Slutty Wife Football Fun

I have a way of really pissing off my wife. It’s not that I do it intentionally, it just sort of happens and then the shit hits the fan. For several years now she has been after me to stop hosting the football beer drinking bashes that had grown to be a tradition in our home. In all actuality my friends did act like a bunch of high school punks when we got together and we all would end up drinking too much. The drinking was another sore subject with her. She wanted me to slow down. I had every intention of putting an end to the parties but, when the guys would all show up I never could tell them no.

The last several weeks had been going pretty smooth and things seemed to be in good shape between us. Debbie told me that if I had another blow out party she would have to really consider what her reaction would be. Debbie was American born but both her parents were Mexican. She carried some of her parents attributes with dark skin, jet black hair and tiny features. She had a pretty face, small tits (32A), a small tight ass and long slender legs. She stands about 5’6 and weighs 116 lbs. At 35 years old she is still in great shape with only a slight ‘pudge’ on her belly as she called it. Otherwise she was firm all over.

I woke up on a Saturday morning and did not have any plans for the day. As Debbie an I sat around drinking coffee and talking after breakfast she said she wanted to go to the mall and to Lowes to pick some things up for the house. I agreed and our plan was set. At 10 AM. While Debbie was in the shower and getting ready for our errands the doorbell rang and six of my buddies were at the door. It was college bowl day and they were ready to party. They had bought a keg and were carrying it into the house as I tried to tell them I could not watch the games with them, I had promised my wife to take her shopping.

The guys all teased about my lack of attendance at any of the games the past few weeks and implied that Debbie had ‘pussy whipped’ me. I told them that was not the case and they just proceeded to carry the keg down to my game room in the basement and act like I was not even there. They said let her go by herself. I really did want to watch the games and the smell of the keg alone already had me longing for a nice cold beer.

My basement was set up with memorabilia from our State University team and a large screen TV with a satellite receiver. I had a bar in one corner and a large couch, several tables and several recliners in the room focused on the TV. It was the perfect game party room. The keg was tapped and the pre-game show on by the time Debbie came down the steps asking if I was ready to go.

When she saw my buddies and the keg she went off. She accused me of lying to her and going back on my word. I tried to explain to her in vein that the guys had come over on their own and brought the beer. She wold not listen to me and stormed off cussing me. All my buddies had a good laugh at my expense and told me that if I wanted to go that they would hold the fort down. By that time I was pissed and got another beer and settled down to watch the first game.

As the afternoon wore on and the beer flowed and we got into the games we all got a little trashed. Debbie stormed down the stairs several times and ranted and raved at me for drinking, which only added fuel to my fire. By the time the third game was on most of us were plastered and talking about performing nasty acts on the college cheerleaders more than talking about the game. Debbie was indignant on her last trip down about our behavior and as she stormed around the room the alcohol and testosterone raging in the room made my mouth operate without going threw the brain. I told her “Oh shut up or put up.” Even as I said it I knew I had stepped over the line but the words just flowed out. All the guys heckled and called after her in their drunken state as she stormed back up the steps.

As Debbie came back down the stairs an hour later we were all saying about how we would give money to see a certain cute little cheerleader nude. The bid to see this girl strip and expose her ass and pussy was up to $100.00 and Debbie stepped in front of the TV. “You boys all must have more money than you have brains, why would you pay $100.00 to see her strip when you all have wives at home?”

The guys all went on about how they would pay to see her strip down and pose and how strange pussy was worth the money. Debbie looked directly at me and asked “So, would you pay to see her strip down in front of you?”

After my last outburst my brain had came back online and I decided silence was my best defense at that point. I just looked past her without saying a word acting like I was interested in the game. She paused for a moment and then turned to the other guys and said “How much would you pay me to strip down and pose?”

The guys all sat silent for a moment and then began telling how it was not the same, she was not a cheerleader or famous celebrity. JJ then piped up and said “I’ll give you $10 honey to strip down and let me have a look at your pussy and ass.”

