Party Surprise

Ever wondered how far your wife would go with someone else? Whether she acts differently when you’re not there? Here’s my experience and believe me it was a shock.

It started at her office Christmas Party. Because there had been too many restrictions the year before with party poopers and politically correct bores it had been decided to have it at a private house. That way it wasn’t technically anything to do with the firm and they didn’t need to invite the spoilsports anyway. So they let it be known it was going to be noisy, naughty and the drink was going to flow. It was up to each employee to decide if they wanted to bring their partner – all were welcome.

My wife wanted me to join her and I agreed. We are a quiet couple and my wife is usually very shy – and unfortunately a bit straight-laced. Or so I thought! Now we like to enjoy ourselves and have a dance and a drink – but we’re never exactly wild and loud. Anyway you’ve got the picture – so there we were and the party was in full swing. Trouble was I couldn’t drink because of medication but that was ok – it was after all my wife’s party and I told her to enjoy herself – no problem.

My wife had spent time circulating and chatting while I was happy to watch the “going’s on” and antics of the crowd when the alcohol started to take effect. When my wife rejoined me I commented on how some people seemed to be getting out of hand. Hands were wandering up skirts and down blouses and men’s crotches were being felt.

“It’s only a bit of harmless fun,” said my wife. That was the first surprise! Usually she would be the first to frown on public displays of sex. I noticed a woman with two men – one was giving her hell of a passionate kiss while the other waited his turn. The men managed to do the same with several women – some while their husbands were nearby. I commented again to my wife.

“They’re just enjoying themselves – it’s only because it’s Christmas,” she said quietly. She seemed to be envious and I felt a bit unsettled about it. It was as though she thought my presence was spoiling her fun. Feeling annoyed I asked her a question.

“So if I wasn’t here those men would be groping you too?”

“Well they might do that anyway – they don’t seem to care do they?”

Her reply shocked me but worse was to come.

“You wouldn’t object to them dragging you off to a dark corner to have a feel of your tits while they slobbered all over you then? They’re doing a bit more than giving a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe aren’t they?” There was a tone in my voice.

“They are nice guys really – I’ve always found them ok. It’s just them having fun. I don’t see anyone complaining.” She would never normally have been so broad-minded.

“That’s not what I asked you. And how come you know them – they work in the same building but not for your company?”

“I sometimes talk to them at lunchtime – if I sit in the sun on the roof or go for a walk. No,” she added, “I wouldn’t make a scene and spoil the party. Like I said, it’s just a bit of fun at Christmas.”

“So you wouldn’t mind if they came over and started to kiss and touch you up? You’d let them lead you off – even though I’m here?”

“Well yes, why not? It’s Christmas and it’s a party.”

I was gobsmacked! That was an answer I would never have believed possible. I was more shocked than annoyed then I wondered – just how much time did she spend with these guys during her lunch-breaks? She watched them as intently as I did but with a look of envy. Envious of the women that were getting “touched up” and kissed by them. It was obvious that she had taken a fancy to one of them. I was beginning to feel a little jealous.

Well – as the party went on and my wife circulated and danced, it got wilder. I stayed quiet, watching, partly because I was still sober and partly because of what my wife had said. I had never seen her with such an attitude before. Then her boss asked me a favour. A couple of people had overdone it – they had started drinking early in the afternoon and were the worst for wear. Would I be a nice guy and drive them home? He knew I wasn’t able to drink. I said ok then called my wife over to tell her.

“What a bloody cheek he has asking you!” she said. “He has no right to expect you to take them home. Why doesn’t he call them a cab?”

“Well, he wants to make sure they get in the house safely I think,” I said. “I should only be gone about thirty minutes.”

So I left and drove them home. I couldn’t help but feel my wife’s protests had seemed a little exaggerated and false. The couple seemed almost asleep in the back seat and the woman’s skirt was up round her thighs. In short this is what happened next.

I got them home. They couldn’t find a key. The man began to feel ill. I couldn’t just leave them on the roadside so I waved down a passing police-car and explained the situation. He was a good copper and gave me the name of an approved locksmith. When I called him he said about two hours. Great! I called the party and left a message for my wife – don’t expect me for two hours. You can see where this is leading can’t you?

The locksmith sent an assistant – he was there in twenty minutes. I got the couple upstairs and dumped the woman on her bed – the man crawled into the bathroom. Her skirt was now around her waist and her pussy may as well have been naked. I could have fucked her and she wouldn’t have known about it. In fact watching her earlier she probably wouldn’t have objected then! But you can go to jail for that so I made sure they were safe and comfy then left.

I was going to let my wife know that I was on my way back but decided against it – I was curious about something. Driving back to the party I was aware that I had a hard on and felt horny. Partly due to the woman’s cunt being on show – but partly because of my fertile imagination about my wife. Yet I was also nervous and jealous – not to mention feeling a little upset that she would let other men feel her – and enjoy it!

I entered the house from the rear door. No one noticed me – most were either too “pissed” or groping each other. Some women had their tops removed. Where the fuck was my wife? Then I spotted her – in the hallway.

She was stood with the two men, holding a drink and chatting away. I moved into a corner to watch them without being seen. As they laughed and chatted away one of them put his hand around her waist and bent to kiss her – on the lips – just for a few seconds. They chatted a bit more – then the other one kissed her. I felt the pangs of jealousy rise up in me and my heart began to race. So it went on – talking, kissing – each kiss seemed a little longer and more intense than the last. But it was their hands that were causing me concern – or rather what they were doing with them.

As each man held and kissed her his hand went from gently resting on her waist to climbing up to her breast. After a while they began to cup her bosom and I could see fingers caressing her nipples. It was as though as each man watched what the other could get away with he would go a little further.

Now as one kissed her and squeezed her tits the other one began to stroke her thigh while he watched. She never made any attempt to resist or knock their hands away. My heart was pounding like mad and I felt a little sick. Butterflies were flying around my stomach. I was about to go over and put a stop to it but something held me back. I had to know how far she would go. This was how she was like when I wasn’t with her – to restrict her behaviour – probably the real “she”.

I actually saw her obligingly move the arm that she was holding her drink with out of the way of her bust to let one man get a better feel of her tits. I couldn’t believe it! Why were they paying my wife so much attention – every other woman had been given a kiss or two then they had moved on to the next one?

Feeling a little conspicuous I got myself a drink and took up a position where I was able to observe the trio without them seeing me. No one else noticed my presence. Just watching them kiss her and how she let them run their hands up and down her body made me feel both sick with jealousy and a little betrayed. Yet I couldn’t help be conscious of the fact that I had a raging hard on – my cock was trying to burst out of my pants. There was something exciting about watching my wife responding to these men.

Suddenly one of the men pointed to a broom cupboard and whispered something to my wife. Both men looked quickly round and next minute the door was opened and she was gone – inside with one of the men! My heart pounded – my stomach churned – and my head screamed! If the other man hadn’t have stood by the door casually sipping his drink I could have gone over and listened to what was going on inside. What was she going to let him do in there? He had already felt her tits and run his hand up her thigh. How far would she go?

A minute seemed like an hour – and she was in there for quite a few of them. Then the door opened and they appeared. My heart kept missing beats as I carefully checked her out for clues. As she sipped her drink I noticed her blouse was slightly pulled from the waistband of her skirt at the side. Only a few inches – as though she had rushed to tuck it back in but not done a good job. Neither had she done a good job of re-fastening the buttons! Only one extra one was undone – but that told me everything. He had been inside her blouse.

While I was still reeling from the shock the other man held his hands up as though he was protesting. Both men started to laugh – then he opened the door to the cupboard and led my wife in. He was taking his turn – and she walked in willingly. I don’t need to describe what I felt and went through – I’m sure you can imagine. But besides all the uncomfortable feelings – there was an underlying excitement – a sexual excitement.

They were in there longer than before, so much so that the man outside became visibly impatient. As if I wasn’t! He decided to wait no longer, instead of standing guard so to speak, he opened the door and joined them. Now she was inside with both men! I expected her to come out – I mean – how far was this thing going? It didn’t happen – she stayed in with them – for yet another endless time.

Five minutes later I was a complete basket case. Shaking and confused – with intense feelings I’d never known before I decided enough was enough! I was going to stop this. I never got the chance – someone got there before me.

