Pregnant Wife Gets What She Needs

Steven drove home from another long and rough day at the office. His recent workload was taking its toll on him…mentally, physically and emotionally. By the time he rolled into the driveway each night at around 9 o’clock, his wife, Karen, was already in bed sleeping after leaving his cold dinner on the counter.

Steven and Karen had been married for five years. The two met as college sophomores and began dating in their junior year. Steven was tall (6’2″) and well-toned for his 200-pound frame, with solid good looks, cobalt-blue eyes and light brown hair. He had been an excellent baseball player in high school, but didn’t continue playing in college. Karen was athletic at 5’5″ and 105 pounds, with deep green eyes and long dark brown hair that she usually wore in a ponytail. Her smooth skin had a natural “tan” color to it, making her appear as thought she spent all her time in the sun. Karen’s body was perfectly proportioned, with full and pert breasts complemented by a subtle curve to her hips. Karen’s ass was also perfect, slightly round and without any dimples or imperfections. Physically, Steven and Karen were the perfect couple.

Steven and Karen dated for three years after graduation before tying the knot. Now at age 30, Steven had a job that paid extremely well, but demanded more and more of his time. Steven’s long hours at work were poorly timed in another regard…Karen was five months pregnant. Steven felt increasingly guilty over his being away from home so much while his wife was feeling the hormonal and emotional pulls of her pregnancy. He tried to ease his guilt by focusing on the financial security he was providing for his wife and future family. But each night when he entered his quiet home, it became difficult to truly believe that he was doing the right thing for his marriage.

Tonight, Steven was actually able to leave work “early” at around 6 o’clock. He was simply too tired to work anymore, and he felt strongly that he needed to spend more time with Karen. Steven and Karen had been arguing more often lately and he had concluded that it was largely because he was away from home just too much. In one confrontation, Karen told Steven that she thought he was no longer attracted to her since she became pregnant. Steven told her that it wasn’t true; in fact, Steven found Karen extremely beautiful pregnant. Karen had not exhibited many of the classic symptoms of pregnancy. Her ankles and legs had not swelled, and her weight gain was very minimal. Her belly was swollen, but it looked perfectly proportioned with the rest of her figure. Karen’s breasts had swelled nicely and her nipples, while not any larger than normal, were a much darker brown. Steven did have to admit, though, that they were not having sex as often as they used to, but that was due to the strain of his job and not any lack of attraction to his wife.

Steven pulled down his street and passed an overnight courier van parked near the corner. He noted that someone must be receiving a late delivery. He pulled into the driveway as usual, though Steven was unaccustomed to seeing his house in the early evening daylight. He walked to the end of the driveway to retrieve the empty trash cans from the morning’s pick-up, which we carried to the rear of the house. Following his usual routine, he entered the house through the backdoor which opened into the kitchen. He dropped his keys onto the counter and noticed that the kitchen light was off. Steven had assumed that Karen would be in the middle of making dinner and that he could surprise her by coming home from work so early. But there were no pots, no bowls, no signs of making dinner visible in the kitchen. Steven thought that perhaps Karen gave up on making a real dinner anymore because he was never home to eat it with her.

Steven closed the door behind him and clicked on the kitchen light. A pile of mail lay on the table, along with an overnight package and two drinking glasses. A half-empty pitcher of iced tea stood in the center of the table.

Steven walked through the kitchen into the dining room and made his way around into the living room. The television was not on, nor was the stereo. Karen had been more tired in the past few weeks of her pregnancy, so Steven assumed she was taking a nap. He walked quietly down the hallway toward the master bedroom at the end. He did not want to wake Karen if she were taking a nap. He would let her sleep and then give her a surprise by making dinner while she slept.

As Steven approached the bedroom, he saw that the door was closed but slightly ajar. Quietly, he approached the door and peeked through the opening. Steven expected to see Karen curled up on the bed in a sound sleep, with a blanket covering her napping form.