I could not believe that he had just offered my wife money to strip in front of him. But, having a few minutes ago been caught saying I would pay $100 to see the young girl on the sideline do the same thing I just kept my mouth shut. I wondered what Debbie was up to, this was totally out of character for her.

“Oh come on boys, pussy is pussy. If one is worth $100 then they all are.” Debbie said.

“No way!” Benny jumped in. He then went on with a long description about how every pussy was different and some were pretty and others bordered on being ugly. Benny considered himself an expert in the various types of pussy and after several beers could elaborate on the finer points of pretty pussies.

I was in shock at my wife talking about her own pussy like it was some commodity. She had never really even used that term even in front of me before more less talked about her own body in front of anyone. Debbie had always been shy about her body, even a bikini was a little risque for her in a public beach.

Debbie stood in front of all of us and unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down off her hips and down her legs. As they came to her ankles she kicked them off over toward the couch. She stood there in her sweater and a pair of bikini cut white cotton Hanes panties. She ran her fingers inside the elastic around the waistband and her leg openings seductively and asked “So, does anybody think I might have a $100 pretty pussy they would like to see?”

She had got all the guys attention as well as mine. I wanted to get up and wrap a sheet around her and take her out of the room. I sat there unable to move actually turned on by the sight of Debbie standing in the room full of guys and hard cocks in her panties. The guys looked at me and then back to Debbie. Pete pulled a $20 out of his pocket and said “Ok, now lets see what you have.”

Debbie walked over to him and picked up the bill and handed it back to Pete. “I know it’s worth more than $20 big boy.”

Several of the guys called out numbers getting to $50. She continued running her fingers into her leg openings and pulled her panties up tight showing her shaved mound and puffy dainty little lips through the fabric of her panties. This got the guys really going and soon she had John up to $100. “Put your money where your mouth is if you want to see it.” She instructed him.

John stretched out in the recliner and pulled a fresh $100 bill from his pocket. His large cock was clearly visible through his jeans as it strained and poked at the fabric confining it.

Debbie then stood in front of John and peeled her panties slowly down off her shapely hips. AS she pushed them down her legs she turned her back to him and bent at the waist showing him her incredible tight ass hole and amazingly small pussy. All the guys strained to see the view John had inched from his face and several rubbed their crotches.

Debbie turned back around and put one of her smooth legs onto the arm of the chair as she stood in front of John. This placed her hot pussy directly in his line of sight and I am sure he could even smell her sweet fragrance. She looked at John and said “You have two minutes to look and tell me how you want me to pose, but you cannot touch.”

John was speechless as Debbie stood up onto the chair and lowered her pussy over his face from above. She stopped just as her puffy little lips barely made contact with the tip of his nose. She then lowered herself onto his lap and grinded against the bulge in his jeans. She turned and pushed her delicate ass into his face before standing back onto the floor and turning in front of him. Debbie then asked “So, do I have a pretty pussy or an ugly one?”

All of the guys immediately broke out telling her how amazing her sweet little pussy was. She looked well pleased with the reaction she was getting.

Debbie has the smallest pussy I had ever seen. She kept it totally shave smooth and had a very dainty pair of lips that surrounded her tight tiny little hole. It did not look big enough to get a finger into. Her pussy led to her tiny tight little puckered brown ass flower. It was equally as pretty as her pussy and the sight of her pussy and ass could make me cum by themselves. I knew that the guys had all got a great show. I felt jealous and angry and at the same time excited at what was happening in front of me. I wanted her to stop, but also wanted her to continue. I had never seen this side of Debbie before. I had always tried to get her to dress seductively to show her off, but she had always refused.

As she stood up she announced “Times up ” she looked around the room at all the hard cocks straining in the jeans of the guys and then to me. She smiled and then proceeded. “Is that all you all want to do, nobody wants more?”

Benny started going on about how she had the most awesome pussy he had ever seen. He told her it was the prettiest and even more than pretty, it was beautiful.” Before he could finish Jake broke in.

“I’ll give you $100 for a little one on one action with you beautiful.” He said hoarsely.