A couple who had the same idea rushed over and opened the door. Stopped in their tracks when they realised that it was occupied they stood looking in the cupboard, smiling. I heard the man shout, “Hey, come on! Give someone else a turn!” Maybe it was my imagination thinking I saw the first man finish fastening up his flies as he stepped back into the room. There was however no mistaking what my wife was doing – she was busy trying to re – button her blouse. All the buttons were undone – and it was completely out of her waistband. In fact she had stepped out of the closet so fast that her bra was clearly on show for all to see. The second man? Well, he still had his hands on his trouser zip

So what pictures went through my mind? She was in a cupboard with two men. She had let them unfasten her blouse to play with her tits. They must have at least attempted to get inside her knickers. Had she let them? They had both unfastened their pants and got their cocks out. Had she played with them both – at the same time? My wife with a cock in each hand – masturbating two men at the same time! Or had she gone even further? It was all too much to take in!

They had composed themselves and resumed talking and sipping their drinks. Had being caught out in the cupboard brought them back to earth? No it certainly had not! I watched as one of the men closed his mouth over my wife’s lips. I plainly saw her mouth open for him and his tongue dart into her mouth. It was lust, passion, raw sex, his hands grabbed her arse and he pulled her into his crotch. She ran a hand through his hair and pulled closer – she was aroused – very aroused. As soon as he let her go she turned to the other man so he could take his turn and was no less passionate. Had they been alone in a room they would by now be fucking her – I had no doubt about it. Was this really my wife – did I really know her at all?

I was totally mentally numb; all I could do was just carry on watching. Someone spoke to me but I never even bothered to look up in his direction. The kissing went on for just a couple of minutes then something was whispered. They all glanced at their watches to check the time then the men looked at my wife. She hesitated, gave a nervous nod and look around – then they all started to walk toward me. I very quickly shot away behind a group of people.

I decided they must have been moving into either the kitchen or living room. Maybe to get some food so they would look innocent and normal when they thought I was coming back. When they passed me I followed them with my eyes – into the kitchen – then outside into the back yard. I couldn’t believe it – what the fuck was going on now?

A few people had gone out before to mess about and just run around the garden a little – but where was my wife going. Surely she would expect me back in the next twenty minutes or so? When some others went out and some came back in I took the opportunity to slip out and move quietly into the shadows. This was getting silly and out of hand – and was bloody unbelievable! I stood and scanned the garden trying to spot my wife and the men. Then I saw them – walking towards a tool shed – one of them tried the door and found it unlocked. To my amazement they all slipped through the door and closed it behind them. Now I was going really “ape-shit”.

What was it she had said, “Just a bit of harmless fun”? She couldn’t get enough! I walked up to the shed and heard noises from the side. When I figured out were they where standing I moved quietly round to try to listen. I was sure that my breathing was so heavy and noisy I would probably be heard. Forcing myself to settle down I pressed my ear to the wooden panel. I could hear muffled sounds, then voices.

“That’s great! What lovely tits you have. Let me pull your blouse out. Come on, unfasten them all.”

Then there was moaning sounds – and a zipper being pulled down.

“Hold it for me – do what you was doing before – in the closet. Yeah! That’s right! Good girl! Do you like that?”

My wife’s voice came next.

“No! You can’t take anything off – I can’t stay long – my husband will be back soon.”

The second man joined in.

“Ok, let’s just pull them down a bit. Yesss! That’s nice! That’s lovely. Pull your bra up and let’s see your nipples. Come on, don’t be shy – I want to suck them! Yes! That’s nice. Good girl! Now you can use your other hand on me. Get it out and play with mine too. Come on – unzip me.”

My wife’s voice, sounding breathless.

“I have to go soon, in a few minutes.” Then came more moans.

“Do you like that – what my fingers are doing?”

“Hmmm, yes!”

“Do you wish you could stay longer?”


There were slurps, moans, expletives and you can imagine the pictures that ran through my mind.

“Bet this is more exciting than doing it with your husband, isn’t it? What a shame we’ve only got a few minutes.”

Suddenly a much louder groan came from one man’s mouth. “Yes! Keep going!” Then more sounds of lips on skin. She had masturbated one of them to climax.

“I’ll have to go now – my husband will be back.”

“You can’t leave my friend like that – that’s not nice. Look how big it is – wouldn’t you like it inside you?”

“No! I have to go back inside.”

“He’s having trouble getting there. You’ll have to help him.”

“Sit on the box for me,” said the second man.

“No! I’m not doing that!” snapped my wife, anticipating what he wanted.

“Come on, I’ll do the hard work, you just give it a little kiss. Just run your tongue over it.”

No one spoke for a minute – but there were noises. I can’t describe how I felt really. I had been betrayed by my wife – she was pleasuring two men and I was listening to it! She was being unfaithful. A voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Just a little suck. Open your mouth.”

The noises that reached my ears next didn’t need any explanation. I felt shattered and devastated.

“If I’m in trouble I’ll kill you both myself – never mind what my husband might do to you! Let me get dressed.”

“Answer me one question before we go. Did you enjoy it – and would you stay longer if you could?”

“That’s two questions – but yes to both of them. But I can’t stay so don’t think it’s “to be continued”

“If we had been alone – only us three – would you have let us go further – would you have liked a cock inside you?”

“Come on!” snapped my wife; “We haven’t time for an analysis!”

“Just answer me.”

There was silence as she hesitated to answer. I waited in agony for her reply – finally it came.

“Maybe. Who knows how carried away I might have got – or what I would have let you do?”

“You’ve just made us both hard again,” laughed the second man.

The door opened and then they were gone, leaving me stunned and numb.

The picture I had in my head now was of my wife, sat on a toolbox. Her knickers round her knees and her bare tits hanging out of her open blouse. She had sat on that box and allowed a man to masturbate into her mouth. She had opened her mouth when the man asked her to, knowing he was about to ejaculate. If she had been asked to do it sooner she would have probably done it for the first man too.

I was almost in tears but I found my hand go to my trouser zip. As other pictures flashed into my minds-eye I experienced an incredible sexual thrill. My penis was now out and I gave it long hard pulls. I had heard my wife say she maybe would have let two men fuck her. My excitement built up as I imagined one fucking her while she sucked the other one. If I hadn’t have been expected back she would have stood against the shed wall while the men took turns to put their cocks inside her and have “Knee-tremblers.” She almost said she would!

I stood there behind the shed like a spotty adolescent who’d just discovered another use for his dick. Wanking, pulling my pudding – my wife’s unfaithfulness had given me this turn on. I should have been inside – breaking heads and ripping balls off! But the pleasure was too intense to ignore – I shot my sperm all over the flower border. Then I felt very confused.

When I went back into the house I tried to appear normal and look as though I had just arrived back. My wife did a good job of pretending to be tired from too much dancing. For many reasons I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there and go home. My wife’s goodnight kisses to the other guests included the two men. I felt a shiver watching her, and, strangely enough my cock began to grow.

“So – did you get groped and kissed while I was away?” I asked.

“A bit,” she answered.

I was so surprised by her answer that the rest of the journey was silent. But my cock kept hard.

It was what happened later, in bed, which surprised me the most. I was just lying there thinking of what I had witnessed when my wife’s hand came across and closed round my cock. It stiffened and I couldn’t help but respond when I felt her bare tits against my chest. I began to play with her nipples and she seemed more than usually aroused.

“So who did you get groped and kissed by?” I inquired.

“You can probably guess by who,” she replied.

“Those two men we talked about. The ones you sometimes spend your lunch break with?”

“Yes,” she admitted. “You don’t mind do you?” she added quietly.

“At least you’re honest about it,” I replied. “I bet you let them feel your tits as well.”

Before she could deny it I added, “Did you enjoy it.”

Her hand pumped my dick a little harder and she inhaled sharply. In a whisper she said, “It was only over my blouse – just for a minute.”

As she spoke she crawled on top of me and guided my cock into her slit. By now she was breathing very heavily.

“Did you let them both feel you?” I asked.

Instead of answering she moaned a little and moved her hips up and down on my cock. Then she began to speed up, fucking me harder.

“Is that a “YES” I asked.

“Yeah,” she hissed. “Suck my tits!” she pleaded.

Clearly she was reliving the experience – and it was turning her on like nothing had before.