Instead, Steven saw his wife perched doggie-style near the edge of their bed, while a strange man stood on the floor and pumped his rock hard cock in and out of his wife’s pregnant, shaved pussy.

Steven was speechless. His jaw dropped and he was unable to form words or even make a sound. He watched as his wife reared her head back, her swollen belly hanging beneath her, and her large tits bouncing in time with her belly. The strange man was about 6’1″ and muscular, probably about 28 years old. He was driving his rod into Karen at a steady, hard pace, rubbing his hands over her smooth ass as he moved.

Karen groaned and growled as the man rammed his meat into her swollen slit. Karen seemed to be slamming back on his cock with as much enthusiasm as he was laying his meat to her open hole. Steven watched for what seemed like hours, but it was probably no more than a few minutes. The man alternated between rubbing her sweet ass, and reaching forward to rub her belly and grab her hanging tits. When he rubbed her ass, the man would use his thumbs to massage Karen’s puckering anus which seemed to draw a sharp growl from Karen each time he did it.

At that moment, all of the facts started coming together for Steven: the parked courier van, the package on the table, the two glasses of iced tea and now the brown uniform strewn on the floor of his bedroom. Karen, Steven’s pregnant wife, was fucking the delivery man!

After a few minutes, the man pulled his cock from Karen’s pussy, making a wet popping sound as he exited her. Steven could now see that the man’s cock was quite large. Steven himself had a large member at 9 inches, and this man seemed to be about the same size. The man’s tool was straight as an arrow, with veins bulging and a round purple head. The length of his cock was red, probably due to the pussy beating he had just given Karen.

Karen told him to lie on the bed, and he quickly complied. Panting, Karen rose from the bed and Steven could see that her tits were red from being kneaded by this stranger. The man scooted back away from the edge of the bed until his head was lying on the pillow…Steven’s pillow!

Karen kneeled on the bed and worked her way toward him. She positioned herself above him, and began sucking and nibbling on his nipples. After a minute, she lowered her pussy to his cock and started sliding her wet slit up and down his shaft, but did not allow him to enter her. Slowly, she kissed her way down his torso and slid her body down until her mouth reached his throbbing cock. Almost teasingly, she started licking the head of his shaft in short strokes, then swirling her tongue around the entire bulb. She turned her head so that she could slide her mouth sideways down the entire length of his shaft. Steven knew that as she did this, she was whipping her tongue. Karen was an expert cock sucker, and he was sure this man was getting the head of his life.

After a minute or two of teasing the man, Karen grabbed the rod so that it stood straight up. She then placed the head in her mouth and slowly began to insert the entire cock into her mouth and throat. Within a minute, Karen’s mouth actually reached the base of the man’s tool, her full lips lost in the man’s pubic hair. Once fully throated, Karen began pulsing her lips at the base of the man’s member, applying just enough pressure to bring the man close to cumming, but not quite. Karen slid her now free hand to the man’s full and large sack, gently massaging the testicles within. The man let out a deep groan and seemed to lose all the tension that Karen had created with her preliminary cock teasing.

Sensing the man might cum too soon, Karen slid her mouth up and off the tool. She positioned her body back over the man’s cock, ready to straddle the monster below her. Karen reached down between her legs and spread her already stretched cunt lips. She wriggled her bottom until the head of the man’s cock was touching her waiting slit. After the end of his head was in her love channel, Karen put her arms out to brace herself for the full entry. Slowly, she gyrated until the head started to enter more easily. The man reached his hands around each side of Karen’s smooth ass and pulled Karen’s pussy open. His dick slid right in nearly halfway. Karen let out a low groan. The man slid his ass lower towards the end of the bed to gain better leverage, then slid the rest of his meat up into Karen’s hole. Now Karen let out a gasp and reached back to place her hands on the man’s. Together, they spread her ass and pussy as the man started piledriving Karen’s pussy.

