Peeping Can Have Its Advantages

It happened quite be accident. I had been staying in my Uncles beach house alone for only a few days, waiting for the impending nuptials of my cousin.

Being alone, bored in a strange place, I explored a lot…and that’s when I discovered and started playing with his telescope.

I don’t know how I first landed my viewfinder on that window, or why I kept looking again after I spotted the couple.

I think I bumped it accidentally and it went from a view of the heavens and straight into a view of my temporary neighbor’s bedroom.

Okay I should probably tell you that I’ve been watching his house for a few days. You would too if you saw this guy! He was the epitome of beefcake. About 6″ dark hair, dark eyes and very obviously took good care of himself. Looked almost like a poster boy for a roids campaign, but with how he faithfully got up every morning to run and seemed to disappear in the early evenings only to come back sweaty and in need of a shower made me think he had no preservatives added. Not only that, but all his friends seemed to have that same look! I was in heaven!

Apparently beefcake flocks together.

I leaned in to look through the telescope and was brought short. My eyes opened wider as I watched this extremely beautiful, and mostly naked, (save for a bra and panties and what looked to be a pair of black patent leather high heels) woman standing at the foot of his bed, she slowly swayed back and forth moving her body to some tune that I couldn’t hear.

Beefcake lay back on the bed, completely naked.


The Beauty swayed this way and that, turning and slowly bending at the waist to slide her panties down her shapely legs, giving him what I was sure was an excellent view of her toned ass. I leaned back a moment and made sure the lens was clean before I brought my eye back to the viewfinder.

I gaped as she moved like a trained burlesque dancer, exciting him as well as me with her subtle graceful movements. I felt the stirrings of arousal move through my body as I tore my eyes from her then smiled as I saw beefcake run his hand up and down the length of his very proportional cock.

I was glad I wasn’t the only one being effected!

This girl was gorgeous. There was no other word for it. Her long chestnut hair skimmed her lower back just above her heart shaped ass. She pulled her bra sown her tanned arms and her breasts stood at attention, perky and full, dark red nipples topped each one, both were pulled tight in excitement as she slowed her dance and moved closer to the bed.

She lifted one leg, opening herself to him. She locked eyes with him as she moved one hand to her mouth and slowly sucked a finger inside, twirling her tongue around the tip and then dragging it leisurely down her chin.

She ran the tip of her finger around one taught nip then moved both her ands and cupped her breasts, lifting them and pinching the tips between her fingers. I saw her bite her lower lip as her hands moved down, over her small waist and then lightly brushing the lips of her sex.

I shifted in my seat, my pussy starting to throb as Beefcake kept his hand moving steadily up and down his cock, he reached for her with the other, trying to pull her closer.

She leaned back just out of his grasp and let her fingers brush over the lips of her sex, her head falling back. I noticed his hand start to move a little faster as she stroked her fingers over herself only inches from his face.

My own pussy was wet and I couldn’t help myself, I peeled off my nightgown and slid my own hand between my legs, mimicking her actions.

He caught her as I brushed my fingers over my clit, pulling her down on top of him and kissing her slowly and thoroughly. I saw her laugh as he ground his cock up against the soft skin of her belly.

She slid lower, licking and nipping at his skin until she was kneeling between his thighs. She reached down and lifted his cock, bringing the tip to her full lips and darting her tongue out to taste the little bit of pre-cum gathered there.

I brushed my fingers over my clit as I watched her wrap her lips around the head of his massive cock and slowly take as much into her mouth as she could. I gaped as I saw the full length of him, he was at least at foot long! And damn near thick as a beer bottle!

My pussy clenched as I watched her lick and suck as much of his huge shaft as she could, using her hands to make up the difference.

He shifted slightly and lifted her, turning her around, settling her thighs on either side of his head as he pulled her open and ran his tongue down the length of her slit.

I watched them locked in their embrace, my pussy sopping wet as I pushed my fingers in and out. They were lost in each other. I wondered then if I could get closer. I wanted to hear them both, their moans…their groans and I wanted to see up close his huge cock splitting her open.

I let the telescope and snuck downstairs in the dark. I went out the sliding door and snuck across the lawn to stand just outside his bedroom.

They had changed positions, she lay on her back with her hands above her head and he kneeled between her wide spread legs. The window was open slightly so I could hear them speak,

‘Like that you teasing little bitch?”

He slapped at her breasts, pinching the nipples hard between his fingers. From her moans I could tell she defiantly loved what he was doing. Her whole body moved back and forth under him. I saw a flash of silver and it was then I realized that her hands were actually cuffed above her head.

My pussy clenched at the thought.

He dipped his head and bit down, she moaned loud as his teeth pulled back on her nipple and stretched it out then let it go. He repeated his actions, moving from one breast to the other.