“It’s made me jealous and upset,” I stated to her. I was going to play along with this and see just how honest she was going to be.

“You don’t need to be upset, it was only a bit of fun. It made me feel sexy though – having a man touching my nipples and kissing me. Your penis is hard inside me so you can’t be that upset – just fuck me, please!”

Now I was as turned on as she was, “Did you feel their cocks?”

She went wild, bouncing on me and driving her crotch into me. I grabbed her arse cheeks and helped her maintain her rhythm. She moaned and squealed.

“Did you?” I asked again.

“Yes!” she shouted, then added as though it was an afterthought, “But only when they pressed against me – through their pants!”

There was obviously a limit on how honest she was going to be.

It was useless trying to question her further. She yelled and moaned and bounced her arse on me like she was possessed.

It was less than an hour later – an hour since her first orgasm – that she wanted it again – and that set the pattern for the rest of the night.

Throughout the holiday she seemed to want sex more than any other time I could remember. As for myself, I didn’t complain, but sometimes I felt as though I was being cuckolded – fooled. Shit! I bloody well had been! Even so, every time that I thought about what I had witnessed the mental pictures made my dick rise and a weird sexual feeling overtook me. In spite of the hurt and feeling of betrayal there was an intense but perverted sense of sexual arousal. When I looked at my wife’s body – and particularly her mouth and tits – I could imagine what she had let the men do – and “saw” her sucking another man’s dick and my cock immediately stiffened. One day I got her to wank me off in the kitchen just so that I could picture how she looked doing it to another man from a standing position.

It seemed also that her imagination and the pleasure she got from remembering were as great as mine was. It was still hard to believe though. My wife had masturbated two men and probably sucked one of them while they had been inside her knickers and bra. One man would have been bad enough – but my wife – with two at once? She wasn’t that kind of woman!

The holiday was over and we had been back at work for a few days before the obvious struck me. Boy! Was I slow off the mark? If she sometimes spent her lunch breaks with them – what if something was still going on? Maybe it wasn’t limited to just the party. When I had tried to question her again she had dismissed it as just the effects of the alcohol. “Those sort of things happen at parties when people get silly,” she reasoned.

The thoughts really bugged me, then the second week back at work I found myself in the vicinity of my wife’s office. What I hoped to see I had no idea – I couldn’t see on the bloody roof! Sitting outside in the car wondering what I was doing there I saw one of the men come out of the building. That accounts for one of them I thought, but he was only just out of sight when the other one came out. Just as I was beginning to feel a sense of relief that my wife wasn’t with them out she came behind him. I sat and watched as they walked down the road together. Maybe they are just out to get a sandwich, I thought.

When I could stand it no longer I drove further down the street and parked up. I was going to follow them on foot. If they should spot me it would be easy to explain my presence without making myself look a fool. They walked to the shops – then passed them – then turned a corner walking away from the central area. It dawned on me where they were heading – toward the public park. This was a chilly damp miserable January day – nobody spent lunchtimes in the park.

A sickening thought entered my head. Maybe they had become lovers. Maybe it wasn’t just a naughty sexual escapade – I think I was learning to cope with that – maybe it was romance and a lovey-dovey “Shall I leave my husband?” type of affair. Now I was really upset and angry. They walked on and sure enough entered the park.

After waiting a while to let them get ahead I walked quickly through the gates and took a winding path that would bring me above the main one that they were walking along. It was a typically English Victorian municipal public park, many winding paths flanked by large shrubs and borders. Some open spaces had now been made into small car parks and picnic areas. Through the shrubbery I managed occasional glimpses of them. My heart raced and I felt sick when they left the main path and after walking a few yards up the path I was on they stopped – and kissed. So they were lovers.

They walked up the path and I hid behind a tree while they passed me. The path then dropped down to a small car park and they waited at the edge of the path. The only other people about were exercising their dogs and it was though they were waiting for them to leave. Suddenly a car entered the parking area and stopped in the most secluded corner. My wife and the man began to walk toward the vehicle and she climbed into the back while the man got into the front. What the hell was going on?

Taking up a vantage point above and to the side of them I realised that the driver was the second man from the office. They sat in the car chatting but seemed to keep glancing impatiently at a man messing with his dog. Eventually the man drove away and all three occupants of the car looked round as though checking something out. Now there was only one more car besides theirs in the area. The two men in the front turned to speak to my wife sat in the back. Whatever they said made her nod her head in agreement. Then they all looked carefully around again.

The man she had walked with got out of the car and opened the rear door – he climbed in to join my wife on the back seat. What happened next was unbelievable!

From the position that I had taken up all that I could see was heads and shoulders. They seemed to talk for a minute – then my wife moved closer to the man. He lifted his arm and placed it round my wife’s shoulder. Then they kissed and her head fell slightly back. The man in the front seat had turned to watch. My heart skipped a beat as I realised what the man kissing my wife was doing with his other hand. The movements told me he was playing with her breasts, then, from the movements of his shoulder it seemed his hand had reached further down. Was his hand now up her skirt?

Those strange mixed feelings rose up from my stomach. I looked on in amazement as suddenly the man removed his arm from her shoulder – and her head disappeared down toward his lap. No points for guessing why! Jealousy, anger at being betrayed – you name it I felt it – but once again my cock was bursting from my trousers. As I looked on I wondered what the man in the front could actually see and was almost envious of him.

This was nothing to do with parties and alcohol – it was stone cold sober daylight – lunchtime for gods sake! My wife was sexually performing with a man in the back seat of a car whilst his friend watched. Was the other man masturbating? My hand went to my zip and I slowly pulled out my hard penis – this was wrong and weird but the urge was too strong – closing my hand round my cock I carried on watching while pulling slowly back and forth. The images and thoughts that went through my mind produced an incredible sexual feeling.

My wife’s head once again came into view through the rear window of the car. Had he ejaculated? Had she taken it in her mouth?

It was about thirty seconds later when the rear door of the car opened and the man climbed back into the front passenger seat. Expecting them to drive away because it was all over quickly dampened the sexual feelings I had. But it wasn’t all over – the driver’s door opened and the other man now climbed into the back and joined my wife. She was letting them both use her – giving them both a turn? She was spending her lunch hour sucking off two men? My wife? Impossible!

As I gasped with amazement the next thing I was conscious of was that my penis had immediately risen and the feelings had returned with a vengeance. I had to admit to myself that in spite of the “bad” feelings, watching my wife being unfaithful was making me very sexually aroused.

The movements in the car where jerky and frantic. My wife and her cohort where busy with their hands – he probably unfastening her blouse and pulling up her bra – she probably getting his cock out and wanking him. They were turned almost facing each other and it occurred to me that if the man didn’t want to kiss her it was because he knew what had spurted into her mouth just a couple of minutes ago! The thought made my cock twitch and my own hand worked faster.

Events now took a different turn as both men and my wife looked around and surveyed the area. Why? I soon found out when my wife climbed on the man and straddled his lap. Now she was higher I could make out her open blouse. My God! She was going to let him fuck her! Or rather she was going to fuck him! Was his cock inside her or was she just sat across his knee? Had she removed her panties – and was the man in the front looking at her open naked pussy sliding up and down on his mate’s cock?

Her torso began to rise and fall, slowly at first then more rapid and intense. Yes – she was now truly being unfaithful – committing adultery – fucking another man. Tears began to run down my face as it hit home exactly what was happening. Betrayed and cuckold by my usually prim and proper wife. So the man watching was getting a close up view of a cock sliding in and out of her cunt and was a mere eighteen inches away from her bouncing bare arse. She was allowing it – she knew what the man could see and she didn’t mind.

It seems silly logic – but it’s one thing your wife having a lover in a shady motel or bedroom and sneaking under the covers for illicit sex – but her letting a man she’s just sucked off watch her fucking with someone else? That’s the bit that didn’t gel – didn’t make sense – that’s what a sex mad slut would do – my wife wasn’t like that. But that’s what she had just done – it was my wife in that car!

As I watched the movements became more urgent – more intense – she was reaching a climax. So was I – in spite of the pain and tears my hand worked harder – my cock was ready to shoot it’s load – I held back – waiting – waiting for my wife! The windows quickly began to steam up – now I could see hardly anything – just shapes moving. But that was enough – the palms of my wife’s hands appeared, pressing on the rear window and the rise and fall of her body told me she was almost there. I saw her flop forward – she had reached her orgasm.

