted from all the activity and I was just from watching and being turned on.