I leaned against the window frame, my hand back inside my undies, my pussy throbbing as he moved lower, his teeth taking little nips of her skin.

I teased myself, my fingers working into my pussy as I watched his teeth and tongue tease her. He sat back and slapped her clit, his large hands covering her whole sex as the sloppy sound met my ears.

I copied his actions, slapping my own pussy and biting back a moan at the exquisite stinging sensation.

God damn…that felt GOOD!

I cupped my sex, not wanting to come too soon as I watched him move to his knees. He lifted her and pulled her legs over his hips, the whole bottom half of her body off the bed as he rubbed the length of his cock along her slit.

She watched him, her eyes burning into his as she spoke,

“What are you waiting for? Slide that nice big hard cock into me and FUCK ME! NOW!”

He grunted, an evil grin on his face and just kept teasing her, letting the mushroom head of his cock rub against her hard nub, lubing his shaft with her juices as her hips worked with him. Right as she was about to come, he stopped.

Her groan of disappointment filled the room, he moved up her body and kneeled by her head. He roughly pushed his cock into her mouth.

“Suck bitch!”

She did, gulping and licking his shaft as he forced it between her lips, I watched his tight ass flex and relax as he fucked her mouth, his hand fisted in her hair.

I slowly flicked my clit, my juices soaked right through my undies. I slipped them down my legs and balled them into my fist. I spread my legs wide and let the cool night air tease my heated flesh as I watched him pull out of her mouth and return to his previous position.

It was the perfect angle as I watched him lift her again and open her glistening pussy with his fingers, lifting the head of his cock to the opening of her sex.

She arched against him as he started to work his massive cock into her. I bit back a groan as I watched her pussy stretch over the head. I pushed three fingers into myself and moaned low as I watched her body take more and more of his massive shaft.

I bucked my hips, wishing I had that monster inside of me. She screamed out as I pushed my fingers in as far as they could go, then pulled them out. He put her ankles on his shoulders as he pumped in and out. She moaned and thrashed under him, her hips lifting as he pushed in deeper and deeper.

She cried out, her whole body moving with him as he drove in as far as he could go. She came with a scream on her lips, her whole body bowed. She pumped her hips, and I watched his face change as he felt her muscles tighten and clench around his cock. This was the most erotic thing I have ever seen, I could clearly see her juice coating his cock as he kept pounding into her. See her body’s little tremors as the orgasm went through her. See his ass flex as he worked in and out, his body start to take that sheen as he worked as hard on her as I’m sure he did on his workouts at the gym.

It was too much; I flicked my fingers hard over my throbbing clit and shattered. I cried out as my knees locked, my hips bucking as one of the most intense self inflicted orgasms I’ve ever had wracked my body with little spasms. I put one arm out against the window jam and closed my eyes…letting the sensations travel up and down my whole body.

I opened my eyes and was face to face with beefcake.


It was then I realized that I had cried out very LOUD when I came. The look on his face was less than pleased as I backed away slowly and turned to run.

I ran at full speed, not even noticing the sharp rocks under my feet, I jumped the fence in one leap as I heard the unmistakable sounds of someone behind me.

I had just about reached the deck when I was tackled from behind. 250 + lbs of naked pissed off man hit my back and pinned me to the ground.

I struggled as best I could, which equated to not at all as he pinned me, his front to my back. I could feel his massive and still very erect cock nestle in the cheeks of my ass as I tried to wiggle under him.

“Like to watch do you bitch?”

His voice was a low growl in my ear, his breathing only slightly labored from his run.

I couldn’t answer, I was mortified beyond belief. I had been caught peeping! And what’s even worse than that is now I had a big angry naked man holding me on the ground.

I was fucked.

“Well little peeper,” he grunted as he stood, one of his hands gripped both of mine as he pulled me to my feet then started back toward his house, “Now you can watch all you want.”

I tugged at my hands, trying in vain to get them free then I opened my mouth to scream for help.

“Tut, tut,” he quieted me with one look, “One peep out of you, no pun intended, and you can explain exactly what you were doing in my yard, peeking in my window to the cops.”

I shut up quick. No way in hell I wanted to explain that to anyone.

He pulled me inside and led me to the bedroom where the woman was still cuffed to the bed. He threw some clothes to the floor and sat me in a chair beside the bed then pulled more cuffs from a drawer in the dresser behind him. He tugged my nightgown from my body, revealing my nakedness and giving me another challenging look as I opened my mouth to speak. I closed it just as quick as before.

Within seconds I was tethered to the chair, totally naked, my hands behind my back and my feet to each chair leg. I just looked at him, my eyes huge as he crawled back up onto the bed and continued doing exactly what he was doing before I had interrupted him.