“Hmm, let me see, it sounds like Jake wants to have sex with me and is willing pay $100. Does anybody else want to get me to themselves?” Debbie asked.

I sat there in total disbelief at what was happening in front of me. I wondered if it was actually happening or if I was just really drunk and imagining it all. I felt as if I was sitting on the outside watching things go on in a different realm or reality. My own cock was hard and on a primal level I was enthraled with the events taking place.

The guys all began hollering out dollar figures like they were bidding on a piece of meat at an auction at the local butcher shop. Debbie really seemed to enjoy the attention the guys were directing her way. I thought to myself how could I have told her to shut up or put up? She was putting up and I guess I only had myself to blame or credit.

Finally one of my buddies who was kind of goofy hollered out that he would pay $600 for a chance to have a go with Debbie. I was surprised when she took him seriously. Debbie had always teased about Everett calling him a fat idiot among other things. Everett quickly pulled his billfold out and began counting out his money. He got down to having to count pennies before he finally got the whole $600 together. He was left with a nickel and six pennies in his pocket.

Everett was 36 years old and still live with his mom. He had never really dated and was still a virgin. He had held an immense crush on Debbie for several years and she had always pretty much dismissed him. Now here she was putting his cash in her hands and embracing him. Everett stood up and Debbie approached him. She reached her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. I thought Everett would loose it right there. As she broke their kiss she pulled him by the waist of his pants across the room and up the stairs.

Everett stands about 5’10” and weighs around 230lbs. He has never been considered attractive but much of his persona is credited to the goofy acting he always does. I think the reason he has never been able to seriously date or become intimate with a women is because of the image he projects. And now here he was in all his goofiness upstairs with my wife.

I did not want Debbie to know that I wanted to see what was going on and so I gave them several minutes before I slowly crept upstairs. The door to our bedroom was shut and I could hear Everett carrying on like a wild man. I knew Debbie had to be giving him his first blowjob. I heard Debbie start talking to Everett and telling him to put it in. I could hear him moaning and then I heard my wife moan out and I knew Everett had his cock inside her pussy. I could hear the slapping sound of skin against skin and then I heard Everett cry out and knew he was blowing his load. I wondered if she had him pull out before he shot his wad and let him cover her body or if she allowed him to cum in her sweet pussy. I knew we did not have any condoms in the house so I was sure she had fucked him bareback.

I listened for a few minutes as Debbie told him she was going to get him hard again so he could fuck her again and pleasure her. I listened quietly from the outside of my bedroom door as my blood boiled. Not so much in anger but in arousal thinking of my hot wife in our bed fucking and sucking my buddy. Soon I heard Everett groaning and I could hear my wife directing him to kneel behind her and stick it in. I heard her moan and cry out after a few minutes and wondered if Everett had made her cum or if she was putting on for me. I then heard Everett in the throws of another climax. I did not want her to know I had been listening and snuck quickly back downstairs to my recliner.

The rest of the guys all looked at me as I sat back down and returned my attention to the game. A few minutes later Debbie and Everett returned downstairs. Everett had his pants and socks on and was carrying his shirt and shoes. He was smiling big and blushing as the rest of the guys all looked at him come into the room. Debbie followed him still completely nude. She had cum running down her legs from her pussy and it looked like Everett must have been saving his load for several years from the copious amounts of cum running out of my wife.

Debbie kissed Everett and thanked him. He said “No problem baby, I have been waiting for years to fuck you, maybe I could come back sometime?”

Debbie just smiled at him and then turned to the rest of the guys “You all come back and watch football and drink lots of beer with Ron anytime you want, every time he has a party I will fuck one of his party goers. I can’t wait to try some of the rest of you boys.”

I knew Debbie had come downstairs still nude just to let me see the cum running from her and to see her pretty little used pussy. She had drawn a line in the sand about my parties and drinking. I couldn’t wait until next weekend and getting to see her with somebody else, it had always been a fantasy of mine to see her fuck other men.

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