My hand was wet – sperm ran down my trouser leg, streams of it shot forward onto the grass. Looking down at my cock with it’s hard angry purple head shooting out spunk I wondered just how it was possible to witness your wife doing such a thing and at the same time experience such perverted pleasure. I didn’t have an answer.

On going back to the office I told the boss I was feeling rough. He said it was no problem and to take the rest of the day off. I went away to think – I actually went back to the park and sat in the car. So what was I to do? If I confronted her she would leave – it would be the end of our marriage. Even if I said, “Don’t do it again – this time I forgive you,” sort of thing. I knew she would not be able to live with me knowing. Things would never be the same again.

What was I going to say? “Hey, I’ve been watching you fucking!” The alternative was to say nothing and see if she returned to being the woman that I thought she was. But why couldn’t she be more sexually exciting with me? And would I be capable of acting normal and keeping my mouth shut? Another option was for me to pack a bag and leave now – just go!

In the end I decided that there was no sense in rushing things – all the options would stay open. I would see what happened next.

Over the next two weeks I sat in the car outside her office at lunchtimes expecting to catch her in the act – I never did. I checked out the park and walked around looking for them but not once did I spot them together. Occasionally I saw my wife or one of the men coming out to buy a sandwich, but they were never together – and there were no walks or drives in the park.

Something had changed at home however – our sex life had improved. I know it doesn’t make sense but she had suddenly started taking the lead and wanted it more often. I took a little comfort in the fact that if she let both men have her it meant that there couldn’t be a romantic involvement. At least she wasn’t “in love” with one of them. It must have been just sex – shear adulterous lust. She had enjoyed their cocks’ – that’s how I was still able to respond to her sexually. When I thought about it – it made my dick rise and it turned me on.

A few times I tried to bring up the question of other men.

“Did those two men at the party ever make any more passes at you?”

I asked the questions casually and quietly, usually when I knew she was feeling frisky or when we where in bed. She answered “No – but I still see them at lunchtimes on the roof for a chat – or in the foyer.”

Another comment of mine was, “Just supposing – speaking hypothetically – that you were alone with a man – or two men even!” I laughed, trying to keep it light-hearted. “How far do you think you’d go before you called a halt?”

“How do you mean?” she asked.

“Well – you said at that party you’d let them kiss you. So what do you consider is going too far – before you say it is being unfaithful? Would you, for instance think it’s being unfaithful if you let a man feel your breasts?”

She laughed, then asked cautiously, “What’s brought this on?”

“Nothing – it’s just a discussion – I was just wondering. Some people have different ideas about it.”

“No,” she answered, “It’s not being unfaithful.”

“I see – so you’d let them – or “him” I should say?”

“I never said that!” she retorted, “I said it wasn’t being unfaithful.”

“Then you’d have no reason to stop them?” I pressed.

“Ok!” she said, rising to the challenge, “I suppose it depended how much I fancied them – or him – and how horny I was feeling!”

I felt taken back by her honesty, “So you’d let them then?” My stomach was beginning to get those butterflies.

“Maybe – yes,” she said.

I knew I was now on edge, “Inside your bra – play with your tits?” My voice was hesitant – she noticed.

“You sound like a nervous schoolboy that’s embarrassed to talk about sex,” she laughed. Then she put her lips to my ear and whispered, “Letting a man play with my nipples wouldn’t be being unfaithful.”

My penis rose and immediately her hand closed round it.

“So you would let that happen too?”

“Who knows?” she said teasingly, “I can’t say until it happens.”

Her hand moved up and down my shaft as I asked, “What if he wanted you to play with his penis?”

She wriggled her hips against me – it was turning her on!

“Who can say what a person would do if they got carried away with the moment,” she whispered. Her leg slid over mine and she manoeuvred herself on top of me. Lifting her hips slightly she pointed my cock against her hole and put it inside her.

“Would that be being unfaithful?” I asked quietly.

“No,” she sighed, moving up and down faster and making circular movements with her hips. She moaned slightly then said; “If I played with another man’s cock I wouldn’t think I had been unfaithful. And before you ask the next obvious question it wouldn’t be unfaithful if I let a man play between my legs with his hand. Very naughty and wrong – but not adultery.”

The answer once again shocked me and I pushed it further. “Do you ever want to?”

Her movements increased and she moaned as she gripped my hair.

“Sometimes I have thought about it, what it would be like,” she hissed between thrusts.

The comment made my juices rise and I could feel we were both close to climax.

“Have you ever done it?” I asked anxiously.

“No! Shut up!” She was clearly in the throes of an orgasm and would not answer. Also it became clear that she had reached the limits of her honesty. If I wanted to avoid a confrontation I knew I had better “button it”! Images flashed into my mind and just to hear her admit what she had brought on that familiar feeling. Before she recovered from her orgasm I reached my climax and boy was it intense!

Lying there in the dark I smiled to myself thinking how it must have been the shortest fuck we had ever had but yet we had both managed to “come” – we had, unusually, been brought there by the same thing – both very intensely and very quickly. But we couldn’t admit it or talk about it!

Two hours later I awoke to find my wife’s hand once more around my dick coaxing it to go hard. It became apparent that her other one was busy between her legs. Although we were both still half asleep we fucked like a couple of bunnies! Questions – she would not respond to.

A few weeks passed by without incident or confrontation. I still checked her out, so to speak but never found any cause for concern. Strangely, sometimes it felt like I was almost disappointed, as though I wanted to have the experience again. It was almost masochistic yet I couldn’t ignore the effect it had on my sexual feelings. Thinking about it or picturing it caused me to want to take out my penis and slowly jerk myself off as intense feelings of lust overpowered me. I was enjoying the memory of my wife’s sexual escapades with other men.

The only other change had been my wife’s mode of dress – her skirts had become shorter – some of her tops seemed a little lower cut and tighter. I reasoned that it was because of her newly found sexuality and she was now able to be more daring. Though I did suspect that maybe when she chatted to the men at work she gave them the opportunity to look up her skirt and show off her legs and breasts a little. As always the images that the thoughts produced made me sexually aroused.

As there hadn’t been any further “incidents” I had come to the conclusion that the whole episode had been a passing phase and was over with. She didn’t really have many chances of being unfaithful. When she was out without me usually someone else was there with her – her mother – friends – other members of her family. I couldn’t imagine any of her friends covering for her or lying through their teeth for her. When she was on her own it was difficult to see how she could pretend to be in those particular places if she was really somewhere else.

However, situations change – or are sometimes not what they seem to be.

One evening, my wife announced, “Oh! Bye the way – I promised some of the girls from work that I’d join them for a drink on Friday evening. Someone’s leaving so we’re giving her a send off party. You don’t mind do you?”

“No – of course not – we had nothing planned.” I tried to say it with conviction but I was immediately suspicious.

Between then and Friday night my mind worked overtime wondering if she had anything else on the agenda. I slipped a casual question in, “Are others from the same building going – even though they don’t work in the same office?”

“Yes – a few people – why do you ask? Do you want to come too – it’s ok if you do?”

“No, not at all – only you said girls – I just wondered why no men were going.”

“Just a figure of speech – it’s girls I’ll be meeting first. But yes, a few guys will be there – like those two I sometimes see at lunchtimes. They know her to speak to and she invited them.”

Now I was rattled and had to disguise my feelings. My wife asked me again if I wanted to join them and I thought long and hard. Should I stop her from having the opportunity to be with them again? There would be too many people there who wouldn’t approve if she got up to anything or disappeared suspiciously. Was I going to torture myself though by letting my imagination run riot? Why was my cock twitching?

I pretended to want something from the bedroom when she came out of the shower and watched her finish dressing. Her short black skirt made her look sexy but not tarty. Her black bra was slightly visible through her black lacy shirt, contrasting with her white skin and just a little cleavage was on show. The outfit was finished off with high-heel shoes and dark stockings. She lifted one leg to make an adjustment and the bare flesh above her stocking tops came into view.

“You look very sexy like that,” I said, then walking over to her I lifted her skirt higher to see her panties.

“You’re not wearing any underwear!” I exclaimed, in shock. “What’s going on? You are about to out in a short skirt with stockings and suspenders and no panties!”