I watched, and watched and watched. He fucked her deep, her feet on his shoulders, then taking the cuffs off he flipped her onto her hands and knees and slid into her from behind.

Where he had positioned me I could see everything, his cock pushing into her, the muscles on his body flexing as he rode her long and hard. Her body bent as she reached to wrap her hand around the part of his cock that didn’t fit inside her. He obviously liked that a lot because when she did it he made the hottest little noises, moans and groans as he slid hard and fast over and over into her.

He led her from the bed to the side closest to me and stood above her. She licked and sucked his cock just inches from my face then propped herself up against the bed, her hips resting on the edge of the bed, her shoulders on the floor. Her neck was bent at an awkward angle and her legs spread out like tree limbs. He gripped them and stood above her, pointing his cock straight down and pushing it into her waiting pussy.

I moaned out loud as I watched up close and personal his cock literally splitting her pussy. I felt her hair brushing against my toes as she tossed her head from side to side and came. Over and over she came while I sat and watched. My own sex throbbing… wanting…needing.

It was painfully erotic. My clit hurt I was so aroused. I needed to touch myself, needed some relief.

He watched me as I looked upon them. He knew! He knew what this little show was doing to me. I tried to bring my thighs together, to hide myself. There was no point. I could smell myself in the air, feel the unending flow of wetness seeping from my pussy and down onto the chair I sat in.

I cursed him in my head, calling him a thousand bad things as I shifted in my seat. I saw myself through his eyes. My blue eyes wild, my dark hair matted, my nipples painfully tight and my pussy open and wet. Yeah, he knew exactly what I was going through…and he was sadistically enjoying every fucking minute of it!

I tugged at my hands, I squeezed my legs together. Nothing I did helped to relieve the throbbing between my legs.

He had turned her and had he bent over the bed and was railing her from behind. He turned and slapped one of my breasts. I almost came just from that, pushing my chest out as far as I could, hoping he would do it again.

He did, letting just the edge of his hand come into contact with my nipples then grabbed one, tugging on it hard. I moaned, the pain/pleasure shooting straight down to my cunt.

He did the same to the other. I half cried and half moaned out as he pinched it tight between his fingertips.

Then he let go, moving away from his partner and turning her toward me.

“Should we let our little watcher join us babe?”

His question sounded like heaven in my ears as I looked up at her expectantly. “Fuck that, let the little bitch suffer.”

She leered at me and turned away from him, crawling back onto the bed on her hands and knees.

I growled in frustration. He just shrugged and got behind her, plunging his cock back into her waiting pussy.

They went on for what seemed like hours! My whole body ached. My pussy throbbed uncomfortably and I knew if either one of them would just touch me there, just one finger flicking lightly over my clit and I would come like a waterfall.

After a while my eyes closed and I just listened to them, his grunts and low groans, her screams and loud moans filled my ears, made my pussy clench each time she came.

I knew he was close and I opened my eyes and watched as he pulled out and she knelt before him. His cock erupted, there was no other word for it, it pulsed sending jet after jet of come onto her face, her breasts until I was sure he was actually pissing come and not having an orgasm. I had never seen a man output that much semen. EVER! Even one of ym favorite porn stars, Peter North, who comes like a fountain would have been saying, ‘Damn man…that’s a lot of come!’

I closed my eyes again and must have drifted off, when I woke the sun was shining through the window and the bed was empty.

I looked around and no one was in the room, I got scared. My body hurt from being in the same position for god knows how long. My arms were asleep from the metal cuffs cutting into my wrists all night.

And I was still horny as fuck, and still couldn’t touch myself.

I’m not sure how long I waited, but soon enough I heard voices coming from beyond the door. Then after a moment, it opened

Beefcake was back. And he brought a friend. A very tall, very sexy friend. I immediately dubbed him Beefcake II the sequel.

“Wholly shit! How long you have her in here?”

His friend half laughed and half panted as his eyes moved over my naked, posed body.

“All night, since we found her peeking in the window until Whats-her-name left this morning.”

His buddy laughed out loud at that, “Whats-her-name? Didn’t you get it?”

‘No,” Beefcake approached the chair, “She wasn’t into inviting my little peeper her to join us. Even got kinda bitchy about it afterward too, So who the fuck cares what her name was, I wont be seein’ her again.” As he spoke he took one of my nipples between his fingers and started to roll it. I moaned low, my back arching a bit.

“I think I know why you asked me over.”

Beefcake’s buddy smiled at me and approached the other side of the chair, one of his hands came out and pinched my other nipple as his other hand went to the waistband of his shorts.