As the stranger continued pounding Karen’s cunt, he leaned his head up to take one of Karen’s full preggo tits into his mouth. As he took the nipple in, Karen sighed and reached to actually present the breast to the eager licker. Holding her tit in place and squeezing it to make the nipple more prominent, the man took the entire nipple in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around on the hard nipple causing Karen to moan again and again.

A minute or two later, Karen removed her tit from the man’s mouth and positioned herself completely upright on top of the man’s pipe. She reached down to her pussy and rubbed her clit, before rubbing her hands up her belly and to her tits. She started rubbing her nipples and squeezing her massive melons together, causing them to become hard and firm. Meanwhile, the man reached down beneath her swollen belly and found her engorged clit, which he started to rub and flick with his thumb. Karen was now in a frenzy, and she started bucking back and forth with her firm tits bouncing up and down, her ponytail bouncing in time with her jugs. Karen leaned backward on her arms and reared her head back, giving the man a magnificent view of Karen’s pregnant form and the perfect angle to continue the tit massage that Karen had begun.

Steven was amazed at the sight: his pregnant, sexy wife riding a huge cock, rubbing her pussy, having her tits grabbed and squeezed. It was then that Steven realized that he himself was hard as a rock! He should have felt furious and betrayed, but Steven was actually getting turned on watching a total stranger stretch his wife’s hot snatch and fill the deepest regions of her womanhood.

Karen looked down at the man and asked if he was ready. The man groggily nodded in the affirmative and Karen slowed her pace to a deliberate grind. She reached down to rub her clit feverishly while reaching back with her other hand to insert a finger into her gaping anus. The man rubbed his hands back and forth, over Karen’s solid, smooth thighs and across her silky ass. Steven knew that when Karen rubbed her clit and fingered her asshole like this, she was actually causing her pussy to tighten. It was a sure sign that the stranger would be cumming at any moment.

Sure enough, the man stiffened and Karen froze. He let out a growl that transitioned into a groan. Karen let out a yelp and screamed, gasping for air and shaking uncontrollably. She begged the man to give her more, screaming that she could feel his hot load filling her completely. She reached both hands down to her pussy and spread her lips wide open to reveal her wet, shiny pinkness and budding clit…a site that caused the man to cut loose with one final massive load of cum.

After their pace slowed over the next minute, Karen lifted herself from the giant member and collapsed next to the man. Steven could see a stream of milky cum leaking from her clearly stretched opening. The man’s rod was pulsing, droplets of cum running down the shaft to his now empty sack. Karen struggled to catch her breath, then reached down to finger her slit. Steven watched as she raised two cum-covered fingers to her mouth and licked them, cooing and moaning as she ate the stranger’s love seed. Karen repeated this movement several times, coating her lips with gooey spunk. Finally, she inserted fingers from both hands into her hole and rubbed the strangers cum all over her massive preggo tits, making the dark nipples shine in the twilight that peaked through the nearby window.

While Steven watched the two recovering from their session, he accidentally bumped the hallway table. Karen heard the noise and asked who was there. Caught in the voyeuristic act, Steven knew he was found out. He fully opened the bedroom door and walked into the bedroom. Karen screamed Steven’s name, and the stranger jumped up and out of the bed. Karen asked how long he had been standing there, and Steven told her it had been 20 minutes or so. Karen started to apologize frantically, but Steven stopped her. He told her he understood how difficult he had made things lately, and that he was sorry for forcing her into another man’s arms. Karen told Steven that she never intended to cheat on him, but she had been so horny lately because of her pregnancy and it had been weeks since the two of them had made love. She told Steven that she didn’t believe he found her attractive anymore since she was pregnant. When the delivery man knocked at the door, one thing just led to another.

Steven sat down and kissed Karen on the forehead and said it was okay. Steven promised Karen that he found her very attractive and sexy, and that her pregnant form only emphasized her gorgeous curves. Meanwhile, Karen noticed that Steven was hard. Karen looked up into Steven’s eyes and asked if he had actually enjoyed watching her and the stranger. Steven said that he did think it was very sexy, but he was now ready to do more than watch. Steven moved his head to Karen’s large breast and started sucking on her nipple. Karen gasped, and realized that despite the lengthy session she just had enjoyed with the stranger, she was still incredibly horny.