“Don’t be silly!” she fired back at me. “I just haven’t put any on yet.”

The look on her face and her tone of voice didn’t sound convincing. That tortured, betrayed feeling rose up once more as I held her at arms length and took in the sight. Was this for the benefit of other men? I pulled her close to me and unzipped my fly, my hand holding her arse cheek.

“No!” she said, “I’ve just had a shower and got dressed!” I ignored her and lifted her onto my hard penis slowly moving her up and down with my hands supporting her backside. I pictured her doing this with the two men – why was I giving myself hell? This is what she would look like if she lets the men fuck her, I thought. She protested a few more times as she began to respond. I watched her tits bounce as I quickened the pace. It was a short but satisfying session – and the arousal and consequent climax was out of this world. Was that due to our lovemaking – or the thought of what she may be doing later – with other men?

My wife protested later about having to freshen up again and returned to the bathroom. “I’ll need to change again too!” she complained. I left her to it and wondered downstairs trying to figure out why the hell I didn’t put a stop to this and either go with her, or tell her I didn’t trust her. Mental and nervous torture – which was made worse when she came downstairs to go out. She had changed all right! Into an even shorter skirt – with a split up the side that showed a glimpse of stocking top. Did she realise how short it was? Why didn’t I tell her?

I expected to be asked to drive her to the cocktail bar where she was starting off. I was surprised when she said a cab had already been ordered. “So where do you think you will finish up?” I asked casually.

“The new music bar in the centre of the town square I should imagine,” she replied.

As she was driven away I felt trepidation and foreboding; again my imagination began to work overtime. A question arose in my mind – when she had changed her skirt – had she put on any panties – or was leaving them off intentional?

For the next hour and half I sat worrying and fretting and generally giving myself a nervous breakdown. I had to know where she was – I had to go and check up on her. After three hours had passed I decided to see if she had finished up in the music bar. I threw on a jacket and drove to the Town Square. I sat and rationalised, how the hell could I go into the bar without being noticed by at least one from her group? Twice I had managed to spy on her without her knowing – to expect to get away with it again in a bar on a Friday night was hoping for too much. If she wasn’t there that was a different matter – but I would look a fool if she were – and all her work-mates spotted me. I sat and agonised on what I ought to do – maybe go home – this was getting silly!

I sat in the car watching the door of the public bar. People came and went – I got out to walk to the window – didn’t see anything so sat back in the car. Then a group of people came out – these I knew – it was her mates – where was she? More came out – goodnights were said – some called a cab, others walked off. Where was my wife? A third small group came out – she was with them – and so were the two men friends of hers.

The group talked then three females, who seemed the worse for wear, wondered off shouting goodnight. My wife was left with the two men – my worst fears were realised. But then another two men walking out of the bar joined them. And they all strolled off together.

Maybe she was going to get a cab – the ones waiting outside the bar had all been taken. Maybe she was going to get a little something to eat. How come she was the only female that was hungry? They stopped – my wife took out her cell phone – who was she ringing? I jumped when a loud piercing tone hit my eardrums – she was ringing me – must be to come and collect her.

When the conversation was finished I sat watching her with stupefaction and a feeling of numbness. She was going back with the girls to a friend’s house for coffee and a gossip – don’t wait up – she would get a cab. What a lie! She was here in the street with four men – two of whom I knew she had already had sex with. It was time to call a halt to this – enough is enough!

By the time I had got out of the car they were climbing into a taxi. Quickly I jumped back in and got ready to follow. I couldn’t believe this – it wasn’t the same woman I married. What the hell was she going to do now? She was sat in a taxi with four men – her skirt would have ridden up – the back seat wasn’t that wide – they would be touching thighs. The men would all have a hard on and would be aroused. My cock began to stir and the butterflies were active in my gut.

The taxi entered a tree-lined avenue and turned into the driveway of a large house. I stopped the car just short of the opening and wound the window down to listen to the voices. They had all got out and entered the house. What to do next?

One minute later I was sneaking round the side of the building making my way to one of only two windows that was showing a light. A large gap in the curtains gave me a good view of the room. Inside I could see two men – probably in their late fifties or early sixties – with brandy and cigars. They were obviously not the men with my wife. Then a door opened – and in they all came – with drinks in their hands – four men – and my wife!

Introductions were made – and I could tell the men were focusing on my wife’s figure and legs. That skirt – and the see through blouse – made her look very sexy indeed! And so they all sat and chatted over a drink.

My wife was the centre of attention – particularly when she crossed and uncrossed her legs. Now even I could see her stocking tops. Casually, one of the men she knew from the office got up and sat next to her. Words were spoken and she reached over to put her drink down on a small table. The man pulled her toward him and placed his arm around her shoulder – he kissed her – she responded. His other hand rested on her breasts and her head fell back submissively. The men watched and drank their brandy. There were more kisses then they stopped and conversation amongst the group was restored. Then more kisses.

At each session of kisses the man’s hand became more active on her breasts. The audience watched with great interest – so did I! My wife retrieved her drink and as the man played with her breasts and kissed her neck she sipped it and talked and smiled to the others. Her legs had fallen apart and she was providing a good view up her skirt to at least three of the men. Surely she wouldn’t go any further – with six men in the room!

She looked very sexy – my cock was very hard – I was very jealous – especially when I watched her being kissed. Two buttons were slowly unfastened on her shirt – then there were whispers. The men had stopped talking and watched avidly. Something was said to my wife and she looked very coy and shy. She smiled and returned a comment then looked down at the floor like a little girl would. The man with her stood and she was helped to her feet. Then he led her out of the room.

I was upset, angry. Angry that she had been led away. For the first time I realised that my cock was in my hand and I had been slowly jerking it whilst I watched. Back it went inside my trousers as the sexual feelings subsided. Where had she been taken? The men talked and poured more brandy. She had gone off with the man so he could fuck her. I scanned the upstairs windows looking for a light – one appeared on the second floor.

All I could do was gaze at the lighted window. There wasn’t a cat in hells’ chance of climbing up to it. This time I couldn’t spy on her and watch her. I could only imagine – and my cock became very hard doing it. Not being as careful to hide my presence now I spotted a garden seat, pulling it to the downstairs window I sat on the thing, watching and waiting.

It seemed like a lifetime, sat in the dark with just my own thoughts. What the hell was I doing here? Something attracted me back to the window and gazing into the room I saw that the door had opened. In walked the man, followed by my wife. The men drinking brandy focused their attention on them as they entered the room. My throat went dry and my heart beat faster. My wife was dressed, but her blouse was undone and out of her skirt. She was smiling as she walked into the room with a glass in her hand. The man with her stood beside her and, saying something to the audience he ran his fingers over her nipples then pulled the two halves of her blouse further apart to expose the half cup black bra. My wife was on exhibition for the watching men.

I could tell that the men were eyeing her and exchanging comments about her. Now she was stood in the middle of the room looking very shy and coy. She was led to a chair and as the man sat her down he made sure that her skirt rode up her thighs. For a while they all chatted – it seemed that the men enjoyed the sight of my wife and most of the comments seemed directed at her. She made no attempt to fasten her blouse and the slit in her skirt showed plenty of bare flesh above her stockings. She occasionally crossed and uncrossed her legs giving the men one hell of a view of the back of her thighs. Even I, from outside the window, was able to make out a small triangle of material between her legs.

She must not have cared that the men knew she had just probably been fucked and letting herself be put on show this way didn’t seem to cause her any shame. She did appear to be a little hesitant and shy but that just made her look even sexier. The way she gave a nervous smile and hung her head, sometimes gazing at the floor made her look very vulnerable and submissive.

Suddenly the seating arrangements changed and one of the older men and one of the two other strangers moved to a couch. They sat at opposite ends leaving space for a person in the middle. Sipping their drinks they spoke to my wife making her look even more shy and self-conscious. When I realised what they were trying to do my hand went to my zip and I took out my cock.. They were trying to coax my wife to sit between them. I watched her attentively – would she sit between them? Her legs had now fallen apart and the men would now be able to see her panties clearly. The two on the couch wanted more – they wanted to touch.

I inhaled a deep breath as I watched my wife take a gulp of her drink and then stand up. Sheepishly she walked over and sat between the two men. The others were not speaking – just watching with great interest. They all slowly sipped from their glasses and the men examined my wife from close quarters. Then it started.