He pulled his semi erect cock from his pants, and looked down at me. I didn’t need to be asked twice and opened my mouth, bending my neck forward and running my tongue over the head of his cock. It wasn’t as large as Beefcake’s cock but still larger than normal. I moaned at my first taste of him, wishing I could grip his hips in my hands and pull even more into my mouth.

He teased me, rubbing it against my lips, brushing it over my teeth. Then finally pushed it roughly into my mouth. I groaned as I sucked and nipped at him. He pushed deep into my mouth, choking me with the head then pulling out. My eyes were watering as he fucked my mouth. I didn’t care… I needed his cock, I reveled in the taste of him, the texture of his smooth hot length moving between my lips.

I felt the cuffs being taken from my wrists, the blood rushed back into my hands and I cringed as they started to tingle. I reached up and gripped Beefcake II’s hips, using him for leverage as he fed me more and more of his cock.

He stepped back and I was lifted. It was a good thing too, I didn’t think I could stand up on my own at that point.

Beefcake laid back across the bed, his feet over one edge. I smiled as I was led toward him. I didn’t have to be asked twice as I moved over him and straddled his face. His arms banded around my thighs and he pulled my pussy down toward his face.

His tongue was hot as he stabbed at my clit. I cried out as he licked and teased me. His friend moved in front of my and I latched onto his cock like a woman starved. I moaned around his shaft in my mouth as I grabbed Beefcake’s head with my free hand, pulling his hair I ground my pussy down onto his tongue. When I came, I came hard. My whole body shaking, my scream muffled around the cock in my mouth. Beefcake didn’t let up. He licked and sucked my clit until I came again…and then again.

Beefcake gripped my hips and moved me down his body, his friend’s cock coming from between my lips with a loud pop as I shifted down and rubbed my wet pussy along the length of the cock below me. I moaned and leaned down, kissing beefcake hard, pushing my tongue into his mouth as I ground my cunt down along his shaft. I took him in my hand and lifted myself, leading him into my pussy. I moaned loud as I sank down on his shaft. God damn he was huge! And felt so fucking good I came again before he was a quarter of the way in.

I took as much as I could, It wasn’t until I felt a twinge of pain that I realized I had taken all of him! He looked up at me like I had just shown him heaven and I stared to move. Sliding him halfway out then all the way back in. The pain quickly mixed with pleasure as I rode harder letting him stretch me while his friend knelt beside us on the bed I grabbed his cock in my hand, pumping it at the same rhythm of my movements.

I came loud and I came hard as I slammed my pelvis down against Beefcake. He filled me to capacity as I ground and slid up and down. His friend moved and knelt behind me and I knew what was going to happen next.

I felt Beefcake II’s cock nudge against the tight ring of my ass. I groaned and slowed down, Letting him mount me from behind.

I took a deep breath and bore down as his cock pushed past the tight ring of my asshole. I groaned low and gripped Beefcake’s arms as his friend filled my back passage with his length. He worked himself in slowly, filling me and stretching me. It hurt like hell, it was too much. I felt as though my body was being cleaved in two.

I took deep breaths and leaned up, pushing my ass higher and taking the last inch of Beefcake II’s cock. I screamed as they both shifted and pulled out a bit, then pushed back inside.

Then there were hands on my breasts, pulling and pinching my hard as rock nipples, fingers strumming my clit as my juices seeped from my opening and coated them both. My body turned to jelly as they fucked me slow and hard, finding a rhythm that worked for them. I let them pull me and lift me, each taking their own pleasure as the tension built inside me. The pain turned to white hot pleasure as they sped up, until all I could hear was a roar in my ears and the slapping of our skin in unison.

With each stroke I cried out, louder and louder until I came hard. I clamped down tight on both cocks still moving inside me, my body bowed as the orgasm shook me to my very core. I screamed out in abandon then collapsed against Beefcake’s chest as they both pumped me full of their come. I barely felt them inside me, just a tickle as their cocks jumped and pulsed.

They both left me there, and I fell asleep on Beefcake’s bed, their juices mixing with mine on the insides of my thighs as I drifted off.

I awoke much later, the sun had set again and the house was in darkness. I grabbed my nightgown from the floor and stood on shaky legs. My whole body hurt. Especially my ass as I slipped the gown over my head and snuck out of the room. I heard voices in what must have been the living room but I hightailed it out the back door and across the lawn before anyone knew I was gone. I showered, then I bathed. I was sore in places I didn’t even think one could get sore in!

I kept the lights off and looked out the windows periodically through the telescope at his house.

I laughed as I spotted Beefcake in his darkened bedroom, looking through his own telescope right back at me.

I laughed when he held up a sign,


I grabbed a pen and wrote back…


To that he just smiled and scribbled something else…