Steven stood at the side of the bed and removed his shirt, while Karen unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his pants. She pulled his pants and underwear down in one motion to reveal his 9-inch shaft, which she immediately slid into her wet mouth. Steven grabbed the back of her head and began to facefuck his pregnant wife. Karen reached around to grab Steven’s ass and joined in the rhythm of Steven’s motion. Karen quickly had the entire length down her throat, and she was now massaging the base of Steven’s cock the way she had done earlier to the stranger.

After a few minutes, Steven pulled his dick out of his wife’s mouth and told her to get on all fours. Steven positioned himself behind his wife’s backside and reached underneath to her dripping pussy. Inserting two fingers, he coated them with the stranger’s cum. Steven then wiped the cum all inside Karen’s anal opening. Slowly but steadily, he began to work one, and then two fingers inside Karen’s anus. She moaned and whimpered as he worked two fingers up to the knuckle. Gradually, her anal track stretched to accept the fingers easily. At that point, Steven removed his fingers and positioned his cock at Karen’s asshole, and started working his meat inside. While larger than two fingers, Karen soon accepted the width of Steven’s ample rod and he quickly had the entire length in her shoot. Steven pumped Karen’s asshole for a few minutes, until his cock was moving easily in and out of the greased opening, and Karen was moaning in approval.

Meanwhile, the stranger had continued watching and was unconsciously jerking off at the anal spectacle before him. Steven and Karen both noticed the stranger, and Karen leaned back to whisper something to Steven.

Steven exited Karen’s ass and called the stranger to the bed. Steven told the stranger that if he was going to have the privilege of fucking his wife, the stranger would need to help Karen fulfill an old fantasy. He told the man to lie on the bed, which he did with no hesitation. After he was stretched out on the bed, Karen crawled over and licked his cock to make sure it was still rock hard. She then smiled, straddled him and took his meat back into her pussy. Then, Steven positioned himself behind Karen’s ass and slid his tool back into her still-moist anal groove. Karen wasn’t sure this trio would work due to the size of her pregnant belly. But the length of the two studs made it possible for her to take a cock in each hole.

Rather than buck and move, Karen let the two men pump away at their own paces. The stranger lie underneath her, moving at a steady, deliberate pace. Steven, however, was pumping like a piston into her anus. Karen was overcome by the sensations and she didn’t know which man would make her cum first. Finally, Karen lost any sense of which man was doing what. All sensations melded into one and Karen began to scream wildly, gasping and crying. She was beyond any previous climax she had ever known.

The stranger came first, moaning as he shot another motherload into Karen’s well-fucked pussy. As he shuddered and collapsed underneath Karen, spent from spewing his second major load in less than an hour, Steven suddenly tensed and felt a huge river of cum rush into Karen’s anus. For a time, it seemed that he would cum forever, and drops of his juice began to leak from around Steven’s cock in Karen’s tight asshole. After his final spasm, Steven collapsed next to Karen and the stranger. Karen crawled away from the two men, and curled up on her side. Cum was running out her ass and her pussy, and she fondled her breasts as she lay shaking and gasping for air.

All three participants drifted off to sleep. About an hour later, Steven awoke to find the stranger gone. As he looked out the window, he could see that the courier truck was gone, too. Karen remained sleeping on her pillow, no doubt exhausted from the day’s events. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

Steven put on a pair of gym shorts and went to the kitchen to make dinner for his sleeping wife. As he removed ingredients from the refrigerator, he began to think that he was going to make some changes in his life. He would spend less time at work, or find a new job. He would make love to his wife more often. He would focus more on being a husband than on making a buck.

Steven realized that despite the exciting events of the last few hours, he would never again be so foolish as to force his beautiful wife into the arms of another man.

Steven smiled. That is, Steven thought, unless he could watch or join them.