The elder man seemed interested in her cleavage and ran his fingers down the crease. The third time his hand slipped inside the cup and he felt her breast then began to stroke her nipple. She seemed to give out a little gasp but didn’t look worried. This encouraged the other man who slowly stroked her thigh climbing higher and higher. Then his hand went all the way up her skirt and stayed there – between her legs. Her thighs were pulled apart and she didn’t resist.

The old man moved his head and she submitted to a kiss, his hand still on her tit. The younger man took her glass from her hand and he pulled her skirt over her bum to her waist. I saw her buttocks rise as she assisted him. As his fingers rubbed the outside of her panties she let her legs fall open. Her eyes were now partly closed and she stayed still as the men groped and pawed her body. Almost simultaneously the men unzipped their flies and released two very hard and thick cocks. My wife, whose arms had been resting across her upper thighs, opened her eyes and gave a short gasp as she saw the bulging heads of two cocks and offered no resistance as each man took a hand and guided it to his weapon.

Now she was slowly and gently moving each man’s foreskin over the purple helmets, her legs splayed wide for the watching audience. As they all watched, the other men quietly took out their own penises and slowly masturbated as they enjoyed the sight before them.

Outside in the garden I watched with disbelief – my wife, who had just let one man have his way with her had now let him persuade her to pleasure his friends and give them all a show. How far would she be prepared to go?

Suddenly the elder of the two men captured my attention as he beckoned to one of the spectators. The man rose from his seat and leaving his penis on view he walked and stood between my wife’s legs. Very slowly he unfastened his trousers and removed them, together with his underwear. By now my wife had her eyes fully opened again and I could see her watching, her expression being one of fascination.

Slowly she continued to wank the men each side of her as she waited for the next move. The older man said something else and my wife’s jaw dropped as the one in front of her knelt and began to remove her panties. Again she offered no resistance and helped by raising her hips as her panties slid down her thigh and were cast aside. I was further shocked to see that when her feet were released from the garment, without any prompting she once again let her knees move wide apart and fully opened her legs – she was willingly and obligingly giving the men maximum view – she was enjoying every minute of it!

She was asked a question – shyly she nodded her head and coloured up. The man between her legs who had been stroking her pussy straightened up and moved closer to her. His weapon stood proud in front of him and I could see my wife look with longing at it. He was going to fuck her while the others watched and while she masturbated the men next to her.

I watched as he pushed inside her and lifted her to the edge of the seat. After the first few thrusts his hands held her buttocks and again without being co-erced she lifted her legs and wrapped her stockinged thighs around his waist. I noticed too how she squeezed harder on the cocks in her hands and the expression of sexual ecstasy that swept across her face.

The one fucking her thrust deep and hard and I could see my wife look around at the masturbating audience with a slightly wicked smile. Who would have thought that my wife was such a wanton exhibitionist? She was obviously getting as much pleasure from being watched as she was from being fucked. The man continued fucking her as she kept him deep inside her by holding him with her thighs. Meanwhile as she used her hands on the seated men’s cocks they in turn exposed her tits and kneaded and milked her nipples. She seemed to like the rough treatment – I have never seen my wife look so aroused and stimulated.

When the climax came for the man in the middle he froze and held on tight. The look on my wife’s face became even more lewd as she felt the hot spunk shoot up into her vagina. She continued to wiggle her hips and arse until she thought every drop had been deposited inside her.

More shocks where to come. As the man withdrew his penis and moved aside my wife rotated her hips and gazed at the other men. She parted her knees and lifted her bum from the seat thereby opening her slit as though she was trying to thrust it forward. She was clearly begging for more! Leaving go of the older mans penis she suddenly spun over causing herself to drop to the carpet on her knees. Now she was between the younger mans legs still holding on to his dick. As she did so another man decided to be the next volunteer and moved forward. As my wife felt his hand touch her arse cheeks she lifted her hips and offered her arse up into the air.

I was beside myself with shock and horror – I was about to watch my wife being fucked doggy style while she sucked his friends cock.

I looked at the sight before me – her tits hanging below her open blouse – her skirt pulled over her hips to show her bare bottom thrust high in the air. I noticed how her thigh muscles tensed under those sexy stockings – waiting for the very hard and thick penis of another man about to enter her cunt. But most unbelievable of all was the sight of her mouth closing over the cock in front of her and her head bobbing up and down, sucking on it.

How could the woman I married do such a thing? Sneaking into closets and sheds in the dark after too much to drink was one thing – but here she was performing for an audience of men. And that was clearly adding to her pleasure. What if the man behind her had tried to stick it inside her arse – would she have let him?

For the next forty minutes I was in another world. It was like watching a bad dream whilst still being conscious but unable to react. I was numb and traumatised as I saw the men take turns to screw my wife, either in the cunt or in her mouth. I saw her shift position to accommodate the next cock and wiggle her arse as though impatient to feel the next. She let them grip her tits as they banged hard against her arse – one even spanked her as he fucked her doggy fashion. She was pulled to her feet and pressed against the wall while two men squeezed and bit her nipples one of them fucking her at the same time.

The finale was when she was positioned straight legged and bent forward leaning on the top of the sofa. The old man stood behind her and fucked her so slowly it was almost like watching a movie at half speed. He couldn’t make it to climax – and so my wife turned and sinking to her knees she took him in her mouth and drank him dry. As the first spurt came out she held his cock inches away and let it splash on her tongue, as if to show the others that he had finally “got there.”

I was awoken from my nightmare by the sound of a taxi entering the driveway. Quickly I ran from the premises unnoticed and back to my car – if the taxi was for my wife I wanted to get home before she did. Reaching home I was still in a zombie-like state – how was I going to handle this situation?

It wasn’t long before my wife alighted from the vehicle but there was something that puzzled me. Shouldn’t the taxi have made it before I had – why had taken so long? Whilst I was wondering if my wife had also obliged the taxi driver she came rushing in said a quick “Hello” and shouted that she needed the bathroom. Now it was my move – but to do what?

Hearing her enter the bedroom I slowly walked upstairs to confront her. Images of the last couple of hours flitted across my mind. I entered the bedroom and stared at the woman I had married – my quiet, slightly prudish and sensible wife.

She looked up, startled as she saw me; her hair messed up, her clothes dishevelled and make-up in need of attention. She had an expression of guilt on her face – I had caught her at a bad moment. Her skirt, which she had pulled up around her waist, exposed a pair of very damp panties that were now half way down her legs. She was unable to hide the fact that her stockings had “runs” and several stains. Overall, she looked like she had been dragged backwards through a hedge. It was apparent to her that there was no sensible explanation for the state she was in that was going to sound convincing. I had caught her about to hide the “evidence” – and she knew it!

“You’re home later than what I thought you’d be,” I commented as I watched her finish removing her panties. She dropped them behind her as though she hoped they would disappear.

“Sorry,” she said very nervously. My wife looked absolutely shit scared and didn’t know what to do next.

“So have you had a good time?” There was no sarcasm or threatening tone to my voice. My wife looked like she was waiting for a bomb to explode.

I know what I should have said next – I know what I should have done. Something inside me had changed, something unexpected had happened. I didn’t want a confrontation – nor did I want let her know that I had been following her. For some reason unknown to me I didn’t want her to confess and break down in tears. Why, I don’t know but something inside me had changed – both mentally and physically. I wanted to fuck her!

Almost as a way of reassuring her I walked toward her and put my arms around her, then said. “Next time you go out you’ll have to tell me how late you’re going to be.”

As I said it I slipped my hand beneath her skirt and gently massaged her bare arse cheeks, then I pulled her close so our groins touched. She looked both startled and confused as she felt my hard cock press against her tummy. With my other hand I unfastened her blouse and she began to shake as I uncovered her breasts that still had the marks of her rough treatment.

She was now really frightened – she would have to explain how she had come home in such a state. Squeezing her arse tighter and kissing her neck I provided the excuse for her.

“Look’s like you’ve been a naughty girl and let some man’s goodnight kiss get a little out of hand,” I whispered. She stayed silent, still shaking.

“Is that what happened?” I asked more urgently.

She knew she would have to give some sort of answer and barely nodding her head she hissed, “Yes!”

