Waitress Serves a Surprise

I was sitting in a coffee house drinking my coffee, when the waitress came over and asked me if I wanted anything before she left. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled in return and said, “I mean, would you like to have another cup of coffee?” I slowly shook my head, with my smile ever widening. I told her, “Nah, that’s ok, I have to be leaving anyway, I have to get home and study some more. I have a big test tomorrow in class. I’ve had a lot of coffee and I’m getting tired. Thanks anyway.”

I looked at her and I asked, “Would you like a ride home? My car is parked just outside.” She looked at me and smiled. She said, “Sure, just let me get my coat, my tips, and clock out. I’ll be right with you.” She walked away, quickly and I gathered up my books and put them in my leather briefcase. I walked to the cash register and paid for the coffee that I drank and walked to the door and sat down. After she was done, she walked out the door with me and stood on the other side of my car. I opened the door for her and she got inside then I closed her door.

I went to the driver’s side of the car and opened up the door and put my briefcase on the rear car floor. I closed the door and got in behind the wheel. I closed the door and put the key into the ignition, and we took off. As we were driving, I asked her, “Ok, Kathy, where do you live at?” “I live at 55 West St.” “Ok” I replied. After I had turned onto her street, I could see her nipples hardening as we got closer to her home.

I parked in front of her building and I shut off the engine. I opened up my door and I went around to open Kathy’s door. I helped her out and I closed her door as she made her way to the door of her building. As I was getting back to my side of the car, Kathy called out to me, “Hey, would you like to come in for a bit, I don’t really feel comfortable going in by myself.” She stood at the door and waited for me. I made sure that my doors were locked, I opened up the back door, got my briefcase out, locked and closed my back door.

I walked up to her and waited until she unlocked the door. I was having issues walking though, my cock had gotten hard and was pressing up against my jeans. I moved up close to Kathy and I accidently bumped up against her. I moved back quickly and apologized. “I’m sorry, I have to go to the bathroom.” She looked at me with a ‘yeah, I bet you do’ look on her face.

When we got inside of her apartment, she directed me to her bathroom and I rushed right to it. After I finished, I washed my hands and I picked up my abandoned briefcase and I went into her living room. She was wearing a robe and as far as I could see, nothing on underneath of it.

I could feel my dick getting hard again. I slowly walked over to the kitchen counter and sat down on the bar stool. She got up off of the couch and my suspicions were correct. Her robe ‘fell’ open and she had the nicest tits and her pussy hair was trimmed down to a triangle.

I had to turn facing the counter, my excitement was beginning to show even more. She came close to me and whispered in my ear, “I have never been with a man before, I don’t know what it feels like to have a stiff, fat dick in me, would you help me out?”

I had gotten a lustful smile on my face. “Sure, not a problem”. When I said that, she slowly and intently moved in for a long, slow French kiss. While we were kissing her hands gently landed on my bulge and began stroking me. We came out of the kiss panting and wanting more. I opened up her robe and she had the prettiest rose colored nippled, her pussy lips were puffy and red.

“Fuck, (pant) you mean that you are a virgin?” She nodded her head. “Ooooohhhhhh fuuuckkk.” I moaned. I rubbed her hot tender lips and she was wet and waiting for me. I rubbed her clit and it was hard and it wanted to be licked and sucked on. “How long have you wanted to fuck me?” I asked, while I was running a finger inside of her tight twat. It felt sooooo fucking good, she was hot, tight and begging to be fucked.” She unzipped, unbuttoned and unbuckled my belt. Since I go commando, my dick was pressed up against me. I unbuttoned my shirt and I took it off. She ran her hands on my chest and slid her hands down my chest and she stroked my dick head.

I gently bent her head down and she began to lick and suck on my bone head. She slowly lowered her mouth around my dick. and she swallowed it and then she came back up for air. She almost gagged. I got up and she led me to her bedroom. I had her lay on her stomach and I propped her ass up in her air. I bent down and I began to lick her pussy lips from behind. She tasted sooooo sweet. She moaned and moved her pussy onto the tip of my tongue.

I got up on the bed and I rubbed the hardened and blood filled cock head on her pussy lips and I teased her clit. She moaned, “Ohhhh, please big man, slide that rod inside of my pussy.” I got off of the bed and reached for my pants, I got a condom and I rolled it onto my cock.

Then I spit on my cock and I made sure that my latex covered dick was wet and slippery. It was no need, really she was wet and ready. I pushed in slowly. She felt so fucking tight, we both let out a loud moan and gasp and I began to fuck her. “Fuck me, make me bleed, make me cum all over you, FUCK ME, DAMN IT, PUSH THAT FAT COCK IN ME AND MAKE ME BLEED.” I held onto her hips and I pushed and I pulled out and I pushed in hard as I held her still. I pushed so hard that I pushed to her wall. She grabbed a pillow and she release a scream of joy.

I lost some of my load, but her pussy kept ‘sucking’ me. I pulled out and blood was all over us. I took off the condom that was covered in her cum and blood. I put the used condom in the garbage can, that was next to the bed.

Her thighs were quivering asshe went to the bathroom and got two washcloths. She was cleaning herself up and she began to clean me off with mine. After she put the bloody washcloths into her dirty clothes hamper. She came back to bed and she stood over top of me and she lowered herself onto my twitching dick. She rode me soooo fucking good she moved back and forth fucking me. She tightened up the walls of her pussy and began to ‘milk’ my dick. “OHHHHHHH BITCH, FUCKING RIDE MY DICK, FUCK IT, SHIT!” My balls were like stones and I blasted inside of the condom and inside of her. After I finished slamming into her, more blood gushed out. She got up again and brought us both clean wet wash cloths.

She took our wash cloths and she stood over top of my head and she put her pussy in front of my face. I held her ass as I licked her pussy and I sucked on her clit. We both exploded our final joy……