My spare hand had meantime unfastened my trousers and I let them drop to ground. Stepping out of them I released the grip I had on my wife just long enough to remove my underwear. She looked more bewildered than ever as I lifted her skirt up and gazed at her well-used and still damp pussy. Seeing the ruined stockings and bare flesh of her legs then her red marked tits hanging over her tight bra gave me a feeling of intense sexual arousal. Pulling her toward me I raised her just enough to ram my cock inside her.

“Look’s like he also managed to get his hand up your skirt too!” I said.

She began to sob and sniffle, “I’m sorry!” she whimpered.

I thrust harder and pushed my tongue in her ear, knowing it usually gave her a thrill.

“He’s been a bit rough with you, hasn’t he?” I whispered in her ear. “Did you have to fight him off?”

I saw her head nod slightly. “Did you enjoy it though?”

Again knowing she would have to give some sort of credible answer she admitted, “Some of it – I was a bit flattered that someone paid attention to me. I’m sorry! It was only a bit of groping and touching – nothing happened – it was just someone I got talking to.”

Moving her harder and faster I lifted her by her arse and let her slowly drop down, impaled on my shaft – I could tell it was beginning to have an effect.

“Next time you will have to be a bit more careful, won’t you?”

“Yes,” she said, now in a much more calm voice. I could tell that her brain was racing trying to figure out if I meant the next time she goes out or the next time she allows a man to give her a goodnight kiss. “I will next time,” she added. She wanted me to explain what I meant. As I fucked her standing up I could see she was puzzled by my casual attitude and wondered why I hadn’t gone “ape-shit” over it. She was right to wonder, normally I would have “thrown a wobbler” in such a situation. However, I didn’t even try to explain – I couldn’t – even I didn’t understand my attitude. All I knew was that I was incredibly turned on.

Walking my wife backwards and pushing her against the wall I fucked her hard and she began to respond. It was pure raw sex, I pummelled into her as she grabbed and hung on to me lifting her legs off the ground to wrap around my waist. I pulled my head back to enjoy the sight of her wanton whorish look as I saw her skirt round her waist and laddered stockings and tits hanging out of her bra. But it was the images and memory of what I had witnessed her do with the group of men that turned me on most.

My wife didn’t know why she had got off so lightly and didn’t know what had got me so aroused, but she now kept quiet and was probably thanking her lucky stars. The sex went on a long time and before we finished I turned her round and bent her over the chair – it was hard to believe my wife had recently allowed a gang of other men to do just this. As I fucked her I imagined another man in front of her pushing his cock into her mouth.

I could not believe that it had actually happened.

Over the coming weeks my wife was unusually quiet. I sensed, sometimes that she was still expecting a confrontation – waiting for that bomb to go off. She was never late home from work and never mentioned going out for the evening. I wondered whether maybe her close call had made reform and she thought it was too dangerous to indulge in illicit sex again.

I was still puzzled by my own feelings and I never mentioned the episode to her. But sex between us had become more frequent, more rampant and more spontaneous. Gone were the “I’ve got a headache” excuses – and she was more adventurous than she had ever been.

True I had pangs of anger and feelings of being betrayed – and feelings of total confusion – but for some reason I didn’t want to do anything about it. The strongest feelings were the ones of sexual arousal every time I thought about those events.

Again, for reasons unknown I had stopped spying on my wife during her lunch breaks. Partly it was because I just didn’t have the time or opportunity and partly it was because I knew I would eventually be spotted – and I didn’t want to be. But imagination is a powerful thing – sometimes, when she dressed for work or I watched her changing when she came home I pictured what she might have been doing!

All this changed when one day she asked me to meet her at lunchtime. We had some business to attend to that required us both to be present. Arriving early I parked the car and waited outside of her offices, standing in the sunshine. When she walked out through the door I was just about to wave and beckon her when two young men approached her. They obviously knew her and started to chat – but I noticed that my wife looked very nervous and edgy.

She glanced around her and couldn’t help but spot me so I quickly joined them hoping to catch some of the conversation before they knew of my presence or she warned them her husband was here. I just managed to catch a few words, “Not seen you for a while,” “How about going for a stroll?” “Car is round the back if you’d prefer a drive.” She looked very scared as she announced in a very loud voice, “This is my husband, you haven’t met him before have you?”

The two men, probably in their early twenties turned sharply and forced a nervous smile. We were introduced and I could tell there was something amiss – you could almost smell the fright!

“So – how do you guys’ know each other?” I asked forcing myself to sound casual and smiling.

They were all stuck for an answer and had to think hard.

“Oh, we just seem to run into each other a lot, either at the sandwich bar or in the restaurant at lunchtimes,” said one of the boys.

“Yeah!” his friend agreed, “Or sat in the park by the fountain. We sometimes stop for a chat.”

“Really?” I said, trying to disguise my disbelief. Now with what I knew about parks and my wife at lunchtimes alarm bells went off. As for my wife she looked very uncomfortable and worried. There was a little small talk before the young men went on their way – I almost heard my wife give a sigh of relief.

“You meet them for walks in the park then?” I asked.

“Not meet them, no! They are sometimes just there.”

“Why did they mention the car, and going for a drive?” I pressed.

She coloured up and gulped as she explained, “A couple of times I let them drive me up to the reservoir to enjoy the view over the hills and countryside. It’s only a few minutes drive and it’s nice to get some fresh country air at lunchtime.”

It was a reasonable explanation taken at face value but I couldn’t help but feel that she was overdoing it. I knew the area; it was a popular spot for walks and picnics with winding paths and secluded viewpoints. I didn’t think the men I had just met were the sort to be that keen on country walks and scenery. And like I’ve said, I had experience of what my wife does in parks. A quick glance told me that she was wishing that she hadn’t been so truthful – as though it should have been kept secret.

I wanted to ask if they all sit in the car or whether they go walking down one of the paths, but I didn’t. Imagination started to work, I felt my cock begin to rise.

We completed our business and returned to work. That night I felt especially turned on and fucked my wife several times throughout the evening. She didn’t ask what had aroused me and was as keen and responsive as I. But for the next couple of days I felt very uneasy. I had an urge to be there when she met the young men. I made a point when I could of being near her office at lunchtime, however, it was all in vain, nothing happened. Though I did see the two young men hovering round – they too it seemed were keeping an eye out for my wife.

I figured that she wouldn’t have risked seeing them too soon after them meeting me so I would provide her with a safe day. I told her one evening that I had to go way out of town to see a client and it would take all day and most of the evening. As far as she was concerned there was no chance of me turning up unexpected. She now had two chances to misbehave – lunchtime – or early evening.

The next day I managed to park the car near to her office but well enough out of the way so as not to be seen. Positioning myself at a good vantagepoint I patiently waited – it wasn’t long before the two boys walked down the street and waited by my wife’s office.

A few minutes later she strolled out of the building – and walked straight up to the young men. It was a spring day but chilly and my wife wore a long coat over a button down summer dress. In this part of the world you never know how the day is going to turn out weather wise so you have to dress accordingly. It was nice enough for a walk and they wandered down the street – I followed. I was taken by surprise; suddenly they got into a car and drove off. Cursing them I ran back to my vehicle and tried to catch them up – without success.

As I drove around I decided they may have gone to the reservoir – it was a bit obvious but worth a try. For all I knew they could have gone to someone’s flat or house, I could have been on a wild goose chase.

As I arrived in the area I realised just how big it was and how many roads and paths left the main thoroughfare – it was a maze. I decided the best place to go was the highest point, so I could look down on most of the roads and picnic areas. Fortunately I’d had the sense to bring my binoculars so I reckoned if they were there I would eventually spot them.

Fifteen minutes I scanned the sights – and saw nothing. Maybe I had made a mistake and they weren’t even here. Then I spotted them, all walking back to the car. Whatever they had been up to I had probably missed it. I watched them through the glasses, they reached the car and one man unlocked the door. The other pulled my wife to him and started to grope her and kiss her. The other one then came up behind them and put his hands under my wife’s dress. For several minutes they touched her up and kissed her, pulled up her dress and put their hands between her legs, played with her tits. Until they were interrupted by a couple walking their dog. Then they were gone – I had missed the main show, I was too late.

Sitting in the car I asked myself why I felt disappointed – if I wanted evidence I had got it. Why did I want to see more? Why was my wife letting every man she happened to meet fuck her? Why was it always more than one? Was she a hooker or a nymphomaniac? Why was my cock hard?

I spent the afternoon sitting in a café drinking coffee and thinking. When it was time for my wife to finish work I decided to go and meet her and tell her I had got back early. I was shocked to see the two men waiting outside the office – she was meeting them again.

This time I was ready, when she came out and climbed into the car I followed them at a safe distance. They drove back to the reservoir, which surprised me somewhat. Now it was deserted as the cool spring evening was closing in, only a few people where still about. They parked in a little clearing near a bench and my wife got out to admire the view. Putting the car out of sight I took my binoculars and crept through the undergrowth. I managed to get so near to them that the glasses weren’t really necessary. My wife sat on the bench and I decided that if I climbed up the banking I would have a good sideways view of the seat and the car.

The two men got out of the vehicle and joined my wife on the seat, one each side of her. Nothing happened for a while, I was beginning to think they had just come to take in the evening air, they just chatted. Then I saw my wife unfasten her coat and pull it aside – her dress was already unbuttoned – all the way down. Her underwear was on show for the men, I could see it even from where I was sitting, bra, bare flesh, panties, and stockings. I knew the outfit was one of her most see-through ones.

The men wasted no time, one put his hand inside her panties while the other lifted her tits from her bra and sucked on them. She cradled their heads as she lay back enjoying the treatment. I was able, with the help of the glasses to see most of the action. For a while she let them feel her up and I saw her squirm and wriggle against the man’s fingers – she held the others head as he licked, sucked and, I suspected sometimes bit, on her nipples.

Once again I expressed disbelief that this was the same woman I had married. I sat down in the undergrowth, watching. My hand had gone to my zip and found myself pulling out my stiff cock and slowly stroking the foreskin up and down. Had my wife developed a penchant for sex in unusual situations – was she a nymphomaniac wanting lots of different lovers? Had she always been like this? But why didn’t I want to stop it? Why did I feel intense jealousy and betrayal yet so much excitement and arousal I let it carry on?

Now as I watched one of them began to remove her panties, sliding them down her thighs. I could tell trousers were being unfastened and looked through the glasses to confirm it. Her hands became busy as she pulled on their cocks – then her head went down to suck one. My own hand worked faster as I watched.

Suddenly they all jumped and looked startled – something had scared them. Quickly they all sat upright and as my wife closed her coat around her the men put away their weapons. They had been disturbed by the sound of a man approaching – I watched as they sat pretending to admire the view, the man glancing with a suspicious look at the woman between two men. As the man shouted his dog and moved off I wondered whether he would be curious enough to hide somewhere, in the hope he would see the woman have sex with the men. Somehow that thought made me feel even more aroused – another stranger watching my wife letting two men have their way with her. Bizarrely I wished I were able to watch the man, watch my wife being fucked.

If he had hidden he would have been lucky. It was only a couple of minutes later when my wife let her coat slip open to expose her almost naked body. Her pants had gone which made it even more erotic to see her body be uncovered. Here she was in the countryside with two men, apparently fully dressed with a long coat then suddenly exhibiting her-self for their pleasure.

They wasted no time – I watched amazed as they both simultaneously unfastened their trousers and took out their cocks. As one sat upright on the bench, dick in hand, my wife moved over his knee and lifted the coat – her bare arse was over his cock and they shuffled about until she was impaled on him. I felt my heart race as the other now stood in front of her, his penis in line with her mouth. She was letting them both have her at the same time! It was almost too much to bear as I watched her open her mouth and then her hand reach out to close around his dick. I sat mesmerised in the undergrowth watching her arse buck up and down and her head bob back and forth as she sucked and gobbled the man.

I fantasised about where that cock she was sat on had entered her body. Though I well knew it in her vagina I wondered whether she would have objected to it being in her anus. From what I was learning about my wife anything was possible. My excitement grew and though still horrified at my wife’s behaviour I allowed myself to be consumed with the amazing voyeuristic pleasure of secretly watching. When I finally succumbed to ejaculation it was especially intense.

As the evening light faded and people had long since left, my wife and the young men whom where by now almost in silhouette reached the pinnacle of their debauched outdoor display –it was time for me to leave.

I drove around for a while trying to reconcile my reaction to what I had discovered but to no avail. Thinking about it only made pictures come into my head – and caused my cock to grow hard. Although I had told my wife I would be away for most of the evening I decided to go home now. I figured she would be home and eating a meal which would give me chance to keep out of her way until I had composed myself and could act “normal.”

I was shocked and surprised to discover she still wasn’t home, as I drove up to the house it was in darkness. Feeling even more betrayed than ever I turned the heating up and had a quick shower. Dried and changed, I walked into the living room to find she still hadn’t appeared. Then I heard the rear door open as she almost sneaked in.

She was bedraggled and untidy – and when she saw me she also looked scared. Where had she been since I left her – or more to the point what had she been doing – and with whom?

“You look a bit worse for wear,” I said quietly. She didn’t know how to reply then finally she responded.

“I’ve just had a hard day – I’ll go and have a shower.”

As she tried to make a quick exit I stepped forward and pulled her back. She protested and turned away from me but taking hold of her coat and pulling it from her shoulders to trap her arms by her side she fell silent. Her dress was buttoned badly, some wrong buttonholes had been used, other buttons left undone. What appeared to be grass stains marked the material. She looked down at herself – and began to cry – like a naughty girl who had just been caught in the act. She knew this would be impossible to explain. I snapped open the top buttons of her dress and she looked again at the damning evidence of red marks and rough treatment. As I suddenly tore open the rest of her dress she yelled and sobbed even more loudly. She tried to stop me from seeing the most incriminating piece of evidence – her panties had not been replaced.

There she stood before me – as I held the coat open I looked at my sobbing wife. Just home from work – late – with stained dress buttoned wrong, red marks on her tits, ruined stockings, without panties – smelling of sex. I put my hand between her legs and felt along her slit – she was soaking wet and as the aroma of juices and sperm reached our nostrils she became yet more despondent. Wickedly I held my fingers under her nose and as her mouth opened with her sobs I inserted two into her mouth and wiped them across her tongue.

I was beyond rational behaviour as I calmly pushed her back against the sofa and without uttering a word I unfastened my trousers and let them fall to the ground. Still holding on to her coat, trapping her arms against her side I released my throbbing cock from my underwear. She looked startled and as her mouth fell open I quickly tore her coat off and instead gathered the two halves of the dress and used them to restrain her. She was confused and bewildered but could not speak; she just cried and sobbed with despair. Now though there was a certain alarm in her expression, her eyes darted from mine down to my cock then she gazed inquiring at me through her tears.

I looked her up and down – never had I seen such a sexually arousing sight. Fresh from having men fuck her she was naked under her clothes still smelling of sex and completely at my disposal. The fact she was sobbing and guilt-ridden and obviously frightened of resisting my advances made it ever more erotic.

Grabbing my cock I placed it between her legs and pushed into the moist hole. Pushing hard I pulled her tits from her bra and bit hard on her nipple. She screamed and her head shot back as my spare hand went behind to find her bum hole. Inserting a finger in her arse I fucked away bouncing her off the sofa. Then releasing the dress I held her by the hair and forced her to look me straight in the eye as I pummelled away.

She cried and screamed but beside the look of fright and anguish there was something else in her expression – something in her eyes. Through the tears I could see pleasure – a strange perverse sort of pleasure. She loved cock, lots of cock, lots of different men, at the same time, some fucking some watching, sometimes rough – she was willing for almost anyone!

I exploded inside her and her hands tightened around my head as I sucked hard on her nipples. She kept bucking – she wanted her own climax. It was another two minutes before she finally sank down on her knees sobbing.

I walked away and had another shower then came downstairs to find my wife drinking coffee in the kitchen.

“The bathroom’s all yours,” I said. “You go and refresh yourself and I’ll order us both some food. I don’t think either of us feel like cooking now. Then I’ll have an early night.”

My wife rose to leave the room looking confused but saying nothing. When she had gone I made myself a coffee and wondered. Would life for us be able to carry on after this? Can a marriage survive after undergoing such a drastic change? Would her illicit sex now stop – did I want it to?

It was time to order some food.